Former Schoolmate Says That She Was Told About Sexual Assault On Ford While Third Alleged Witness Denies The Incident Ever Occurred

download-6download-7Two more people came forward yesterday in the still unfolding drama surrounding the allegations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that Judge Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her when they were both high school students.  Cristina Miranda King says that she heard of the incident from others while in high school.  In the meantime,Patrick J. Smyth, a Georgetown Prep alum who graduated in Kavanaugh’s class, contacted the Committee and categorically denied the allegations of Ford (who identified him as the third person (other than Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge) as present during the assault.

Smyth said that he was the person identified by Ford  as “PJ” as one of around five people at the Maryland home in 1982.  Two others, Kavanaugh and Judge, has also categorically denied that the assault ever occurred.

“I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as ‘PJ’ who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post,. I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.”

Of course, Smyth could be viewed as a biased witness for being present at the time of the assault.

On Ford’s side,Cristina Miranda King, a performing arts curator in Mexico City, has come forward to say that she was a classmate of Ford’s and heard about the incident third-hard. She stated on Facebook “Christine Blasey Ford was a year or so behind me. I did not know her personally but I remember her. This incident did happen.”  She also stated  “Many of us heard a buzz about it indirectly with few specific details. However Christine’s vivid recollection should be more than enough for us to truly, deeply know that the accusation is true.”

That account seems of marginal use — the memory of a third-party account of “buzz about it indirectly with few specific details.” Indeed, King refers to “Christine’s vivid recollection” was the basis (not her own) for saying there is “more than enough for us to truly, deeply know that the accusation is true.”  That value as a witness was further reduced with later postings by King.

Notably, King says that she heard the story during the school year but Ford said that it occurred during the summer and that she did not speak of it until 2012.

Miranda later told NPR: “That it happened or not, I have no idea. I can’t say that it did or didn’t.”  She later took down her Facebook post”because it served its purpose and I am now dealing with a slew of requests for interviews … Organizing how I want to proceed. Was not ready for that, not sure I am interested in pursuing. Thanks for reading.”

She later posted the following statement:

 “To all media, I will not be doing anymore interviews. No more circus for me. To clarify my post: I do not have first hand knowledge of the incident that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford mentions, and I stand by my support for Christine. That’s it. I don’t have more to say on the subject. Please don’t contact me further.”

The best possible witness would be a friend who was confided in by Ford at the time or another witness at the party who saw her after the attack.  We have not heard of any other people beyond these three recollected by Ford as being at the party.

Thus far, this remains a large “he said, she said” controversy (though Kavanaugh has the denials of the two individuals expressly referenced in the letter).


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  1. Meanwhile here in Minnesota we have a lady that asserts that as recently as 2016 Keith Ellison abused her. There’s much more evidence than Ford has. The DNC and DFL are busy ignoring it. He’s running for attorney general in our state. This is petrifying.

    Having been assaulted at the age of 17 I remember every detail. Ford is either lying or she was drunk. How did she even get to this party? Where were her parents? Are they still alive? Did she drive at this time? What parent would allow her to go to a party where she was the only girl? I know every detail of my 14 year olds activities and I know the parents

    It’s a very convenient story.

    As for her having nothing to gain, she’s been a regular donator to Emily’s List. Apparently the media has been hyping up the judge’s view on abortion. She’s got a cause to support. Yes there’s 15 minutes of fame but it might be worth it to her. Wasn’t her parents foreclosure ruled by his mother, who was a judge? She’s got motive.

    1. Marie Anna – the foreclosure is a non-issue, the parents re-fied so they didn’t foreclose. It appears her team has made new demands of the committee before she will testify. 10 am today EDT is the deadline for submitting her CV. We will see. DiFi has not shown the letter from Dr. Ford to the entire committee. Only a redacted portion is available to the Republicans.

      1. They shouldn’t play politics with a rape accusation.

        Provide all evidence and testify. Cooperate with the committee. Report to law enforcement. And data should not be withheld due to political affiliation. All members should have all the information.

        The FBI stared days ago it would be under the jurisdiction of the local police. So report it.

  2. I cannot believe what I am reading on this comment thread.

    If you’ve never been sexually assaulted how would any of you know that Judge Kavanaugh’s story is the story that is true. Because he said so?!?

    He has everything to lose. I believe Dr. Brown was assaulted. By Judge Kavanaugh.

    I think a woman who has been assaulted remembers her attacker, when it happened and where. I believe a victim of sexual assault.

    FWIW: Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. 1 in 6 women are sexually assaulted.

    1. Anon:

      “I cannot believe what I am reading on this comment thread.”


      Likely because your peer group are blubbering sentimentalists and not lawyers who work in the world of evidence and rational thought. Your argument that only victims can know about a topic is belied by thousands of academics and physicians who study problems and ailments of which most don’t suffer. They seem to have a working knowledge of the topic. You want us to throw logic on the altar of emotion. Sorry anon, head off to Buzzfeed, they don’t think critically either.

      1. mespo

        Do yourself a favor. Read about Third Wave Feminism. Perhaps then we can have an educated chat.

        In the meantime…Have a nice day.

        1. I prefer real academic disciplines like political philosophy, government and jurisprudence. You fad stuff has all the stamina of pet rocks. Faux oppression bores me.

      2. mespo

        And after you’ve educated yourself about Third Wave Feminism you can then read up on Fourth Wave Feminism.

        Have a nice day.

        1. Anon – Forth Wave Feminism killed all Feminism so there is no reason to read up on any of it.

    2. FWIW: Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. 1 in 6 women are sexually assaulted.


      Wrong. 1 in 6 women equates to about 17% of all American women or approximately 8.5% of the entire population. And “sexual assault” is defined other than rape. Here are the real stats with citation from the BJS 2016 report which is the latest data I’ve seen. Too many but a far cry from your Chicken Little assessment.

      “Overall, about 1.3% of the population experienced one or more violent victimizations. These crimes included rape or sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated and simple assault.”

      ~Bureau of Justice Statistics Report, 2016

      1. Dr Ford is now reported to want to go second, be questioned only by the committee members and Kavanaugh cannot be there. So, Kavanaugh has to respond to nothing and she can drop the hammer later. Hmmmmm????????? Can we say they are trying to fix the game??????

    3. “I believe Dr. Brown was assaulted. By Judge Kavanaugh.“

      And yet the alleged victim was a Dr Ford, not Brown.

      I have absolutely no idea what, or if, anything happened to Dr Ford. As a woman, I can tell you that there is no inherent virtue in our sex. We are able to lie, cheat, and steal like any man. In fact, there are a great many females in jail.

      This is why the criminal justice system is supposed to work equally for both a man and a woman. The police do not skip the trial and send the accused straight to jail if his accuser was a woman.

      It is an illogical idea that anyone claiming to be a victim should be believed. They should be heard, their story checked, and then justice should be served.

      I have been fooled before by a story, which is why I try to wait for the facts. Due to the passage of time and complete lack of detail, we may never know what happened. In the case of Bill Cosby, there was a years long pattern of similar accusations. You’ve got to have something. Kavanaugh has no such pattern of behavior, and he has undergone 6 FBI investigations. If he was a rapist, wouldn’t he have raped someone by now? I also take issue with Ford’s refusal to cooperate with the hearing. They have bent over backwards trying to accommodate her so she can tell her story, but she refuses. That’s a problem for me.

      1. Karen S – they keep moving the goal posts so Dr. Ford can say they did not meet her unreasonable “demands” and therefore she is not going to testify under oath.

    4. “I think a woman who has been assaulted remembers her attacker, when it happened and where. I believe a victim of sexual assault.“

      But she doesn’t remember when or where. She also “repressed” the memory until 2012 so until then she didn’t remember her attacker either.

      Using your own logic, where does that leave you?

      I, too, believe victims of sexual assault. How do I know they were victims? Either I visited them in the hospital and saw their horrific injuries and trauma for myself or it was someone I knew and trusted from their long history of honesty, or it was the case of a stranger whose story was proven or corroborated.

      Rape is a deadly serious crime. I have no patience for political shenanigans.

  3. Why does Turley, a law professor, repeatedly use the term “the assault”? That is extremely prejudicial against Kavanaugh.

    1. Kevin,

      Prof. Turley uses the word “assault” because Dr. Brown was assaulted.

      It happens to women. All the time. The perpetrators are men and boys who do not know about the idea of “personal boundaries”. Men and boys are not supposed to grab others in the way that Dr. Brown was. Drunk or sober.

      One of my family members was sexually assaulted. It took many years for her to tell others about it. She will never be the same. Even language that is used that most people might find innocuous can trigger anxiety for this family member because she was sexually assaulted. She chose to earn a B.A. in psychology when she attended college, (I imagine so she could process her feelings about the assault).

      Sixty percent of women who have been assaulted never report it. To anyone. They live with the psychological pain it produces. It shouldn’t be this way.

      Women have been told for so long that they are not worthy to be heard. This is why the Me Too movement has taken such a strong hold. More women are finding courage to tell their stories. Members of society are finally listening.

      I hope you have never had (or never will have) a female family member, friend or neighbor experience this type of trauma.

      Have a nice day.

      1. anon:

        “Women have been told for so long that they are not worthy to be heard. This is why the Me Too movement has taken such a strong hold. More women are finding courage to tell their stories. Members of society are finally listening.”
        Besides Clinton apologists, I know of no one who thinks those claiming sexual assault are “not worthy to be heard.” In 35 years of law practice, I’ve never met a prosecutor or police officer who thought that way when I brought such a claim to their attention. I’d resist the temptation to extrapolate from your personal situation to the whole. It’s not logical but worse than that, it’s not right.

        Many women brought these charges for eons and many resulted in convictions. Women are shrinking violets. Many are strong, get pissed at their attackers want to see justice done to protect other women. Maybe your family member should have talked to one of them before deciding to stay silent, or maybe you should have encouraged her to do her duty to other women who were put at risk by her inaction. We admire strength in this country not its opposite.

        1. I believe that was a typo and he meant Dr. Christine Ford, the woman who accused Kavanaugh of assault.

        2. The WaPo article that first reported Dr. Blasey’s anonymous letter was written by Emma Brown. Ms. Brown protected Dr. Blasey’s anonymity in that WaPo report. I’m guessing that anon confused the author of the WaPo story with the anonymous author of the letter accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

      2. “It happens to women. All the time. The perpetrators are men and boys who do not know about the idea of “personal boundaries”. Men and boys are not supposed to grab others in the way that Dr. Brown was. Drunk or sober.”

        Why do you think men are the only ones who don’t respect boundaries?

        I was at a gay bar years ago. It was in vogue for girls to go dancing in gay bars when we didn’t feel like male attention. I was in line for the bathroom when this lesbian came up to me, pretended to stumble, and caught her balance by grabbing my boobs. Whereupon she kept saying oops, excuse me as she copped a feel of pretty much anywhere of interest. I looked her right in the eye and burst out laughing. I got the impression she was playing with the tourists. She wasn’t trying to be mean. I thought it was funny. She walked off chuckling.

        Was I sexually assaulted? I was indeed groped without my permission or desire. I laughed it off. How is sexual assault defined? Personally, I would define assault as violent and scary. More than touching without permission. And sometimes there is no ill intent on the other side.

        There is a range of such behavior from mild to terrifying. Her description of her experience is not something that would have given me PTSD. But there is a subjective component of experience.

        1. Karen S – according to the contemporaneous notes of her therapist who was there when the “repressed memory” revealed itself, she was in her late teens and she was attacked by 4 boys. The story gained more detail over the years. Although, it is my personal opinion that the detail is not really part of the true story. There may not even be a true story. The more they move the goal posts, the more I think it is a setup.

          1. It changed from 4 boys to 1 boy, and his friend came in and busted it up by jumping on them laughing?

  4. King already has recanted her statement. Said she felt empowered to chime in on social media but didn’t know she’d have to defend the statement.

    Does that mean she made it up?

    1. It means that she doesn’t want to go through the wringer.

      My opinion, of course.

  5. Now we’re discussing vague, 36 year old gossip about Christine Blasey which may or may not refer to Brett Kavanaugh. (And may or may not be an actual recollection of this museum curator in Mexico). Mr. Esposito might help us out by providing capsule definitions of hearsay, double hearsay, triple hearsay &c.

    Pretty amusing that the only person whose name is associated with this incident that Mr. TIN deems ‘credible’ is the woman making the accusations. The rest of us might be a trifle please that our penal courts don’t adopt his epistemology.

    1. “Mr. Esposito might help us out by providing capsule definitions of hearsay, double hearsay, triple hearsay &c. ”

      Sure. Hearsay is simply an out of court statement (or sometimes an action) offered in court to prove the assertion contained in the statement. For example if I testify, “Bill told me Harry robbed the bank,” it’s hearsay and objectionable. It’s inherently unreliable and unconstitutional (Sixth Amendment: “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to … be confronted with the witnesses against him) since I cannot confront Bill about his source of knowledge or his motivation to fabricate or exaggerate. It’s the sin of the Star Chamber in England that arrested and convicted people on the word of people not before the court. Double and triple hearsay is merely hearsay plus the game of telephone. It’s where I testify that “Bill told me that Charlie told him that Harry robbed the bank.”

  6. “A classmate of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is backing off of claims that she knew anything about an alleged sexual assault committed by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

    Cristina King Miranda, who attended high school with Ford, wrote on Facebook this week that she heard school rumors about an incident involving Kavanaugh and Ford back in the 1980s. Miranda later deleted the post and said she did not want to talk to the media about her claims.

    However, Miranda spoke to NPR on Thursday and clarified that she has no information about an alleged assault.

    “That it happened or not, I have no idea,” Cristina King Miranda told NPR’s Nina Totenberg. “I can’t say that it did or didn’t.”

    Miranda’s new statement directly contradicts her Facebook post, in which she wrote, “The incident DID happen, many of us heard about it in school.”

    “In my post, I was empowered and I was sure it probably did [happen],” Miranda told NPR this morning. “I had no idea that I would now have to go to the specifics and defend it before 50 cable channels and have my face spread all over MSNBC news and Twitter.”

    Miranda said the Senate Judiciary Committee reached out to her after her post but that she would not testify if asked.

    Oh wow, she had no idea that she might actually have to back up what she said. Typical stupid Democrat.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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        It will be 31 years before I turn 65, so I figure the differential between keeping the house, and just living cheap, will make me a ton of money by then. Plus, when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I can just have it hauled to the Family Farm. There is just me and the cats, so I really don’t need a whole house in a neighborhood.

        I will my miss my birds and critters, but Penelope has promised to keep them fed. If the mobile home thing doesn’t work out, I will just buy another house, but a lot farther out of town than where I was. What with the racial mix, I don’t see the city ending up well in a few more years, and this way I kill two birds with one stone. White Flight, and Money Savings.

        My parents think I have flipped my lid, and that a tornado will blow me away, but that can happen to a house, too. But even my father had to agree that the financial aspects of it were significant.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky – are you in tornado country? If not, don’t worry too much. Sounds like a great mobile home. We have a lot of them down here in AZ. Easy is move if the ground rent gets too high. Double-wide?

          1. No, it is a single wide. 16 x 80. I have three bedrooms and two baths. The walk in closet is bigger than the one I had in my house. I put my clothes and shoes in it, and had room left over. I sold most of my furniture to Penelope, too.

            I sleep in the smallest bedroom and only have the hospital bed I had when I came home from back rehab in it, and a night stand. And one of those heaters that has the fake flame thing going on. Sooo, it is very cozy. I have a huge front porch. Plus, the ceiling in the living room and kitchen is not flat, but kind of cathredaled.

            But, I am in tornado country, so there is that. But, I am not worried. Most mobile homes do not get blown away by tornadoes, even down here. If we have a serious outbreak, I will just gather up the cats, and go to a motel or something.

            It is a little strange to get used to, but I kind of like it. It is easy to keep clean, and the cats are loving the extra room. I use one bedroom as my office (the library), and one left over.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

    1. “I had no idea that I would now have to go to the specifics and defend it before 50 cable channels and have my face spread all over MSNBC news and Twitter.”

      I read quotes like this and I sometimes think the US has raised a generation of morons.

    2. Except that Ford herself said she told no one until 2012. Facts that square with each other are very elusive. A party at an unknown location in an unknown year with unknown guests other than Ford, Kavanagh and his friend. She doesn’t remember how she got their or got home but was too young to drive. Someone may reasonably ask if she was the one impaired by alcohol or other means.

    3. Ah, our actual–as opposed to wannabee–klan member pipes up. What, you couldn’t find any youtubes on cross burnings?

      this is to “ya, but black people really aren’t like us whites” squeeKKK

      1. Marky Mark Mark – do the people you supposedly defend know how racist you really are?

  7. If King heard all the buzz around school about the incident for days following the weekend it happened, then she must know what weekend it happened. That puts her way ahead of Ford, who can’t even remember what year it happened.

    1. What? That she remembers talk of the incident from high school hardly means she “must” know what weekend it happened. At best, she made a note of it in a daily diary at the time, and she still has the diary. Not likely, however, or she would have produced it already. I’m thinking it either happened in the Spring or in early Fall, when the weather is warm enough for outdoor swimming. Outdoor pools in the area are usually closed around Oct. 1.

    2. FFS – remember Ford says it took place during the summer. King is saying it took place during the school year.

      1. Actually, Paul, we don’t really know WHAT Ford has claimed, since Feinstein refuses to release the unredacted letter to the rest of the committee.

      2. PCS: We don’t know what she meant by “summer.” When I was in school, it was easy. “Summer” was when I was out of school. “Fall” was when school started. Later, when I had two kids, each in different private schools, with one starting the last week of August and other in mid-Sept, it wasn’t so simple. “Summer” for one kid was 3 weeks longer (at the beginning of the year) than for the other. In the case of Dr. Ford, it could have been at the beginning of the school year, when it’s still 80-85 degrees around here, and people are still swimming outdoors. Or maybe, in trying to remember the date, she recalls that she was wearing a swim suit, and thus assumed it was in the summer. I once was trying to remember a date, and all I could remember was that I was wearing a heavy parka when the incident occurred, one that I usually only wear in Jan & Feb. But it could have been an unusually cold March, I just don’t know. In any case, we’re just playing armchair detective here, so it doesn’t really matter….

  8. So the victim insists on a non-partisan investigation; the accused and his powerful supporters insist that there not be an investigation. Obviously the victim is lying and wants the investigation to prove it while the accused is ready for sainthood.

    Only an innocent man would have on hand a letter from so many women claiming to have known him at the time and declaring him to be a good guy. Only two of them stand by that assertion.

    I understand why Dr. Ford wants more than to stand before a bullying kangaroo court.

    1. bettykath – the two girlfriends have said that many of the signatores stand behind the letter, like they do, they just don’t want to be on television.

  9. Well, if this story is true, then Dr. Ford did not suppress the story for her later repressed memory. My money is still on Ford not turning in her CV on Friday. Again, since this was a “summer event” school would not be in session.

  10. What everyone seems to miss is this: assuming Ford was assaulted, how does she know it was Kavanaugh?

    1. I’ve wondered the same thing myself; presumably she’ll be questioned about that if she shows up on Monday. Chevy Chase, MD is a small town, so maybe she knew who he was from the neighborhood. I doubt that they attended the same church, because he’s Catholic and attended a Catholic prep school while she attended a parochial prep school. Kavanaugh does seem to have had quite a social life in those years. He attended an all-boys school, yet 65 women who knew him during those years signed a letter of support. I can’t remember 65 girls from my high school and it was co-ed! But from what I’ve read, the boys at Georgetown Prep socialized with the girls from the near-by girls’ prep schools; Holton Arms, Stone Ridge, St. Anne’s and Trinity.

      1. Chevy Chase, MD is a small town,

        It isn’t. Municipal government is supplementary and unimportant in Maryland and the vast majority of the population lives outside municipal incorporations. There are tiny ‘mini-munis’ which encompass a small portion of the areas which are popularly referred to as “Bethesda” and “Chevy Chase”. There’s a high school jurisdiction covering that slice of Montgomery County, Md. There’s also a long string of post offices covering it. The Bethesda and Chevy Chase zip codes have about 90,000 people living in them, which is rather large to be called a ‘small town’.

        1. DSS – I live in a Town of 250,000 people. We are very proud of being a Town. Heavy on the Town. 😉

        2. TSTD: I have lived in Montgomery Co., MD for 12 years. Coming from CA, where cities and towns are generally defined by “city limits,” it was confusing that the house I bought had a different town on the deed than the city associated with my zip code. My realtor explained that MoCo has only three incorporated cities (Rockville, Tacoma Park & Gaithersburg), and one incorporated municipality (Chevy Chase). The rest of the towns are local designations based on history, which does not necessarily line up with zip codes. When zip codes were created, the post office lumped together as many as half a dozen distinct towns, for purposes of efficiency. Thus, he said, I can use the local, historic designation as my address, or go with the newer p.o. designation; either way I’ll get my mail as the p.o. only looks at the zip code. Chevy Chase has distinct geographic limits and there are 721 households. Bethesda has no specific boundaries. People know when they are in the historically designated area of Bethesda, but when you get to the outer parts, it’s murky. And then there are the newly created areas of “North Bestesda” and “North Potomac” which are not remotely close to B&P, but were created by developers trying to add value by selling a more presigious sounding address in otherwise unremarkable cookie-cutter developments.

  11. From the washington post:

    “Ford said she told no one of the incident in any detail until 2012, when she was in couples therapy with her husband.”

    1. why couples therapy. here we can only speculate. i would speculateL

      she is and always was a party girl
      she continued to be a party girl after she got married
      her husband got sick of it
      she played and got caught
      he wanted a divorce or maybe she did, they got counselling
      she blamed her bad conduct on PTSD she caught from this that and the next thing

      now she’s decided that one of those “Traumas” was the guy they just nominated to SCOTUS

      it’s a sordid mess and when it comes unravelled it will be her that looks worse than Kavanaugh that has already been investigated by the FBI up the wazoo since he’s a longtime art III judge. bet on it.

      she is probably not the devil, just another mixed up lady with baggage that’s common now due to our cultural decline, but Kavanaugh was the Dems’ target and her lawyer and them put her up to it.

      Sad and she is being ill used. She can turn on them anytime and come clean of this.

  12. We need to stop the smear campaign and use logic and reason. When is hearsay and in this case 4th or 5th level hearsay proof of anything. Each article written about this incident is full of illogic and logical fallacies. The Dems and their smear tactics have gone beyond unethical. They are malevolent and evil. And they know it.

  13. I wonder what Roe would say about these allegations. What is Wade’s position? What was Kavanaugh’s position? Was he really on top of her?

  14. If the fuzzy minded “victim” told not a soul for 30 years as she claims how could King hear about it at the time? Now King calls the whole thing off after coming to the “shocking” realization that she’d be sought out about the matter — sure. Welcome to the Left’s world of hit-and-run accusations.

      1. The “other people” were boys, according to Ford. They didn’t attend the school King went to. But keep trying. You are amusing if nothing else.

        1. FFS: I’m glad you’re so easily amused. You must be what my grandmother used to call “simple.” You may not know this, being a simpleton and all, but teenagers talk. And gossip spreads at warp speed. And teens do not limit themselves to only talking to the kids at their own school. So if K went to G’town Prep, and his friend across the street went to Gonzaga Prep, and the girl to the left went to St. Anne’s and the girl to the right went to Stone Ridge or Trinity or Holton Arms or National Cathedral or Bethesda-Chevy Chase H.S., or any of the multitude of other private or public schools in Montgomery County, they’re still going to talk with one another and spread gossip. And BTW, so that you’re not left out, MoCo also has Melwood, a school for the “mentally challenged.”

          1. I may be “simple”, but I’m not twisting myself into a pretzel trying to make Ford’s story true.

            1. I’m begging to suspect that TIN’s beef is that his parents applied to Georgetown Prep for him and his application was rejected.

  15. Is it possible that Ford is so ideologically opposed to Kavanaugh and the possibility that he might help to overturn Roe v. Wade that she fabricated a story which can not be proven either way in order to derail the appointment of a right leaning judge especially one who may vote reverse Roe v. Wade? Is it possible that Ford was also drinking at that party and this fact may have affected her memory of the event? These questions may be politically incorrect but these are precisely the ones that should be asked .

    1. Absolutely. Also the fact Ford’s parents had their home foreclosed & the judge who made the ruling was Kavanaugh’s mother. Think about it–mum & dad lose their home & the judge who took it from them was Martha Kavanaugh.

      1. Actually, Kavanaugh’s mother, the Judge, dismissed the foreclosure case and Ford’s parents kept their home. I suspect they refinanced and paid off the past due amount on the note. They did not lose their home

  16. Now King has recanted, saying she had no first-hand knowledge at the time. Since the alleged incident happened in the summer and her comments indicate that “there was talk around school” (& Ford denies discussing the incident with ANYONE at the time) her whole statement seems fishy to me. What an unholy mess!

    1. Uh, and there’s no chance that either Kavanaugh or his accomplice Mark Judge bragged about it, and that’s how it got out? Thanks for sharing your truly insightful thinking.

      1. How could Kavanaugh & Judge have bragged about it when it so clearly didn’t happen? It is a total fabrication & Ford should be prosecuted for lying through her teeth.

        1. And you know for a fact that “it clearly didn’t happen” because you were there? Good. Another witness to testify under oath before the Senate on Monday.

          1. We have a pretty good idea it didn’t happen. The circumstances are odd, her account of the sequence of events is incoherent, she didn’t say anything about it for 30 years, her account to Eshoo differs from her account to the marriage counselor (and the details aren’t contextually unimportant), and the current sequence of events is just what you’d expect of a contrived PR campaign. It adds up…to BS.

      2. men only usually brag about seductions not crimes… but sometimes a woman seduced decides the next day she was raped, blames it on being drunk, etc.

        are you saying that now you think she invited them to the bedchamber?

        i dont really understand your remark Kitty

        1. Kurtz: Okay, let me spell this out. Please pay attention as I’m a busy cat and can only do this once:
          1. A former schoolmate of Dr. Ford’s recently stated that she heard about the incident at the time; that it was being talked about at school.
          2. Which caused some ppl on this blog to ask how the kids could have been talking about it when the victim says she never told anyone.
          3. And my insightful response was that while the victim never told anyone, obviously someone else did. Either the two boys involved in the assault were bragging about it, or one (or more) of the other three kids at the party knew what happened and spread it around.
          4. As to your statement that “men brag about seductions, not crimes,” that is true. But these were high school boys, not men. I don’t think that they recognized the difference. The victim herself said they were laughing about it, like it was just a big joke. She was traumatized, but they probably laughed it off and bragged to their friends and then forgot about it. Men and women view these things differently.

          1. Kitty Wampus – you may be a busy cat but you should have been thinking how could she have heard about this all over school when it to place during the summer. She has since back away from everything she said.

          2. “But these were high school boys, not men. I don’t think that they recognized the difference. The victim herself said they were laughing about it, like it was just a big joke. She was traumatized, but they probably laughed it off and bragged to their friends and then forgot about it. Men and women view these things differently.”

            certainly i can see your point of view

            if this happened at all, I would guess, criminal intent was probably lacking. which means it wasn’t an assault it was just a misunderstanding. if it happened at all. like most teenage gropings.

            sometimes a person can feel offended by a social touching which is not actionable…. the story certainly sounds like an offensive touching but i read their high school year book and they sound like a pretty wild group of kids

            from any angle, not a sound basis to DQ the SCOTUS nominee

    2. LadyDi: King hasn’t “recanted,” she simply said that she heard about at the time, that’s all she knows, and she doesn’t want to be harassed by the press for interviews.

      1. King also said her post “served its purpose”. Wonder what she meant by that????

  17. The WHOLE mess is nefarious and Kavanaugh has been smeared without any due process or a chance to defend himself. He has been proclaimed guilty without any substantive evidence and so far the witnesses are saying he didn’t do it or they were not there. It’s a disgrace and a smear on Judge Kavanaugh’s so-far good name and integrity. It is evil, partisan and WRONG.

    1. due process? he hasnt been charged with a crime so that doesnt strictly apply

      he has been accused by a private person with a not-credible story that is very stale. so there will be no charges.

      but she has gummed up our public affairs with her stale memory

  18. This is a terrible orchestration by a malevolent anti-American network attempting to subvert our Constitution, laws and legal processes. And the nefarious globalist billionaire George Soros is the ringleader. Why have we not arrested and deported this naturalized American for crimes against the state? The Clintons, John Brennan and Barack Obama are complicit. It’s time to act.

    1. Kudos to you for finally calling a spade a spade. It has become apparently true; the day glo bozo is in fact the kingpin of a “malevolently anti-American network attempting to subvert our Constitution, laws and legal processes.” I must warn you however, that the gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make will attempt to smear your good name and honesty in identifying the gravest danger faced by our great experiment.

      this is to “I stand with all true patriotic Americans and call for impeachment” jackie

      1. still making up quotes, vile slanderer Mark M?

        do you retract your false, malicious, defamatory statement that I:
        “watch hannity and bag his balls?”

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