Farewell Oahu, Hello Kauai

IMG_8301We left Oahu on Tuesday after a glorious visit to island hop by plane to the island of Kauai, which is actually the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands.  It is only 562 square miles but it is far less developed.  It is roughly five million years old and often called the “Garden Island” for its pristine beaches and rain forests.  

We hope to explore the island over the next six days by boat along the coasts as well as hiking into the interior.  We arrived in the evening in time for one of the islands spectacular sunsets. We are located in Koloa, Hawaii at the bottom tip of the island.

Here are a few pics from our first day:

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14 thoughts on “Farewell Oahu, Hello Kauai”

  1. Kauai is one of my all time favs. Waimea Canyon; Grand Canyon of the Pacific. For a hiker, there is no better world. See the Napali Coast from above.

  2. I have some questions about the State of Hawaii. First, what is the ethnic origin of the people who are natives there? Is there any Japanese in them? Second, was Obama born in Hawaii and not Kenya? What is the name of his high school there in Hawaii?
    Why did the Japs bomb Pearl Harbor?

    1. I hope your questions are serious.
      The native Hawaiians are Polynesians, who settled the islands many hundreds or even thousands of years ago, by long sea journeys from islands to their west. How they managed this without modern navigation is amazing. The Polynesians are by definition not from the island of Japan. It is possible that tens of thousands of years ago, Polynesians and Japanese had common remote ancestors. However, many Japanese have settled in Hawaii in the last hundred years or more. There are undoubtedly many Hawaiians of mixed native and Japanese-descent parentage now. As for why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, it was to prevent the US Navy from interfering with Japanese plans to control Southeast Asia.

      As for Obama’s birthplace, why would you think it was Kenya? Obama’s official birth certificate – both short form and long form – are from Hawaii. His birth there was recorded in the local newspaper. A local doctor remembers it. The newspaper entry is hardest to discredit. Why would anyone have faked that, way back when? Because somebody “knew” the baby would grow up to be President?

      1. It’s the guy who used to post as “Jack Ruby”. Nothing is meant in earnest.

        1. I have read many of Earnest Hemmingway’s books. But he would not know much about where Obama was born. The “birthers” made up some apCray about him being born in Kenya. Freedom is just another word. Uhuru or somesuch is a Kenyan word for freedom. Nothing left to lose. Something right to lose but not far left.

    1. Yes, it must be very soothing to escape the clamor of politics and scandal, at least for awhile.

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