The Swedish Crown Affair: Treasure Snatched By Gang Of Thieves Outside Stockholm

Swedish Police Department

Sweden was the scene of a heist this week that is worthy of Ocean Eleven or The Thomas Crown Affair.  A gang of thieves hit the Strangnas Cathedral.  The 900-year-old church (located about 50 miles from Stockholm)  houses the royal treasure of King Karl IX and Queen Kristina.  It was surprisingly easy — a smash and grab followed by a high-speed boat getaway.

According to Sky News, the two crowns, orb and other items were taken for simple glass boxes. The contents were burial items to mark the death of King Karl IX in 1611 but they were later exhumed and displayed.

The ease of the theft left many perplexed but the church insisted the treasure was kept “in accordance with the prevailing safety regulations in locked and alarmed displays in the cathedral.”

Ok, it was secure until they broke the glass and ran for it.

13 thoughts on “The Swedish Crown Affair: Treasure Snatched By Gang Of Thieves Outside Stockholm”

  1. Why did the cathedral lock its doors and build walls? No good Christian does so. They only build bridges. Indeed, the invisible force field they call “glass” was also probably racist.

  2. It reminds me of those theives shown on PBS television the other night who are shown looting some store in Dellwood, next to Ferguson in the so called Ferguson riots. Should have been shot on sight.

  3. The poor naive Swedes. They thought their country was immune from crime (which is was for eons) and then they imported criminals and quala! crime happens. We all love a learning curve.

    1. Scandinavian governments have a habit of concealing data inconvenient to the worldview of the political and intellectual class. The interesting question is why those classes favor the interests of a nebulous class of foreigners who want to migrate to Sweden and stay there over the interests of their own vernacular domestic population. You see that attitude again and again all over the occidental world, as well as smear jobs on politicians like the Kaczynski brothers, Victor Orban, and Donald Trump who do not have these ‘leapfrogging loyalties’.

      Interestingly, Arab and Near Eastern countries generally do not have high rates of homicide if there has not been a breakdown of political authority. Pakistan and Turkey are partial exceptions. However, the properties of the migration stream and the interaction of the migrants with the host country produce terrible problems.

  4. Ya gotta hope it wasn’t that simple, I sure hope not. Hopefully the government will come out and tell us all that the articles stolen were just good quality fakes, that the real items are in a vault somewhere with lots of security. I am going to reblog this article for you though Sir, it is a good read.

  5. Most of Sweden’s cathedrals were of Catholic origin and looted from the Catholic Church by the Lutherans – so it’s about time some Lutheran jewels got looted (from an originally Catholic cathedral)

  6. Unless they were fulfilling an order (for whom? a Russian oligarch?), I don’t see how the thieves can get much for these items without being captured.

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