Georgetown Professor Under Fire For Profane Kavanaugh Rave

Georgetown_sealGeorgetown University professor Dr. Carol Christine Fair is under fire after her profance Twitter rant   against Judge Brett Kavanaugh went viral. I have written previously in opposition to the growing discipline of teachers and professors for their political commentary on social media.  This is no exception.  However, I have left the posting in their unredacted original despite my view of Fair’s commentary as both vulgar and reprehensible.  However, since the issue is whether such posts should be subject to discipline, they are not redacted. Warning: the tweets below contain highly offensive language.

Dr. Fair is an associate professor within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.  She has previously ranted about the GOP and politics including declaring “GOP doesn’t care about women. We knew this. Fuck them.”

Her commentary however is befitting more of a rage texting drunk than an academic at a respected institution.

She was not satisfied with addressing Kavanaugh’s record on its merits and instead said such low-grade observations.  She adopts Trump’s tactics of adopting insulting nicknames in calling Kavanaugh “Kreppy Kavanaugh.”

When North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz called Sen. Lindsey Graham as someone who lost his soul, she responded “Nope. The ratfucker never had one,” Fair tweeted in response to Pavlovitz. “He got two assholes instead. The second one acts like a mouth . . . except it spews shit en lieu of verbiage.”

Fair’s Twitter page has a banner contains a hearing of reads, “DON’T GRAB MY PUSSY.”

Despite my criticism of Fair for these postings, I still believe that this is an exercise of free speech and there is no indication that Fair is unfair to conservative students.  As such, Fair is rightfully the subject of condemnation but not termination.  These comments go to core political beliefs, though expressed in the crude possible way.
What do you think?

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  1. “No indication that she is unfair to conservative students.” Her RateMyProfessors reviews state otherwise. Has the University verified her in-class approach?

  2. The woman is mentally disturbed. Shocking that she would be in a position of influence anywhere.

  3. She is pathetic and a disgrace. Is this what colleges have come to? Hatred and spewing evil is never role modeling for their students to follow. There are NO values left on this campus.?SHAME!!!!!!! Money here is totally a waste and a sorry excuse of a college!

  4. Another ‘great example’ of how our young people should grow up to be. Our generation needs to remember what our grandmothers taught us: “if you don’t have something nice to say then say nothing”. Based on our teaching by our actions think how violent the future will be.

    1. Ted – Trumper Rabbit’s father said, If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all. That goes back to the movie Bambi.

  5. I don’t believe in forcing silence upon anyone, even this professor. I would rather someone like her tell me what she really thinks, instead of leaving it to me to guess.

    If I were a student of hers, I would rather know this about her; it would inform my decision of whether I would want to continue as a student in any of her classes. And if enough students determine that she creates an unsafe space, they will transfer out of her class. There is a market for her insanity somewhere; it just might not be a university campus.

    1. I’ll bet if a student said this, they’d be expelled. Also, if the professor had said these things about Democrats. Double standards

  6. It doesn’t matter if you agree with her or not. The question is does she have the right to speak her mind without fearing for her job? The answer most definitely is yes.

  7. I agree with Professor Turley. Turning employers and universities into agencies of social control is dangerous, and is the root cause of this epidemic of political correctness. If we are to err, it should be on the side of free speech.

  8. Professor Turley, I disagree with you on this topic for the same reason I felt that Colorado professor Ward Churchill’s termination for calling those who died in the Twin Towers attacks “little Eichmanns” was just. Every company and organization has the right to develop behavioral standards for its employees and/or members.

    If Dr. Fair’s been quoted accurately, the issue isn’t just that she’s got a foul mouth, but that her judgment is so informed by ideology and anger that it’s debatable she doesn’t have the capacity for intellectual rigor. It would be analogous to a vocal Flat Earther holding down a chair in geophysics. That person’s fellow faculty members would be entitled to review his tenure.

    1. OK, let’s play out the “behavioral standards” thing. Do I as a student of this person have a right to civil discourse in the classroom? Also, I am a white conservative male person. Does my First Amendment right to free speech allow me to say that this person should be gang raped and then subject to genital mutilation with her body part being fed to my dog? Just asking.

  9. I believe you are right. I attempted to engage a couple of my liberal friends on political matters just to have a conversation only to be met with vitriol and slurs. What to do? We’ve lost all ability to have civil discourse about things which with we disagree. Who did this to America?

  10. I believe a person filled with this kind of rage cannot possibly be fair in her ratings of students who disagree with her. I find it sad that an educated person is inable to critique a person or situation more intelligently than this.

    1. That is a plausible statement, but needs either to be affirmed or denied based on the professor’s actual past behavior. Of course, it’s long been the case that university professors are held to a higher standard of behavior than the man in the street. Ward Churchill, the Colorado professor who called the people who died in the 9/11 attacks “little Eichmanns”, found that out.

  11. Hello? How is this person supposed to instruct students who don’t agree with her POV? Liberals are the very definition of the foul-mouthed, vile, closed and aspersion casting mindset. How on earth can you, Dr. Turley, consider yourself a democrat???

    1. I think the whole thing is a farce. DiFi sat on a letter (don’t kid yourselves, Schumer orchestrates this). It would seem to me DiFi should be reprimanded and the letter tossed because the committee had ended their questions and adjourned. Adjourned means “over”! Just because the letter writer is a woman, we’re watching the “Incredible Senate” flopping around on their knees. Monday there will be another problem of Dr. Ford’s making. So, secretly fly the whole committee and essential staff (someone has to tell committee members where the restrooms are) to CA tomorrow after appearing on the Sunday shows. When her Lawyer announces another problem, tell her to come to your Monday hearing in CA and when you are leaving CA. If nothing happens, nothing happens. Take Off. Nothing she says will change committee votes. GOP women, show Dems what a responsible Senator does. Every GOP member of the Senate must vote yes. And, as I have been reminding everybody, women lie. Later in life they feel bad about it, but they did lie.

  12. What’s wrong with higher education today is that wack jobs like this are hired to teach students. But they don’t teach students a balanced education, as I received in college. But today’s social activists in higher education, and government jobs were the hippies of the 60’s & 70’s, who realized their public demonstrations were loosing public support. So they changed tactics and went to work in the very institutions they hated and wanted to change. And that is why there is such a deep root of change in higher education and government institutions, often called the Deep State.

    They woke up and learned while the rest of us slept.

  13. All kidding aside, the woman is wack job, but it’s not illegal to make an ass out of herself by her misuse of free speech. The courtroom of public opinion is always in session.

    1. She would only blame Pres Trump for causig the hurricanes. These people are certifiable ILL. The disease is TDS.

  14. Such sophomoric behavior. Her emotional and social development was truncated at some point. She is the child who threw herself on the supermarket floor and screamed and kicked until she got her way.
    Our Fair Lady needs to be taken to the Carolinas immediately, and see those poor people who have lost everything!
    Maybe she could then see true suffering and tragedy.
    Shame on her for being such a spoiled, ungrateful, self-absorbed brat!

  15. This fall we have referendum question on the ballot. It has to do with allowing members of one sex to use the restrooms and locker rooms of the other. It will be interesting to see how this works out in a very liberal state. It’s rather odd how some people think it’s o’k for say a 15 year old boy use the girls locker room, but they’re going on hear say on what judge Kavanaugh is being accused of when he was 17. I’m having trouble connecting the dots.

    1. ind Bob……….good point. Basically, Kavanaugh is being maligned because the Left is terrified that he will take away their right to rip innocent fetuses from the womb. It’s so sickening…..and macabre to think about.

      1. Didn’t Kavanaugh say that be strongly believed in Settled Law?? So, If Roe VS Wade is settled law, what points could be brought to the Court of Appeals whose ruling would cause the case to be argued before the SCOTUS?

        1. That’s the problem with all this hysteria. The only way Roe can be changed is if a case works its way up the judicial ladder and ends up at SCOTUS. SCOTUS doesn’t have to take the case,but probably would. Then the arguments are judged on their merits. If 5 Justices agree with the argument to change Roe, but not necessarily reverse.

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