The Name Is Bond, Jess Bond . . . And Definitely Not Manafort

ManafortIf Paul Manafort needed any further indication of his rapidly reducing future, it came in a new filing in New York last week. No it was not Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it was his daughter Jessica Manafort, 36, who wants now to be known as Jessica Bond.

Manafort’s daughter told the Court “I would like my new name to be Jessica Anne Bond, in place of my present name.”  She added that Bond “more closely suits [her] profession.”

It would seem equally relevant that it does not necessarily suit a career in acting tobe associated with not only a man accused of making millions from sleazy clients but also a former high-ranking associate of President Donald Trump.  Being associated with an aide to Trump is obviously not easy in Hollywood.  Manafort told the Los Angeles Times that “I am a passionate liberal and a registered Democrat and this has been difficult for me. Although I am ‘the daughter of,’ I am very much my own person and hopefully people can realize that.”

Manafort (and soon to be Bond) is an independent filmmaker and is already listed on her new film Rosy as “Jess Bond.”

In answering questions about the timing, Bond admitted that she wanted “to separate myself and my work from a public perception that has nothing to do with the person that I am.”  That “public perception” seems a reference to her father.


10 thoughts on “The Name Is Bond, Jess Bond . . . And Definitely Not Manafort”

  1. She undoubtedly was able to finance a career as a lefty “independent film maker” off her father’s business billions, but now wants to disassociate herself from him. How classy!

    1. Michael……..I looked it up and it seems that her husband (now ex) was involved in a real estate deal with Dustin Hoffman.

  2. Of course her wealthy, well-connected father had nothing, NOTHING, to do with her rise to fame in Hollywood. For she is an upstanding Democrat who is passionate about the little people. Let’s kind of forget that her ex-husband got yarded up for fraud in an upscale Bel-Aire deal that went South. Nope she is her own person, not the product of her upbringing.

    Next thing out of her yap will be that she starts hammering on the White Privilege canard.

  3. Well this has definitely shaken my faith in the sacrosanct father-daughter bond, but has not stirred it.

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