Not OK: Liberal Bloggers Falsely Attack Kavanaugh Supporter For Flashing White Supremacist Sign At Hearing

download-3The hysteria and hypocrisy that characterizes modern American politics seems to be worse by the day on both sides of the political aisle.  One of the latest examples of distemper is an attack on the woman who was placed behind Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for his hearings.  Handlers will often put someone over the shoulder of a nominee for the right optics to reflect his supporters.  With attacks over his view of Roe v. Wade, it is not surprising that the White House chose a young former female clerk of Kavanaugh named Zina Gelman Bash. Bash however found herself being called a white supremacist for flashing an “OK” gesture associated with the “white power” movement.  It seems clearly to be just the arbitrary positioning of her hands but liberal bloggers like Amy Siskind, president and co-founder of the feminist advocacy group New Agenda, went into full riot over the alleged reveal of Bash’s white power links.  The problem is that Bash has Jewish roots and Mexican heritage and has absolutely no ties or association with such groups. She simply crossed her arms and fingers during the long hearing.  It is the ultimate sign of our times in how we have lost all decency and decorum in our politics.

Bash is the wife of U.S. Attorney John Bash and now works for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

When her fingers moved in a way to form an OK sign, Siskind went into full delerium: “What fresh hell is this!!!??? Kavanaugh’s assistant Zina Bash giving the white power sign right behind him during the hearing? This alone should be disqualify!!!”

The preposterous suggestion was quickly denounced and Siskind deleted the tweet but reportedly still said the media should ask Bash about the gesture, noting that “it’s not a natural resting position.”

I guess nothing is a “normal resting position” in today’s politics, including painting a woman (who has a Jewish father and grandparents who escaped the holocaust) a white supremacist.

The conspiracy didn’t slow down even after some pointed out that Bash had a Mexican mother and a Jewish father, while her grandparents only narrowly escaped the Holocaust.  Nevertheless, actress Kelly Mantle tweeted “This neo-nazi is Zina Bash. She’s intentionally throwin up White Power signs at a Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing. On national TV. She works for Kavanaugh & is also one of the writers for Trump’s immigration policy. This is their new Amerikkka.”

The “new Amerikkka” would seem threatened by the arbitrary and vicious attacks of people for supporting people you don’t like.

To say the least, this is not OK.

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  1. I have an interesting take on this phenomena we are currently experiencing with massive infighting. I’m more a student of economics than of law so this is from that point of view. As an example, Judicial Watch is getting a great deal of pushback from Jeff Sessions and others in the Trump administration in their efforts to unravel the Hillary Clinton private server email scandal. Why is the proverbial $million question. I thought Trump wanted to drain the Swamp. As Hillary recently stated. If they try to indict me, I’ll take half of DC with me. Trump is obviously protecting special interests just last the past Admin.

    Now here’s my take on why. Trump is in debt to the banksters to the tune of at least $1.8 billion. Is it coincidental that Trump received so the largest share of free press during the campaign from the lamestream media?

    The bankers wanted Trump in power when the economy collapses again like in 2008, this time only worse, due to the significant increase in debt since then. They cannot really buy any more of the debt we’re producing so the Federal Government budget is going to for the very first time in my life, I’m 65, have to be significantly cut. Whose heads are going to be on the chopping block and who’s going to be making the decisions on who and what gov. contracts and programs get cut?

    If my underlying premise is correct and many others are backing this up, the economy is already starting to deteriorate in specific areas both internationally and nationally. Don’t believe everything you are reading about the current recovery. Most of our current recovery is predicated on the doubling of our debt, since the last credit collapse. Our private and public debt is now at about $37 Trillion and the Fed’s balance sheet is pretty full with both Mortgages (MBS) and Treasuries. Interest rates are still very low a 2% to 2.25% yet Treasury yields have been rising for the last year, meaning they’re still having a tough time selling them.

    Some like the economist for Goldman Sachs are saying 2020 but numerous people are seeing many indicators that we are getting really close. FYI: I predicted the insolvency of FNMA and Freddie Mac in 2003, five years before it happened. The problem with economics is, you can’t predict the future, you can only point out there are indicators similar to another historical point in time. With the fact that we are also in uncharted waters, now the largest debtor nation in world history and still the world’s reserve currency, timing is even harder to prognosticate, even with all the availability of tools and data we have today.

    This is also a sort of advance warning, that I’ve been saying for a couple of years now.

    IMHO, the Dems are running scared because many of their heads will soon be on the proverbial chopping block. There are indicators that many in government know a massive currency reset is about to happen and have been preparing for it.

    1. I’m not your psychiatrist and don’t get paid to listen to you. Neither does anyone else here. Talk to someone who gets reimbursed.

  2. Why should Putin interfere with our elections when we’re committing suicide?

  3. There’s a lot on the line concerning Kavanaugh. The liberal left wing establishment is going to throw a lot of excrement at the wall hoping something sticks. If he makes it to he Supreme Court, then Trump can focus on RBG’s seat on the court. Then the fun is really going to start.

    1. Independent Bob – the Left Wing is going for sound bites for the evening news. My personal favorite was Booker “releasing” at great personal cost papers that had already been cleared. Godzooks!!!! What idiots the left must be.

  4. Interesting….Condi Rice was there?

    one might have said that Condi Rice was of a school of neoconservative thought influenced by Leo Strauss, of U of Chicago, who was influenced by Carl Schmitt, the prominent German jurist and intellectual who theorized about the weaknesses of liberal democracy among other topics that have become increasingly relevant in politics and national governance

    but another person might say, ” you say that a black woman former Sec of State, was influenced by a Jewish emigre professor from Germany, who was influenced by a Nazi intellectual? Ridiculous!”

    To which I would say, yes, that is correct, but the content of the ideas is what is worth investigating, not all their biographical details

    it may have no significance to Kavanaugh, just a seven degrees from Kevin bacon kind of thing, but i thought it would be fun to mention

    or it might shed light on Kavanaugh, who knows

  5. I know nothing of Zina Bash and have no opinion as to whether she was flashing a white power symbol. I am responding only to Turley’s proof of innocence because she has a Mexican mother and a Jewish father. This defense is a variation of “I cannot be racist because my best friend is black.”
    Zina Bash works alongside Stephen Miller who is also a descendent of Jewish immigrants and is arguably the most prominent white nationalist remaining in the Trump administration. She helped design and implement the Trump immigration policy including zero tolerance.
    Zina Bash may well be an innocent person who got caught up in an unfortunate situation. The Turley basis for exonerating her is worthless as there are countless examples including the aforementioned Miller of people who acted in a different manner than their heritage might suggest.

    1. Enigma…..You are that desperate, but can you really be that stupid? Stephen Miller is a white supremicist? I beg you to read true black intellects like Shelby Steele! He could help you. My god, son, get a grip on reality. There’s more to life than beating people over the head with race baiting! It’s so unproductive!

          1. About Cindy Braggart:

            Hers is perfectly predictable response from a little girl on her high horse. And IIRC, yesterday she referred to Enigma as “slow.”

            Enigma is right: She “should get out more.”

            1. anon……..I want you to know that your interest in my well being touches me deeply. There’s a little lump in my throat just thinking about it. Dang it! I wasn’t going to let anyone see my vulnerable side.

        1. Enigma, no he is not. Please read Shelby Steele. His belief is that blacks today are not oppressed, which is evident. Blacks today do not know how to handle freedom, says Sheby Steele…. But, whites cannot do that for you…… will have to figure it out on your own.
          Today would be a good time to start. It’s not as fun as victimhood, but it will make you a happier, more productive American.

        2. Enigma, do you ever stop accusing those you disagree with of being racists or white supremecists? You are in a prison of your own making.

      1. Wait. Have red supremacists, blue supremacists, yellow supremacists, brown supremacists or black supremacists ever been posited? Why is there a need for and why have communists endeavored mightily to effect antithetical and unconstitutional redistribution of wealth and social engineering from Caucasians? I’m a little confused. Who would challenge a physical axiom?

        Genesis 1:27

        26 Then God said,

        “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness, to rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, and over all the earth itself and every creature that crawls upon it.”

        Genesis 6

        “I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created—and with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground—for I regret that I have made them.”

        God destroyed man with a flood.

        Man was created in God’s image.

        Man has comprehensive authority to establish supremacy, to exercise that supremacy and to cull and shape the population as God did.

        The Constitution provides freedom and free enterprise requiring self-reliance and allowing unfettered success while denying and excluding redistribution of wealth and social engineering.

        Supremacists indeed!

        “Vaade ad victor spolia.”

    2. Pastor Dr. Creflo Dollar beat his 15 year old daughter’s yams in upside her head. Hallelujah. God willing! I just gave a 10% love offering to Dr. Dollar & you should too.

      1. Could you please get me a Rev. Ike prayer cloth as well? I heard them advertised when I was a lad, he died in 2009 but since you’re going all out on my behalf. I’d really appreciate the prayer cloth.

        1. OK

          Pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes says…..Free Your Mind. And present your body as a living sacrifice, holy to God which is your reasonable service. Be not conformed to this world!

    3. enigma – zero tolerance has nothing to do with race, except for poor creatures like yourself who see everything in the universe through the lens of race*. Zero tolerance was about attempts to discourage illegal immigrants.

      *When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    4. interesting thoughts Enigma

      i think a lot of jewish people are keen on what is now being called white nationalism, because of two reasons,

      a) they are trained in tribal thinking by their tribal religion. I don’t think that is unfair to see having read their Scriptures which are a story of the Covenant between their tribes and God. Tribal salvation, tribal collection punishment, genocidial warfare against Jerhico or Amalek or whatever rivals, bans on intermarriage, you know all that stuff guys.

      b) they are also attuned to the demographic threat that they perceive to come from mass migration from Muslim countries. Depending on one’s viewpoint, this may be bigoted, or maybe just smart.

      Stephen Steinlight’s 2001 essay was a milepost in the changing tides in the Jewish community drifting slowly away from previous liberal committments towards a more skeptical viewpoint to mass migration

      If one allows the legitimacy of an ethnocentric national idea like Zionism, which posits a sort of ethnostate, or even the ethnocentric organization of the advocates of Palestinian statehood on the other hand; or, the legitimacy of a racially tribally or ethnically predominate electorate to legislate in their own favor at the expense of some out of favor minority group….. such as the ANC has done in the post-apartheid era…….. then may one also allow for the legitimacy of this on the part of white-gentiles, to act in their own ethnocentric interests too, socially and politically?

      Or is it only bad for whites to do so, not every other people on Earth? I am just asking a few questions there to which the epithet or racist is not a sufficient reply. Folks, please feel free to make a constructive reply. .

      1. Mr Kurtz – I’d like to touch on a couple of your questions. The ANC in South Africa (who are not killing white farmers) is a unique position where a once suppressed majority came to power and looked at a situation where the previous minority had created laws in their favor, along with taking the land and resources. You could also link that to former European colonies in Africa where part of the price of freedom was a crippling debt to pay off to their former rulers. Once power was assumed by the ANC, should everything stay the same with land and resources staying in the hands of those who exploited them for decades. Of interest is what happened to the white population once apartheid ended and they found themselves in a country that through its laws and policies, favored those classified as black. Poverty and unemployment increased which I assume no one would blame on the inferiority of whites but the systemic odds against them.
        Whites acting in ther own interests is somewhat different because of how they have historically trampled the rights of others. “You’re right to swing your fists ends at my nose.” If you look at primarily Europeans colonizing much of the world, raping resources and taxing beyond the ability of the indigenous people to pay.
        America was supposed to be different, “All people are created equal.” Yet, people being people, those in power and I see this as much a class issue as race. Have legislated in their favor and in some cases pitted all members of the lower classes against each other to keep them from unifying against the rich and powerful.

    5. oh lord thank you enignainblack for applying some logic to the situation. folks don’t seem to realize that women can be women’s worst enemy, most blacks wouldn’t give a hoot about race if they weren’t black, & if white men were anything other than white & men a whole lot less would need to be explained but good god. someone can be x & hate x’s. someone can be x & fight to make anything x needs illegal. people aren’t always logical in their actions, as is evidenced in the: she can’t be a white supremacist if her whatever parentage isn’t at least 95% white line. good lord. individuals are part of society & are just as prone to indoctrination as everyone else. many women think no more of other women than many men do, & the same applies to ethnicities, cultures, etc etc etc.

        1. Yw, I don’t always bother with the baloney- sometimes it takes too much energy but I applaud you. I’m following the situation thru lawfare. Wittes is doing a great job with the podcast

      1. June,
        Hmmmmmm…..white supremacists are now accepting people who are Jews, and half Jew/half Hispanics into the club?
        That sounds logical to you? Then why should we hate them ? If they’re so inclusive, and obviously have abandoned
        the whites only thing, then we should be applauding their diversity. Thanks, June.

        1. you’re telling me – according to my argument in support of enigmainblack’s point- that you find it completely unreasonable that groups founded on unreasonable principles (white supremacists, etc) don’t act reasonably.

          the above comment enigma is one reason i quit reading this blog. again, i applaud your attempts but whew.

  6. Silly story from JT to post this since it was a non story to begin with. Just deflection. What worried me more was that Kavanaugh had Condi Rice sitting behind him. She is a known liar and most likely a war criminal by any measure.

    1. She is a known liar and most likely a war criminal by any measure.

      Except the measure any sentient person with minimal historical knowledge would use. Hasn’t school started yet for you?

    2. Condi is no war criminal and being a liar kinda goes with the territory. Her biggest deficits are in reading comprehension: Take, “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US.” It was a mysterious talisman to Condi in August 2001.

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