Cold Case Suspect Dies After Emerging From Freezer

UnknownSome headlines just write themselves.  Carlton Henderson, 54, died this week after jumping out of a freezer and threatened employees with a knife while screaming “Away from me,Satan!”  After he was tackled and the knife taken away, Henderson went into cardiac arrest and died.  It was later discovered that he was the suspect in the 1988 shooting deaths of 26-year-old William Medina and 22-year-old Antonio Dos Reis.

Just last Wednesday, Judge Janet Sanders ordered Henderson released after his 1993 incriminating statements were found to be inadmissible because he was assured that the statements would not be used against him.  He was seeking to give up the information in exchange for a reduction a 15-year prison sentence for gun and drug crimes.

The bizarre scene unfolded at Sarabeth’s Restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue at West 80th Street. My family and I have eaten at the restaurant which is a popular spot for breakfast.

The cold case was described as an execution style slaying where Medina was shot in the head and Reis in the chest in Boston.  Some $20,000 in cash in a brown paper bag in the car and Henderson implicated two brothers in the double murder.  One of the men died in 1993 while the other is drug kingpin Leslie Rogers, who Henderson said ordered the hit.



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  1. He shouted “Keep away from me Satan!”

    Sounds like this devout Christian’s religious liberty was being trampled on by godless cultural marxists who refused to be stabbed!

    Call Jeff Sessions! This is a job for the Religious Liberty Task Force!

    1. He’s a lifetime, career criminal who most likely broke in to the restaurant and hid in order to rob the place. Fortunately the restaurant workers were able to overpower him, or the results could have been devastating. Looks like he won’t be showing up for court on Aug. 14, lol. Got to hand it to these liberal judges. They’ve found a way to reduce their workload by releasing violent psychos with the promise to be good and return to court at a later date; and the consequences to the public never weigh into the consideration. Good riddance.

      1. TIN – I think ICE should start catch and release in front of some federal judges houses or the schools their kids go to. NIMBY is an effective tactic.

  2. This blurb from the NYT might help explain the story better:

    “The police tracked Mr. Henderson to an Airbnb rental in St. Louis in April 2017, where he was arrested and extradited to Boston to face charges. He was indicted on two counts of first-degree murder based on statements he made to the police in Boston and federal prosecutors during an interview in 1993, according to the district attorney’s office and the court records.

    But on July 31, Justice Janet L. Sanders of Massachusetts Superior Court ruled that the statements could not be admitted as evidence because Mr. Henderson had given the interview under an agreement with federal prosecutors that prevented his statements from being used against him. Prosecutors objected, arguing that no written agreement was ever found.

    At a hearing the next day, Justice Sanders ordered Mr. Henderson to be released, and he promised to return to court on Aug. 14.”

    It sounds like the world is better off without him,

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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