He Said, She Said, They Said . . .: Two Men Reportedly Claim That They Assaulted Ford

download-6In a new twist, Committee staff has reportedly interviewed two men who say that they were actually the two teens who may as assaulted Christine Blasey Ford in 1982 and not Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  It is not clear what further information will be released on this latest disclosure but it raises an obviously serious matter for both sides.  I remain leery of this lat minute leak and the lack of details — unfortunately a common element in this ongoing controversy.


The report says that a man gave details about the assault and that a second man corroborated the account. Those details could be inserted into questions for Ford today and, if she confirms them, could be used to reaffirm the accounts of these men.

Ford maintains that she may not remember details but does remember Kavanaugh.  Moreover, the lack of details here is unfair to Ford.  If there are two such witnesses, either they are credible or they are not.  The burden is on the Committee to come forward with information on whether they believe that this is credible and not just leak the incomplete story.

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  1. Trumps next Supreme Court appointee would be a woman. I wonder what whore house the Democrats will say she worked at?

    1. Independent Bob – I told you Trump is picking Grunhilda the Hun for his next SC pick. She will be an actual Valkyrie.

    1. Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Mark Halperin…

      And then there’s CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin who cheated on his wife, got his mistress pregnant, denied paternity, fought it in court…

      On and on the hypocrisy goes…

  2. Now we know why the communists have pushed so hard against true criminal abusers of women like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves, Kevin Spacey et al. They wanted to weaponize women against male political enemies.

  3. Christine Blasey Ford must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in mid-November for filing a false report

  4. The “Me Too” movement’s embrace of “believe the accuser” is immoral. It is an attempt to overthrow thousands of years of wisdom:a return to the witch hunt, the guillotine, the killing fields. This is where the modern left wants to take us all.

  5. If Kavanaugh makes it to the Supreme Court, he will never forget this process as long as he lives. When he makes decisions on the bench, he won’t forget this.

    1. God bless Judge Kavanaugh’s ten year-old daughter.

      Her innocence was stolen by Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstein

      and the rest of the Central Committee.

    2. I’ve only watched the last part of her testimony so far. I started taping when they broke before Kavanaugh came on.

      What’s the latest???

      1. Karen………..personally I think he will be confirmed……And I would advise you not watch the first part of her testimony….Excruciating because of her baby talk and feigned confusion….unless she was very heavily medicated. It made me completely sick to watcvhed her be coddled. That’s my take.

    3. Ind Bob………you got it… I am impressed with all of the Republican elected officials from S.C.!

          1. Wait. You’re 15 years of age, recently in the process of being raped and you don’t remember how you got home, who drove you home or whom you talked to while driving home about just having been in the process of being raped? Perhaps you simply wandered around the city for three-to-six hours and magically ended up at home.

            That’s honest?

    1. Democrats cum liberals cum progressives cum socialists cum communists are lying rodents.

      Marxism posits that “the ends justify the means.”

      Marxists have no moral scruples and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

  6. Kamala Harris and Hirono coming up. Woo-hoo. Kavanaugh will join the Supreme Court. It’s over now for sure…start the celebrations now and continue celebrating until the actual vote.

  7. The Democrats keep trying to get Kavanaugh to call for an FBI investigation. Coons referenced him sitting through a job interview and at the conclusion being told of these allegations. What he should respond with is why would the panel ever invite him for the interview when one of the ranking members on the panel had in her possession the allegations? The interview wouldn’t even begin until that allegation was fully vetted and then the formal interview process begins or is taken off the table.

    1. There is no difference, in this type of scenario, between an FBI investigation and a Senate investigation. All individuals party to this matter have been interviewed, heard or given statements under penalty of felony.

      Effectively, there has been an FBI investigation; for the 7th time.

      Democrats want a delay.

      Democrats could care less about any investigation.

      An FBI investigation would delay.

  8. If only we had had the same thorough examination of the animal slick clinton. if only libs had been so vigorous in their determination to rake him across the coals.

    Kav ought to shut up now. He was making points until he hedged on having the FBI conduct an investigation. They’ll vote him in, but he left the door open for serious questions. I like Graham, but his theatrics didn’t cover for Kavs reluctance to bring the FBI in. If he had welcomed them, he’d be the obvious winner. He blew it.

    1. Kav definitely should not call for an FBI investigation…that would be dumb for obvious reasons: oh, and here’s another accuser so let’s delay even more so we can take this past the election. Biden’s words have come back to haunt the Dems.

      Graham hit it out of the park(I’m not sure what you were watching), as did Kavanaugh.

      1. He was beginning to sway me until he balked at that. Dems picked up on it. Smart and perceptive people saw him flinch. Too bad. Maybe not. Maybe they won’t vote him in. You don’t or you shouldn’t go around assaulting females and get away with it. I’m conservative. I’m for protecting anyone/everyone who is victimized by stronger people. Hate bullies.

        He performed well until they asked him about that and his drinking. I didn’t get the impression he was all that brilliant either. Not a George Will or W.F. Buckley.

        1. You also shouldn’t go around and falsely accuse males and get away with it.

          Are you on the left? You certainly don’t think like a conservative.

  9. I am watching the Senate Hearing. I respect the Judge. I would vote for him. I think the accussor was lame. I would vote against any Senator who votes against Kavannaugh.
    Leahy from Vermont is making as arse out of himself.

  10. Wow. Kavanaugh’s opening testimony was stunning, powerful.

    This is the end of the “me too” movement.

    1. If only he was willing to say “Of course I approve of having the FBI examine all this” he would have killed it. He doesn’t want it and that is a big tell.

      1. oh except they have already investigated the hell out of him. numerous times.

        suddenly the democrats have no confidence in previous FBI investigations

        here’s what you need to watch.

      2. Betty lou…….you’re wrong. Brett said whatever the comm.wants…There is no address, no definite time, no date…no location….So what the hell would they investigate? It’s stupid, especially after 6 other FBI investigations.

          1. betty lou bates – he said he was okay with the FBI when this all started, not when it just drags on even more.

      3. betty lou bates – it just delays the process and I am sure his wife is going nuts at this point. She just wants it to end. Are you married? Would you like the FBI crawling through your high school behavior? Although, if they go through his they have to go through Dr. Ford’s and Swetlink’s. I want to know why Swetlink did not report those gang rapes?

        1. Of course not, but that’s the price you pay to join the SC. Scrutiny up the butt and more. With nothing to hide you convince your opponents that you’re legit by welcoming an investigation.

          1. Betty lou…….again! It is stupid to have FBI investigation because there is nothing to investigate! He has had SIX background checks! SIX. You must not know anything about FBI investigations.

        2. PC Schulte,..
          Swetlink did report the gang rapes….to Avenneti😉😄.
          I think Avenneti’s name came up today more than Swetland’s…..most of the references about him were not exactly positive.

        3. Paul – Part of the reason she didn’t report them was addressed by another woman in an article about how things were perceived at the time. She wrote that she was aware of them going on but they “didn’t consider it rape.” I’m aware of one instance in my school where a “train” was pulled on a girl who had a reputation for being loose. I didn’t participate, because I was scared honestly. This was in the school building during school hours. I don’t think alcohol was involved although weed wouldn’t surprise me. I assumed it was consensual and the word rape didn’t cross my mind. I suspect the boys of Georgetown Prep didn’t consider themselves rapists.

          1. That’s because they weren’t rapists, enigma.
            You can’t accept that alot of whites are good people. You hate white rich boys ( and men), especially. Too bad.

            1. If they druggeg or spiked drinks and got women incapacitated against their will and then a line of boys had sex with them, I hate to disagree with you but that would be rape. Nowhere in my comments was anything about race, in fact the bad behavior I was aware of in high school was mostly (but not all) black kids. It was Minnesota.

              1. enigma – doesn’t make any difference which state you are in, if they are spiking the drinks and pulling trains on the girls without permission, it is rape. And Swetlink or whatever is complicit.

              2. Enigma……..you said the Georgetown Prep boys didn’t consider themselves rapists….Well, they did not have the parties you are describing! That was made up ….Get it?

                1. Cindy — Then Mark Judge made it up when he described just such a party to his then girlfriend. Your living in a world where you refuse to believe any facts that don’t fit your narrative.

                  1. enigma – there is a one off and then there is a chain of 10. I “knew” a girl who willingly participated in one of these. I did not know her in the Biblical sense. There in lies the question. Willing participant or rape victim? And was Kavanaugh involved?

                    1. enigma – Swetnik sounds a little to sleazy to me. Ten gang rapes she goes to and doesn’t report. And she is out of high school, so she is older than the kids at the party. Is she supplying the girls? The drugs? The booze? She lives 20 miles away? That is a long drive for a party. I never drove more than 7-10 miles to party (10 if it was in the boonies).

                      Seriously, the sisterhood should track her down and take her pussy hat away. If I knew one of my classmates was being gang raped I would either report it and/or try to stop it. I am small and wirey. I can bite their ankles.

                    2. Paul – Yes, let’s focus on the vile witness and not concern ourselves with the rapists. As I recall, she was a rape victim herself (but did not identify Judge or Kavanaugh as her rapists). One thing she did do was ask for an FBI investigation which would be strange to put herself in the way of being charged with lying to the FBI if she weren’t telling the truth.
                      I only saw part of Ford’s testimony but all of Kavanaugh’s. He was evasive, refused to answer some questions and confronted his questioners at other times. Whatever you think of his demeanor, it wasn’t judicial temperament, especially as he would one day deal with cases involving some of the people or entities he has such resentment for.

                    3. these kinds of things are notorious for football players but not the ones from private high schools. more so universities. high school kids are a little less bold in their endeavors. mostly.

                      title IX investigations now exist systematically of such things, because there have been so many such incidents over the years.

                      I heard plenty of gossip at my major university and no names here will be mentioned.

                      i’m not the guy who said it first but yes a lot of the gossip related to black football players but there was a white guy who was supposedly in on some of these incidents i recall as well.

                      the gossip did not posit that the girls were unwilling…. but drinking was involved; over time, the pattern that emerges sometimes seems, as i understand it is, people find out, there is gossip, and then the girl is very embarrassed, understandably so, and then a lack of consent is sometimes manufactured to cover her shameless indulgence in the group sex.

                      sex is complicated; often girls are pressured and they consent drunkenly and foolishly, but they still form a sufficient legal consent. the lines of this have been blurred and pulled to the side of stricter and stricter requirements for what is consent. a lack of objection, is that still enough? etc.

                      then there is lurking in the backround, the memory of Emmet Till and the fictional story “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

                      Switching back to politics: Here is where the anita hill thing was not quite picture perfect; they needed a black accuser of the black judge or else the fit to To Kill a Mockingbird would have been to close. well they found her.

                      many of the title IX investigations that find no probable cause, and are swept under the rug, are indeed one white girl and a bunch of black football players. yes, oh, certainly more than a handful every the years if not every year…… listen, just because it’s a cultural stereotype, doesnt mean this doesnt happen and maybe even happen a lot!

                      the Dems kept race out of this one, but, even if the accuser is white and so is the alleged perp; there is still the question of did it happen at all, and if it happened, was this the guy? and if it did happen and this was him, was there really a lack of consent?

                      sex crime prosecutions are hard and people who investigate, i believe, try and be fair. the public is not very fair sometimes. Today they may want to gore a Republican ox but the day will come when gorings abound in all directions.

                    4. Mr Kurtz – I would disagree. They kept race in it. Both are WHITE. What is more horrible than a WHITE MALE? It is all the WHITE PRIVILEGE. They really didn’t go into her WHITE PRIVILEGE, but they sure did his. Everyone one of those hypocrites up there has or had their kids in a private school in the Virginia or Maryland area. Do we hear about that? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  2. His description to her, years, later, did not incorporate gang rapes. It was a woman servicing men in a line. And what’s this got to do with Kavanaugh?

                    1. This is a man confessing a heinous act to his girlfriend. It seems natural he’d tell his best version of the event with no one to challenge it. There is another person saying Judge AND Kavanaugh spiked drinks, planned gang rapes and were seen standing in line. Everything thus far is allegations. Te FBI seems to have done a good job catching people lying in the Russia investigation when they have a template to follow. We will see what comes from the investigation?

                    2. Enigma, no sentient individual takes Julia Swetwick seriously. Late4Yoga might pretend to do so for effect.

                  3. enigma…..You know that about me, huh Longinus? What world is that?
                    Well, thank you for taking time out of your baby killing responsibilities to assess my problem.

      4. That would be incredibly dumb. Kavanaugh clearly killed it. He will be confirmed tomorrow…there is zero doubt at the point. The only way he doesn’t get confirmed tomorrow would be if he followed your “advice.”

    2. We can only hope.
      They are attacking the most powerful of the powerful.
      This kind of targeting usually eventually bubbles down to laws and actions that will put a due process and standard of evidence in place that is sorely missing in these public character assassinations that are going on right and left and bringing powerful people down like bowling pins.

  11. Committee staffers [Republican?] lining up fall guys [false confessors] for Kavanaugh is . . standard operating procedure for The Kremlin of The Russian Federation. Putin will be proud of his protégés . . . Trump and the GOP.

  12. Brandon Tatum, former police officer, has some good points. He said in his experience, people cannot cry without tears. If they don’t wipe their eyes or have wet eyes, it’s fake. He found it strange why she went upstairs, didn’t seem aware of 2 stumbling drunk guys up there. She is tall and Kavanaugh is short but he overpowered her without injury. Judge jumping on them bounced 2 people off a bed, but it wasn’t a water bed. 2 rapists let her go hide in a bathroom with a flimsy lock and didn’t try to stop her or push the door in. They were so drunk they stumbled down the stairs. Then she bolted in a panic from the house but none of her friends there remarked on it.

    All of this could have been questioned by the attorney but wasn’t.


    1. Kavanaugh was a football player in high school. That she got away from him was the tell that the story was a fabrication.

        1. betty lou bates – you know him personally? Is that how you know what kind of football player he was? However, she has probably put on some height and pounds since the incident occurred.

    2. oh that is good karen, spread that one all around. very good comments from the gentleman

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