Poll: 43 Percent Of Republicans Agreed That President Trump Should Have The Power To Shutdown News Organizations

It is difficult to gauge the accuracy of such polls and surveys, but there has clearly been an increase in anti-media sentiment as vividly captured at Trump rallies where media like CNN have been subjected to threatening and abusive treatment.

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  1. Americans are not used to dealing with figures and applying them to reality. This 43% claim made me think about one of the most blatant and obvious of this century so far.
    Ask any tax paying American how much their taxes went up from 2009 Jan 20th and 2017 Jan 20th Some will claim none and most will be 30% off. Many will rememver the one or better iyet the point zero two COLA increase but what about the tax increases? So I’ll make it easy. I’ll drop all the tiny to medium to one whopping taxes that increased taxes along the way from natural extraction of things like trees, minerals etc. which mean pass on taxed a sort of unstated VAT Value Added Tad and mention just one.

    The 30% tax increase.

    Did you pay no attention when the government published that figure for the time period Jan 2009 to Jan 2017 … the obama presidency? with it’s very flat growth rate as any examination of COLA will show….when the only growth was in debt?

    Value of the Dollar decreased 30%

    A dollar became 70 cents.

    That means you could only buy 70% as much with a dollar as used to get.

    Seven hot dogs instead of Ten hot dogs and apply that to everything. AND apply that to everybody. No one escaped that punity tax

    Yes I’m happy to regain some of that with The PResidents increase in personal exemption by doubling. It’s a start but it isn’t yet enough to regain our former wealth status.

    Imagine every hour you worked in one week. All fourty meant only thirty five hours produced anything. five were suddenly worth nothing.

    I’ve been showing that one to my fellow retired citizens in Flordia. Many of us did that in 2016 and it tipped Florida from Democrat to at least anti Democrat.

    I see no reason why a Florida retiree should ever consider voting anything but anti left and didn’t even add in the cost of medicine.

    And the left didn’t even have to make a speech in support of that tax increase. Just pretended it didn’t exist.

    The Obama Tax Increase …The one time he didn’t have to lie. Doesn’t mean he told the truth.

    Vote Anti Democrat and anti Socialist.

    It means iyou are FOR re-valuing ykour retirement dollar.

  2. At the end of the day, these are the fruits of extreme political polarization. Maxine Waters and Jennifer Rubin calling for interference in the personal freedoms of Republicans and their “harassment for life”. The reactionary gives rise to the counter-reactionary and the moderate middle is marginalized.

      1. Partial transcript:

        “No one should call for the harassment of political opponents. That’s not right. That’s not American.”

        “Now, I understand those who look at the conduct of this president, a man who habitually engages in bullying, name calling, slander and nastiness for its own sake, and think we have to fight fire with fire. I know, I felt those emotions myself,” the Senate Majority Leader said. Schumer did not mention Waters by name, but the intention is clear.

        “Many of us disagree with the policies of the current administration in a country as large and diverse as ours,” Schumer said. “I strongly disagree with those who advocate harassing folks if they don’t agree with you. If you disagree with someone or something, stand up, make your voice heard explain why you think they’re wrong and why you’re right. Make the argument. Protest peacefully.”

        “I strongly disagree with those who advocate harassing folks if they don’t agree with you. If you disagree with a politician, organize your fellow citizens to action and vote them out of office, but no one should call for the harassment of political opponents. That’s not right. That’s not American,” Schumer added. -Senator Schumer

  3. The results of the poll are complex. I could not find a link to the actual survey questions as presented.

    “The large majority of Americans, 85%, agree that the “Freedom of the press is essential for American democracy.” Additionally, two-thirds (68%) say that “reporters should be protected from pressure from government or big business interests.” Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans agree with these two statements signaling deep support for the concept of freedom of the press.
    Some of the limits of public support for freedom of the press are made stark with a quarter of Americans (26%) saying they agree “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior,” including a plurality of Republicans (43%). Likewise, most Americans (72%) think “it should be easier to sue reporters who knowingly publish false information.””

    There is bipartisan support for a free press shielded from government pressure. And yet, a chunk of Republicans, and some Democrats, believe that “bad behavior” should be a basis for a media outlet getting shut down. What is “bad behavior”? Was that defined?

    I do not agree that Trump “has truly and irrecoverably changed the party and much of the country . . . and, in this case, not for the better.” Conservatives have complained for many years, with increasing urgency, about biased mainstream media. The bias has risen to the level that the media tries to play King Maker or Breaker. They do not report on public affairs and opinion, but try to shape them. For example, CNN just had a panel of Trump voters, where one man who claimed that he voted for Trump but now finds him to be a monster and a bigot had a Twitter feed with confident anti-Trump, anti-2nd Amendment, and anti-Republican videos going back to 2016. He never voted for Trump, but his placement on a panel implied that Trump voters believe Trump is a bigot. They have gotten in trouble before for planting people in events to try to shape their pre-selected narrative.

    Then there was the false dossier. The repeated bigoted and racist attacks on mainstream media against conservatives. Those who watch mainstream media may have absolutely no idea that Trump has done anything positive for the country and its people at all. All they hear is he is a Fascist and anything short of open borders is racist. Or they think Trump rips children out of the arms of their parents because he likes it, and that Obama was simply following the law when he put kids in kennels.

    The media has bashed conservatives for so long, that they are tired of it. Trump has remarked on how fed up people are of it. The media is helping to indoctrinate uninformed people that capitalism is bad and socialism is good.

    I do not in any way believe that the media should be shut down, but they should be sued when they venture into fraud and slander. That may be the only way to teach them while protecting the crucial right of Free Speech. Those 43% are wrong. People also need to be open to other sources, to avoid being trained like dogs to bark at conservatives upon command. It’s inane, hearing all the character assassinations because they don’t know how to make an argument.

    1. You don’t like CNN, watch Fox.
      You don’t like the N.Y. Times, read the Wall Street Journal.

      The Monolithic Media is a myth.

  4. Marthas Vinyard is full of beautiful people right about now. They’re all down there trying to figure out how they can help make our lives better?

  5. “Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse”

    43 percent of republicans must be disabused of their ignorance.

    The manifest tenor of the Constitution holds dominion in the United States of America.

    The 1st Amendment establishes immutable freedom of the press.

    Similarly, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 provides Congress the power to tax merely for “…general Welfare…,” deliberately omitting and,

    thereby, excluding the power to tax for individual welfare.

    All forms of individual welfare or redistribution of wealth are irrefutably unconstitutional.

    Apparently, the Justices of the Supreme Court can’t read the English language of the Founders who wrote Article 1.

    Alternatively, the Justices of the Supreme Court consider the Communist Manifesto to hold dominion in America which is principally

    what Justice Ginsburg has posited.

    Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1

    “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

  6. Issac, my comment won’t post, I think, because it has the link to Glenn’s site. Please check it out. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Obama was not “for the people”. He refused to let single payer come to Congress for discussion, let alone a vote. He did what the bankers told him to do which was to bail them out and let the ordinary American get foreclosed on, lose their job, etc. He authorized illegal mass surveillance against our population. What people are you talking about? The people he said he could kill anytime he wanted to and have arrested on his own say so. Those people? The people who got trillions of still unaccounted for dollars stolen from them for the bankers and MIC?

    Surely then you don’t mean ordinary American citizens. Maybe “people” has a different meaning for you? I’m quite certain you don’t think “the people” means people in other nations whose wedding parties he had droned, whose nations, such as Libya he had destroyed? I guess those people aren’t really people?

    All Obama’s “mistakes” got made in the same direction of helping the donor class. Obama shredded press freedoms. He locked up immigrants, to include children in cages. What “people” does that make him for?

    Because so many of you Democrats could not and still refuse to see any truth about Obama, we are world’s behind where we should be. By Bush’s 5th year people had turned against eternal war, torture, mass surveillance etc. Once Obama got in, he continued these policies and multiplied them by several factors. You could not get Democrats to speak out against anything he did. If Obama wanted more wars, then Democrats were ready to go to the mat for him. More torture, more rendition, more surveillance, less press freedom–no matter, Obama wanted it and it was every Democrats’ hope to give him that power. So all the gains were stripped out by the obedience and unwillingness of Democrats to be truthful about Obama.

    What you guys should have done was put your foot down immediately. No, this is not what we elected you for and you work for US, not your banker buddies and the MIC. This is exactly what has happened with Trump supporters. They won’t put their foot down either. They aren’t telling him to get stuffed. We are very, very far behind in our nation. It’s so hard for people to see through their “leaders”. We need to do that, right now. This truly is an emergency. No more lies about how either Obama or Trump is for the people. They are for themselves and the donor class-full stop,

    This didn’t happen overnight. It’s been happening. If we can’t be truthful, we cant’ stop it.

    1. The only persons I remember President Obama ordering killed were Islamic Terrorists.
      Protecting Americans from our enemies is part of the President’s job description, I’d not be criticizing him for that, nor would I criticize President Trump for ordering Syrian air strikes

  7. “Democrats serve Australia-based WikiLeaks with lawsuit via Twitter”


    “”Plaintiff has diligently attempted to serve WikiLeaks through a variety of methods, including emails to an address provided by WikiLeaks on its website, and by contacting counsel who have represented WikiLeaks in other matters,” the motion documents read. “None of these efforts have succeeded.

    “”While WikiLeaks’ physical presence is difficult to discern, it has a robust online presence, including an active presence on Twitter.””

    The complaint:


      1. The Young Turks
        Published on Oct 24, 2016

        “A blog called “True Pundit” said there were reports of Hillary Clinton asking why the government couldn’t just assassinate Julian Assange via drone strike. Hillary Clinton’s denial is less than convincing. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. http://tytnetwork.com/join

        “”At a press conference in Harrisburg on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said she does not recall ever floating the idea of blowing up WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with a drone strike, and if she ever had, it was a joke. Assange claims that she wasn’t joking, citing online reports…

        “”I don’t recall any joke,” Clinton said Tuesday afternoon. “It would have been a joke, if it had been said, but I don’t recall that.”…

        “Hillary Clinton, eyes downcast, stammering: If I talked about droning Julian #Assange, “it would have been a joke.”””


        1. anonymous – I am going to go with Hillary on this one, she likes her killings more up close and personal. Drones are Obama’s thing. 😉

              1. Anyone making claims that the Clintons had people murdered is either A) A Dope, B) A Nut or C) some combination of the two.
                Are we clear on this?

                1. wildbill99 – are we clear on the fact that the Clintons have a lot of dead bodies surrounding them, regardless of how they got that way? And Enquiring Minds want to know how they got Arkancided?

                    1. wildbill99 – refuse away, however, there are a lot of bodies connected to the Clintons. Too many for coincidence.

                    2. wildbill99 – I am not in the job of convincing. I put out the information, you decide on your own. 😉

                    3. Paul, When it comes to you believing Clinton “murders” foolery, I defer to Bill Buckley:
                      “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said”.

                    4. wildbill99 – and I will counter with that old saying, When it acts like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck … it just might be a duck.

                  1. Please elaborate in detail regarding this fascinating theory. Further, kindly explore any and all tangential and / or interrelated events, occurrences, or unexplained phenomena. For the benefit of the uninitiated reader, leave no stone, theory, dream or scurrilous rumor out of the equation. Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen.

                    this is to “I’ll have to take some ‘uppers’ to stay up long enough to cut-and-paste all the gobs of material” paulie

                    1. Marky Mark Mark – others on here have listed the numbers of bodies that seem to pile up, a new one in July. If I thought you were really interested I would link it, however, you are making a poor attempt at being snarky, poor being the operative word. Therefore I will not acquiesce to your faux request.

  8. Issac,

    This is a bi-partisan problem. It is also the work of powerful people on “both” sides of the same coin. The attempt to silence critics runs deep among the powerful. Here’s your guy on that issue: “Since Barack Obama entered the White House in 2009, his government has waged a war against whistleblowers and official leakers. On his watch, there have been eight prosecutions under the 1917 Espionage Act – more than double those under all previous presidents combined.” see the Guardian

    If you keep presenting this as evil Republicans you are missing the evil Democrat part of the equation. More specifically, you are missing who is actually doing what to whom. The powerful are cracking down on those who call them out or even present any differing opinion. They’ve been cracking down. Obama supporters still believe Obama’s lies. Shoot he just got a second piece prize and you really have to believe a lot of lies to think he deserved that!

    Please look at the big picture. Hate Republicans for censorship? Then rationally speaking, you need to start hating Democrats when they do the same thing. I say, quit worrying about party loyalty and just pull together to defend everyone’s right to free speech.

    1. Jill

      I followed Obama’s transgressions while they were happening. They were unique and peculiar to specific instances which have been and continue to be argued. Your point is relevant when comparing an Obama transgression with a Trump transgression. However, Obama never, even closely, reached the level of lies, deceits, accusing, blaming, or other Trump styled transgressions. Obama was a great President that erred, as are all leaders. Obama was wanting in many ways, but his accomplishments far out balance his shortcomings. Obama’s legacy will be America’s recovery from the Bush administration’s destructive policies. Trump’s legacy will be how a complete idiot could make it to the Oval Office and so cleverly yet transparently rule over enough dupes to stay in power. He may eclipse himself by getting reelected. Yet along with Trump surpassing himself in the use of lies, deceits, and blame/distraction will be the vacuous surpassing themselves in their ability to be formed by these lies, deceits, and blame/distraction.

      You can always bring the ‘but this guy or gal did the same thing’ to the discussion. But, you can’t equal Trump for these travesties. Trump is America’s shame. The longer he is in power, the greater the shame and damage and the longer it will take to right the intentions of the founding fathers. The founding fathers, the sacred texts, and anyone who sacrificed for this country did not want this buffoon as President. They might have some affinity for some of what Trump preaches, but that is one of the core ingredients of any tyrant, some fact, some truth, some relevance. That way there is always some foundation on which to stand. With Trump, that footing is too small and the pile of sh*^ is simply getting stacked too high.

      1. issac,

        The fact that you believe Obama was a great president and that he simply “erred” and didn’t tell lies like Trump, is drop dead proof that propaganda works! Go to Glenn Greenwald’s thread a you will see a list of what Trump, Obama and Bush 2 were/are up to.

        If you think that drone killing of civilians, stopping single payer, imprisoning and torturing a child in Gitmo, actually targeting and killing a child etc. are evidence of greatness, I don’t know what to say. I saw this weird excusing of war crimes all through the Obama years and still now. I honestly feel Obama is a cult leader because I don’t have another explanation for why people think he is a great, good and kind man who consistently “erred” the same way towards more killing, starvation and help for bankers!

        I think Trump is a cult leader as well because his followers cannot be convinced by evidence any more than Obama supporters can.

        All I can say is I hope you will support stopping censorship whenever it occurs.

        1. Jill

          I did not euphemise Obama’s transgressions to the degree that you did. This literary license is not necessary. Obama made many bad decisions, however, his intent was for the people, not only the few percent at the top. Although Obama, as all leaders in the US do, kowtowed to the oligarchs, special interests, and mega rich that put him there, he remained and remains at the puppet level, along with every other elected official. Trump is not only at the puppet level but the puppet master as well. Trump is an oligarch that worked the system for his and his cronies’ advantages, advantages for the top few percent; at the expense of or with the absence of advantages for the masses.

          Obama came on board facing a crisis both financial and social the likes of which most Presidents never experience. Trump fabricated the crises, ones that did not exist, and created such a fantasy world of chaos and turmoil so as to put himself out as, ‘the only one that can fix this’. Illegal immigration was on the decline since the 70s. The economy was on a steady upward trend. The military interventions were declining-at the bequest of the people, wages were stabilizing and beginning to rise, the US profile was internationally respected and most of what Trump claims as because of him was en route-NATO contributions were rising, Iran was conforming, etc. etc. etc.

          The critical point of departure here is where a leader stops being a representative of the law but becomes beyond the law. Obama stepped over the line on occasion, however, Trump has always danced back and forth and is now firmly planted outside the law. The only stuff Trump doesn’t get away with is that stuff that he is too inept to make happen. In other words if Trump was not such an idiot and a buffoon he would be far more dangerous.

          While Trump has yet to surpass Bush vis a vis the economic and other sorts of damage inflicted on the US and the world in general, he is well on his way. Obama inflicted some damage, but nothing compared to Bush or Trump. Trump may turn out to be right, however, thus far that does not appear to be the case. Add in the circus that he is, along with the constant lying, blaming, hypocrisy, and general incompetence, and the one thing that becomes apparent is that the US and indeed the world would be better places if Trump were to be bounced, the sooner the better. Regardless of Obama’s crimes, that was never the case.

          1. Isaac, were you part of the sycophantic cult-like crowd on Martha’s Vineyard chanting “Obama! Obama!” as the Obama’s exited a restaurant on the island the other day?

            What’s scary is how it is just like a cult as Jill said. Like a warped cult-like following their Messiah who can do no wrong. From the article:

            “Photos and videos taken outside of The Cardboard Box (restaurant) show swarms of people lining the sidewalks, with some chanting, “Obama! Obama!’’ moments before the former president and former first lady Michelle Obama left the restaurant amid cheers and screams.

            “It shut the town down,” DeForest said. “It was really special. It was a testament to the power and the reverence in which people hold them. It was like The Beatles were in here in the early ’60s.”


            Yeah, Obama the Messiah had only the “intent” to “do good” for “the people.” Oh please.

            Years ago the writer, Peggy Noonan talked about men who wanted to become president to “do big things” and those who wanted to just “be big” and famous.

            Obama wanted to be big and famous and hang with those rich celebs living the lifestyles of the rich and famous – which is exactly what he did for eight years of his presidency and continues to do now that he has joined the mega rich he railed against.

            Trump was already living a big life. He wants to help the country succeed.
            He didn’t need this nonstop crap that he and his family have been put through since the day he announced his candidacy. IMO Trump is out to do big things for the good of the country. Obama just wanted to be big. And it couldn’t be more clear.

            1. And if you want more proof, forget what he didn’t do “for the people.” Obama didn’t even do right by his own party. He left his party in shambles. But hey, he and Michelle are doing just fine hanging with Oprah, buying mansions, vacationing on mega-yachts with the rich and famous crowd, and being greeted by yelling and screaming cult followers wherever they go. Yes, the Obama’s will be just fine. The Democratic party? Not so much.

            2. Let’s see if Trump gets treated after, like Obama has been treated by the American people. It won’t even be close. Trump will be shamed in public just like Dubya.

              1. W is ‘shamed in public’ in your imagination only. He makes good coin giving confidential speeches to trade associations and FWIW, survey research has him viewed favorably by most:


                Not as radical a turnaround as Harry Truman, but not bad. The only Presidents who might have been shamed in retirement were Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. See Henry Fairlie’s interviews with Lyndon Johnson in 1967. He was resigned to that. As for Nixon, he’s the only former president to date who voluntarily gave up his Secret Service protection. From 1986 until his death, he lived like an ordinary mope in Bergen County, NJ.

                1. Perhaps Fishbrain is knitting scarlett letters for presidents and ex-pesidents she feels should be “shamed”.
                  Or maybe she could just mimic Gomer Pyle’s ” shame, shame, shame!” as their motorcades pass by.

                1. A “cult of personality” arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. -Wikipedia

                2. And yes, Obama intentionally CREATED this image of himself (see the Martha’s Vineyard video of screaming fans). And this is why he spent an inordinate amount of his time as POTUS appearing on late night comedy talk shows, Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, The View, hosting Hollywood parties and concerts at the White House, golfing only with celebrity athletes, etc, etc, etc. It was intentional. Ask Anita Dunn.

                  Isaac likes to believe that Obama’s “intent” was to do good “for the people.” Sorry Isaac, but Obama’s “intention” was always to do good for Obama. Which is why he now enjoys a rock star welcome wherever he goes. He used the compliant and willing media to INTENTIONALLY create his own CULT of Personality which he enjoys to this day. Get it yet?

                  1. TBob,…
                    There’s a group of real independent thinkers that you mentioned.
                    You could add Colbert and others in the obligatory groupthink that they all subscibe to, in lockstep.
                    At one time, Letterman had a show worth watching.
                    I could put up with the wasted time he spent saying things like “yeah, yeah” to Paul Scaffer, or the other lags in his program, or his sometimes obnoxious behavior.
                    Because he could be genuinely quick and funny, earlier in his career.
                    Then, for whatever reason, Letterman decided that he was a brilliant political pundit.
                    The last 10 years or so of his show he consistently made an ass out of himself, the real comedy was gone, and a guy who didn’t know **** from shinola was preaching nightly.
                    He’s a great example of what’s happened to the current crop of cardboard cutout clowns hosting the late night shows.
                    People like Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, and Craig Fergeson knew better than to turn their shows into political pulpits.

                    1. Yeah, well the Obama’s cultivated a personal friendship with Letterman and invited Dave and his family to private dinners in the family residence at the White House, as well as WH parties and state dinners. Indeed, Barack Obama worked hard –not so much at cultivating bipartisan-deal-making relationships with Congress –but rather at cultivating his public “image” and “working on” relationships with those high-profile celebs who could help him do so. Letterman was one among many Obama useful idiots.

          2. Citing Nancy Pelosi for one;… I don’t beieve you. Citing himself for anothere I realy do not believe you.

      2. Your comments are so beautifully written, I’ll bet Charles Dickens is laughing and crying over them from wherever he is now…and please don’t go back to Canada…we need you here…

  9. ‘The constant badgering of the media by President Donald Trump as “the enemy of the people” appears to have taken root within the Republican party if a recent Ipsos survey is accurate. The new public opinion survey found that 43 percent of self-identified Republicans said that they believed “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.”’

    The first sentence illustrates the main power of Trump. Trump lies often enough that his core supporters eventually believe it, because they look nowhere else and eventually the empty space between their ears fills up with Trump’s lies.

    The second point regarding the survey illustrates an extension of Trump’s misrepresentation of stuff or just lies. Little Donnie Jr. just manufactured a poll that was composed of photoshopped numbers, Obama’s stats two years after the Bush created recession compared with a year into Trump’s term or six years after Obama’s accomplishments, along with other cherry picked numbers. Lil Donnie couldn’t even get the spelling correct. The tweeter doesn’t fall too far from the twit.

    Of course Republicans believe that they should never be criticized and no one should be able to be made aware of their shortcomings. Trump is the main example of this hypocrisy. Trump constantly rails at the media for fake this and fake that but himself is the greatest fake of all. NO ONE or institution lies more often or more blatantly than Trump. What this poll tells us is that polls can be fake and often are, Trump is a hypocrite, and 43 percent of self-identified Republicans are Trump’s lap poodles.

    I know, I know, go back to Canada.

    What else ya got, ‘Tabloid Turley’?

    1. I was typing away and deleted all because I realized to try to debate you on is useless. You don’t want facts you want polls. When all is shaken out, it the lemmings allow the facts to come out, we will find out just how corrupt the previous administration was. Just a couple would be, IRS, Fast and Furious, weaponization of government agencies, etc. I am not saying, or trying to imply, Trump is without fault. But to say Obama was wanting in a few areas is an invite for people to set up a “go fund” account to supply you with white canes.

    2. I see Trump has rubbed off on you Isaac. Now you are giving out names just like Trump does with your own name for our blog host: “Tabloid Turley.”

    3. ” I know, I know, go back to Canada”.
      That’d be OK, but I’ve generally recommended a different approach, which I’ve called the “Isaac Exchange Program”.
      Here’s how it works; an American moves to Canada, takes on dual citizenship but decides, for whatever reason to live in Canada.
      He then proceeds to tell the Canadians how f***ed up their country ( the country he’s decided to settle in) compared to America.
      He puts a great deal of time and effort into harping on this same theme.
      So no, Isaac, I’m not so much in the “go back to Canada” crowd, but I do think that the “Isaac Exchange Program” is a better solution.

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