Gallup: Hillary Clinton Remains More Unpopular Than Trump Two Years After The Election

Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziWhile Democratic politicians and groups continue to use Hillary Clinton as a matinee draw for fundraisers and campaign events, a new Gallup poll shows Clinton remains at record lows in the polls.  Indeed, she remains more unpopular than Donald Trump at 36%.   Trump has a 41% popularity.  It is a striking disconnect. Many of us were critical when the Democratic establishment (and virtually every Democratic member of Congress) all but guaranteed the nomination of Clinton despite every poll showing her to be unpopular and the voters seeking an anti-establishment choice.  Now, even after two years of book tours and speeches, Clinton is still distinctly unpopular but Democratic groups continue to make her the face of the Democratic campaign for the midterms.  It shows the hold of the Clintons on some in the Democratic ranks even though she is likely to continue to alienate many who are looking for an alternative this election.

Gallup notes that, according to past polling and trends, Clinton should become more not less popular at this point.

We have previously tracked the polling showing that Clinton would still lose to Trump in prior polls.

I admit that I have never understood the hold of the Clintons who have long been divisive and damaging figures for the party from their various scandals in Arkansas and Washington to the impeachment to the 2016 election.  Nevertheless, they were incredibly nimble in placing loyalists into positions of power and, in one of the most controversial moves, effectively taking over the finances of the Democratic party before the last nomination.  Even with years of worsening polls showing that Hillary Clinton remains politically radioactive for many voters and unpopular with most.  Nevertheless, with both houses at stake, the Democrats are again bringing out Clinton in videos and campaign speeches.

Trump and his people must be delighted by the return of Clinton given these and past polling numbers.  At the same time, Trump does not appear in the free fall that many suggest.  Indeed, he is far more popular than figures like French President Emmanuel Macron, who is often celebrated as a critic.

None of this means that the Democrats are unlikely to take the House and possibly the Senate. However, they again seem willing to risk the margin with the Clintons and ignoring the clear sentiment of the voters.

Many voters are clearly willing to vote against the Republicans in opposition to Trump, but the Democrats again seem to want to replay the same message with Clinton and the Democratic establishment.  The voters are not leaving the GOP because they like the Democratic establishment. To the contrary they remain as anti-establishment as they were in 2016.  Those voters could well stay home if the chose is again between Trump and the Clintons.

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  1. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson’s new book has toppled Bob Woodward’s screed about dishonesty in the White House.

    The MSM and the leftists have no audience that is buying their crud

    “Tucker Carlson’s new book topples Woodward from #1 on New York Times best-seller list”

    “Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution”
    Tucker Carlson

    The reviews from verified purchasers…. off the charts

    Congrats Tucker Carlson

  2. The late Michael Piper made a good case that al-CIAda drafted Hillary, Bill, and John Kerry while still attending university. One of many angles that fits is Bill using his Arkansas Governor’s mansion as a drug dealing den/HQ for CIA drug imports from central and south America (see last year’s Tom Cruise fact-based movie). And of course, the list of about a dozen of Bill’s ex-“business” associates who died mysterious deaths, including at least one alleged shotgun blast to the back of the head labeled a suicide. See “arkancide.”

    al-CIAda follows the mafia rule: “keep your friends close, your enemies (60’s anti-war activists) closer.”

    1. The late Michael Piper made a good case

      While wiggling the straps of his straightjacket.

  3. Re: “Hillary Clinton’s Remains More Unpopular than Trump”..,. has she passed on?
    And if she has, will Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker and the Obamas pull a Slobodan Milosevic and go on tour with Hillary’s remains in a campaign to divide the country?

  4. Hilary says Kavanaughs behavior is out of bounds. She’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. I heard there is a draft Hilary movement under way. She’ll be back by popular demand.

  6. I love these people who want higher taxes and then get the services of tax lawyers and tax accountants so they can avoid paying them. Some other poor sap gets stuck with the bill who doesn’t know any better.

  7. Why are we still giving this witch air time? Remember when she said she wouldn’t stand by her man. And then she did. Just go away and leave us alone.

  8. Who cares? Trump is a loser: read the NYT article about how Donnie and his dad went to illegal lengths to avoid paying taxes. The statute if limitations (5 years)has expired, but the IRS can put a lien against Donnie’s properties, etc., for the taxes, penalties and interest. Of course, Donnie does have the money to pay off the IRS.

  9. One thing which speaks for itself and drives Hillary down in the polls is that ugly photo of her posted here on the blog today..

      1. This is one of many reasons why New Yorkers could not believe how gullible his supporters were.

        1. almost 40% of new yorkers are not even born in America. We don’t care what they think.. We are the natives

        2. This is one of many reasons why New Yorkers could not believe how gullible his supporters were.

          He improved on Mitt Romney’s performance in four of the five boroughs.

          On to your next lie.

    1. tax avoidance is lawful.
      people that don’t know anything about the topic sometimes think, that’s tax evasion

      NYT thinks they know better than IRS. They question the valuations, but how does the IRS know about these market values and facts better now than the IRS did when it accepted them decades ago?

      more crud dredged up from yesteryear. Men, women, people with jobs and reputations and savings. anybody with anything to lose, beware:

      the Democrats are trying to unleash the lumpenprole on anyone they don’t like, with the flimsiest of excuses.

      Vote accordingly


    Turns out Dudley Do-Right threw the glass in the Kavanaugh “bar fight” case.

    Judge Kavanaugh was not even involved in the act of the “assault.”

    Anybody out there ever have any dubious friends?

    Democrats perpetuate “fake news” again.

  11. Hillary Clinton’s sole purpose has been to willfully enable a serial abuser of women as

    a dependent and parasite.

    Hillary Clinton’s life of crime began with the acceptance of a bribe from Tyson Chicken

    as the Arkansas Governor’s wife 40 years ago.

    Hillary Clinton’s recent crimes include abuse of power through her pay-for-play scheme

    as Sec. of State, use of an illegal server, mishandling of classified material, destruction

    of evidence, obstruction of justice, etc.

    Barack Obama used a pseudonymous account to, ostensibly, surreptitiously

    communicate electronically with the criminal, Hillary Clinton, acknowledging, de facto,

    her criminal acts and being complicit in her criminal acts.

    Hillary Clinton Road leads to Obama.

  12. I’ve been watching how far JT was going to take his cult like followers down the rabbit hole with a clearly partisan political operative like Kavanaugh. And I don’t blame JT for doing what his right-wing think tanks tell him to do, everybody entitled to some extra money but jeez. If any Democrat nominee had gone off like he did, oh that’s right Democrat nominees don’t get hearing, but I digress. If any of you were sitting next to a man that acted that way in public at a bar and yelling the Clinton’s were not getting his beer fast enough, you would move away. Well, except the brown shirts that are here all the time. Don’t worry, he will get on, and how proud the right-wing is going to be right? And when Trump is found to have done something illegal, I’m sure JT will show off his pictures of his vacations or better yet, “Guess what this Black guy was arrested for” posts. Really JT, HRC polling? So wear your red hats with pride and when the Democrats take back the house, you can all go on yelling about the deficit and how they are blocking Trump’s agenda without a bit of taste of hypocrisy.

    1. quit blaming turley for whatever problem you are feeling

      leftists, always gotta blame the boss!

    2. Oh Fishy, you’re as much of a follower as any other “cultist” around here. Daily you chime in with your prattle convincing no one of anything in particular but yet you come around over and over again to denounce others for coming around over and over again.

      You are irony itself!

    3. You write like someone who’s never actually read the blog. Turley has criticized Trump, Hilary, Obama, Bush, and everyone else with whom he disagrees at any point in time.

      Your bigotry is showing.

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