A”Very Clean, Thoroughbred, White Girl” Gets Arrested In South Carolina

download-1Lauren Cutshaw, 32, had a curious defense when she was stopped in South Carolina for speeding through a stop sign. Cutshaw assured the police that she did not have to be arrested because she is a “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl.”  She then became a “very clean, thoroughbred, white” arrested girl.

The Bluffton Police report alleges that the visibly drunk woman also worked in that she was a cheerleader and a sorority girl who graduated from a “high accredited university.” She then added that her partner’s “a cop.”

When the officers asked why a “white, clean girl” should not be arrested she allegedly replied, “You’re a cop, you should know what that means.”

Cutshaw was in for a rude awakening when she was arrested for drunken driving, speeding and marijuana possession.

This would be a good case to plead out because the last place this self-proclaimed “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl” will want to be is in front of a jury.

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    1. Exactly what did her “white privilege” get her? The opportunity to be publicly mocked from coast-to-coast? Yeah, that white privilege is really something of value! Now if she had Asian Privilege, she could repeatedly, in writing, make racist remarks about white people, while stone cold sober, and then get a job with the New York Times.

    2. Robert Vella…………..”white privilege” is a myth, and is used as a verbal tool by people who hate, and are jealous of, the ruling class.
      It’s brown privilege in Mexico, yellow power in China……and on and on, and yet I never hear unpleasant remarks about that. There have been more Anglos than other races in America for centuries. Why that is shameful is beyond me.
      The leftists, IMO, need more adults on their team to figure out these basic, obvious facts.

      1. Cindy Bragg – that play is Night of January 16th by Ayn Rand. Ran 230+ performances on Broadway.

        1. Paul C. You are too kind. Thank you!…….You mentioned seeing Monkey’s Paw…..gosh it’s been YEARS since I’ve even heard about that play.

          1. Cindy Bragg – not sure if The Monkey’s Paw still plays well today, but it made me wet my pants when I was 6. 😉

          1. Cindy Bragg – she had been working on scripts for DeMille or something. There is also a movie, but you cannot have the different endings with a movie. I have seen the play with our local D.A. playing the prosecutor and a local defense attorney playing the defense attorney. It was a lot of fun that way because there was a friendly competition going on with the attorneys.

            1. Paul C. That’s just like my husband does in his plays…our local DA and local district judge are always in it…..and our local Sheriff, who looks as if he came right out of Central Casting…..Before running for sheriiff, he was Chief of the Texas Rangers for many years…he also has a law degree. …..an impressive man!
              BTW …the ranger, upon whom the “legend of lone ranger” was based, is buried in the Tx State Cemetery in Austin

        2. It is also an excellent film (made in 1941), with Robert Preston and Ellen Drew. As to Ayn Rand, she can do no wrong. As to Miss Cutshaw, no matter what she may have done, she will probably have to face a jury reflecting to-day’s dog’s breakfast of a population. I have no doubt they will choose to make an example of her. (By way of obiter dictum, Western civilisation was built by genetically superior white men.)

          1. Carl-Edward – don’t forget that those men carried at least 2% Neanderthal genes as they were creating Western Civilization. And Eastern Civilization was built by Asians. Oh, and those white guys probably borrowed math and physics and art from Egypt (not giving them credit).

            1. look up “tocharians” for a big surprise about China before the Chinese

              and pray we don’t end up like them. extinct that is.
              if we keep on acting like stupid wimps we will be for sure.

        3. Off Topic I was thinking about the old publication,Saturday Review. I started reading at 18. Remember John Ciardi from the Review? (“How Does a Poem Mean?”)
          Wish there were publications like that now. Are there?

          1. Alas, there are no publications like that now (and I do remember John Ciardi). It is part of the general decline: no writers; no playwrights; no composers; no actors; no actresses; no cinema; no architects; no automotive designers – the list is endless.
            It is as if one had died and gone- metaphorically – to hell

            1. Carl Edward….thank you. Ciardi was interviewd on tv several times…and I think I remember Buckley interviewing him once on pbs

          2. Cindy Bragg – I do not read any magazines anymore. I have the Kindle app on my phone so I can read my books in the doctor’s office and waiting room. 😉 Time magazine is down to comic book size, I know that. I think The Atlantic Monthly still has some outstanding literary articles, but I do not take it.

      2. Straw man argument, and weak at that. Shameful, but typical. Pro tip: Hannity thinks you’re an idiot, and treats you as such. I’m an older white guy with a graduate degree and I’ve never once been accused of exercising any white privilege, nor have I ever heard anyone say those words in real life. So sorry for your loss.

        this is to “but I heard about it on reddit, or somewhere” cindy

        1. Marky Mark Mark – pro tip: get your old white a$$ out on the courthouse steps and start defending Trump and see how fast the words “white privilege” come cannoning out of mouths. The Left has literally lost its sh*t now.

        2. We heard you the first time. No need to get more explicit. Look, there is no evidence of that whatsoever. Not on either of the recordings, nor in the cop’s report. I think you’re projecting. If you want to offer sex to cops, go for it.

          1. Simething’s off on the posting today….the reply above was in response to radiofreerome.

        3. If you’re an old white guy with a graduate degree and nobody thinks you have white privilege, maybe you should move out of the trailer park, stop driving that 1972 Pinto, and trash the Strayer University tee-shirt and ragged plaid pants combo. This is to Unprivileged Marky Muck.

        4. you said that i “watch hannity and bag his balls” a malicious false and defamatory per se statement as i am not a homosexual nor do i even watch his show. mark m slanderer you are.

      3. The fact that you would mention she belongs to the “ruling class” clearly indicates that you know exactly what “white privilege” is all about. Mind you, I don’t think people are jealous of the “so-called ruling class” I think they find its members disgusting. Don’t you dare mention how long Anglos have lived in America. If you knew your history, you would be aware that American Indians lived in America for millennia (approximately 35,000 years ) and millions of them were slaughtered by the ruling class in just a few centuries. I don’t think that’s something to be proud of…..and I haven’t even mentioned the wickedness of African slavery and
        the racism that lives on today. No one (except members of the ‘ruling class’) cares that she is very clean and thoroughbred. Oh please!

  1. Well, I am on the chippie’s side here! Why shouldn’t us White Girls get a break??? Huh? The black chicks get one. They pop out little b*st*rds by the bushel, and they don’t get called irresponsible screwed-up whores. No, they get compliments like “Black girl magic!”, from Hillary.

    Black thugz like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown get streets named after them. And the people who shoot them in self-defense get called bad names, and threatened, because you know you aren’t supposed to stop a black thug from beating your head into mush on the sidewalk. No, that is just wrong.

    Then, all the Hispanic illegals who pour into our country get a free pass. They use fake identities and don’t pay taxes, and commit crimes, but we are told that the Immigration Laws do not apply to them.

    Sooo, why shouldn’t us white chicks get some of the same. I bet the above chippie doesn’t have 3 or 4 b*st*rds by 3 or 4 baby daddies, and is on the dole. Nope, she is a college chick just out for a little innocent fun! And, she is a citizen!

    Works for me!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. thanks for the update from the bulk-buying white-sheet crowd. After all, it’s so important to hear what the ignorant, ill-informed, frightened, mouth-breathing, cross-burner wannabees think about daily events; or not. Pro tip: nobody cares that you claim to be a “white chick.” Losers come in all purported shapes and sizes.

      this is to sqeeKKK

      1. Marky Mark Mark – thank you for allowing me to jump back in here with another of my pro tips. Pro tip: She was so drunk she was trying to say “thoroughly well-bred” but it just didn’t come out right. We all know that drunks get verbally sloppy.

  2. What’s the point of this story? That a drunk said something stupid? Is anything very unusual about that? Is it because what she said was an amusement-park-mirror version (distorted but recognizeable) of what most people think?

    1. Not something stupid, something blatantly racist. It’s also proof that blacks aren’t the only ones who believe that ‘white privilege’ is real.

        1. The video doesn’t prove the existence of white privilege one way or the other. I said it proves that blacks aren’t the only ones who believe that it’s real. Where would the clean young white woman get such a crazy idea? I wonder what would have happened if the encounter wasn’t being recorded.

          1. Except the audio recording doesn’t record her ever saying that. Oh well, let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

            1. The first 1:20 of the 2 minute video is inaudible. The quote is based on the police department’s report of the incident. You think the police made it up? This is a link to the story as reported by a local outlet.

              1. It wouldn’t surprise me if they enhanced what she said, for the same reason that they released the arrest report. Why did they release the arrest report to the press? Think about it. What was their motive and what were they expecting to get in return? Do they release every arrest report? No, of course not. Just this one. Why? Because it was virtue signaling, plain and simple. They wanted the whole country to know that the little Butthurt, SC Police Dept is virtuous and will valiantly throw a “pretty white girl” under the bus. Thus the same Butthurt, SC cops who are such weenies that they need P.C. approval, likely aren’t above enhancing what the arrestee said to suit this purpose.

                1. South Carolina incident reports are public records and are required to be released by state law.

                  Don’t make stuff up in lame internet arguments. It’s sad.

                  1. Sad Doug : ALL govt records are public records and are required to be released (unless classified) IF SOMEONE MAKES A LAWFUL REQUEST. Requests for govt records, such as FOIA, can take months or years. Nobody is going to get a govt record the same or the next day unless the agency decides to issue it spontaneously without receiving a formal, written request.

                    1. Local newspapers make routine legal requests every morning in small South Carolina towns and reactive incidents are turned over as a matter of course. Hence, stories like this get broken by local newspapers.

                      Did you think using capital letters would make your wild guesses seem truthful?

              2. Okay, I give up. I followed the link you provided to the local source of the story, a newspaper called The Island Packet. The story re the “clean thoroughbred white girl,” citing the police report, was on page one, right next to a headline, “Daughter Alleged to Have Thrown Chihuahua at Mom During Hilton Head Fight, Says Police Report.” Bored cops writing funny reports.

      1. Personally, I don’t think most blacks believe all that much in white privilege. It is just an excuse for them, and they use it to get whites feeling sorry for them, and then get freebies. Your average ghetto f*ck-up knows it is his own fault that he is where he is.

        The people who really believe in white privilege, are, well, mostly liberal white people. It is their manifestation of Original Sin, that they use for the same reason the Priests and Preachers use Original Sin. To whomp people over the head with it, and make themselves relevant.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. “White privilege” isn’t part of the vernacular of working-class blacks. MEd’s in the student affairs apparat talk that way. The lesser sort of faculty member talks that way.

        2. “It is just an excuse for them, and they use it to get whites feeling sorry for them, and then get freebies. ”

          I agree with that to some extent. ‘White privilege’ is sometimes used that way. But that’s not inconsistent with a sincere belief in its reality. And why is it so hard to believe that it’s real? It certainly was real in this nation at one time, that’s indisputable. So why is it so hard to believe that it still exists to some degree? Substitute ‘racism’ for ‘white privilege’ and the same logic applies. It still exists. Not as much as it once did, but it hasn’t died out entirely. White privilege is an aspect of racism. We can argue about how these concepts are used, how much they really describe and explain, and what action, if any, they suggest. But it’s just ridiculous to argue that they don’t point to anything real.

          1. I believe that racism exists. I may be a racist for all I know. I guess it depends on how you define the word. I know I have an extremely low opinion of blacks as a group. But, there individual blacks that I both like and respect. That kind of thinking is true of most white people I know, who pretty much divide blacks into two groups, blacks and n*gg*rs.

            But that is based on my experiences with them. I don’t think there is any genetic reason why sooo many of them act like savages, and idiots, I don’t think there is a genetic reason why they can’t get married before they start popping out babies, or that there is a genetic reason why they largely act like idiots in school.

            But I have no reason to pretend that there isn’t something badly wrong with them, as a group. It isn’t sensible or safe. A white person, particularly a woman, needs to be aware of the potential danger.

            Sooo, that being said, if racism exists, does that trump foolish life choices, like not making any real effort in school, or popping out little illegitimate pickannies to beat the band? I don’t think so. I think blacks badly need to fix what is wrong in their own community before blaming other people for their problems.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. “I don’t think there is any genetic reason”

              I agree that if ‘racism’ means anything, it must mean a belief in the inferiority of a racial group on the basis of race alone. And, historically, the belief that blacks are genetically inferior did exist in this nation and was widespread. And blacks were definitely harmed by that belief, and it’s reasonable to believe that they still haven’t fully recovered from that harm. One can agree with this and still believe that “blacks badly need to fix what is wrong in their own community.” I believe that blacks would do better if they forgot about race altogether (if white racists would let them), and so would we all. But, as a simple matter of fact, it should not be denied that anti-black racism and ‘white privilege’ continue to exist. Whatever that fact does or doesn’t imply, it can’t do any good to deny it.

              1. Jamill Jones, assistant basketball coach at Wake Forest. Google him. Five days ago, he was in NYC. A 35 y/o white man, who had just left his sister’s wedding, knocked on the window of his car, mistakenly him for an Uber car that he had requested. Jones got out of his car, walked to the sidewalk, and punched the young man so hard that his teeth burst through his lip, he fell to the sidewalk, hitting his head and died, never regaining consciousness. Jones indifferently drove off, not bothering to call for medics. After the death was reported in the media, and he learned of video evidence, he turned himself in with a lawyer in tow. The detectives charged the crime as homicide, but the D.A. reduced it to Third Degree Misdemeanor Assault. A misdemeanor, for a violent, unprovoked attack resulting in death? Black Privilege!

                1. “Jones allegedly punched the late tourist, identified as Sandor Szabo, early Sunday after he was being disruptive and banging on cars in Long Island City. The incident came after Szabo punched a resident who came outside amid the ruckus, according to The Post, which led Jones to act. Szabo later died in the hospital after Jones’ punch caused him to hit his head on the pavement.”

                  You really want to argue that the criminal justice system in the US favors blacks over whites? Good luck with that.

                  1. You think it’s okay that this guy punched a young man so hard that he killed him, and should only be charged with a 3d degree MISDEMEANOR? Blacks always, always resort to violence. Their first response to every instance of frustration or anger is to lash out with physical violence. You think America is so terrible? Check out some of the YouTube videos on young American blacks who repatriated to Africa. A real eye opener for them, living in the squalor, filth, violence, and apathy of the “motherland.” The fact is, Africa is the sh*thole of the world, and it’s lazy, violent inhabitants are not welcome anywhere, not Europe, not Asia, not Russia, not anywhere because of their appalling behavior.

                    1. You are not a lawyer. Thus, you have no earthly idea what must be proven to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant has committed a criminal offense. To simplify for your abilities: not only must the actor in this case have committed the “act” of the offense, he must have had the “intent” to commit the criminal offense. In other words, for a murder charge to stick, the prosecution would be required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the actor intentionally or knowingly intended the result of his act to cause the death of the complainant. Incidents like this occur routinely in this country, and unless there are jurisdictional anomalies which somehow authorize a higher level of offense, many are charged as misdemeanors. I’m sure you can find someone who agrees with you on reddit, or some such.

                      this is to “ya, I’d join the klan but I’m afraid I’d get the sh*t beat out of me at the first rally” tinnie

  3. Do you know who I am has been used by the rich and powerful for a long time, now with the Trump swamp it will be more common place.

    1. You were doing just fine with the first part, but then your TDS triggered the last part. Get a grip, if it’s already commonplace, then nothing President Trump does will make it more so.

      1. Right, no problem at all with Trump, Laura Ingraham statement on fox is nothing to see here moment. It will only get worse with Trump blowing his bullhorn.

        1. There is a CNBC article from today or yesterday.
          Leaving aside whether one approves or disapproves of the Trump/ Giuilani tactics, the article notes that they are winning the PR war against the Special Counsel. At least for now.
          The article also notes that the longer Mueller goes without resolving the central question, the support from the public dwindles.
          Two years into these investigations, the public wants some answers.
          Or at least some indications if the Special Counsel is going to continue to indict and prosecute alleged crimes unrelated to the 2016 campaign, or address the “collusion” issue that is supposedly the main purpose of appointing a Special Counsel.

  4. She is just trying to use her white privilege and other entitlements to bests advantage. About time she is held accountable.

    1. She tried whatever she thought might work. Clearly not a unique strategy for anyone in her situation. It didn’t work, good.

      1. It’s probably not unique, but what’s disturbing and revealing is the explicit appeal to ‘white privilege’.

    2. @bettykath

      I am absolutely sick of hearing about “white privilege”. Grew up working class in a poverty stricken area of the country around people you undoubtedly despise (being a “good white”, and all). Not sure what kind of privilege I had. Bet you use your “white privilege” by living in an upper middle class neighborhood and sending your kids to a private school – all while condemning people like me.

      I WANT A DIVORCE! You can have your multicult utopia.

      1. bettykath: White privilege? Do you know something we don’t? Was she admitted to an Ivy League medical or law school with a “C” average and subpar test scores because she is white? Oh wait…..sorry, wrong color.

  5. This case is a good example of confirmation bias. There is no evidence that the defendant actually made this statement. It is not recorded in either the dash cam video, nor in the recording device inside the police car. There are other statements recorded in the car, where she pleads not to be put in jail. She expresses a fear of jail; “Please don’t put me in there….I’m a pretty girl;” and states that she has “A clean record….can’t you see that in your system?” So while she does use the words “pretty,” and “clean,” they are spoken in different sentences. There is no recording of the exact statement attributed to her in the press. The only place that alleged statement appears is in the arresting officer’s written report, which the Bluffton, S.C. Police Dept released to the press. Presumably the police department released this as part of a campaign of virtue signaling; trying to show that small S.C. is not biased. And the MSM and the same people who would never believe the police will accept this without questioning the evidence because they want to believe that Southern white women have these attitudes. So for once, the police and the MSM are working hand in hand. Is that progress? Maybe. The S.C. police get to look like the good guys. The defendant….who knows? If she said it, she deserves the public shaming. If she didn’t say it, then she has been destroyed so that the Bluffton police and MSM can pat themselves on the back.

    1. I had to Google MSM before responding. What she allegedly said is in line with what most people think, more or less. There are 2 classes of people: Those who belong in jail & those who don’t. Sometimes upstanding members of the “don’t belong” category uncharacteristically do something stupid which technically puts them in the “belongs to be in jail” category. But she figures she doesn’t really belong there. The majority of people kind of at least half-way agree with that. And she’s not “destroyed” whether she said it or not. Society can be very forgiving to attractive young women who haven’t actually ever killed anyone.

      1. Rex – I agree with you on the “I’m not the type of person who belongs in jail” analysis. Based on actual recorded statements, everything she said was an effort to convince the cop not to put her in jail. “I have a good career;” “My partner is a cop;” “I went to a highly ranked college;” was a society girl, got good grades, etc. etc. All of that backfired. She most certainly deserved to spend the night in the drunk tank, as she blew through a stop sign at 60 mph and came close to T-boning another car. But my question is why the Bluffton, SC made the allegations re racial comments when no evidence exists that she uttered those words. It was either virtue signaling, or perhaps she trigggered class envy in a blue collar cop. But yes, I agree that she won’t be “destroyed.” Her career as a real estate agent will suffer and she’ll suffer emotional pain from public shaming, but she’ll otherwise survive. But needlessly whipping up racial tensions somehow doesn’t comport with “protect and serve.”

    2. Oh yes it’s a good “AMAZING REALITY” ESPECIALLY a confirmation of BIAS. Let me point out that similiar type of confirmation of BIAS, this Layman alleged, was resulted in HARRIS COUNTY CIVIL COURT OF LAW # 4 OF HOUSTON as the PLAINTIFF’S Lawyer TED A COX of HOUSTON, after LAPSES of very long period of more than SIX YEARS FROM THE DATE OF SAID COURT’S JUDGMENT filed FAKE & FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT & STATEMENT on behalf his Client, a EVIL-DOER ones. Yes I advised the said Lawyer TED A COX not to be DEVIL’S LAWYERbut his goodself not only avoided what I advised him but on OTHER HAND failed to maintaings ETHICAL BOUNDARIES AND STANDARDS of his own LAWYERSHIP.

    3. @TIN

      “Presumably the police department released this as part of a campaign of virtue signaling; trying to show that small S.C. is not biased.”

      DO NOT EVER CONFUSE VIRTUE SIGNALING WITH ACTUAL VIRTUE. Virtue signaling is akin to “cheap grace”. Allows the upper middle class to show they are “good whites’ without ever having to get their hands dirty. The average upper middle class twit wouldn’t be caught dead in a minority neighborhood but they can sure “talk the talk”.

    4. So sorry to (again) burst your bubble, but the “evidence” here is the testimony of the police officer. Since you are not a lawyer, you most likely have no idea that the testimony of a police officer–standing alone–is sufficient to support a conviction. Think DWI / DUI for one example which you can probably readily get your mind around.

      this is to “but hannity made it sound so smarty-like” tinnie

      1. Marky Mark Mark – we have attorneys here who specialize in getting you out of DUIs. My understanding is they are good at their job although they don’t have testimonials. It is not like the major firms who have testimonials from the firms they have gotten out of trouble.

  6. Johnny Cash sings Tennessee Stud……There never was a horse like the Tennessee Stud.

  7. An all white jury would agree. Is she in South Carolina? Yeah. That is not North Carolina. The two states are different. If it had been a black cop he would have asked (as in Blazing Saddles)….

  8. Evidently, she thought she could p** in the cup and it would be alright. She is “clean” although someone from the South will have to translate thoroughbred in this context. 😉

  9. Did she mention who her trainer was, was she running at Belmont and what number race?

      1. Why do you say she is stupid? According to you, “she’s an illuminating example of white privilege.” If WP really exists, she would be stupid to NOT try to use it to get out of a jam. Or maybe she’s like you, and made a fool of herself by believing in the myth of WP, which means you’re BOTH stupid.

        1. I think an argument could be made (assuming the story was reported correctly) was that it was a poorly crafted effort to invoke white privilege.

          1. Why does it have to be some nefarious “white privilege?” Why is it so difficult to accept that a white person pulled over by a white cop is going to try to invoke some affinity, to hopefully get out of a jam? Just like the black people who get stopped by black officers on COPS will invariably start calling the cop “bro” and “cuz” and start trying to appeal to a black affinity? I knew a young white guy once who when pulled over would always go into a “blue collar” routine, in hopes of appealing to the cop’s sympathies, since most cops are from blue collar families. If he was speeding, he would tell the cop that he was a construction worker who just got laid off and he was distracted, worrying about how he was going to support his three kids. In truth, the guy was a single CPA, but he was convincing because he grew up blue collar and could talk the talk. And 99% of the time, the cop cut him some slack. So if you’re completely obsessed with seeing race and “white privilege” and other nonsense in everything, well, whatever, but I prefer to live in the real world.

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