Trump: Sessions Should Terminate The Mueller Investigation “Right Now”

President Donald Trump continued his ill-advised tweeting about the Special Counsel investigation, calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stop Robert Mueller “right now.”  Putting aside that Sessions correctly recused himself from such matters over a year ago, the demand for terminate the investigation undermines Trump’s legal team and, for those other than his core base, it comes across as defensive and increasingly alarmed about the investigation. I have never understood these tweets because I have yet to see compelling evidence of a crime by Trump linked to obstruction or collusion.

Trump tweeted this morning that

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now. Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!”

It is a familiar refrain, if not a mantra, from the President.  Sessions would have to violate his recusal decision (made at the recommendation of career Justice officials and ethicists) in terminating the investigation.  I was one of the early voices calling for the recusal of Sessions (and later Rod Rosenstein). I also have written that I agree with the criticism of Mueller’s appointment.  Mueller’s conflict in his interviewing for Comey’s job as well as his past association with Comey should made him ineligible.

On the heels of the Helsinki trip and the controversy over the President’s approach to Putin, it could not be a worst time for such an action.  He is pushing for a decision that would not be supported by many members of the GOP in Congress.  It would also lay the foundation for an impeachment demand if the Democrats retake the house.

In other words, the marginal value of these tweets for the base is heavily outweighed by the benefits. Indeed, the worst thing that could happen for Trump would be for Sessions to  take such an action.  I have previously said that this investigation could clear Trump of these allegations but these attacks undermine any such advantage, even if Mueller finds no crimes by Trump.

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    1. Bureaucratic welfare is definitely part of what’s motivating this coup. But it’s not all. It’s crooks scrambling to protect their crime ring.

  1. Disagree. He should have Sessions order them to go after the other side. Easy conviction on that one. If he refuses and resigns it will confirm what we all suspect anyway.The danger is once again rigging an investigation and prosecution that can be or must be thrown out.

    Trump and Russia becomes Clinton and CCCP/DNC.

    1. That seems obvious. Why do you think he’s not doing that (at least, not visibly)?

  2. There are MANY reasons the investigation needs to continue! If Trump has nothing to hide, don’t worry! If there is no dirt to kick up, his name will be in the clear, then! Since most of us have followed Trump’s Presidency from when he 1st started campaigning, we know all to well there are a lot of “questionables.” Former President’s have had their names smeared for lack of morals, among other things, so why not Trump? No matter the party/platform, to say there is any such thing as an honest politician is an oxymoron! So leave Mueller alone and let him do his job!

    1. You’re assuming the investigation was undertaken in good faith. It wasn’t.

    2. Whatever “case” there is must have been conducted as a routine FBI counter-intelligence operation.

      The politically fabricated “dossier” is the false and fraudulent basis for the “malicious prosecution” which Mueller and Rosenstein

      have perpetrated pursuant to orders from Obama.

      The “dossier” was criminally presented to the FISA court to obtain a warrant to use Carter Page as a “patsy” in order to surveill Trump.

      “In a Sept. 2, 2016, text exchange, Lisa Page writes to Peter Strzok that she was preparing the talking points because

      “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.”

      Two weeks ago, Lisa Page testified that the texts mean exactly what they say.

      This colossal abuse of power is the most prodigious scandal in American political history.

  3. I will never understand why Trumps private life is never public knowledge, when all former Presidents’ private lives are on the line…Mr Trump is/was known for lack of good judgement, in spite of his business smarts…just like those who served before him; yet, he see’s no need for his questionable behaviors as President to be questioned…Since he started campaigning, there has been division in our country…a lot of uphevel! I realize there are things that need to be addressed that both the left and right need to wake up to and smell the coffee, but there’s so much unsettlement-now more than ever!

    1. I will never understand why Trumps private life is never public knowledge,

      I will never understand why you think it isn’t.

      when all former Presidents’ private lives are on the line…

      It took about 7 years before Genevieve Cook’s name was published, even though she was discussed in one of Obama’s memoirs. People like Kathleen Hall Jamieson tried to pretend Gennifer Flowers was some sort of liar / grifter even though taped phone conversations made it plain they were…well acquainted.

    2. His business smarts? He’s a terrible businessman. If he didn’t have lots of money to pay for bankruptcies he would have gone broke long ago.

      1. He was an equity investor in commercial companies which underwent re-organization. The bankruptcy proceedings were serial efforts on the same set of Atlantic City properties. No clue how often all of us will have to explain to people slamming Trump’s business acumen that the Trump Organization has never declared bankruptcy or to explain to them just what equity capital is or limited liability is (all understood by ordinary people who do not vote Democratic).

        1. Might as well stop trying. Leftists, as represented by the commenters on this board, simply lack the intellect to understand basic finance and tax.

    1. It would not be wise to ‘impeach’ Trump. I say this not to provoke those agree or disagree with his presidency, but in defense of the words that set us free (re: 18 U.S. Code § 2384).

  4. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    ~ C.S. Lewis

    1. Hear, hear!

      And the Founders gave Americans the one and only thing they could: Freedom.

      “…if you can keep it,” Ben Franklin.

        1. Wow! I’m impressed! You’re really, really, really smart! And I’m not. Thanks, Professor Einstein!

            1. mespo…..Thank you!…I’m hoping that at some point he will contribute comments here.

                1. mespo…I will! He is a Tennyson buff. We were privileged to know Alfred Lord’s granddaughter…..I, too, love some of his poetry..

                  1. I like Tennyson but Macaulay is a fave:
                    “Then out spake brave Horatius,
                    The Captain of the Gate:
                    “To every man upon this earth
                    Death cometh soon or late.
                    And how can man die better
                    Than facing fearful odds,
                    For the ashes of his fathers,
                    And the temples of his gods”
                    ~ Lays of Ancient Rome
                    (I always thought it should read “before the temples of his gods,” but what do I know. Maybe Squeeky can comment.)
                    Very cool about the Tennyson granddaughter!

                    1. mespo..Love that! Hubby’s fave Tenny: “So runs my dream: but what am I? An infant crying in the night: An infant crying for the light: And with no language but a cry.” One of my faves Longfellow’s .”The Day is Done” I’m teaching it to our grandsons. Also teaching them Iago’s soliloq..(Othello) “who steals my purse steals trash….”

                    2. Cindy Bragg – guess the poet. “Johnny ran through screen-door summers with a patch on his ass.”

        1. I’ve definitely read Mere Christianity, which I own… As well as Narnia. I’m trying to think if I’ve read anything else by him. I think the world has yet to catch up to Lewis.
          I think I’ve read that he inspired Tolkien.

    2. Tyranny.

      Google intends to re-enter China with censorship software.

      Google will support the tyranny of the totalitarian Chinese communist state.

      What have democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists become?


  5. “The rot is from the head of the fish at the DOJ and the FBI.”

    – Joseph diGenova, US Attorney, Independent Counsel
    August 1, 2018

    Truer words were never spoken.

  6. One good thing from the performance of Trump’s goons at the rally last night. QAnon is now in the spotlight and the more light on it, the better.

  7. I disagree, we see through this sham political operation hiding behind the skirts of Justice. Trump is saying exactly what he should be saying. It’s ill-advised to have tolerated this probably illegal and certainly unethical sham for this long.

    1. You’re right, Trump should continue on this course.
      At least till the midterm elections.

      After that I hope he regains his sanity.

      1. xyU remind me of my favorite dogs, they can lick they’re own balls as you appear to me as doing a great job.

        byU seem to hate the USA so bad why don’t you take your hatred move to South Africa as they seem the next country going full Commie/Nazis Authoritarianism.

        Izz & millions of others think , know clearly, Uxxa Are A Phk’ ing American hating Loser.

        1. Ha Ha Ha Ha….
          You really are such a demented twerp that it’s comical.
          Go peddle your Infowars garbage, it suits you.

    2. The investigation is not illegal. It was authorized in perfectly legitimate manner and has the approval and support of the Republican Congress. What is wrong with you people who believe this kind of nonsense without the slightest factual evidence to back it up? There’s something wrong with you. I wish you could be helped but it appears people like you are born with this disability.

      1. “What is wrong with you people”.
        Horuss, I don’t speak for “you people”, who ever they are.
        I see two year-old investigation dragging on and on with no answers to the key question ” was there a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians”,
        While you and others may say ” Mueller is decorated Marine”, or “in Mueller I trust” , those foolish statements provide nothing in the way of answers.
        It apoears that many are content to sit aroud with their thumps up their ……noses while prosecutors dick around with charges unrelated to the 2016 election.
        What’s wrong with those people?

  8. How did the DNC subsume the DOJ?

    How did Obama remove Jeff Sessions?

    Who was/is worse, Benedict Arnold or Jeff Sessions?

    What just happened to the Constitution and America?

    1. “How did Obama remove Jeff Sessions?”
      Are you serious? Just how would Obama be able to do that, since he is out of office and has no control over anything in the government?

    1. It’s not his job. That’s Mueller’s job. Rosenstein’s job is to insulate the probe from White House interference.

    1. For firing an employee who was lying to him, playing games with press leaks, and had conducted himself shamefully in re HRC? Yeah, go with that.

      1. The piece goes a lot deeper than that, but we know about your analytical skills.

        1. No, the piece is verbose. It has to be to distract people.

              1. TS to Dance,…
                – I don’t know if you read, or remember, my comments a couple of weeks ago about “Hollywood” saving time.
                The few here who are outright liars and two-bit hacks usually take a while before providing proof; Hollywood was considerate enough to establish these things about him/her/its self right out of the gate.
                At about the same time, I had some comments about trolls making pests of themselves here, and by volume of posts, raising their profiles.
                The two comments were not unrelated.

                1. Tom:
                  Why anyone feeds hollywood’s incessant trollishness is beyond me. He reasons his dogmatic conclusions like a Magic 8 Ball.

                2. Rich. Funny you reference “outright liars and two-bit hacks” when such sources are where you and the gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabes and others of your ilk derive their inspiration, information and talking points. Pro tip: the day glo bozo is still conning you and hannity is laughing at you.

                  This is to “I got a dozen of these neato trump ties on clearance, to boot” tommie


    I spent all of my 20’s as a plain-clothes Store Detective at high fashion retailers on Chicago’s North Michigan Avenue. In that capacity I came to specialize in Fraud Investigations which included: bogus and stolen credit cards, bad checks and refund schemes.

    I learned early that Frauds tend to over-react when even politely questioned about their identity. It’s like that old saying, “The best defense is a good offense”.

    Frauds will get loud, indignant and threaten to sue the second they sense a problem with their purchase. Frauds will even have the audacity to find the Store Manager so they can scream at them.

    Donald Trump is the classic Fraud from every case I ever worked. He is forever on the offense trying bully and intimidate. And these tweets this morning, demanding that Sessions fire Mueller, follows that whole pattern.

    Obviously Trump is terrified of Manafort’s trial. Trump knows he’s on trial too. And Trump knows he can’t control this trial which disturbs him to no end. So at this point, Trump is like a Fraud barging into the General Manager’s office and threatening to make the ugliest scene imaginable if his purchase isn’t approved.


      Oh, the irony is gorgeous!

      Keep em coming.


      1. I’ve noticed some of you go with Bwahahahahahahaha! while others use Bhahahahahahahaha! What is the preferred spelling? Or do these mean different things?

        1. Yeah, Trumpers have a host of hip terms they use in comment threads.

          I just ordered the book, “Trumpers For Dummies”. According to Amazon’s blurb, the book explains all these comment terms and dog whistles. It should give me a better understanding of the Trumpers on this thread.

          1. You’re that junior sailor we’d send to the ET’s to get sound-powered phone batteries; to the Bosun’s to get 100 feet of water line; to the bridge during sea & anchor to get the mast crank.

            Here’s a free tip regarding ALL CAPS: (you’re welcome)

            3) When used like singles in a strip club, all caps indicates the writer thinks nearly everything spewing from his mouth is of utmost importance. This is the same kind of douchebag who highlights 85% of a textbook. Usually, the writing was forwarded to him from some dogmatic groupthink processing center he subscribes to, but to feel like he contributed, he’ll all-caps a fartload of words. Often seen with excessive exclamation points.


            1. A ‘dogmatic group processing center’..?? Like Fox, Brietbart, and Rush Limbaugh? Happily, I don’t consult with them.

    2. Good points all and if ever there was a fraud it’s Donald Trump, The Mad King. He’s been getting away with it for so long and he is so mentally unbalanced he thinks he can lie his way out of this too. The irony is that the investigation may not have turned up anything against him except for his obvious, repeated attempts to obstruct justice and impede or eliminated the investigation itself.

  10. When any political figure such as a POTUS, can use his followers as a wall against the facts and truth, and have them believe the lies we all suffer. Having party over country is a very dangerous idea. Nations have fallen over the lies of leaders that drag its citizens into the abyss.

    1. You are absolutely correct. That was clearly on display from 2008-2016. And worse, his followers included most of the media.

      1. Foxtrot, for decades the Church of Scientology has complained about their treatment in the media. They feel the media has unfairly treated them as a nutty cult when L.Ron Hubbard was actually ‘one of the greatest minds in history’; or so they believe.

        There are reasons why certain people and institutions never get good press. Something about their nature doesn’t play that well to the mainstream public.

        Take Donald Trump, for instance. His entire campaign was based on demonizing Muslims and Mexicans. The mainstream public recognized that focus for what it is. And now, 18 months into his presidency, Trump is still that man we saw in the campaign; just a loud, stupid bigot popping off every day.

        In short, the mainstream media is simply showing us the real Donald Trump.

        1. But, Peter, isn’t he a “very stable genius” in “astonishingly excellent health”?

          1. His mother lived to be 88 and his father lived to be 93. His sister didn’t retire until age 74 and continued hearing cases until age 79.

        2. Take Donald Trump, for instance. His entire campaign was based on demonizing Muslims and Mexicans. T

          There’s a reason people don’t respect you, Peter, and that’s because you lie to yourself and then lie to them.

          1. Oh, thanks, Spastic, I forgot. Trump promised to replace Obamacare with something ‘fantastic’ and we were going to get new infrastructure.

            1. Unlike some people, Trump’s not of the view he can pass legislation with a pen and a phone.

              1. Well he started a trade war with tweet. So Trump doesn’t seem that constrained by regular order.

  11. Usually, there are fewer than 1000 federal indictments per year, but right now there are over 40,000 sealed federal indictments. That’s a lot of indictments and the media is silent on the issue. Who are these 40,000 people that the DOJ has indicted? We don’t know because the indictments are sealed.

    The indictments are part for a deep state coup. They intend to use the bogus Mueller investigation as cover to overthrow the Trump administration and jail his most vocal supporters nationwide. If president Trump doesn’t end the Mueller investigation, a midnight raid on the white house with coordinated raidds around the country to silence his supporters will be how it ends. Mueller, Sessions, et al. will arrest all of Trump’s cabinet, appointees, and supporters in the house and senate. Nunez, Jordan, etc. will be jailed. The MSM will assist in the coup by acting as the PR firm of the conspirators.

    Mueller is not investigating crimes. He has no intention to wrap up his investigation with a few prosecutions. This is a coup. Turley is a swamp rat that knows this, which is why he’s always quick to condemn any attempt to end the mueller probe.

    President Trump needs to end this investigation right now. Turley is covering for the deep state

    1. Ha, ha, ha. Of course it’s not funny because the people who are spreading this nonsense are officials of our government….the president for god’s sake.

      1. However, I don’t buy the 40, 000 sealed indictments story (even if your twist on it is different from the Q crowd’s). As I have been telling Q people for months, the numbers that disinformation artists are passing around are total “sealed court actions,” not just indictments.

    2. Obviously this is a coup, and knowledgeable observers including Democratic politicians have called it that. I can’t imagine why any constitutional scholar (such as Turley) would consider it outrageous and “ill advised” to issue critical tweets about it. I think Charlie is too close to the swamp, and considers stuff like this normal. if it were me, I would have done a lot more than tweet.

      1. Because PACER, the federal courts database, reports that the sealed record exists but not What kind of action it is.

    3. Thanks for checking in, comrade. Pro tip: get paid in yen or dollars. Just sayin’.

      here’s to “where’s my GD stoli bottle!” anarcho

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