Maryland Will Open Criminal Investigation Of Kavanaugh If Ford Files A Complaint

download-7Not long after President Donald Trump ordered a one-week investigation of the FBI into allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Maryland officials have announced that they will launch a criminal investigation into the attempted rape allegations of Christine Blasey Ford if she files a complaint.  That would create the unprecedented situation of a nominee under criminal investigation as the Senate voted on confirmation.

Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger and Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy noted however that they would have to apply the law as it existed at the time in 1982.

That would mean investigating Kavanaugh 36 years later for a crime that was a misdemeanor (either assault or attempted rape) with a one-year statute of limitations.  According to the Baltimore Sun, they stated “The Montgomery County Police Department and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office stand ready to investigate any sexual assault allegation from any victim where the incident occurred in our jurisdiction.”

That investigation would by necessity go on for weeks — prompting likely calls for an additional delay.

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  1. Is the Montgomery County delegation requesting that all equally “credible” allegations of sexual impropriety be investigated.

    I am sure the MC council members have some old college day stories. All the women who were ever assaulted in MC should file a criminal complaint now according to the MC Delegation.

  2. Maryland will investigate “some crime” that is still undefined (it isn’t attempted rape) knowing that any statue of limitations has expired. One would think that Maryland has no crime problems to worry about if they can spend time on matters for which they can’t indict, much less convict. It’s about time we dust off the perjury and conspiracy books and see what this left wing rabble can be prosecuted for.

    1. There is still some measure of deterrence in picking up the case to investigate. There is still a big problem in MD with predatory partying, in teens, in colleges, and at Annapolis.

    1. Considering how many sex scandals the Jesuits have been involved in over the past 30 years, I would think they would want to keep a real low profile. Why on Earth do you think Kavanaugh’s nomination should be withdrawn? I hope it is not because this left wing wacko conspiracy to destroy him.

  3. Some so-called recent operas are good enough to form part of the permanent repetoire. For example “Nixon Goes to China”.

    These matters surrounding Kavanaugh are a tragedy. No matter how it turns out, this is the making of a story which can be used as the book for what is called high opera.

    Suggest a title. Maybe just “Kavanaugh”.

    1. reminds me that Henry Kissinger was another notorious cocksman to make the likes of Kavanaugh look like a Jesuit schoolboy. uh, which he was.

      1. No, he just got a date out of Jill St. John. A friend of Kissinger’s was interviewed some years ago and offered this assessment: “no one cared if Sherman Adams wore the vicuna coat.”

      2. True, but Kissinger was/is a “Rockefeller Man” so nobody would have touched him. He also played both sides. He consulted with Lyndon Johnson in 1968 about peace talks. Then, when it looked like Nixon would win, he fed confidential material to Nixon. Of course the worst government official in recent memory was Jack Kennedy, he fed confidential material to Nixon. Of course the worst government official in recent memory.

        Justice Hugo Black, unfortunately from my state, had to have one of the worst backgrounds ever. Besides being a member of the KKK (he said he “had too” funny my grandfather was an attorney here and locked horns with Black, and my grandfather was very successful without being a member of the KKK. Black was a real hateful anti-Catholic, which is why he invented the fallacy of “separation of church and state.” He didn’t care about Christian churches, he just wanted to gut the Catholic schools. Black was a real terrible man.

        Black, while on the Court, colluded with Lydon Johnson’s lawyer Abe Fortas after a US District Court ruled that Johnson had basically stolen the 1948 election. Black helped out Fortas and Johnson won. Fortas was appointed to the Supreme Cout by Johnson but had to resign after several years after it was disclosed that he was accepting $20,000 from a wealthy family for life.
        Flex Frankfurter colluded with FDR to make sure the 4 German saboteurs in the World War II case of
        Ex parte Quirin–just to make sure they were all executed without almost any due process.

        Everyone’s memory is very selective.

    1. The FBI should talk to her…so they can arrest her for making false statements to an FBI officer.

      Avenatti’s client has made false accusations about sexual misconduct before.

  4. TBob, I cannot read what seems to be addressed to me below because the gutter width is but one character wide on this mobile device.

    If you expect me to read it start over with a brand new comment. Thank you.

    1. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me eleven citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after seventeen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – no special privileges for you. It is 7:15, work on your computer where you have a wider screen.

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