Trump: “Collusion Is Not A Crime”

160px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump_(cropped)President Donald Trump today weighed in, again, on the Russian investigation with a tweet declaring that “collusion is not a crime.”  He is correct. Indeed, I was raising this objection before the appointment of the Special Counsel. For months, commentators treated collusion as if it were a per se crime.  However, it is unwise for Trump to continue to weigh in on the investigation though he is clearly undeterred by complications created legally by his tweets in litigation (particularly in the immigration challenges).

 Trump went to Twitter to declare “Collusion is not a crime, but that doesn’t matter because there was No Collusion (except by Crooked Hillary and the Democrats)!”

This followed attacks on the alleged conflicts by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. I have repeatedly raised my concerns about those conflicts and explained why I felt Mueller was a bad choice by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. However, I do believe that Mueller will be a professional and independent investigation.  While Trump’s tweets play well with his base, many others see them as defensive and suspicious.

The point on collusion, moreover, will only take the President so far.  While collusion is not a crime, the act of colluding can run afoul of other crimes. This is particularly the case if there is a quid pro quo arrangement. I have seen no evidence of such collateral crimes but they are clearly being investigated. Moreover, there are false statements in the investigation that have already ensnared former Trump officials like Michael Flynn.  Finally, Mueller is expected to produce a report on Russian interference that will first go to Rosenstein and then presumably to Congress.  That report could be the basis for renewed calls for impeachment if serious misconduct is revealed (particularly if the House of Representatives switches control to the Democrats in November).

What is interesting is that “collusion is no crime” is a good legal point but a dreadful political point.  It is astonishing that Trump has been able to rally supporters around such a nuanced point of law as a political matter.

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      1. Wildbill, you always fail when it gets to the substance and the facts. You seem to be equating Trump with Mussolini. Is it your contention that only crooks can create a good economy? Do you believe that the reason one could never accuse the Obama administration of being crooked was because the Obama Administration had a lousy economy and stated that we couldn’t do better?

    1. That’s what we hired him for. The joke back then was we 100% knew what we would get Von Clinton and the Comrades. But with Trump we had a lottery candidate. But many of us were looking for a weapon to a. recover at least the idea of a Constitutional Republic and to destroy the left as much as possible.

      So target list was Clinton #1, DNC/Progessive Socialists #2.RINOs #3. How shocked we were to see that last announcement about 3AM the morning after the polls closed. .

      But the effort worked

      Ballots not Bullets (which the left has still not learned)

      Stop Enabling
      Take Charge
      Make Changes

      and quite frankly we do NOT give a damn if some jobs are still left to accomplish.

      new priority list.

      #1 What’s left of the left
      #2 Rinos
      #3 Establish two groups of real parties with names that mean something

      In the center the Constitutional Centrist Coalition and the Constitutional Republic Party. The frst is our actual coalition we put together and ended jup with 40%; of the total vote plus getting the others to stay home. ha haha. Psychological Warfare at it’s best. The first is the old GOP emphasis on those already in office….

      Out somewhere to the out of sight left the Progressive Socialists minus the walkaways plus the RINOs. they have so many names we can just call them The Mensheviks. Russian for the oppositie of Bolsheviks. It means Losers.

      The key is all of us made our own list of priorities with Constitutional Republic First and then on down to each group, faction, registered small party etc figuring we could continue banding together for the like prirorites FIRST then go our own way for the true real differences.

      One suggestion to validate the new party was picking some of the coalition for some public offices even cabinet positions. That way the libertarians for once could go back to their membership and say we accomplished something tangible.Short version..

      In an case way better that whatever used to be in first place and now is starting to look like a lot of history books.

  1. col·lu·sion
    noun: collusion

    secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
    “the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers”
    SYNONYMS CONSPIRACY, connivance, complicity, intrigue, plotting, secret understanding, collaboration, scheming
    “there had been collusion between the security forces and paramilitary groups”
    ILLEGAL COOPERATION OR CONSPIRACY, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.

    late Middle English: from Latin collusion-, from colludere ‘have a secret agreement’ (see collude).
    Translate collusion to
    Use over time for: collusion

    1. Another priority is to use valid definitions. and identify when the left is trying to pull a number on us using our own creativity. Armed Forces with cartelistas? The combat arms of the US Armed forces started what
      I just posted from Ballots not Bullets on…..

      The rest is just to plant an idea that we (active and retired and former) were the administrations greatest danger. That was true. Now that danger has been partly ejected. Our oath of office upheld.

      80% of that group voted to eject the left. In the rear area rear echelon it was almost 40-60. We know whos is dangerous to our Constitutional Republic. We used to call them REMFs/

    2. So far, nobdy in the Trump camp has been charged with “connivance”, “intrigue”, “”scheming” etc. in connection with “Hanky Panky” (another legal synonym) with the Russians in the 2016 election.
      We’re two years into investigating that possibility… answers, no updates from a mute Special Counsel, no indication where the investigation is headed.
      But that’s no problem, because Mueller was decorated for bravery in Vietnam 50 years ago .
      And we “know” from that, and his Marine Corp service, that he’s handling the investigation well.

  2. Mueller, Mueller bo buhler…
    Banana fanna fo fueler…
    Fi fi moe mueler

    When the first two foolers are ever the same..
    You knock them both and say the name…
    Like Bob, fob Mueller f so bob or
    Mary, Mary is contrary..

      1. Regrettably, she failed to get right down to The Real Nitty Gritty. Trump is guilty, guilty, guilty.

        1. Hollywood is one of the mensheviks who is a priority one target of opportunity.

    1. I like that you are having fun with this, Liberty, unfortunately your humor is misplaced. Manafort does not fit well in the context of the Name Game. But his attorneys have the audacity to assert as his defense that Rick Gates did all the bad deeds and embezzeled from him! Paul, you are going down. And eventually he’s taking the Don with him.

      1. hollywreid,

        When you’ve the time please get back to us all about Meuler & his know years of ties to child triafficking, r-ape, tor-ture, sn.uff films, he & his friends peido crap & the young childrens redrums.

        Much is already out in the public, you, Meuler freaks can’t run nor hide from that sick ccrap.

        Anyway, Trump’s people/supporters already have enough of that info so those captured by that info will struggle against as they will.

        1. Don’t know what you speak of and why you are addicted to the likes of InfoWars, but too bad. Guess what? Mueller is not on trial. Manafort is. And he will be convicted. And then he’s going on trial again for matters that are closer to the Trumpster.

          1. Hollyweird did you note all the data storage Seth Rich was able to store on a few thump drives & “LEAKED” Not “Hacked” to Wikileaks about DNC/Hillary State Dept servers /etc, ?

            What was on those thump drive videos/type/audio Pres Putin handed Trump recently?

            Same question for you of those loyal in the FBI, DOJ, Military, LEO, etc…. handing stuff to Trump’s people. LOL

            Another Dreamer you must be.

            1. Again, fool, Hillary is not on trial. Manafort is. And by extention, Trump. Deal with it.

              1. What happens when Manaport’s sorry suck azz lawyers wize up & get around to calling Hillary’s/Obama’ bitches, Rosenstein & Meuler to testify as Wittiness? LOL

                & the fun is just getting started for you American hatin Commie/Nazi ahole. LOL:)

                  1. You nailed it!
                    Dumber than a sack of hammers.

                    Was it his spelling that tipped you off?

              2. Hollyweird,

                I won’t be dragging up all your homework tonight, but at least a good chunk of these current charges are claimed to have been already investigated by “ROSENSTEIN” years ago & Dropped.

                ….. The Defence Atty, to the Wittness: So, Mr Pedo looking Creep, yeah you RostenStimy, please tell the jury more…, I remind you that you are under Oath. LOL

                1. I am going to contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons and get them to allow you to share a cell with Paul on the buddy plan. Then you can play games with him like kissing Paul’s ass, hiding Paul’s toupee, etc. It will be fun for you. Not sure about him.

                  1. Hollyweird,

                    Your comments could get you in a lot of trouble.

                    I’m not trying to prove anything but I couldn’t more strongly suggest you back up & change your recent comments.

                    It’s one thing to argue cases in fun & a totally another thing to threaten violent acts upon another human being addressed at me.

                    Would some extend me the same courtesy, I doubt it, the clock’s ticking.

                    1. Hollywood, not only is Oxy a certified Infowars Looney Tune he is also prone to making preposterous threats. Oxy is just another whackjob at Professor Turley’s website, for some reason he draws them like flies.

        2. Please post more of this type of material. Trumpettes, have a good look; another of your fellow travelers.

          this is to “I’ve also cooked flan with Jimmy Hoffa’s yard man” okie

        3. Oxy, what sort of mind believes crap like that infowars?
          Okay, you’re not very bright, but are you also a sicko?

      2. Prirority one the former DNC now ‘what’s left of the left. Including those who hide behind phony fake names.

        #2 RINOs

        #3 Re-establish our Constitutional Republic without using the fictionary of the left.

      3. Hollywood is a nom dep plume for a leftist fake. and in this forum is way out of his’/her league if not actually just a machine. with a programmer. Notice when I added the following they quit complaining ad hominems. That’s because we are defining ad machina and you can’t have ad hominem without a human presence.

        1. Michael Aarethun – hollywood is not a fake leftist, he is a real leftist. He sure as heck is not a rightist. 😉

  3. Without an underlying crime, grand jury can’t compel the President to testfy, no?

    1. If that is true then the President can also use 5th Amendment just like Hillary’s Cartel.

    2. Without an underlying crime the judge will do what he did to Meuller so far … Reject the charges. Notice he already said Meuller may not use or cause to have used certain words such as Russian and collujsion.; That blows up Meullers whole effort. Since all his evidence on other subjects is fruit of the poisoned tree it will get thrown out … the same.

      Meuller is not long for goverenment service ujnless he goes after it this way.

      Presidential wanna be and Collusion meaning actual criminal conspiracy

  4. Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller lied about WMD in Iraq.

    Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller is willfully and deliberately conducting a false, fraudulent and “malicious prosecution” of a sitting President.

    Obergruppenfuhrer must pay for his crimes of high office.

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