Not OK: Liberal Bloggers Falsely Attack Kavanaugh Supporter For Flashing White Supremacist Sign At Hearing

download-3The hysteria and hypocrisy that characterizes modern American politics seems to be worse by the day on both sides of the political aisle.  One of the latest examples of distemper is an attack on the woman who was placed behind Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for his hearings.  Handlers will often put someone over the shoulder of a nominee for the right optics to reflect his supporters.  With attacks over his view of Roe v. Wade, it is not surprising that the White House chose a young former female clerk of Kavanaugh named Zina Gelman Bash. Bash however found herself being called a white supremacist for flashing an “OK” gesture associated with the “white power” movement.  It seems clearly to be just the arbitrary positioning of her hands but liberal bloggers like Amy Siskind, president and co-founder of the feminist advocacy group New Agenda, went into full riot over the alleged reveal of Bash’s white power links.  The problem is that Bash has Jewish roots and Mexican heritage and has absolutely no ties or association with such groups. She simply crossed her arms and fingers during the long hearing.  It is the ultimate sign of our times in how we have lost all decency and decorum in our politics.

Bash is the wife of U.S. Attorney John Bash and now works for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

When her fingers moved in a way to form an OK sign, Siskind went into full delerium: “What fresh hell is this!!!??? Kavanaugh’s assistant Zina Bash giving the white power sign right behind him during the hearing? This alone should be disqualify!!!”

The preposterous suggestion was quickly denounced and Siskind deleted the tweet but reportedly still said the media should ask Bash about the gesture, noting that “it’s not a natural resting position.”

I guess nothing is a “normal resting position” in today’s politics, including painting a woman (who has a Jewish father and grandparents who escaped the holocaust) a white supremacist.

The conspiracy didn’t slow down even after some pointed out that Bash had a Mexican mother and a Jewish father, while her grandparents only narrowly escaped the Holocaust.  Nevertheless, actress Kelly Mantle tweeted “This neo-nazi is Zina Bash. She’s intentionally throwin up White Power signs at a Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing. On national TV. She works for Kavanaugh & is also one of the writers for Trump’s immigration policy. This is their new Amerikkka.”

The “new Amerikkka” would seem threatened by the arbitrary and vicious attacks of people for supporting people you don’t like.

To say the least, this is not OK.

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  1. Yeah, this was silly and conspiratorial especially when there are millions of actual racists doing enormous harm, starting at 1600 PA Ave.

    1. “millions of actual racists doing enormous harm, starting at 1600 PA ”

      Exactly. We can start with the racists protesting the WH outside the gates.

        1. I assume you’re implying that Trump is racist? Can you prove it? Like, with real life examples and not just twitter screeds?

        2. Why start with a claim of little merit when you have thousands of racists that picket the WH on a regular basis?

    2. Of course, no racists are doing ‘enormous harm’ in this country. Actual ‘hate crimes’ are rare. About the worst thing an actual racist can practically do is treat employees working under him unfairly. Well, you had 90,000 complaints to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in a country with 150 million working adults. It’s doubtful racist work supervisors are doing ‘enormous harm’ either (above and beyond the harm a**holes in supervisory positions routinely do).

  2. Will here’s another way at looking at it

    Tennis star Serna Williams has $190 million in the bank & loses her temper because she lost.

  3. Another thing that women often do while bored is notice any snag in their nails.

    If the Left is going to fabricate gang signs for White Supremacists, then the least they can do is post it so that 325 million people can be careful not to upset the crazy people. You know, like post a notice from the champions of women’s rights, that women will be required to sit with their hands resting on there knees, or at the crook of their elbows, all fingers parallel, or else they will be savagely attacked, and all efforts will be made to drive them from their jobs.

    Behave, women, or else those championing for your rights will savage you! Kind of goes for minorities, too. Ever see what the hard Left does to minorities who speak or vote conservative? Not much has changed, since the 1950s, has it? The Democrats still loose the dogs to keep minorities and women in line.

    1. Karen……exactly! Great comment. Your second comment, as well.
      The Left are such adolescents! Reminds me of Jr. High……if you wore pink AND green on Thursdays, it meant you were homosexual….no exceptions! LOL.
      Honestly, are there any adults on the Left?!

  4. There is no White Supremacy sign. It’s made up. The Hard Left has taken the tactic of demonizing anyone right of the extreme Left for decades. Every Republican presidential candidate since at least Reagan has been called a fascist. The Left has called conservatives racist, homophobe, and every other name they can think of for so long, and they control the mainstream media. Otherwise intelligent people on the Left actually believe, without question, that half of America is evil. They do not see their own prejudice and bigotry.

    Not only did someone attack a woman for crossing her arms during a lengthy hearing, but a surprising number of people in the mainstream media, social media, and the population in general jumped on the bandwagon. This is how urban legends start.

    This goes right along with claiming that the high and tight haircut is white supremacist, as is any haircut with short sides and longer on top. Someone should stage an intervention with David Beckham and bring back the mullet, just to be safe.

    I am quite sure that someone could start a rumor about wearing a certain color dress, or ladies hairstyle, or maybe wearing pink nail polish is a white supremacist gang sign, and people would believe it, and pass it on.

  5. Making up and publishing on social media false or fake information is the new cottage industry in America. AKA lying. But then that IS the democratic way.

  6. Lefty liberal bloggers seem to have garnered too much perceived power. Is Nike Kapernick ad example of kowtowing to these lefty blogger loons? In the immortal words of Nancy Reagan – “Just say no!” to these lefty loon bloggers and ignore them.

  7. Facebook enables idiotic rumors like this to gain traction as ‘real’ fake news stories. Facebook is where ‘real’ fake news thrives.

  8. I’ve been analyzing the Kavanaugh hearings & NYT op-ed:

    Using the O.B.I.T security monitoring system from 1963…. It still works

    Oh you’ll find them, you’re a zealous people. And you’ll make a great show of smashing a few of them. But for every one you destroy, hundreds of others will be built.

  9. The left has a wild imagination that is destructive. Just look at Diane on this blog and how her imagination never ceases to wander.

  10. 1. This is vicious and preposterous.

    2. This is the way street-level Democrats who have some investment in public affairs think.

    1. “Street level Democrats”..?

      The misinformation that goes up each day on Facebook is appalling. But leftist idiots have no monopoly. There are Trumpers on my Facebook stream posting crap each day every bit as stupid.

      Like after McCain’s death last week Trumpers were posting memes that said Nixon had to ‘pardon’ McCain from charges of ‘treason’. And another noting the ‘irony’ that after his brain cancer diagnosis, McCain cast the deciding vote to ‘take healthcare away from millions’. In reality McCain’s vote ‘saved’ healthcare for millions!

  11. Imagine if Zina Bash did not have the Jewish – Mexican family background ( as her bona fides against claims of white supremacy ); if she were , say, of Italian- Irish heritage – would that then have led more credence to this wacky group’s theory, in their mind at least?

      1. Agreed. It also doesn’t seem to matter that the ‘gesture’ originated with one of the most notorious prankster groups on the entire internet and not even all that recently. If this isn’t evidence that people have substituted the web and social media for their actual brsins and hearts, I don’t know what is.

    1. Deb, I was thinking the same thing. Why is it necessary to trot out the “She’s part Mexican; she’s part Jewish so she can’t possibly be racist” nonsense. First, Mexicans and Jews can be just as racist as anyone. Second, as you point out, what if she were of English or Irish or OMG, German heritage? Does that make her presumptively guilty? We have a Branch Chief at work, a white guy who recently started decorating his office with feathers and claiming to be part Native American. He appears to be about as Indian as Eliz. Warren, and has made himself the butt of a lot of jokes. But perhaps he feels somewhat vulnerable as a blue-eyed white male to any charges that an embittered employee chooses to lodge against him, so he feels that he needs to claim minority status as a preemptive defense, even if it means making a fool of himself.

  12. I find that position to be a natural way to cross my arms if I’m ding so for any length of time. In a short term natural cross my thumb hold my arm but after a while, it slips. The addition of the first finger holds my arm in position. Siskind needs to take a breath.

    1. bettykath – how can you take a breath when you are clutching your pearls so hard. 😉

          1. “bettykath – the reference wasn’t to you, it was to whomever started this thing.” — PCS

            This is PCS in a nutshell — always weaseling out of prior comments; in this case, attempting to deflect his earlier comment to bettykath:

            “bettykath – how can you take a breath when you are clutching your pearls so hard.” — PCS


            PCS is both a coward and a fool.

            1. R. Lien – speaking of cowards, you have yet to appear for your noon appointment with life or death.

              BTW, you blithering idiot. I was responding to bettykath’s comment which is right above mine. And my reference was to Siskind.

              I find that position to be a natural way to cross my arms if I’m ding so for any length of time. In a short term natural cross my thumb hold my arm but after a while, it slips. The addition of the first finger holds my arm in position. Siskind needs to take a breath.

  13. Insanity reigns on the left. This is just nuts!!! You cannot cross your arms any more. I suppose there is a White Supremest way of opening your legs, too.

    On the other hand I did the see Kavanaugh v Feinstein and he did take her to school, even correcting the grammar on her signs.

      1. Isaac – I do agree with you that extremism ruins everything it touches – religion, politics, environmentalism, animal rights.

        One of the difficulties that conservatives find frustrating is how extremism has become mainstreamed among the Left. You will often see the most extremist, hard Left views on the mainstream media, as well as among teachers in classrooms.

        It is not the moderate Left that engages in this sort of behavior. However, I am a great deal worried about the brainwashing that the moderate Left is subjected to on a daily basis, and how it can shift the center farther and farther Left. Until, one day, a socialist who runs from debates and has absolutely no idea how anyone could pay for her policies gets elected to the Senate and feted by the media. Sure, her lipstick shade sells out, but you could confiscate every single penny from every rich person, and you’d not be able to pay for her policies. She would bring us to Venezuela’s ruin. An educated, critical, moderate population on both sides of the aisle would never be interested in a Socialist, not when all Socialist countries have been murderous human rights abusers and environmental polluters. A moderate population would not tolerate the mainstreamed racist and misogynistic attacks on minorities and women, as well as Asians and Caucasians. Racism is one of the core values of the Democratic Party’s identity politics, as well as its punishments. If moderates didn’t agree with this, then they would vote with their conscience, thus stopping such behavior. But it has persisted for decades. That is a problem for me. Has the moderate needle already leaned so far left that racist identity politics and attacks are acceptable?

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