And Then There Were Two: Another Woman Reportedly Has Come Forward To Accuse Kavanaugh

440px-Judge_Brett_KavanaughNews reports indicate that Democrats have been speaking with a second woman who is now prepared to accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.  The accuser is reportedly Deborah Ramirez, 53, and went to Yale at the same time as Kavanaugh.  She describes a bizarre scene of Kavanaugh exposing himself at a party in a dorm.  Ramirez admits that she was drunk and was previously uncertain if she could implicated Kavanaugh.

Ramirez was studying  sociology and psychology at Yale when she said she attended a party.  Both she and Kavanaugh were freshmen and she was repeatedly selected in a drinking game. She recalls someone pointing a plastic penis at her and then later she says that Kavanaugh exposed himself and shoved his penis in her face — forcing her to come into contact with it.  She notably identified other people at the party so we could have a situation not unlike the one with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Ramirez could face questions over her memory and initial reluctance to implicate Kavanaugh.  The New Yorker contacted Ramirez about the story and she was later contacted by staff for Democratic senators after they were altered by “a civil-rights lawyer.”   She reportedly said that her memories was spotty due to the drinking at the party and she did not initially implicate Kavanaugh.  However, The New Yorker reports that “[a]fter six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.”  She now wants an FBI investigation.

The timing and gaps in memory is likely to again raise objections from the GOP.  The question now is whether she will also be invited to appear at a hearing to give her account under oath and face questioning from the Committee.

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  1. The good news is this: Billy the slick never assaulted nobody. He was a beacon of purity and honesty. Just ask all them babes who confirmed he never done nuthin to them.

  2. Republicans. Reach around with both hands to your back. Do you feel that? It’s called your backbone or spine.

    Now that you’ve found it, straighten it, and stop enabling Democrats to sabotage your candidate. For once in your careers, do what you were voted to do.

    Kavanaugh is not a sexual predator, whom I abhor. He is a good man fallen prey to political terrorism. If these women will not provide any proof of any crime, all witnesses say it never happened, and they won’t testify, then stop pandering to Democrats and press on.

  3. An Attempted Assassination through Political Terrorism

    A woman accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself during a drinking game. She said there was a plastic penis gag used, too. At this point she was so drunk she was lying on the floor, with gaps on her memory. She did not see Kavanaugh naked, but she said she saw him jerking his hips, like he was putting his pants on. She also said someone said something about Brett Kavanaugh, full name, and his penis.

    Mind you, like the other woman, she had no memory of this for years, but then this repressed memory came up right when he was nominated for the Supreme Court. She had to really think about it for 6 days, and then consult with lawyers, before she came up with this memory. Like in the other case, not a single witness named will verify her account. They all either refused to comment or said it didn’t happen.

    And what’s the accusation? A flashing drinking game? She didn’t say if they were playing strip poker. There are photographs of her attending the wedding of the other people she said were involved. There are photos of her laughing and smiling with Brett Kavanaugh. This is the guy who traumatized her so badly that it took 35 years, plus 6 days and a few legal consultations, to come up with the memory.

    Female accusers are to be believed, but only when it’s against a Republican? How many times has injustice occurred because someone made an accusation without a shred of evidence, and a mob moved in?

    Bill Cosby’s accusers were able to get a conviction because, first of all, he actually drugged and raped them. It was no drunken flashing game. Although they did not report the crimes to the police, unfortunately, there was a history of similar accusations going back for decades. It was an established pattern of behavior. In addition, Cosby admitted to drugging women before he had sex with them.

    In this case, no one who was named as a witness can corroborate the event. They say it didn’t happen.

    In the 1960’s forward, women were taught to be aggressive sexually. To go for what they want. Cosmopolitan had articles about how to seduce your married boss. They were supposed to hunt for no strings attached hookups like men. And now we have a woman who was apparently traumatized by what sounds like either strip poker, or perhaps just a plastic dildo? And she’s trying to ruin his opportunity to get the highest possible job in his career?

    I have seen no proof that either accusation is true. In fact, everyone named denied it ever happened. Sexual predators in their 50s have a pattern of behavior that will span years.

    This is what happens when Republicans keep trying to bend over backwards to please Democrats. It’s not like they are going to say thank you. They will just keep on trying to sabotage.

    What Republicans should have done was not delay a single day. They offered to give Dr Ford an opportunity to testify. She refused. If that happens in court, don’t they lose the case? All Dr Ford has accomplished is delay the hearing, which was the end goal. Certainly not justice. Even her own therapist’s therapy notes contradict her story. They should have moved on without her. They should have treated the new latecomer’s story with the astonishment it deserved. So drunk she was on the floor? Didn’t remember for 35 years? Never saw Kavanaugh naked but he moved his hips? Had to really think about it for 6 days? Everyone in their acquaintance, even her own friends, say it didn’t happen? Is this a joke?

    Ronan Farrow admitted that the DNC has been soliciting for stories of wrongdoing against Kavanaugh. This is what they came up with?

    This is an attempted assassinating through political terrorism. If any conservative dares to attain high office, the Democratic party will attack them and try to ruin their career. They called Trump a Nazi anti-semite, all while he had a Jewish family and close ties with Netanyahu. Now they’ve pulled out all the stops to prevent Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court. The Republicans may have won the election, but Democrats demand a candidate that pleases them. They are willing to weaponize sexual assault accusations to get it.

    That is not how the Supreme Court nomination was supposed to work. It was recognized that the President got to pick a candidate to fill a vacancy in the Supreme Court. Republicans approved Democratic picks, and vice versa. Now it is no holds barred.

    The Republicans rolled over and failed to repeal and replace Obamacare, even though that was one of the first agenda items Trump tackled out of the gate. They ran their re-election campaigns on repeal and replace. What do they have to show for it? I am always harping on Democratic voters falling for the same ploy to get their votes. Vote for us and we’ll make your lives better through big government. Meanwhile, they deliver Chicago gangland and poo maps in San Francisco. The same goes for Republicans.

    If Republicans allow themselves to be manipulated by Democrats in this fashion, and fail to support a man who is being targeted for no other reason than that he is a conservative trying to attain high office, then what is the point for Republican voters to bother voting? This assassination can only take place with Brutus. The one thing I can say about Democrats is that they dance in step. Republicans do not.

    1. I long for the days when Democrats and Republicans merely argued about big government and small, spending, and policy.

      With the abuse of power of so many government agencies against conservatives, the alignment of the mainstream media and K-graduate school with the far Left, the violence and threats against conservatives, and the rise of Socialism, the power struggle has become much darker and more unfriendly.

      The Left is fighting to make us another Venezuela. I am deeply concerned that even we moderates in the middle are going to be torn apart. People I know routinely cut all ties with anyone who supports Trump. The abuse of power has caused my own opinion of the DNC to sink dramatically. I don’t want to become prejudiced against Democrats when its the party with which I have a problem. But that is a danger. It is difficult to hear more and more previously moderate Democrats repeat the fallacy that Trump wants to tear children from their parents’ arms. They seem unaware that Obama separated children too, and that those photos of kids in cages were taken under Obama. The DNC passes out these nuggets of slander for their believing masses to sow like caltrops in a field. You think you are having a nice walk with mixed political company when all of a sudden you take a nasty step.

      We find the United States in an existential crisis. Inexplicably, Socialists believe that every single abusive Socialist regime wasn’t practicing “true” socialism. All the socialist countries got it wrong, and if only they were the benign dictators, they would usher in utopia. Meanwhile, the rest of us know history, and understand that Socialism has murdered over 100 million people, not counting those who starved. We cannot let this happen. It was a grave error to allow the education system to become infested with people from the far Left, who still long for a benevolent dictatorship to care for the people. This opinion has become mainstreamed. No high school graduate should think that Socialism is a good idea. If our education system had accurately taught history, government, and the constitution, then such extremes on the Left might not have found fertile soil. That might have saved the bond between Republican and Democrat. After all, we are all Americans. Only now, Democrats have become so extreme that such a statement would be taken as xenophobic and white nationalist.



    Since Trump took office, the public has pretty consistently held more favorable than unfavorable views of Obamacare, according to surveys from the Kaiser Family Foundation and poll aggregates by RealClearPolitics. It’s the longest stretch where Obamacare’s approval ratings were above water since passage. In fact, it’s the only such stretch in the RealClearPolitics data.

    So what happened?

    In part, voters learned what Obamacare does. And when they did, they realized they’d been fans all along.

    Tax cuts never inflamed quite the same passionate public responses (positive or negative) that Obamacare did — perhaps because tax rates matter more to donors than voters.

    In fact, Americans’ top complaints about the federal tax system are that some corporations and the wealthy “don’t pay their fair share,” according to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey. Yet the GOP tax bill allowed these two groups to shirk more of the country’s tax burden — something voters correctly identified in a recently leaked internal Republican National Committee poll.

    No wonder, then, that the bill has remained deeply underwater for almost the entire period since it was announced. So Republican campaign ads have pared back mention of the tax law over time, too. Congressional efforts for a Tax Cuts 2.0, which would cost another $2 trillion, have likewise slowed.

    Edited from: “The GOP’s Two Top Priorities Seem To Be Duds. So What Does The Party Stand For?”

    This evening’s WASHINGTON POST

    1. I posted the above to illustrate how Republican priorities are often unpopular with the general public. And I believe Kavanaugh is regarded with suspicion for largely the same reason. His judicial-political record indicates a tendency to side with corporations over people. And then there is, of course, the unshakable sense that Kavanaugh will vote to overturn Roe v Wade; a clearly unpopular position, according to most polls.

      1. “I posted the above to illustrate how Republican priorities are often unpopular with the general public.” The majority of the public opposes illegal immigration in general, and mass illegal immigration specifically.

        The UK felt the same way, too. Their leaders, too, ignored their feelings on mass illegal immigration, and the waves of “refugees” without background checks. After all the terrorist attacks, the people had had enough. They exited the European Union because of it. Their leaders were confidently saying that almost unlimited migration was supported by their people right up until the Brexit vote.

        I liked how the Hungarian Prime Minister put it. Mass migration is not a human right. You do not get to say that you want to live in the US or Germany, not respect their borders, and think there’s nothing those countries will do about it. If you want to immigrate to Hungary, then you apply, outside Hungary, and go through the process. Period. They have rules that will be respected. The Hungarian people believed that the 29 terrorist attacks in Europe were the result of allowing an undifferentiated mass migration of people in, without proper security checks.

        Europe is paying the price now, not only with terrorist attacks, but in my opinion, all the increase in violence against women and Jewish people. Amazingly, setting foot on Western soil does not create Western values. They persecute the same people in the West that they persecuted in their homelands. Selecting those law abiding, good people who want to embrace Western values, in numbers that the benefits system, employment opportunities, and available land can support, is good for the country. Letting in entire swaths of people, without checking them, is irresponsible and foolish.

        Most Americans feel this way. That was one of the reasons why Trump won the election. The same people who predicted a Hillary landslide still don’t get it. They do not bother to understand anyone other than the coastal elites.

    2. Peter Hill. Perhaps the problem is that the mainstream media is far Left, and does not report on all of the problems with Obamacare. People still think it can be “fixed” because they do not understand its infrastructure.

      I do assure you that if everyone suffered the effects of an Obamacare individual policy, rather than be buffered by the employer footing the cost, then they would have run the Democrats out on a rail.

      1. Premiums and deductibles skyrocketed so that people pay the equivalent of a second mortgage and buying a car every year.
      2. Most doctors do not accept Obamacare individual policies. I was never able to find a reputable doctor who would. The pay cut is too great.
      3. Many top cancer treatment centers do not accept Obamacare individual policies. Such policies also cut out of network benefits. If you have cancer, and have an individual policy, you may be screwed out of your chance at remission.
      4. Drug formularies tightened and off formulary benefits were completely removed. If you need medicine, it may have gone off formulary, and your out of pocket cost won’t count towards your max caps.
      5. Obamacare was a catastrophe for insurers. Obama got their support, because everyone in the nation was going to be forced to buy insurance. Sounded like a great idea. Only, it was so expensive that most insurers left the individual market altogether. CA lost insurers every year. There are many Exchanges around the country with only 1 insurer, and there are those that folded altogether because not a single insurer was in that area.
      6. I had someone hack my bank info, which caused my debit card to freeze. That interfered with my monthly premium payment. My insurance cancelled me. I provided a letter indicating that I had been the victim of a crime. I was told that it didn’t matter what the reason was. Non payment for any reason is written into the ACA causes termination. The policy may not be reinstated. If I had been subsidized, I would have had 90 days to correct the problem before termination, but I’m part of the hated middle class, the bourgeoisie. I was going to have to wait until open enrollment, which was more than half the year. Plus, I was going to get fined on my taxes for not having insurance. I have asthma. Although, come to think of it, since I was paying out of pocket to see my doctors, I’m not sure what protection my policy would have offered me. Maybe it would have worked like a catastrophic policy for a hospital stay, although I don’t know if any local hospitals took it. Luckily, a relative was able to offer me a telecommuting job, and I got employer benefits that way. I escaped Obamacare.
      7. Obamacare forced me to bundle pediatric dental insurance with my individual policy. However, they shared the same deductible. That meant that I had to spend $6,000 in a deductible before the insurance would pay for anything. But CA forced me to buy it. It was just a freebie to the insurance companies, an insurance policy very few people would actually be able to collect a benefit on. I don’t know if they ever separated the deductibles out. It was a total scam.
      8. It was passed on deliberate lies. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” It was all known to be false at the time. As one of the architects said, it was passed using the “stupidity of the American public”. They thought they knew what was best for us better than we did, so they lied and defrauded us.

      Unsubsidized middle class cannot afford Obamacare. It raised healthcare costs by thousands of dollars. They lost their insurance plans and doctors that they liked. They lost access to doctors and cancer treatment specialists.

      The worst changes hit those with individual policies. We are a minority of the population. The employer policy changes trickled in a little bit at a time, and the employer buffers some of those costs from the employees.

      Anyone who supports Obamacare either does not understand what it does to people, or they are incredibly callous and cruel. It destroyed access to healthcare for the middle class. Articles have been written about how the middle class on individual polices now avoids medical care to save money. It gave a false promise of quality healthcare to the poor. They don’t have the same quality as those on good employer polices. They still enjoy county style care. Only now the middle class individual policy holders do, too, except they pay the equivalent of a Cadillac plan premium and a Catastrophic policy deductible for the privilege of substandard health care. They still have to pay out of pocket to see anyone good. And to add insult to injury, they’ll be fined by the government if they don’t play ball.

      Peter, I hope you educate yourself on this issue. Because I assume you vote. If you did, then you voted a humanitarian crisis upon your fellow man. You and others have been told what this has done to people. If you continue on, then you do so with the full knowledge of the harm it has done. You have no moral leg to stand on.

      1. Karen, one of my best friends recently had surgery for cancer at UCLA Medical Center, one the best cancer treatment centers on the west coast. The one bright spot in my friend’s ordeal was the coverage he recieved through Obamacare. It saved him from bankruptcy! So I dont know where you get off saying that hospitals won’t accept Onamacare. Here you are, an aggressive ignoramus, accusing me of ignorance.what a fool!


    The Resistance didn’t quite hit it out of the park with Christine Blasey Ford. After all, how effective for the purpose of character assassination is a claim of “attempted rape” without even a when-and-where piece of the story? So the DC Dem-Progs have gone to their bench and found a real thumper in Deborah Ramirez who steps forward now with the ultimate giant-killer story of Brett Kavanaugh “thrusting his penis in her face and causing her to touch it without her consent,” (as reported in The New Yorker Magazine by Ronan Farrow, America’s self-appointed great white penis-hunter, and estranged son of filmmaker Woody Allen, infamous, reputed penis-mishandler).

    The charge was obviously crafted to prompt the news media to repeat the word “penis” as many times possible because the word itself has terrifying powers to shock women’s sensibilities. And understandably so. It’s not for nothing that the rakes of merry old England referred to the male generative organ as “the frightful hog.” In our time, a better analog might be the ghastly interloper aboard the space-tug Nostromo in the classic sci-fi shocker Alien. Remember how it burst out of astronaut John Hurt’s chest, all slimy, drippy, and goopy, and sort of water-skied out of the sick bay to hide in the bilges? Dear me! Almost gave me a heart attack at the time and I was barely into my thirties.

    Fast forward about seventy minutes to the climactic third reel where Warrant Officer Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is preparing desperately to escape the wrecked Nostromo in her space lifeboat… and look who’s aboard starring her right in the face: the now full-grown alien beast, all goopy and tumescent, a veritable penis-of-death from another world. The movie came out in 1979, just a few years before the alleged facial penis-thrusting in the Yale freshman dorm. One wonders if Deborah Ramirez had seen the film and was possibly suffering from post-Alien-shock syndrome (PASS).

    Here the Resistance has come up with a story so vivid and awful that it almost guarantees conviction without any necessary proof. I’m sure it will do the trick. It’s certainly an improvement over the old Anita Hill tale of Clarence Thomas noticing a pubic hair on his Coke can. A mere hair! The proto-Resistance of 1991 was far too timid in that case, and Mr. Thomas actually landed on the supreme court! Apparently, they learned their lesson on that one: When swinging for the fences, haul out the heavy lumber.

    The part that I find interesting in the New Deborah Ramirez accusation is this:

    After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney, Ramirez said that she felt confident enough of her recollections to say that she remembers Kavanaugh had exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.

    Six days of meditation, prayer, memory-wracking, attorney-prompting, and — no doubt — earnest and heartfelt coaching by Resistance memory-recovery shamans, overcame the effects of 35 years and, say, seven Jello-shots to retrieve the details of that long-ago encounter. (No one mentioned bong-hits, at least not yet, but how could there not have been, on top of the drinking games?) But the real gold in the story comes in this revelation:

    Ramirez, who was raised a devout Catholic, in Connecticut, said that she was shaken. “I wasn’t going to touch a penis until I was married.”

    Really? Maybe she should have gone to the weekly meeting of the Yale Freshman Women’s Math and Physics Circle instead of an apparently mostly male dorm party convened for the purpose of getting shitfaced drunk with the greatest possible efficiency. Did she not know what was going on there? Was she forced to stick around? Did the boys make her down those shots?

    Now that all American womanhood has been faced, shall we say, with the image of the looming universal horrifying penis, all bets on the Kavanaugh nomination are off. But the gambit does raise the possibility that it will be answered by some rough justice from the conservative side of the field. It will be interesting to see in the weeks and months ahead how many Democratic house and senate members will be revealed as would-be rapists and sluts. I can’t imagine that none of them have secrets to hide. In fact, I would take the Ramirez accusation as tantamount to a declaration of war by the Resistance. And as the old saying goes, all’s fair in love and war.

    1. How do the Democrats keep a straight face holding up John McCain and Ramirez as their heroes? They hated McCain with a savage passion, especially during his election run. Now since he and Trump had issues before he passed away he’s a martyr? That’s like the enemy who slandered you to all your friends and tried to get your fired, showing up at your funeral in deep mourning.

      And if Ramirez had tearfully recounted playing a drinking game and being traumatized because she saw a penis at a college party, and being Catholic, she was saving any knowledge of a penis for her wedding night, they would have pilloried her. They would have made an SNL skit about her at the least, and probably a new recurring character. She would be a punchline in mean spirited comedy routines.

      However, since this might hurt Trump, they went out and bought some pearls to clutch.

      No one that she claims was there corroborates her story.

      That seems to be a troubling trend. 11th hour accusations. “Memories” repressed for decades. Refusals to testify. Just let me make this bold accusation and retire to my adoring fans. No, no, taking a single question would be too traumatic. That would indicate you don’t believe me, and if you don’t believe me, without a shred of evidence, then you are a white male defending the patriarchal rape culture.

      The open goal is to delay and shuttle the nomination, not any quest for justice.

      Kavanaugh deserves better.

  6. O’k, to find the right candidate that will have impeccable credentials we should go to the Trappist monastery in Spencer Massachusetts and have one of the monks be appointed to the court.

  7. It seems that judge Kavanaugh is guilty in the court of credibility. Incredible.

  8. Does anybody here know anything about the court of credibility? Something new here.

    1. Well, IB, we use to call it the Ecclesiastical Court and then the Star Chamber. You don’t know the charges, accusers or the evidence but you get to prove yourself innocent without a lawyer. If you lose, they throw a bonfire for you or you get a very primitive necktie. Sometimes the special folks get to oversee the city for months on a pike. Very medieval.

  9. Sometimes my postings come out as anonymous. But I do like to look at the world through my eyes and not someone else’s. Trump was not my first choice, but on Election Day those were our choices. It’s like 5 card stud. Your dealt 5 cards and those are the cards you play with. Or you can just stay home.

  10. One has to wonder how much money these women are receiving either directly or indirectly for their “story”.

    1. Welp, I suppose after they testify, if they still want to testify, the relevant financial records can be subpoenaed by the Senate and the US Attorney for the District of Columbia.

      In defense of Ramirez, her story reads like it was coaxed out her with leading questions by that skunk Ronan Farrow.

    2. Darren……I can’t count that high. The previews of Martha McCallam’s interview of Judge Kavanaugh and his wife are hard to watch because .he looks so incredibly sad. His wife also. The interview is at 6 pm Central. This entire thing is a tragedy, and was created to destroy this fine man and his family. Who does that to another human being? What kind of country have we become?

      1. Alinskyite By Any Means Necessary has been the modus operandi of the Democratic Party in re Republican Supreme Court nominations for about 50 years now. The only Democratic nominee who has had his integrity impugned in that time was Abe Fortas, who was tainted enough that he elected to resign from the court (he being an associate justice nominated for Chief Justice) rather than risk impeachment proceedings. This is pure aggression on the part of the Democratic Party, and they get more unscrupulous every year.

        1. Regarding impeachment proceedings, Democrats know they need this full-court press now because once he’s confirmed they’ll never get the required votes to impeach.

      2. My only thought as I watched that interview is that Kavanaugh needs to be more alpha male and less beta male. Come out swinging.

        I also wished Trump would have nominated an Italian-American for the post and then invited all the “relations” to the hearing Thursday. Wonder how the accusations would have gone then. You don’t trifle with them and especially theirs:

        1. mespo……… the picture! Are those yours? Really neat.
          I cried a little at the end of Kavanaughs interview when he said that they. weren’t going to give in or give up, whatever the the exact quote was…his voice was choking up and it really got to me.

            1. mespo………what a great heritage!
              And yes, if the nominee were Italian, his entire extended family would show up! That would be fun.
              Have you read the story by Prof Turley about his Italian family and family gatherings? It’s a scream!
              Our closest friend is Italian and is so funny at the dinner table. No one ever gets to finish a sentence!…He said that’s
              the way every meal was at home..LOL

              1. Cindy:

                He’s right! JT is hybrid Italian meaning he’s half Irish, too. I called that match a “pickled Italian, “ but my Irish wife gets perturbed. I’m a thoroughbred with Esposito on one side and Straccioni on the other. No one ever finished a sentence at Sunday dinner at my house either. I miss those characters though. Oh the cussing during the bocce matches!

                Once during a summer vacation at Grandma Minnie’s house (my Nona) some bully was picking on the neighborhood kids, I, as the older one, went out to see what was up. The kid was mean but cowardly and when he swung at me it was no real punch. More like a slap. My uncle taught me to box so He was dispatched pretty quickly. When I went back in the house my Nona and Aunt were standing by the window — one with a mop and one with a broom. For some reason, my uncle had his old sword out, too. I asked why they were cleaning at this late hour and they said they weren’t cleaning; they were watching to see how I did and were going to pummel the kid if I wasn’t winning the bout.

                See what I mean about the “relations.” You fight one, you fight ‘em all.

                1. LOL! Oh I love that story! What a family. Our friend is actually half Irish too……but the Italian side definitely won the toss!
                  His grandfather owned THE Italian restaurant in Springfield Illinois in the 40’s and 50s. “Roma”.was the name.
                  One of the funniest scenes in a movie was in the 1980’s or early 90’s about the Italian kid who tried to win the lottery……..there’s a family dinner scene where the sister is cussing out everybody….she’s very foul mouthed…The dad said “who’s gonna marry you with a mouth like that!”..Next scene……she brings home a new boy friend….He’s from Sicily, she announces! LOL
                  When our daughter lived in NYC she took us to what she said was the best Little Italy in the 5 burroughs…the Bronx.
                  We had the best Italian food we ever had……and the cafe had no name, no sign, out front. Great experience.

        2. A very fine-looking brood. Of course, they couldn’t take the boat trip now; the day glo bozo doesn’t like immigrants.

        3. I agree, Mespo. A warrior can be polite while still wearing his sword. Any weakness or attempt to appease will be exploited.

          With what I know so far, I truly believe this man has been targeted for a political hit. It’s wrong. I want to see more backbone in his defenders in the committee. The DNC has made a habit out of trying to ruin the careers of conservatives for years. They have the full force of the opinion shapers – the mainstream media, Hollywood, and academia behind them.

          Heck, look how much force of government is focused against a single cake baker.

          It’s time we learn how to stand up against this type of super predator.

          If the DNC gets away with this, who is going to want to be up next for a conservative pick for SCOTUS, or, indeed, any other prominent position? This is an attempt to terrorize conservatives people out of holding office. Even the FBI has thrown its weight behind threatening practically anyone who shook hands with Trump. They’re not even trying to hide the double standard with Ketih Ellison, whose accuser does have proof in eyewitnesses, texts, emails,, etc.

          A coup by a thousand cuts.

          Shoulders back and head up, Kavanaugh. Push through.

    3. lawsuit financing is what they call it today, in the old days it was called

    4. Darren, it doesn’t seem that Dr Ford really needs money. She and her husband own two houses in Greater San Francisco. They are, at the very least, single digit millionaires.

      1. Legal fees can add up with astonishing rapidity, especially during defamation suits. The smart money says if these two had to finance their representation out of pocket, they wouldn’t be headed to Washington. (And, please note, she and her lawyers are stalling).

        1. Kavanaugh is going to sue..?? I haven’t seen that story.

          Are we to believe that a Federal Judge would take a leave of absence from the bench to pursue a personal civil suit? And does Kavanaugh really want to testify again in civil court?

  11. Nothing could convince me more that Brett Kavanaugh is the right choice for the Supreme Court than watching the Democrats take the safeties off the torpedoes they are launching to sink his nomination.

    1. Sure, but you’ve already publicly identified yourself as one who wants to control women’s bodies without their consent through the force of law. No surprise here.

      this is to “ya, I’d like to revisit the bygone days when women were chattel property” ollie

      1. but you’ve already publicly identified yourself as one who wants to control women’s bodies without their consent through the force of law.

        LOL! One thing that courses through most Lefties veins is the propensity to accuse others of what they do themselves. I am proud to defend the lives of innocent unborn babies as you are in defending the women that want to kill them.

        This is to “I wish I had some billable hours” Marky Mark Mark and his newest best bud sock-puppet Kitty.

        1. No “babies” here. But hiding behind the imaginary bodies of make-believe children may get some gullibles to buy in, so you’ve always got that, if nothing else.

          this is to ” Straw-man, meet scarecrow” olly

      2. Mark, in all honesty, the overwhelming majority of people do not agree with the abortion of a full term fetus. Most also do not support abortion during the period of time when a C-section could produce a healthy child. Many also have a limit before this.

        Very, very few extremists support unlimited abortion on demand, even that of a partially delivered infant who just hasn’t drawn air yet. They would find the severing of his spinal chord in the birth canal to be infanticide murder.

        So, the overwhelming majority of people have a point at which they believe that they have the right to impose laws governing a woman’s body. At some point, they believe that the unborn child has the right to safety, just like the newly delivered infant has a right to safety.

        Unless you, yourself, support the abortion of a full term infant in the birth canal, partially born but having not yet drawn air, then you, too, would impose laws that control what a woman does with her body. Or, rather, the other person within her body.

        The difficulty lies in that people draw that line in different places. We can never have a national conversation about where that line should be until we can talk about the issues. A typical straw man argument that tries to end the conversation instead is to accuse someone who opposes abortion as believing women are chattel.

        1. No one here except the wackjobby is talking about such make-believe nonsense. Of course we are discussing just regular, plain-vanilla abortion which millions of American women have a constitutional right to. Dishonestly referencing an abortion which occurs after six months–which so rarely happens that it is akin to a white whale–shows that you and your ilk are well-aware that the vast majority of Americans support that constitutional right and don’t have any legitimate response.

          this is to “we will teach those sluts to keep their knees together” karen

      1. Karen,
        There is no way any Democrats would be changing the standard to guilty until proven innocent if they believed for one nanosecond there was evidence of guilt. Having torpedoes in the water without constitutional safeties threatens everyone. And these torpedoes will run until they hit something.

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