Ford Agrees To Testify Next Week But Seeks Further Negotiation On Conditions

senate_large_sealAfter the Senate agreed to extend the last deadline on Friday to 2:30 today, Christine Blasey Ford has agreed to testify while seeking to continue to negotiate on some details with the Senate.  It is not clear how much progress has been made since Ford previously said she would testify but would not agree on the date or conditions.  Then she pulled back from that commitment while seeking conditions. Now she is saying again that she would testify but again asking for conditions and negotiations.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said late Friday night that he would extend the deadline while complaining that she has received five extensions from the Committee.  The Committee had clearly reached the limit of further deadlines for an agreement to testify.

Grassley wrote on Twitter that Ford “[should] decide so we can move on . . . I want to hear her.” He added on Twitter “Dr Ford if u changed ur mind say so so we can move on I want to hear ur testimony. Come to us or we to u.”

Notably, the Committee has already said that it would not yield on such demands as forcing Kavanaugh to testify first.  I have previously said that that condition was rather curious as a approach — much like saying you swing first then I’ll pitch.  Kavanaugh is being recalled to answer these allegations.

As for her request for a Thursday, hearing, there may still be room for that accommodation but the Committee has said that they want a Wednesday hearing.

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  1. My PC is going nuts, I’ll try to shake it loose again with short statements.

    Natives of the area used oral history. At least 3 accounts I recall reading somewhere were witnesses testimony written down by others.

    Another was from a movie, Little Man Big Man.

    To use it as a source I’d have to look at the movie’s source material 1st.

      1. There is no choice more often than not except in the first day or two.

        So this has everything to do with the basic subject and nothing to do with the sub thread at the top except the first line


        Easy look at the voting record of the current and previous few justices. No change really so far with Gorsuch as his line begins where the previous left off

        Use the PLUS + button to enlarge for easier reading.

        This is what the real fight is about. Gorsuch brought the Constitutionalists up even plus one when I read through the pertinent cases.

        Abortion is a strawman used by both sides but but only by extremists. Since more former Democrats turned Socialists are rabid about that pile of straw they get the credit for pouring gas on a fire except I believe in Texas.

        Heller vs. DC brought 2d Amendment up to the SCOTUS level and the socialists themselves brought the immigration issue clearly delineating their disdain for citizenship and the Constitution.

        The rest is and has been more balanced than not but that is changing.

        One more and it’s a hard five to four and then comes the FTF proponent who wants age of consent at 12 and age of legal to sell the same.

        My constitutional centrist postion though show s a need for two more like Kavenaugh using Gorsuch as a model. This was probably there best chance. as now the rogue judge driven rulings are especially on immigration are going to start taking their toll on the socialists largely due to Feinstein, Bloody Chuck and Pelosi.

        Look for some heavyanti obstructionest and pro economy votes from citizens to SCOTUS.

        Main indicator the tepid showing made by the out of power party who still have offered nothing worth having.

      1. Paul,

        haven’t checked the resources of the BIA on this issue yet. It was a good source at times but now?

        One of the many things that pissed me off about GW Bush was that he had made an under the table deal with the Koch Brothers.

        The Koch Bro’s were down here in OK/Kansas/etc. Stealing/Profits from Royalty holders, anyone including Tribes.

        The case was in court… Then Bush had the BIA destroy a lot of the BIA records from the local Indian agents which did most all of the accounting/reports as what happened on the ground.

        1. Paul,

          The Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho like many other tribes & their cousins like the Osages I’ve lived around/among, used a lot of oral history .

          One source book I’ve often sited has been The Osage, children of the middle water.
          By John Joseph Mathews.

          But it’s been decades since I’ve read it completely again.

          Anyway, wherever one of the sources of the body carvings was I recall drawings, a few pictures of the different type markings from tribe to tribe.

          Also, note the Propaganda Fraud by the US Govt.

          Custer/7Cav attacked the Sioux/Cheyenne/Arapaho & was killed but the govt/press/newpapers/ waited 2 weeks until the 4th of July to release the BS story of the battle.

          Even back then Fake News! LOL:)

          Do your own fact check, I don’t keep a log & haven’t checked back as so much new comes in every day.

          1. Oky1 – have you ever been to the Custer Battlefield? It is in the middle of nowhere. Literally. It took a couple of days for Terry to find Custer, then they buried the identified and buried the bodies they could. Then they send a dispatch back. That took days to get to the East. It was not timed to arrive on the 4th, it was shear bad luck.

        2. Oky1 – the BIA may or may not have material, but there are several accounts of Custer and battle from Indian survivors. There is an account of female genital mutilation from the Civington massacre but that has nothing to do with Custer. There are plenty of accounts of genital mutilation by Indians.

          1. Paul,

            I’ve wondered if the Army keep an records or cleansed them to protect their image?

            Maybe I was about 9 or 10 in public schools I noticed I liked history. The school book would say one thing & the other book, Library books?, would say something completely different.

            So I’d start digging.

            Not to write a paper/book, but just to satisfy my interest. Decades later now.

            My wife on the other hand likes genealogy.

            I can tell her general info of the time/place & then we may go there, but she ends up with paper notebooks & pc records.

            I looked back at some of what I wrote tonight back to sources. I see the trails jeez! LOL they go every which way.

            IE: The book: The Osage book.

            Why are some of the Dalton Gang in there/Osage County….

            Why would they try to rob the banks in Coffeville Ks that time of year….

            Daltons cousins, the James Gang.

            James Gang, Baptist, code writings???

            What is it???? Red Rock? Someone sells out to a sheriff???

            I cracked the book, but I’d have to have it on a pc now days so I could increase the font size to see it.

            Wow, typed all this & the PC didn’t puke it. LOL:)

            Maybe I should think about stopping

          2. Paul,

            I’m tired, Gnite.

            But I did find your questions interesting.

            Where did I become satisfied with the sources & of the claims from over 150 years ago?

            Oral history from the Indian survives & their families/friends most likely.

            Where did the Custer/7 Cav hat band story come from.

            1 st thing comes to mind, I seem to recall Nam & the use of playing cards & the Ace of Spades. AKA, new way of leave a message telling your enemies who did this.

            BTW: Who else has ever held rings of Dead NVA/VC Ears?

            And some just hang a Buck’s head above the fireplace.

            Maybe the Custer Story I read/seen started here?


            1. Oky1 – I had a principal who had a group photo from Vietnam and they are all wearing ear necklaces. He kept it behind his desk in his office. If the kids could see it, it should have had them wetting their pants.

              1. Paul,

                Those soldiers were supposed to turn those ear rings into their commanders for a body count of those they killed.

                These guys I knew were both hunters before Nam and each kept back one full ring as trophies.

                But those were far into the past, to then now & into the future are survival skills peoples have to have for survival.

                All this PC bs will not save them, it will only endanger their safety.


              2. More cont.

                I did take some time to look back today into some of the US’s Wars against the then Native Americans.

                BTW: I consider them non hyphenated Americans now just as I am.

                I look at at least 5-10 different actions.

                I find it interesting to my thoughts as to the two Nam trophy takers &

                my families own military history.

                Upon reviewing those USA actions I re see the General demoted to Lt Co. Custer was at the time of the Washita action , Nov 27, 1868, was under the command of Gen Philip Sheridan.

                Interesting to me because mom’s Grand Dad, my GGD, was just 3 years earlier & both was also under the command of Sheridan, an infantry soldier that marched threw the South & up the East coast complete destroyed anything or anyone who got in their way.

                I have no idea if my GGD knew Custer? No matter, no doubt by the time the Civil W was over many knew Sheridan’s strategies & tactics except the Indians.

                Anyway to the point:

                One of the major sources I would use current leading readers that to believe Custer’s men were wear female Indian genitals as their hat bands.

                In Lt Col. Custer’s own reports in at least the Washita action soldiers under his command mutilated the bodies of the Indians.

                Maybe elsewhere there’s a detailed report to the mutilations.

                I haven’t looked yet for the Indian’s oral reports from Washita/elsewhere, but my memory reminds me that’s where the Indains had more then once warned him not to be mutilating the dead Indians.

                Further, have looked it up lately, but Sitting Bull’s was reported he told the Indians not to desecrate the battlefield just before just before the battle of the Little Big Horn.

                The Indians ignored Sitting Bull’s warning, & Reamed Custer’s ears.


  2. Paul, I guess I need to post one sentence at a time.
    I was getting close to a reply you & this pc ate another one again.

    I be back with another response.

  3. A person who pukes on the Congressional carpet has a duty to explain the puke on the carpet– the content. Are those beans were are seeing that never got chewed up?

  4. Did the 4 boys carry Dr. Ford upstairs and put her on the bed? Did she willingly go upstairs to the bedroom with the boys? Why didn’t she leave the house if she felt uncomfortable being in the house with the 4 boys?

    1. JB

      Crossing the line by physically restraining someone cannot be excused by one’s placing one’s self in the proximity of the sexual abuser. Kids, drunk, perhaps high, letting loose, do not expect or deserve to be treated this way. A crime was committed and the perp got away with it. If Kavanaugh was the perp at the time, as to if he is still that perp is one question that needs to be addressed; and if it was one isolated event, then the decision must be made on that issue. However, if Kavanaugh is lying, that is an entirely different issue. All politicians are liars to some degree, from failing to perform as promised to the pinnacle of liars, the present President. The Supreme Court is biased, there is no doubt. However, it must retain some level of decency that is above the ilk of Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency. Thus far Kavanaugh has inferred or otherwise indicated that he proposes a separate interpretation of morality for the Presidency; that a President should not be hindered by being made to confront illegal actions in circumstances that would, for the most part, be left up to the Supreme Court and/or the President to determine. This is a major move in the direction of autocracy. Add the fact that the present President is the head oligarch in our oligarchy, and then tack on the support of the Supreme Court. Throw into the mix that Kavanaugh may be a liar a la Trump. This necessitates a turning point instead of a tipping point. Perhaps the tipping point has come and gone and the ingredients in our system of government have rotted it out.

      The bottom line is regardless of whether or not there is political hay to be made here, the process must be allowed to work itself out. We already have our token sexual pervert saved by the color of his skin. Do we need another ‘locker room’ attendant?

  5. There are several details of this case which give the impression of political motivation.

    Dr Ford did not make a public complaint against Kavanaugh until he was nominated to the Supreme Court. She did not act against him while he held any other high profile job. In fact, her husband stated that when she came up with this “repressed” memory during couples counseling, she said she was afraid he was going to be nominated to SCOTUS one day. She did not express fear that a rapist would rape other women. She was afraid he would end up on the Supreme Court. That is a political motivation, not justice.

    Diane Feinstein received Ford’s letter, but uttered not one syllable about it during the nomination hearing. Only at the end did she announce its existence, but played coy about its author and content. This is a tactic to delay the nomination until after the midterm. Rather than recognizing Trump has the right to pick a Supreme Court nominee, they want a candidate that pleases them. And a candidate that pleases Democrats will displease Republicans, who won the election. That is a political motivation, not justice.

    Ford has repeatedly delayed her testimony. She quickly moved from a declaration that she wanted to testify, to delaying the entire process 5 times and making numerous demands, including arguing against the jurisdiction of the FBI. This is a delay tactic, which is a political motivation.

    She hired an ultra Liberal lawyer who has defended Democrats Clinton and Franken against sexual harassment. In 1998, she said of Paula Jones, “She’s alleged one incident that took place in a hotel room that, by her own testimony, lasted 10 to 12 minutes. She suffered no repercussions in the workplace.” She said in regard to Al Franken, “He did not do this as a member of the U.S. senate. He did this in his capacity of someone who was still functioning as an entertainer.” Political motivation.

    All of Ford’s efforts have been to delay the process rather than seek justice or tell her story. What does she need to delay for? If something traumatic happened, you would have a memory of it and be able to discus it at a moment’s notice. What does she need 5 delays for? To get her story straight or push this past the midterms?

    Her therapist’s notes clearly indicate she said 4 boys were in the room with her. Now she says 1 boy, Kavanaugh, and that Judge came in later and jumped on them laughing, breaking it up. She claims the therapist made a mistake, but that is the only proof that she told this story in the past. (Her friend chimed in that she heard about it at high school, then recanted and said she heard about it from Ford and has no idea if it happened.) Therapists are licensed professionals trained in taking clinical notes. Human beings can make a mistake, but the mistake undermines a case without evidence or pattern to begin with.

    I do not believe this is a provable allegation. I do not know what happened. Kavanaugh has no history of acting this way, and in fact has character references from 65 women who knew him for decades. The accusation is out of character. Ford’s comment about fearing he would reach the Supreme Court, her choice as a far Left activist lawyer, George Soros pumping millions into Demand Justice, a movement to try to scuttle the nomination, and her marked behavior delaying the process, reducing Senators to begging and pleading with her to cooperate while bending over backwards all show political motivation. If she was fighting for justice she would have either reported it to police the night it happened, had her parents talk to his parents in 1982, reported it to police in 2012, or at the very least burned rubber to testify and cooperate with whatever the Commitee required to make a judgement.

    Her behavior is highly politicized. As a woman, I do not take kindly to making political hay with an attempted rape allegation. The best case scenario for Ford would be if this did happen, and she weaponized her experience to strike a blow against Trump. Worst case is it didn’t happen and she lied to strike a blow against Trump. That’s low.

    I visited someone in the hospital after she’d been gang raped. Her head was so swollen I could not recognize her. If I didn’t have the room number, I could not have found her. Her injuries were severe. What was most frightening was that the head injury gave her amnesia. She had no memory of that night, at all. I could be wrong, but I think she lost the day, too. She could walk by the men who did this and have no idea. They could be men she knew or strangers. How do you avoid a danger when you do not know it’s face? Her condition broke my heart. I will always think of her in politicized cases such as these. It is a slap in the face of these victims to use a manufactured war on women political slander as motivation to weaponized a rape accusation.

    She should cooperate with the Committee without condition, or the Committee should move on without her. She does not behave like a victim seeking justice, but rather a political agent. You do not politicize this.

    1. That’s one opinion from a wingnut wackjob bible-thumper who doesn’t want women to control their own bodies, but a more valid opinion is that the true American patriot who loves her country does’t want a POS wannabee-rapist scumbag to have a lifetime appointment to the United States Supreme Court. So, there’s that.

      this is to “you know, he’s white and hannity likes him so I immediately liked him, too” karen

      1. Marky Mark Mark – so you are saying that Ford is laying down her reputation to save abortion on demand?

        1. Her reputation is sterling, and will remain so. In a time which required American patriots to step up to defend our beloved country–the last, best hope for man on Earth–the good professor answered the call; disregarding the physical danger posed to her and hers by those who hate America.

  6. They want Thursday so they can delay the full vote for 30 days under Senate rules. Come on, you don’t think the Thursday demand was made in good faith do you?

  7. Nail a date to depose her testimony. No more excuses. Enough already. Ordinary citizens who receive summons must appear accordingly – why should she be any different? We have no idea whether she is or not a victim but we need to hear the testimony. As a Progressive I am damned sick of Liberal bs

  8. Soap Opera Digest, formerly known as The Washington Post, has this “tear-jerker” of a piece about Christine Ford. You’ll either laugh or cry, depending on how frustrated you are with the Democrats’ haute soaps.
    The really shocking fact is that it took FOUR people to write this piece of that which is on the bottom of your shoe as you leave the pasture.
    Oh, the humanity!!!!

      1. Exactly! They’re probably rushing to get a Hallmark original movie made for an airing on Wednesday…She’s in California, ya know.
        I say Debra Messing plays Chrissy!

            1. Cindy Bragg – are you talking about the actress that was on ER and last on The Guest Book?

              1. Paul C. ..Kellie Martin was a child actress…Then she was on Hallmarks Mystery Woman series, and then more recently, the Nancy Grace series, the name of which I can’t recall.

          1. Paul C. You mean Chrissy………well, the casting call could get interesting. Actually, I think the photos of Chrissy as a teenager look just like Gary Busey.

          2. Paul C and TSD…..the perfect song for the Chrissy film as the opening credits roll:??

    1. Is the theme for real? The woman moved from the 2d most affluent commuter belt in the United States (densely settled portion, pop. 4.2 million) to the most affluent commuter belt in the United States (densely settled portion, pop 5.1 million). She lives in a municipality where an ordinary suburban ranch house sells for a seven digit sum. She has a secure academic job (unless her school closes) and her husband is a pharma executive trained in mechanical engineering. From what was she running away? The rest of Holton-Arms ’84? From the state universities in Maryland with which she couldn’t be bothered? The handsomely appointed housing in Bethesda / Chevy Chase? From her parents’ in-tact marriage?

      1. Although you questions might entertain some of the other gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors or grifters on the make, your time might be more profitably spent asking the more salient question: “what is that ticking sound?”

        this is to “although I don’t know any people in real life, I play like I do on the internets” spaz

        1. There is none. There is your personal animus against people with certain ascribed features. Nobody give a damn about that.

          1. You are wrong though the difference may escape you. I have no animus toward peope with certain features. I can’t help but notice that the particular group I commented on share features that help them to get away with what they do. If they were women, thsy would have been run out long ago, if they were black or hispanic, the same, only the old attain committee chairs in the Senate because of seniority requirements. Look at the Senate ans ask are they representative of America, the answer is no. Watch them hide behind whatever woman they select to do their dirtywork and call that sensitivity.

            1. I have no animus toward peope with certain features.

              Let go of my leg.

              1. It that is true, please give me one example of someone I have animus towards because of whatever features you like. If I have animus towards them, it’s definitely more specific and individualized than that.

                1. You didn’t write a commentary bitching about ‘old, white, men’ because you fancy them. It’s a silly, ad hominem statement.

              2. If it wasn’t for Trey Gowdy some people would never learn a new word. But the Fact is we of the Constitutional persuasion do not need a replacement Judge. Win if we get this one win if we get the next one on the list and win if we get none.

                At present it’s a Five to Three court with the losers mensheviks in the irrelevant column. One more and we could do witihout two and thje score would be five to two. What a perfect situation to engage in some heavy duty changes on any number of subjects .

                Just as there are no quaifications other than nomination listed in the Constitution – save those dreamed up by the Senate – there is no time limit on choosing a nominee much less confirming one.

                Want to see a pig squeal. Watch Pelosi when everyone of the needed changes on immigration sai through the political seas only to get what we want.

                I recall the Contract For America when the Court cherry picked the results of the measures yes here no there not this one nor that one and term limits NO NO NO. This time there is nothing to stop the court from re-visiting that Contract as passed in 1998 and flipping every damn one of the proviisions.

                With Kavenaugh you would, given his judicial record an even start on the subject. with Five to Two. That day is not far off the left would get not short shrift but no shift and no shoes.

                All we who hold sway with the largest voting block have to do is keep preaching. Never Left Never Left Never Left and Constitution Over Socialism, Independence and Freedom over Collectivism and Incarceration.

                Given the record of the left it’s an easy sale and low budget as 2016 witnessed.

                We independent centrists only need to provide the bulk and the in office Constitutional Republic Party the votes in Congress and our own five to two or maybe five to one Court backing us up;.

                So flail away Stupid Party in this case a vote for Kavenaugh gives you a slim chance a vote against Kavenaugh gives you another politica funeral. McClaskey and the RINOs are not going to be around for much longer


                1. Haha. Largest voting block?” I love it when the gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make reveal yet again that they think hannity cares about them enough to tell the truth. So sorry for your loss. What is that ticking sound?

                  this is to “ya, he’s an imbecile and a bufoonish traitor, but at least he’s got a 36% approval rate” mikey

                  1. 2016 according to the government itself 40% of the vote went anti Hillary then pro constitution as a unifying factor.

                    The remaining sixth split between second and third place.

                    Now we see the DNC as seven or so split groups no longer a party with leaders but leaderes with no party.

                    We see the GOP as two major groups but still split. RINOs and Constitutionalists.

                    Whine all you want. The voting statistics bear that out.

                    DNC spent over 1.4 billion on Hillary alone. Not counting the full weight of Facebook and Twitter managers.

                    Trump less than half that amount.

                    The Constitutional Centrist movement spent … zero.

                    Major difference. We are led and guided by professions in the business of counter revolutions. Our own US Military on their off duty time 80% of the combat arms voted with and as part of our largest plurality. of 40% again in an anti Obama and anti Clinton posture.

                    As for your whoevers ask yourself ‘how many divisions does the Pope have.” If you can’t apply that well known phrase you need to go talk to the folks at Frank Zappa U.

            2. Attaining committee chairs is not for sissies. These guys don’t whine their way to the top.

              1. Well, there’s that.

                They’re largely elderly for the same reason people in high positions in every walk of life are: positions you attain generally had as their apprenticeship the previous position you attained. They’re largely male because male populations tend to be more variable than female populations. Most inmates are male, too. It’s just that Nancy Hopkins doesn’t want the perks which go with being a guest of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She wants a raise and research grants, and she fancies some dude got them when she deserved them … because reasons. Men also tend to be more competitive, which helps if you want a promotion or want to win an election. They’re largely white because that’s who lives here and that’s who is proportionately more interested in electoral politics.

              2. True on the GOP side but on the socialist liberal progressive marxist prone side they PAY for those assignments. Want to be like Fineslime it’s $500,000.00 and every committee seat is For Sale.

                Elizabeth Warren got to be the top dog over the FED same way and guess who when they retire from the Senate is going to be the Head Fed -assuming they ever get back in office. We get Lizzie Borden Warren in Pelosi’s Patronage System and that’s where the idea for Pay to Play came from.

      1. Haha. Enigma’s contributions here should make you feel as if you’re a real human rather than some gullible rube, dupe, klan wannabee, pocket-traitor or grifter on the make. You see, He’s actually trying to educate you and your ilk, as if you matter to anyone other than your credit card company. While I commend his perseverance, I believe any time whatsoever spent regarding your types as anything other than regrettable buffoons is time wasted. While I prefer you–“just keep doin you”–enigma thinks you and your ridiculous fellow travelers have some worth. Pity you can’t see that; but by all means buy some “authentic” commemorative plates as advertised by hannity.

        this is to “ya know, hannity hasn’t ever returned my tweets, at that” spaz

      1. Cindy,

        Please pardon enigma, as someone/s convinced him/others he/they are Victims & can do nothing for themselves because of their low IQ & the White Man keeps them down.

        Just give him/them a pacifier & try to leave them in a rubber room so they don’t hurt themselves or others.

      2. Yes, Enigma’s response is almost always one that seems to involve victimhood or racism. There is no dealing with a person with that type of mindset. IMO his mind doesn’t function much differently than those white hooded guys that lynched persons of the wrong color. The only difference is that they used real rope. Enigma, to use Justice Thomas’s words, uses high tech lynching to get his way. He is What I believe to be a character assassin and in the past has sided with people that advocated violence that led to deaths so he is just is a hands of type of guy involved in some pretty bad stuff.

    1. William, committees are bought. Bring more attention to the disproportante amount of Anglo members and how it’s consistently consistent and then we expose a vein of the corruption. Namely committee postions are like box seats at a sporting event. For sale.Corporations own most of them.
      Let’s look at how one gets to be on a committee.

      1. Please explain? I am more than suggesting that those particular men are both out of touch and full of the privilege that come with their position but also not found in beople not white. It comes from having no true concept of sexism (and racism) coming from never having truly experienced it for themselves. They think they can say a thing no matter how ridiculous, and have it believed. Order a thing and be obeyed. There is no inference nor belief on my part this is true of all old men, all white men, or all old white men. For Grassley, McConnell, Trump, throw in Hatch, Graham, and several others whose behavior we witness on a regular basis… pretty much. If you find my words offensive but not their behavior, you should look closer.

        1. Either way you come across as reverse racist and to me any kind of racism, sexism or bigotry is equally evil and wholly unacceptable. The only to stop it is do not put up with it in any way shape or form. Not from Jeff Sessions or Diane Feinstein, not from citizens not from foreigners and not from Enigma No Name. You can’t make two lies equal the truth nor two wrongs equal a correct. You cannot value the lesser of two evils without embracing evil itself and doing so only makes you one who supports evil.

          But you can USE evil to defeat a greater evil or to enlarge a smaller evil and thus wipe out at least one of them first and the other second.

          The first thing is make the body politic aware of the presence of evil and that has been done by the truckload. First Target was Clinton and Queen stupid continues to support her own demise. Second Target was the left meaning anything based on Marxist Lenism or it’s offspring the Benito Adolphist version and quickly the progressive offspring jumps into the limelight.

          That group was target number two in 2016 and since has become target number one. Many of them form part of the political system on both sides using one incorrect form of indentifiction pushed by the media and schools but it isn’t conservative vs liberals it’s Constitutionalists versus Socialists.

          And the left is nothing more nor less than a revolution now facing a counter revolution.. Exposure to as one of my favorite radio guys used to say before retirement is turning on the unbearable light of truth, justice and the
          American Way.

          You can’t find that on the left not even in a good deal of GOP and or on what the left chooses to call the far right. but you can find it as a Constitutional Centrist, a coalition or as member of the Constitutional Republic Party where the center of political discourse and values in a Constitutional Republic IS the Constitution not the space between Marx and Engels or Adolph and Benito.

          How are we doing? We wiped out the Clinton Campaign and still have her on the list for eventual prosecution. We shattered the former DNC everyone knows now they are not anywhere close to being democratic which doesn’t matter anyway in a Republic which includes those principles.

          And we don’t always need a party system to defeat the corrupt parties.

            1. ” A lot of words without any explanation of how mine were racist?”

              I guess Enigma, even you don’t have the stomach to read what you write.

      2. Well, that’s your opinion; but a more relevant opinion–mine–is that “I am a white man and Ifind you an uninformed, small-minded, intolerant, ignorant, frightened and timid buffoon.” Smoke that, Mr. angry.

        this is to ” I had to make up an alias to get really, really mean” angry white

        1. Marky Mark Mark – as the resident Demigod on the blog, my opinion counts the most and you are an insipid soy boy.

    2. Excellent article. Most of the comments here provide the proof: those who have privilege don’t recognize privilege, theirs or that of other white men. (white women also have privilege but to the same extent as the men).

      I worked in a company that was sexist and racist. I experienced the sexism. Both sexism and racism were apparent in that all management positions and upper technical positions were held by white men. Even at the “feeder” levels, there few women and no people who weren’t white. Of course, the company claimed that they weren’t sexist or racist, its just that there weren’t qualified people who weren’t white males. Turns out the women and those who weren’t white were smart enough to realize that working in that company was dead end.

      1. BK:
        I think most of the people who claim other people have privilege don’t know what they’re talking about and envy the accomplishments of others.

        1. The unnatural, incoherent and irrational Covetocracy of Karl Marx.

          Wealth must be created.

          The day every person finally receives his undeserved redistributed wealth will be the day wealth is no longer available for redistribution.

          Ditto for social status.

          In the beginning and in the end, the only achievement mode is merit.

      2. I worked in a company that was sexist and racist. I experienced the sexism.

        No, your supervisor told you you stank on ice because you couldn’t remember anything from the morning to the afternoon.

  9. Read the bio of Kavanaugh’s pal, the other guy in the room, who can’t remember what Ford alleged happening. A life time of drugs, alcohol, and compromised memories. This is Kavanaugh’s backer. Oh yeah, Trump stands up morally for Kavanaugh also. Yup.

    1. There is no indication that he was ever in any room in any structure where Christine Blasey was present. It is convenient that the one person she picks out of the student body at Georgetown Prep is the one person who has written a pair of memoirs about those years.

  10. Ok Ms Ford,

    Moving from the ? of how/when you picked up the title as Capt of the Drunken Shuts Club, you’re tries to American Hatin Commies,

    Please tell us more about this other Letter, about SC Justice Neil Gorsuch before his conformation, that’s very similar to your letter about Kav.

    Next, you association with the CIA, how long have you been there & are aiding the Traitor John Brennan or any other traitors?


    1. whoa, hold on their tiger, you’ve had enough for tonight. Plus, you know your parole officer is gonna make you take a UA next week. Give it a few days for the dope to disappear and be sure trailer’s locked up for the night.

      this is to “I’ve always liked the smell of outhouses in the morning” okie

  11. It won’t happen. The lawyers will continue to insist on conditions that the GOP cannot accept. They’re just trying to time this out. Monday afternoon, we’ll hear that she cannot attend because the GOP is so mean and nasty, or some such drivel.

    1. I know this isn’t a criminal case where if it were Kav word have a Right to confront this nutty commie b-itch. Kav’s Accuser.

      Maybe Sen Grassley is handing this correctly, but I don’t agree. The hearings were already closed.

      Just try this crap the next time you get a traffic ticket, just don’t show up for the hearing!

      I’m sure the the Judge will be very kind to you, right after you get out of Jail from a Bench Warranty! LOL

      (Amendment VI

      In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense. )

  12. I idea is to get closer to the Oct. opening of the SC. She/they are playing games.

  13. I really feel bad for Ms. Ford, she’s being used as a political pawn by her activist lawyer, the Democrats, and the Republicans, all of them should should be ashamed of themselves.

        1. ie: Literal Nazi Fascist Collaborator George Sores funded Womens March 1/21/2016


          Gen Custer’s boyz wore Puzzy Hats as well, right up until the Natives Reamed their Ears with Sewing Awls.

          The Anti-America Commie/Fascist/Islamic loving trash might should keep that in mind before they continue they’re robbin, rapin, murderin.

          I’m not threatening no one, I’m just forecasting what’s most likely to happen if you aholes keep being so confused about which bath room to use, etc…

          1. Oops,

            I missed the most important historical fact:

            Gen Custer’s boyz wore Puzzy Hats as well, right up until the Natives Reamed their Ears with Sewing Awls.

            ” So they could Hear the Native People Better In Their NEXT LIFE”

            And since for years now, Your buddies have been physically attacking Trump supporters.

            I’m not say, but I’m just suggest you might listen to the supportive roars coming from Trump’s recent MAGA crowds before continuing down your type people other paths of insanity.

            1. I’m coming back on this topic even though it’s very troubling to some, especially the victims of this torturous action.


              I missed the most important historical fact:

              In or around 1875 blah, blah.. Gen Custer & the men under his control of the USA 7 Calvary had been murdering men, women & kids of Native Americas & then they cut off the females genitalia & then put them on their hats as hat bands & wore them as Puzzy Hats much like they Soros Commie/Islamic Women march on 1/21/2018

              Gen Custer & his men of 7 Cav did this right up until the pissed off Native American men & women retaliated, took them out & then the Natives Reamed their Ears with Sewing Awls.

              ” So they could Hear what the Native People were saying Better In Their NEXT LIFE”

              Tough, Brutal Topic! I know!

              But that sick Bullsh!t is now right back in our nation about 150 later.

              These sick DEM Prog Commies Fascist Islamic lunatics have been bring it to your community for years now.

              Tommy Robertson of the UK is today facing Prison for say much the same as I’m telling you.

              Hopefully with Trump we can remove these 1400 century violent Islamic sub Humans back to their 3rd world shithole countries of the ME.

              “Connecticut Senate rejects bill making female genital mutilation a felony

              Sep 22, 2018 9:00 am By Robert Spencer”


              1. Oky1 – you have a cite for the Custer hat decoration thing? Custer was a tyrant for having his men in strict uniform, even though he was not. They would not have been in uniform. And where on their caps did they put the pussies? I come from Sioux country and lived not far from the Custer Battlefield. This is the first I have heard of this. You could be right, but it goes against Custer’s strict uniform codes.

              2. Disregard my earlier warning about your soon-to-be-failed UA. Post. More. Just. Like. This. Keep doin you.

                this is to “If I’m out of pocket for a few weeks, I’m just takin some time off” okie

    1. Ford is a big time active liberal socialist progressive. If she didn’t start all this then someone who knows her and knows Feinstein or a staffer did Prime suspects are Pelosi who you see staying out of it, Schumer, Schiff, and Harris. Guaranteed there is a payoff probably in the form of a book deal.

      This go first business is stupid. What can the nominee say that he hasn’t said already? Nothing to respond to. That is just another way to use up a day and then start the game playing again. One comment for sure will be if we had had the chance to review documents we would have found this out and magically a copy of some document will appear. There will be no proof it was on hand back then or whenever and that info will be redacted.

      And the same thing will happen next time. But right now it’s five three and when what’s her name isn’t able to function or croaks that will be five two. So the Majority shifts anyway. The rest will depend on the voters. But Immigration, etc. will be long settled, over and done with.

      The need for money? As has been pointed out is already on hand in the budgets of the DHS and DOD. In the section on unforeseen circumstances. All it takes is a declaration of drugs as weapons of mass destruction – which they are and some shifting around. It’s a six year project anyway.

      The Crap fence except at the border crossings Obama put up was left over project money from Bush II. But transferring some of that at ten billion per year using the above reasons is more than sufficient.

      Second thing is the border is federal territory 100% They can use US Army Corps of Engineers to do some of it .

      Put that package together the left has nowhere to go. There is no time imit on Supreme Court nominations. All that’s needed is a Senate Majority.

      As for tunneling. Use the same technical means used on the DMZ in Korea. FAE come in handy in some areas and MOABs in others. It will be then an all out war against drugs and human trafficking like Biden’s and RBG’s wanting to change the age of consent to 12

      five to three is working fine six to two will work even better. And a lot more can be done with that much. Such as changing the rules on one Judge Dictatorships and making that a reference to the SCOTUS just like the States and everyone else. Term Limits revisted another. Geopolitical interest for donations to the campaigns with it limited to those who CAN vote. Tightening the rules of registration and voting. Remember States only control the Spring and Special votes to some extent the one in the fall comes primarily under national rules. Just a few of the ideas

  14. Ford (or her lawyer) is playing the Republicans like a fiddle.

    I recognize that this is politics, not an attempt to find the truth, but the rule of law cannot be flouted forever.

    1. Ha, ha ha! Which “rule of law” is she trying to flout? Is it The one that says Republicans don’t have to answer for anything? Or is it the one that says the Senate never accommodates witness schedules? Or it’s the the one that the GOP wants Kevanaguh because he’s already made jsindeals with Trump on abortion, indictment and trial of a President and the rest and they don’t have to care what he’s done?

      The only people who are flouting the law are the Republicans.

      1. Justice Holmes

        Thanks for confirming the lib concept of rules: rules apply to Republicans and little people, but not to the”good guys” (otherwise know as pinkos).

        Look up the treatment of the Detroit CEO’s, not much consideration there.

        Lots of double standards.

        1. I guess you didn’t read my post but that’s fine I don’t expect any one to read posts on this thread. Just name call. It’s sad really because at one time there were actually fine discussions of legal issues but that almost never happens anymore.

          The only “pinkos” using your term, which I beleive used to mean those who sided with Russia are, let me think, the President and most if not all of the GOP. As to double standards…agreed. Women are treated like second class citizens on a regular basis but we all just brush that off don’t we because it’s not us.

          As to CEO treatment, generally CEOs get treated pretty well by the GOP Congress. In case you haven’t read about it, they received billions in tax cuts and some special tax cuts for their private planes. And CEOs from Detroit got a bailout when they were crashing. I’d say they got treated pretty well. Any of them go to jail? Do they get death threats? Poor corporate CEO victims, it’s hard to see how they survive on their hundreds of millions a year.

          When corporate types testify before Congress, they rarely get smeared or beat up even when they crashed the economy or poisoned Americans with their products. The hearings are often scheduled at their convenience and their lobbyists intercede before the hearings. With all due respect, you really need to read a bit more.

          I realize I’m a minority on this thread but so be it. Enjoy your week end.

          1. Evidently you don’t read any of them especially when you write that crap about business taxes. No such thing exists. The tax is an overhead part of doing business and either collected immediately at Point of
            Sale or factored into the business plan AND PAID FOR by the consumer. Considering the source I’m not surprised people still read that garbage and think it’s true.

            1. Reading comprehension is so, so hard, isn’t it? I’ll explain it for you: Justice Holmes referenced the beneficial private plane treatment in the new tax bill. So, so hard, I know. You, on the other hand, basically just posted whatever crap you were able to cut from some (undoubtedly) wackjob website–albeit without being responsive to a single thing that your were ostensibly responding too. You’re welcome.

              this is to “ya, when I gets into the wine, I’m likely to just make up sh*t for the hell of it” mikey

      2. It’s the one that says the Dems will do anything to protect their sacred cash cow of abortion.

        1. The politicians who make $$$ out of “abortion” are Republicans. It’s their campaign red meat and they love it! Of course they oppose it until a mistress gets pregnant and then well……..

        2. And their sacred cash cow of strong arming unions for donations and their sacred cash cow of selling seats on committees up to half a million for the chairmanship. You wonder how a dunce like Feinstein got that job. She bought it from Piglosi.

          1. You are a laugh riot. Your president is selling everything in this country off somemfor cash and some for protection. As to dunces….well your boy doesn’t even know you can’t build a wall in the Sahara. I’d say the GOP has the corner on dunces.

              1. Haha. “Uranium One.” Calls for more hearings; just like Bigfoot.

                this is to “damn, hannity tricked me again” mikey

      3. Change the name to Socialist progressive liberals as there really is no Democrat Partyu., tripie the amount of transgressions their subsurface Deep Staters pull off and you might be getting close.; Don’t forget you leftists own the Republicans In Name Only they realy aren’t part of that party anymore no moe than you are democrat. And everyone knows it except the snowflakes.

          1. Let me ask someone who would know one of the moochers. Oink Oink
            Oink. No he says we’re everywhere. Anywhere we can sell a vote there and buy a vote there.

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