Man Arrested In Arizona After Allegedly Convincing Caregiver That He Had Down Syndrome

There is a truly bizarre case out of Arizona where Paul Menchaca, 30, is accused of an elaborate scheme to trick caregivers into bathing him and changing his diaper.  Menchaca allegedly convinced the women that he had Down syndrome to retain them for these uses.  The caregivers grew suspicious when Menchaca was often aroused during these procedures. He now faces novel counts of sexual abuse based on his alleged fraud.

The court documents describes a scheme using a national site called CareLinx that connects people with home care workers.  These women were contacted by “Amy” claiming to be Menchaca’s mother and told that her son had Down syndrome and “required diaper changes and assistance with bathing.” Prosecutors allege that Amy was always Menchaca himself.

The caregivers stated that Menchaca would object “aggressively” that his genitals “were not cleaned enough” in order to force them to clean him “more thoroughly.” There was also the suspicion that they never saw Amy and would be paid directly by Menchaca.

Eventually, one of the women followed Menchaca home and met his real parents who said that he did not have Down syndrome. Under the four-count felony complaint, Menchaca is accused of having sexual contact with the women through fraud.  Thus, while the women agreed to change his diapers and bath him, that did so under the misrepresentation that he was disabled.  Since that is untrue, they allege the contact was not consensual.

The charge is sexual abuse, not sexual assault.  Sexual abuse under A.R.S §13-1404 occurs when a person intentionally or knowingly engages in sexual contact with any person who is fifteen (15) or more years of age, without consent of that person. He is charged with a class five felony due to the fact that these were adults. For a first offense, the punishment can be probation with zero (0) days up to one (1) year in jail. However, he is facing multiple counts.

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  1. This makes me wonder about the quality of care at CareLinx. These caregivers clearly had no medical training. He shows none of the distinguishing features of Downs Syndrome, nor would he need his diaper changed.

    However, I don’t know CareLinx’s market model. Perhaps they are not trained medical professionals, nurses, or assistants, but rather unskilled people there to do basic chores for people who need some extra help.

    I will say good for them for figuring it out. Human beings can have some very strange fetishes. I’m glad none of the ladies were hurt.

  2. Lock this freak up with the Spaniard who wants to “poop on God and the Virgin mary” and let them have freaky fun with each other. and then their lawyers can make a Supreme Court issue out of it.

  3. Another attempt by JT to deflect, posting about this con-man when the greatest con-man this country have ever seen is free to con and lie everyday.

    1. FishWings – you liberals have to get rid of Chuckie Schumer, he is in a protected state, NY. Then Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. DiFi might be out the door this year, she is hanging on by her false fingernails.

      1. #1, I am not a liberal, did not care for HRC, do not like Schumer. I have always been down the center as anybody can get. What is wrong is, anybody that does not conform to very far right and pro fascist ideas is called some wild eyed liberal that will take your money out of your bank account. I can live with a republican in the WH, as long as he or she does not wake up everyday to screw the working people of this country, so a very few can walk away with yuge profits.

  4. If this happened in Maricopa County, Ariz., why does your headline say “Florida Man”?

    1. DSS – because if you click on the link to the original article it was reported in a Florida paper. If only we could blame it on FL. I am sure FL is filing a defamation suit against JT as we speak.

  5. If this is true, I saw consecutive sentences on all counts. No plea deal. BTW, he comes from town that is heavily Mormon and pays extra for extra police protection. I got this in my email from my AZ newsfeeds and was going to send it to JT, but decided not to, thinking there were more important things we could discuss. Guess I was wrong, just like the headline.

  6. Well the good news is the Miami Herald reports that this perv is employed as a school crossing guard…….😬😬😬

    1. Darren Smith – we have a new sheriff who supposedly stopped all that, except he didn’t. However, since he is a Democrat and not arresting illegals, he is not getting any bad press for our local mouthpiece for the DNC.

          1. Either that, or his police horse is a unicorn.

            I am very curious how a Democratic Sheriff navigates the problems facing law enforcement.

            1. Karen S – the illegal aliens in Maricopa County somehow disappeared when he took office. I don’t know how the Sun City residents feel about him though.

    2. very funny. i hear that is one of the most awful lockups in the country. too hot and roaches everywhere.,

      his jacket sue won’t look good to other prisoners. prolly end up in p.c.

    3. That would be deliciously just. He should have no pants to wear, either, just the pink diapers.

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