Day 7: Kauai’s South Shore

IMG_8339We spent our second day on beautiful Kauai was visiting beaches on the South shore.  We started in the morning at the aptly named Shipwreck Cove where the waves were huge but the under current quite dangerous.  We went in briefly before going down the shore to Poipu Beach which was lovely but a bit crowded. At the suggestion of one of the lifeguards, we went further down the road to Salt Pond Beach which had more roasters than people.  The waves were huge and we had a ball.



IMG_8338Salt Pond Beach Park has the distinction of being the only place in Hawaii where salt is still produced in natural salt ponds. The beach is protected by a rock ridge that creates a small lagoon.

Near the beach is a small cemetery that shows the island custom of creating little scenes and enclaves for their loved ones.  The personalized touches are often surrounded by the ever-abundant flowers and bright plants that are prevalent on the island.

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Tomorrow we are scheduled to go on an adventure into the jungle interior, though the weather with Hector is projected to change to thunderstorms.  We are watching the weather with our guide and keeping our fingers closed.

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  1. Such an interesting, sweet tradition in their cemeteries………great photos.

  2. JT I am also a fan of graveyards, they are fascinating. Especially the older ones.

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