Minnesota Murderer Runs For U.S. Senate From Prison

3993e519c002f762ea94fc83c5aeedeaThe one thing that you can say about Leonard Richards, 75, is that he is not your ordinary politician.  Where politicians often run on putting people into jail on a tough-on-crime platform, Richards started with himself and is currently serving a life sentence in a Minnesota prison. While that would bar him from running for a state office, he can run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Richards not only killed his half-sister, May Wilson, in 1982 but also killed his lawyer, Robert Stratton, in 1987.  A double murderer is not an ideal profile for most parties.  However, Stratton is still trying to sell his candidacy to Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party in its August 14th primary.

The candidate is obviously not winning over the family of his victims, as reported by the Star Tribune of Minneapolis.

He has previously run for office. In 1992, her received 14,500 votes for Congress, but his popularity appears to be waning.  IN 1994, he received only 4,000 votes.


27 thoughts on “Minnesota Murderer Runs For U.S. Senate From Prison”

  1. if he has a right to run, then let him run. i dont know the laws in minnesota. really, it’s a sign of vitality in our electoral system

  2. As a convicted felon, he doesn’t even have the right to vote for himself.

    As Sports Illustrated used to say: “This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse”.

    1. Why not, we already have a Russian asset in the White House.

      I’m sure you do. It’s a process, but eventually President Trump will weed all of you out.

  3. “La corpse au pot” still makes a great political slogan ever since Henry of Navarre said it — or something like it.

  4. Qualified? Seemingly not. But at least he would be tougher then president pansy. Do not believe trump should be referenced without the accurately accompanying “traitor” or “treason”.

    1. You are a pansy how about that. I have yet to hear anybody say stuff like that to my face. For some reason you Trump denouncers aren’t very tough in person. It’s hard to be tough on a diet of vegan greens and soymilk of course.

  5. Trump is a coward–a crude, crass and completely craven coward. And Turley is now officially surreal. FTR, surreal is worse than absurd–in case any of you were wondering.

    1. L4D enables David Benson – exactly how and why is Trump a craven coward? He got Putin to trade the 12 Russians for Broward, who put $400 million in Hillary’s campaign. People thought he would be too scared to talk about it. We know the Russians do not have any dirt on him.

      Is Mueller willing to put forward Broward and his intelligence officers who helped him in exchange for interviewing the 12 GRU officers? The ball is literally in Mueller’s court.

      1. OFCOLA. You cannot be serious. Putin offered Trump a none-too-subtle variation on the same deal that Veselnitskaya offered Trump. If Trump took that deal, then that, alone, would be the end of Trump. And here’s why:

        A.) Bill Browder is not in the custody of Robert Mueller.
        B.) Even if Browder were in Mueller’s custody, Mueller could not extradite Browder to Russia.
        C.) Not even Trump can extradite Browder to Russia; Browder is no longer a U. S. citizen.
        D.) The United States does not arrest people, let alone extradite them, on Kremlin-fabricated evidence.
        E.) Trump is a coward for refusing to defend The United States of America against a hostile foreign power.

        1. L4D enables David Benson – tit-for-tat. As Putin said, there is a treaty in place since 1998, Mueller can use it. However, expect Putin to use it as well. Is Hillary going to pay back the $400 million? Where are the servers?

        2. D.) The United States does not arrest people, let alone extradite them, on Kremlin-fabricated evidence.

          However Russia is expected to do so on US government fabricated evidence?

          E.) Trump is a coward for refusing to defend The United States of America against a hostile foreign power.

          You mean like ordering his IC to stand down regarding the threat this hostile foreign power posed to our elections? That kind of cowardice? Let us know when he gets around to telling Putin he’ll have more flexibility after he wins the next election.

      2. “We know the Russians do not have any dirt on him.”
        Just how do you know this ?

      3. It’s great to see your critical thinking skills at work, PCS, blindly parroting the Daily Caller, et al.; so anxious to believe.

        Unfortunately for you, Putin claims he misspoke and the figure is $400,000 not four million.

        It was great to see you sprint with the baton, though, to bad that race was called.


        Or you can wait for the Daily Caller, et al. to pick up the story and read it there, although that might be awhile.

        1. R. Lien – I just watched the news conference. I did not read the Daily Caller. I have yet to hear that Hillary is denying it though, regardless of the amount. He is a foreign national.

          1. Another non-sequitur by you, PCS.

            I was pointing out that you trumpeted the $4M amount on several threads like it was gospel when any fool would suspect the amount — stated by Putin and only Putin — seemed much too large to be believable.

            I was commenting on your rash hysteria and foolish eagerness to repeat something that, on it’s face, smelled like BS.

            1. R. Lien – please get it right. Putin said $400 million, which is what I said, not $4 million. And given the way you can donate to the state parties and have it come directly back to Hillary, that is a figure that is within reason. Although I will admit, it did seem high at the time. 🙂

    2. Then feel free to depart this comments section. Vaya con Dios! Consider Venezuela you may like it there.

  6. Minnesota deserves a Senator who is serving a life sentence. Arizona has one serving a death sentence who does not have the courtesy to retire so we can replace him.

  7. I had never heard of the DFL so I did a search on the net and found the following: The Minnesota DFL supports and elects leaders who embody the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party and the people of Minnesota.

  8. A Member of Congress already in jail saves the taxpayers money from having to put him there later. I applaud his gall and altruism.

    I hope he wins.

    1. I hope he wins.

      It would certainly be easier to track the lobbyists. Then again, doesn’t the rules require he be on the Senate floor to vote?

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