Mueller Witness Accused Of Blackmailing World Leader After Plea Agreement [Updated]

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.25.53 AM.pngA curious thing happened this Labor Day weekend when one of Robert Mueller’s most recent cooperating witnesses may have burst into flames on national television – but no one seemed to notice. Former Republican lobbyist and Paul Manafort associate, Sam Patten, only pleaded guilty on Friday, but on Sunday a world leader leveled a serious allegation of criminal conduct committed after his plea bargain. Obviously, this is only one side and Patten could well deny either the email or its meaning. However, the implications of the allegations aired on national television are very serious not only for Patten but Mueller. Update: a complaint has now reportedly been made to the FBI.

In the continuing coverage of the John McCain funeral, former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili appeared on CNN to discuss his relationship with McCain. (His interview preceded my own on CNN). Before discussing McCain, Saakashvili started talking about Patten and his work in Georgia and the Ukraine. Suddenly, Saakashvili pulled out his cellphone in the interview and purportedly read from a text from Patten that he described as unmistakable Russian-style blackmail.  The text was allegedly sent very day and after Patten became a Mueller witness.  Mueller just charged Manafort for reaching out to witnesses before his trial.  Now, one of his cooperating witnesses is allegedly threatening a former world leader to delete prior comments or he will destroy him in what Saakashvili says is a signature move of Russian intelligence.

Both sides accuse the other of some pretty corrupt dealings.  For his part, Saakashvili has been accused by the Georgian government of criminal conduct and expelled from the country.  Critics have linked him to ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Saakashvili said that he had worked briefly with Patten but that he returned in 2011-12 “as part of a Russian operation” to spread “propaganda” and “dirty news.”  He recalled Manafort being involved and said that they worked directly against the interests of the United States.One could certainly discounted those allegations from an opponent, but then he pulled out his cell phone.  He read from a text to his former chief of staff, purportedly from Patten.  He said that Patten threatened to “start releasing things about Misha” if he did not continue to talk about his work for the Russians and that the chief of staff had better “call him off” or he would effectively destroy him. Saakashvili said that Patten wanted prior comments “erased” and that “Misha knows what I am talking about.”

That is all incredibly serious for a Mueller cooperating witness to be telling a potential witness to delete comments and change his story.

The prior Friday, and before the alleged text, Patten pleaded guilty to violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act in his unregistered work for a Ukrainian politician and a Ukrainian oligarch.  He was charged by the US attorney’s office for the District of Columbia, but Patten’s plea agreement specifically says he must cooperate with the special counsel’s office and top Mueller aide, Andrew Weissmann, attended Patten’s hearing.

Here is the transcript from CNN:

CABRERA: Samuel Patten is writing to your former chief of staff.

SAAKASHVILI: Samuel Patten. Yes, and he just, you know, readdressed his text to me. And it says call off the trolls now, or I will start releasing things about Misha — that’s me. He’d prefer I didn’t like now and have them go back and erase their comments so that we don’t say a word that they were working against us. Misha knows what I am talking about, but frankly, I have bigger problems these days. Maybe you two are no longer as tight as you used to be. Actually, it’s a direct blackmail. You see with what —

CABRERA: You feel like he’s blackmailing you right now just because you’re talking about it?

SAAKASHVILI: This is a typical Russian type of blackmail. These people are closely tied to the Russians. By the way, I mean, this was prior to — I don’t want to get it politicized because it was prior to Donald Trump election campaign. These people are on their own. By the way, (inaudible) himself is anti-Trump. He is Republican, but anti- Trump, so I don’t want to speculate on — this is something else.

These guys are for hire. They are ready to do just any dirty tricks. They are ready to cheat, to go against American interests, to do all kinds of things, including the blackmail. Blackmailing, you know, former president or his chief of staff, blackmailing important regional leader like this really shows what they are up to.


What is striking about the call is that it would impact statements about work with Ukraine’s pro-Russian political faction. Moreover, Patten worked closely with Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian national who Mueller indicted  and tied to Manafort.  Moreover, Patten worked with various members of Congress and government officials in advancing the interests of Russian backed Ukrainian figures.  Patten is now accused of threatening someone who is speaking about such work.

Patten also admitted to funneling foreign money into the Trump inauguration committee from Kilimnik. That is the first direct criminal act linking a Trump election component with an illegal Russian contribution. That work could implicate others. What is most interesting is that, if the allegation is true, Patten may have pushed a relatively minor criminal violation into an alleged crime with a potential 20 year sentence.

18 U.S. Code § 1512, it is a federal crime to knowingly use intimidation or threats to influence a possible witness or get a person to withhold or destroy or alter or conceal information from an official proceeding. Mueller has shown that he reads that provision quite broadly.

Saakashvili could easily be a witness in the Mueller investigation, including a possible witness against Patten. Either Saakashvili just implicated Patten in a crime or he has committed per se defamation in alleging possible criminal conduct by Patten.

Most of us felt little sympathy for Manafort when he was charged for “repeatedly contacted” two anonymous people who might have been called as witnesses against him. Those people assisted lobbying and public relations efforts by Manafort masterminded in the US and Europe. Manafort allegedly told them to claim that the Ukrainian lobbying work was confined to Europe – undermining claims of unlawful lobbying in the United States.

Manafort was a certifiable moron to reach out to potential witnesses while on house arrest – and most certainly under surveillance by the FBI. If the allegations are true, Patten would rival the level of recklessness in the alleged text to the chief of state of Saakashvili.

So the question is how Mueller will respond to one of his cooperating witnesses — as opposed to a defendant like Manafort — influencing possible witnesses.  Weissmann has been previously criticized for his heavy handed tactics as a prosecutor, particularly in leaning on witnesses in cooperation deals. However, now one of his own witnesses is being accused of the type of back channel communications that led to the charges against Manafort in the upcoming Washington trial. If Mueller confirms that Saakashvili is telling the truth and does nothing, it undermines the credibility of the charges against Manafort.

Worse yet, Saakashvili was alleging that Mueller’s witness is not only continuing to hide his Russian connections but actively seeking to stop others in discussing those connections. The alleged effort would effectively gut Patten’s value as a witness. Only recently, jurors in Virginia revealed that (while convicting Manafort on various crimes) they entirely discarded the testimony of star Mueller witness, former Manafort associated Rick Gates.

Patten may have just eviscerated his own value as a witness – just when he needs it most. He could face the same fate of George Papadopoulos who fell out of favor with Mueller for not producing valuable evidence against Trump or his associates. Patten has provided value evidence but then may have destroyed his own credibility within 48 hours of accepting the plea bargain.

The next move is Mueller’s and, if this is viewed as attempting to influence a potential witness,  the cost to Patten might be measured in years.

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  1. If this development doesn’t void Patten’s plea agreement with Mueller or cause him to ask Saakashvili to testify regarding Patten and Manfort’s activities, it reinforces the belief that Mueller and associated prosecutors have forgiven worse acts by their cooperating witnesses than the acts of others they are prosecuting and investigating.

    1. but they do that all the time. it’s great for the public to see how dirty prosecutorial tricks work, especially law and order republicans.

      Republicans need to step up and be a stronger voice for constitutional civil liberties especially the due process rights of the accused!

      1. Yes, you’re right. One would hope that being the not-quite subject of a Federal inquiry would show the seamy side of prosecutorial hardball (financed with blank checks backed by our taxes, versus defendants’ finite legal resources).

        I’d also like to wonder aloud why former Georgian president (and former Ukrainian governor of Odessa) Saakashvili chose this particular time to read aloud to CNN what purportedly are texts from Patten to his chief of staff threatening to blacken his name.

        Saakashvili’s checkered political history in the Ukraine and in his native Georgia provides any number of reasons for this, from trying to become politically relevant once more, to exacting sweet revenge against two men alleged to be involved in the Ukraine for nefarious purposes..

  2. There has been enough drama out of the Mueller Investigation to make a Broadway Play, or perhaps a Film Noir.

    Russians were all over DC during the seizure of the Crimean Peninsula. There were petted and feted in every drawing room and ball room, with the most infamous moment being the Russian Reset Button. Now that they’ve fallen out of favor, politicians everywhere must be investing in Bleach Bit and Acid Wash. The Achilles Heel may be that phone companies keep text records…

  3. I do not think you can trust any “memo read over the air” where it may have involved Russian/Georgian/Ukrainian politicians as one of the most common manipulations id false information is the email or memo passed on the them. It is a quite common tactic used by these In Intelligence agencies.

    One of the reason you never of the Clinton campaign responding to hacked emails is that they were warned by the FBI not to make comments that could confirm or deny the authenticity of the emails that were stolen. Even the mainstream press and media refused to utilize these emails as they were warned they could be fabrications once out of the control of the persons who owned them. Only some of the worst alternative right wing media sites took the bait to publish some of the emails, but even they too were warned that what they were passing on to their readers may have well been fabricated.

    If indeed that the US had a very good witness, who may do harm to a Russian asset, that of the compromise of Donald J Trump, it is just this kind of push back, that of a politician reading suspicious emails, as evidence of Russian involvement.

    1. “Even the mainstream press and media refused to utilize these emails as they were warned they could be fabrications once out of the control of the persons who owned them.”

      Hence the laws that govern the handling of classified information. It was illegal to have a series of pirate servers in your unsecured basement, cleaned by staff with zero security clearance, maintained by staff with zero security clearance, and backed up to the Cloud, which was like broadcasting it with a loudspeaker at noon.

    2. And yet the mainstream media published verbatim accusations that the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid to a British foreign national, who paid Russian spies.

      If origination from Russia makes every document suspect, and therefore not to be released or discussed, then why would documents manufactured in Russia be held to a different standard? They certainly weren’t vetted…

  4. Turley wrote, “If Mueller confirms that Saakashvili is telling the truth and does nothing, it undermines the credibility of the charges against Manafort.

    Worse yet, Saakashvili was alleging that Mueller’s witness is not only continuing to hide his Russian connections but actively seeking to stop others in discussing those connections. The alleged effort would effectively gut Patten’s value as a witness.”

    So Turley thinks Mueller has somehow been thrust upon the horns of a dilemma. Undermine the credibility of the witness tampering charge against Manafort versus undermine the credibility of Patten as a cooperating witness. It’s a curious construction; Turley’s dilemma for Mueller is. Both Manafort and Patten (who worked together, don’t forget) just so happen to share the similar goals of stopping others from discussing either Manafort’s Russian/Ukrainian connections, on the one hand, or Patten’s Russian/Georgian connections, on the other hand.

    While it’s always possible to be wrong about things that haven’t happened yet (such as Mueller confirming that Saakashvili is telling the truth about Patten, for instance), I’m pretty sure that Mueller would grab Turley’s curiously constructed dilemma by the horns and charge Patten with witness tampering (assuming that Patten intimidated Saakashvili). After all, if Mueller truly wants Manafort to flip and testify against Trump Jr. and Kushner et al., then having already charged Manafort with witness tampering would presumably have already had the same damaging effect upon Manafort’s credibility as a cooperating witness as Turley now argues that that same charge would have upon Partten’s credibility as a cooperating witness.

    OTOH, what if Mueller offers to drop the witness tampering charge against Manafort in exchange for Manafort flipping and testifying against Trump Jr. and Kushner et al.? Dilemma? What dilemma? Just go around it.

      1. When I was younger, we used to call spilling gravy on your tie “saving it for later”. Could be something tasty there… a little pilaf sauce or sour cream…

  5. I think you miss the point: earlier in the FB exchange (which has been posted online) it was clear Patten was making reference to crimes (which Misha is already wanted for in Georgia) during his tenure as President. Misha was also stripped of his citizenship and deported from Ukraine due to his criminal record in Georgia. Anyone with information about his crime as president should be welcomed and applauded for coming forward with information that would allow for his speedy prosecution in Tblisi. The law should not be indifferent to Misha because he has American friends.

      1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

        One foreign deal, a stalled 2011 plan to build a Trump Tower in Batumi, a city on the Black Sea in the Republic of Georgia, has not received much journalistic attention. But the deal, for which Trump was reportedly paid a million dollars, involved unorthodox financial practices that several experts described to me as “red flags” for bank fraud and money laundering; moreover, it intertwined his company with a Kazakh oligarch who has direct links to Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. As a result, Putin and his security services have access to information that could put them in a position to blackmail Trump. (Sekulow said that “the Georgia real-estate deal is something we would consider out of scope,” adding, “Georgia is not Russia.”)

        Repeated for emphasis:

        As a result, Putin and his security services have access to information that could put them in a position to blackmail Trump.

      2. Also excerpted from the article linked above:

        Saakashvili showed Trump around Tbilisi, the capital, and Batumi. Georgian television covered the events fawningly, promising viewers that Trump would soon build a second tower, in Tbilisi. One broadcaster proclaimed that Trump was the world’s top developer. At the groundbreaking ceremony in Batumi, Saakashvili said that the tower was “a big deal . . . that changes everything around here.” At another event, beneath a banner that proclaimed “trump invests in georgia,” he thanked Trump for being part of the project—which, he said, had a budget of two hundred and fifty million dollars. He also awarded Trump the Georgian Order of Brilliance. Trump, in turn, praised Saakashvili. “Everybody in the world, they speak of Georgia and the great miracle that’s taking place,” he said.

      3. The Manhattan Mafiaist goes global.

        “No sleeve too large. Some too small.”

        1. Yup. Also, I wonder if Turley has let CNN out of the dog house for refusing to correct its reporting about Cohen’s willingness to implicate Trump’s foreknowledge of the Trump Tower meeting based on Lanny Davis as a source.

          Or maybe Turley’s trying to punish CNN, instead, by lending credence to their interview with Saakashvili.

          1. Roger Stone told Henry Greenberg, “You don’t understand Trump. He doesn’t pay for anything.”

      4. One last excerpt from the article linked above:

        Virtually none of the things that Saakashvili and Trump said about the deal were true. The budget of the Trump Tower Batumi was not two hundred and fifty million dollars but a hundred and ten. Trump, meanwhile, could hardly have invested such a sum himself. He professed to be a billionaire, but a few months earlier an appeals court in New Jersey had shut down Trump’s legal campaign against Timothy O’Brien, the author of “TrumpNation,” which argued that Trump had wildly inflated his fortune, and was actually worth less than a quarter of a billion dollars. Julie George, a political scientist at Queens College who studies Georgia, told me that, by 2012, Saakashvili’s tenure could in no way be considered a “great miracle.” The country’s economy was floundering, and shortly after Trump’s visit it was revealed that the government had been torturing political opponents. (Saakashvili did not respond to requests for comment.)

        1. For sure Queens college political scientist and you have 0% knowldge of politics and economy of Georgia. What was before, during and after Saakashvili we know very well, and that is why Georgians like Saakashvili.

    1. Isn’t it amazing that the leaders of other countries can be tried, convicted, and imprisoned, sometimes losing their citizenship, for crimes against their countries and citizens but in the US they just leave office and continue to receive invitations to attend various oval office events?

  6. Hello, I represent Mr. Saakashvili in the US. I have the screenshot of the texted threat and more information that might be of interest. (I sent an email to your GWU address)

    1. US dollar to Russian ruble today’s rate. USD↔RUB [$1 = ₽67.7126]. How many rubles is two cents worth? Does 1.36 rubles do it for you?

  7. Jonathan Turley, you have thoroughly been taken, duped. There are reasons Saakashvili is no longer running Georgia, not even a citizen. The same sort of reasons explain why he is no longer mayor of Odessa and not even a citizen of Ukraine. Nobody should credit a thing he says.

    1. He is not welcome in George as pro russian oligarch has Georgia in his pocket. Saakashvili came to power in 2003 Rose Revolution and proved that Georgia can exist without corraption and has a chance to be successful European country. He will always be remembered as outspoken and risk-taking politicianwho complitly changed Georgia and made it better. I am proud that we had him as a president. Many many Georgian feel the same.

  8. This “world leader” Saakashvili is a citizen of which country?
    Looks like he really gets around.

    1. From the Wikipedia article on Mikheil Saakashvili linked downstream from here:

      On 2 October 2012, Saakashvili admitted his party’s defeat in Georgia’s parliamentary election against the Georgian Dream coalition led by the tycoon Bidzina Ivanishvili. He was barred by the constitution of Georgia from seeking a third term in the 2013 presidential election, which was won by the Georgian Dream’s candidate Giorgi Margvelashvili. Shortly after the election, Saakashvili left Georgia. Saakashvili is wanted by Georgia’s new government on multiple criminal charges, which he decries as politically motivated.

      Saakashvili energetically supported Ukraine’s Euromaidan movement and the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. On 30 May 2015, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko appointed Saakashvili as Governor of Odessa Oblast (region). He was also granted Ukrainian citizenship, and due to restrictions on dual nationality under Georgian law, was stripped of his Georgian citizenship. On 7 November 2016, Saakashvili resigned as Governor while blaming President Poroshenko personally for enabling corruption in Odessa and in Ukraine overall. Four days later he announced his goal to create a new political party called Movement of New Forces.

      On 26 July 2017, Saakashvili (at the time staying in the U.S.) was stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship by Petro Poroshenko, and became a stateless person. But he soon told the press he wanted to return to Ukraine to “get rid of the old corrupt elite” there.

      Since December 2017 Saakashvili is suspected (by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine) of receiving financing from a “criminal group” linked to the ousted (during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution) Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. On 12 February 2018 Saakashvili was deported to Poland and later relocated to the Netherlands.

  9. (music)
    Hail Russia!
    Russia rules the waves!
    Russ Ah rules the waves..
    They rule the waves.
    Waive to Trumpsters…
    Putin waives to Trump.

  10. Two long running, Obama era, investigations of two very popular Republican Congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge, just ahead of the Mid-Terms, by the Jeff Sessions Justice Department. Two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. Good job Jeff……

    The above tweet just now from the president of the United States confirming that the rule of law means nothing to him. He wants his enemies prosecuted and his friends, and himself, protected from prosecution.

    1. JJ, There is no bottom with Trump, his depravity and stupidity exceeds all bounds.
      Rule of Law, ha! He couldn’t spell it if you spotted him all the vowels and the R and the L’s.

      1. Rule of Law, ha! He couldn’t spell it if you spotted him all the vowels and the R and the L’s.

        Well with such an abundance of violations of the rule of law, it shouldn’t be any challenge for you to list President Trump’s top 5.

        Ready, go.

        1. All one has to note about wild bull is that there are no facts to go along with his rhetoric. Absolutely zero and no attempt. He just likes to repeat himself. Maybe he forgets what he said last time.

          1. You’re probably right. The expected response is typically something along the lines of, Olly will just spin whatever so it will be a waste of time. And so nothing is produced or debated. And once again they prove they’ve got nothing.

        2. It is very improbable that anyone here is part of the Special Counsel’s spectacular investigative team. Thus, anything posted here would necessarily be based merely on the same probable cause which engendered the original investigation. That probable cause has been set forth ad nauseum. The very likely fact that Pravda Faux News neglected to mention that truism, combined with hannity’s very likely affirmative misrepresentation regarding the verifiable fact that probable cause supports the Special Counsel’s investigation, of course leaves you, your ilk, the gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket traitors and grifters on the make clueless regarding the factual basis of the investigation which we in the world of reality are fully cognizant. So sorry for your unawareness and loss.

          this is to “I don’t trust newspapers, the government, my neighbor, or the guy hiding in the mail box on my street corner” olly

          1. If your legal representation is anything like your writing, then once again pro bono would be a fee too high. Damn.🤪

      2. One of the dumber things Spicer did was to establish that DT tweets were official WH statements that quickly were put out in that format. If everyone had just pretended they were nonsense that he spewed throughout the day, you wouldn’t have quite as much evidence of corrupt intent and obstruction of justice and just plain banana republic autocracy. And also how much of an ill-informed idiot he is.

  11. Lisa Page, “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    Lisa Page, “The texts mean what the texts say.”

    What did Obama know and when did he know it?

    What did Christopher Wray know and when did Christopher Wray know it?

    What did Mueller know and when did Mueller know it?

    We know that Rosenstein and the 7th Floor are guilty of “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” building and protecting “fire walls” and presenting false, fabricated evidence to the FISA court.

    “Malicious prosecution,” abuse of power and subversion are crimes.

    It”s long past time to prosecute the entire complement conducting the Obama Coup D’etat in America.

    1. Crazy George, how’s your buddy Hal Turner the Holocaust Denier doing?
      Any more nuggets of wisdom from that maggot to share?

  12. Love this story love when Russian’s bring their own style to modern television. I can’t stop laughing. The best I have seen since the Sununu interview.



    According to a court filing, Patten’s Ukrainian client wanted to attend the Trump inauguration in January 2017, but the Inauguration Committee couldn’t accept money from foreign nationals because of Federal Election Commission rules.

    To get around that restriction, Patten enlisted a U.S. citizen to serve as a “straw” buyer, according to the filing. That individual, who wasn’t named, bought four tickets for $50,000, after receiving a check for $50,000 from the consulting firm run by Patten and Konstantin Kilimnik, Manafort’s longtime fixer in Ukraine suspected of having ties to Russian intelligence. That firm, in turn, was reimbursed by a $50,000 wire from the Ukrainian oligarch’s Cypriot bank account, the filing says.

    It’s unclear whether anyone on the Inaugural Committee was aware that the money came from a Ukrainian, or whether Patten has more to tell investigators about the matter.

    “The big question seems to be whether he has testimony to offer about the purpose behind the payments to the inauguration committee,” said Harry Sandick, a former federal prosecutor in New York who’s now a white-collar criminal defense lawyer.

    Edited from: “Trump Inaugural Committee Got Foreign Money, Plea Deal Shows”

    BLOOMBERG NEWS, 8/31/18


      1. Tom, a pro-Russian Ukrainian paid $50,000 to a straw buyer for tickets to inaugural festivities. Said Ukrainian was in the orbit of Manafort, Gates and Patten. It sounds a little odd. Especially when Russia had already invaded Ukraine’s eastern frontier.

        If Trump supporters are sick of hearing these links, that’s too bad. Trump was known for Russians ties before he ever ran for president.

        1. Peter,…
          The whole thing sounds more than a little odd.
          Especially Saakashvili’s history…’s be an interesting project to to track his activities and movements over the years.
          The Special Counsel can now investigate the inaugural committee to find out what they knew and when they knew it; maybe start with the caterers, bartenders, and work their way up.
          If they haven’t already grilled them.
          Then see if Trump himself was aware of the straw buyer/$50,000 issue.
          This saga seems to be far afield from the issue of Trump/ Russian coordination in the 2016 campaign, but so does just about everything else that’s surfaced after a 2 year investigation.

          1. Excerpted from the second article linked above:

            One of Saakashvili’s key aides — the head of his movement’s Kiev branch, Severion Dangadze — was caught on video accepting several hundred thousand dollars and euros in cash from an envoy of an exiled businessman accused by Ukrainian authorities of being part of the “criminal group” linked to deposed President Yanukovych. Tapes of conversations made public by Ukraine’s prosecutor general don’t show Saakashvili directly agree to financing by the Yanukovych group, but they do show him as being open to discussions.

            Saakashvili has asserted that all charges against him are politically motivated.

    1. If only she had won, we would have never known of the Obama Coup D’etat in America.


    2. Peter, the walls are closing in on Trump and he’s growing more deranged by the day.
      His latest tweet about Sessions and the indicted Republican Congressmen is a gem, and don’t see how any honest man could defend it.

  14. Lefty loons will somehow try to weave Trump’s name into this bizarre story. Just like a Geico commercial …” that is what they do”. .

    1. Not sure who you mean by “Lefty loons”, but the most prominent response to Russiagate is that the Mueller investigation should be focusing on British (Cambridge Analytica) and Israeli (joint US-Israeli citizenship) interference as the basis for undermining the election. Russiagate is a distraction from the damage done by the other two entities.

      1. Lefty loons are shell-shocked HRC supporters who default to blaming/implicating Trump for anything they can imagine/infer that can support their delusional notion that somebody stole the election from HRC vs. horrible stay-at-home candidate who got outworked and beaten by her opponent.

        1. Bill, how did ‘lefty loons’ enable Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort?? In other words, how did Hillary supporters get those men to commit so many wrongdoings?

          1. “how did Hillary supporters get those men to commit so many wrongdoings?”

            One answer might be corruption breeds corruption.

            1. And “One answer might be…” those crimes had nothing to do with Trump outworking stay-at-home candidate HRC.

      2. Sam what damage was done by the other two entities and since most of what I think you are talking about has been a two way street what is your point?

      3. We know very little about what they are doing. So can’t assume they aren’t making these connections.

      4. “Lefty loons,” democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists, they are all “communists-in-waiting.”

        Ergo, they are all communists.

        They are waiting to fully implement central planning, control of the means of production (i.e. regulation), redistribution of wealth

        and social engineering, or, as it is known to communists is America, the wholly unconstitutional minimum wage, wind/solar power

        rebates/tax write-offs, IRS, income tax, tax law, floated currency printing, HAMP, HARP, CAFE standards, Energy/Labor/Agriculture

        Dept.’s, “Regulation,” welfare, food stamps, utility subsidies, WIC, Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security/Disability,

        public workers unions, social services, forced busing, “Affirmative Action Privilege,” quotas, unfair “Fair Housing” laws,

        discriminatory “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc., etc., etc.

    2. I could weave Trump’s involvement in this in my sleep.

      Ken Vogel: “As part of a plea agreement under which he pledged to cooperate with federal prosecutors, the lobbyist, Sam Patten, pleaded guilty to failing to register as a foreign agent for a Russia-aligned Ukrainian political party, and to helping the Ukrainian oligarch who had funded that party illegally purchase four tickets to Mr. Trump’s inauguration.”

      1. “I could weave Trump’s involvement in this in my sleep.” JJ and other lefty loons ready to jump on per my previous comment. Jon Turley Hype Machine meant to put this story out there as chum for lefty loons to have another feeding frenzy.

      2. I could weave Trump’s involvement in this in my sleep.

        That’s not surprising. The anti-Trumpers have been sleep-walking like zombies throughout this entire investigation. The only thing that would be surprising if you woke up and demanded all crimes be prosecuted.

        1. Yeah, I would like all crimes to be prosecuted. But they would have to be based on evidence and adherence to the rule of law and NOT at the whim of a corrupt president, DT, who wants his enemies prosecuted, the justice department dismantled and reconfigured to be loyal only to him, and a daily diet of kangaroo courts and show trials that he can watch from bed while eating cheeseburgers and tweeting crazy nonsense.

          1. You must be referring to the prior administration or the Clintons. The present administration has been under one of the most intense investigations for about 2 years and nothing involving the President has surfaced. Trump has been the most transparent President and even let people surrounding him testify something he could have stopped. Sessions remains, Mueller remains and Rosenstein remains. Those that are gone were associated with criminal activities or inappropriate activities based on their jobs. Those that have been charged or arrested have mostlly not been involved in the Trump campaign and those that were had only minimal involvement and were charged with process crimes rather than the crimes being searched for.

            Similar and worse crimes could be attached to the Clintons and the Obama administration. Though I am not looking for prosecution I think that some of those could be accused and convicted of real crimes instead of process crimes. Hillary herself has broken rules that has landed others in jail.

            1. and NOT at the whim of a corrupt president, DT, who wants his enemies prosecuted, the justice department dismantled and reconfigured to be loyal only to him, and a daily diet of kangaroo courts and show trials that he can watch from bed while eating cheeseburgers and tweeting crazy nonsense.

              You can’t even master the basic alphabet.

              1. JJ is pinning wrongdoings on his imaginary Trump and ignoring what the real Trump has actually done (and not done). Trump is JJ’s boogey man.

              2. Allan, JJ’s comments are just like hysteria that started special counsel investigation. Rat Rosenstein reacted to this type of hysteria and Trump now forced to respond to broad unsubstantiated accusations. Our system of justice failed at the highest level on this one. Even local police throughout the country know that they cannot act without specific probable cause.

              1. Those comments by JJ are near meaningless because there is no substance, no proof and no fact. He along with his cohorts have created a virtual world that only exists in their minds at times expanded by occasional whiffs of canabis, alcohol or some other mind altering substances.

          2. But they would have to be based on evidence and adherence to the rule of law and NOT at the whim of a corrupt president, DT, who wants his enemies prosecuted, the justice department dismantled and reconfigured to be loyal only to him, and a daily diet of kangaroo courts and show trials…

            Wow! That was an impressive two-faced sentence, Mountains of evidence exist of a corrupt FBI/DOJ who are ignoring mountains of evidence of actual crimes committed by many on the Left while feeding us a steady diet of indictments and show trials against those not loyal to the Left.

            Yeah, I would like all crimes to be prosecuted. Hypocrite, thy name is JJ.

        2. A mere “weaver” is unnecessary and redundant.
          Every morning, we can watch for hours as L4B constructs elaborate, repetitive patchwork quilts.
          Belief, suspicions, and wishes are all pieced into “conclusions”, stitched together with the “it’s highly likely”, “it’s probable”, “it’s not impossible” brands of cheap thread.

          1. Technically speaking, it’s not strictly impossible that the decriminalization of money laundering could stave off a biblical plague of paper-money-eating moth larvae. Assuming, that is, that paper-money-eating moth larvae prefer dirty money over clean money. If so, then we could be faced with a categorical moral imperative to decriminalize money laundering–STAT. All convicted money launderers should have their sentences commuted to time served, released from prison and put on the government payroll to launder dirty money into clean money–ASAP. A small tax assessment for moth abatement should cover the cost. Otherwise, no stuffed mattress will be safe. And how well can anyone sleep inside a cookie jar with the lid on, anyhow???

      3. “I could weave Trump’s involvement in this in my sleep.”

        JJ, say no more. We believe you. Sleep is a time of dreams and dreams are fantassy. Psychiatric problems begin when those dreams become a person’s reality when they are awake.

  15. This just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. Honestly, some of these people act like the three stooges. This is what power does. . .makes you feel infallible.

    1. The Three Stooges sums it up. It’s either a comedy for comedy’s sake or the result of gross arrogance. This is the foundation of the Trump nonsense; arrogance. Trump and his arrogance attract people with arrogance: Manafort, Cohen, Patten, etc. If this is true it is the same brand of arrogant stupidity that is the core essence of Trump’s routine. Trump enjoys his lofty position as President and the unwavering support of millions of angry duped complainers who finally have someone of their ilk in the White House.

      There is the Republican Party and there is the Democrat Party, both with all their various representatives, each with varying degrees of arrogance. However, the Congress and Senate may exhibit arrogance but they function along party lines regarding ideological values.

      Trump and the White House function primarily along lines of arrogant power which plays to their support. Hopefully the dupes, idiots, and angry people who are aroused by Trump’s endless tirades on Twitter about how he will do this and that and how Congress better watch out, etc will be burnt out and reduced by the obvious unAmericanism of this shameful travesty.

      At this point it is all about the profile of the arrogance of Trump and his minions, past and present. If Patten did try to threaten anybody to design his value as a witness then that simply illustrates further the sort that is attracted to Trump and is received by Trump. If Patten is exonerated on these issues then the same applies.

      Out of all this, regardless of party ideology, regardless of who lies more-Trump lies more hands down, regardless of just about anything, one thing is constantly being illustrated, Trump is not Presidential material and if anything puts himself above the best interests of the United States. Trump’s arrogance is in greater supply than his intelligence, of which there is little. Trump is clever, but not wise. Trump is shrewd, but not intelligent. Trump is a punter.

  16. Mueller and his team [and also the people Trump wants to destroy in the DOJ/FBI] have an enormous amt of experience in dealing with international organized crime.

    They know what’s up.

    1. Mueller and his team [and also the people Trump wants to destroy in the DOJ/FBI] have an enormous amt of experience in dealing with international organized crime.

      Besides the documented fact the FBI/DOJ have what would normally be lethal self-inflicted wounds, the evidence shows their experience is not just in dealing with international organized crime, but in functioning as same.

      1. “their experience is not just in dealing with international organized crime, but in functioning as same.”


        This seems to be far more complex then what is presently on the surface. Mikheil Saakashvili and Obama were both Presidents of their respective nations during the Georgian / Russian war. During that time period the Russians took over parts of Georgia.

        1. Allan,
          The thing that is the most disturbing is not the opposition to President Trump. That is a normal function of our political system. No, what is most disturbing is how willing these folks are to support Lawfare as a means to their political ends. It’s a dangerous gamble that strips away any reasonable expectation of the security of rights for anyone not in control of the unjustly weaponized administrative state.

          It’s within this context that a statement such as Elections have consequences, And at the end of the day, I won. So I think on that one I trump you, takes on a significantly chilling meaning. No one should fear losing an election unless they’ve got a reckoning with the rule of law to deal with. I’m absolutely certain that November 7th was the last day these Lawfare-supporting idiots didn’t fear their own creation. They would be deserving of any unjust consequence, but fortunately for them, they have principled people that want to end Lawfare, not extend it.

          1. Criticism is normal and good. We grow from criticism. I even criticize Ronald Reagan and historically George Washington but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe they were great. The left has taken criticism to a new level that dumbs down civilization. They criticize everything. They are not constructive, consistent or truthful. They are the bane of a free society’s existence that one has to live with.

  17. Patten also admitted to funneling foreign money into the Trump inauguration committee from Kilimnik. That is the first direct criminal act linking a Trump election component with an illegal Russian contribution.

    I guarantee you that out of this Turley post, that bolded sentence will be the only one of interest to the anti-Trumpers and it’s not even about the election.

    1. Wrong. I thought the entire article was fascinating and look forward to more reporting on it.

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