Iowa Rally Chants “Lock Her Up” After Trump Taunts Diane Feinstein

225px-dianne_feinstein_official_senate_photoI have been critical of President Donald Trump’s rhetoric on social media and the campaign trail.  The attacks are often personal and, in my view, often unsettling.  That was the case yesterday at an Iowa rally where the crowd chanted “Lock her up, lock her up” after Trump taunted ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) over the leaking of a letter from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.  It is a chilling development in a mass rally to have supporters calling for the jailing of Trump’s political opponents.  That is not what this country represents and should be condemned by Democratic and Republican leaders alike.Trump’s taunt was modest by past standards in joining those who have mocked Feinstein over her denial in the hearing as the source of the leak. (Feinstein turned to staffers and asked them if they leaked the letter and then treated the matter as closed).  However, he should have rejected the chant as highly inappropriate and unfounded.

Trump asked “How about Senator Feinstein? That’s another beauty . . . Did you leak the documents?”

Having hundreds of people chanting “Lock her up” about Feinstein both absurd and deeply troubling.  Republican senators like Lindsey Graham have publicly stated that they do not believe that Feinstein would intentionally leak such information.


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  1. Seriously, the last U.S. Senatorial election in the invaded and conquered, one-party, communist state of California had TWO democrat candidates and ZERO republican candidates.

    Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a (restricted-vote) republic, if you can keep it.”

    Just keep those hordes of parasitic, “free stuff” consuming, foreign invader “democrat” (i.e. communist) voters coming into California and America by the truckload.

    The greatest nation in the history of the world has been triggered to self-destruct.

    Import the “American” population.

    American women, “Babies? We don’t need no stinking babies!”

  2. But I thought Hillary said we could dispense with civility until the Dems are back in power???

    1. Hey, I haven’t even read her bit yet but even I understand that she is saying you can’t cast your perarls before swine….and swine it is!!!!!! Fascist Swine to boot!

  3. A crowd in Iowa laughing and having fun chanting “ lock her up.” Is not a threat to anybody. It is fairly tame when compared to the mobs during the Kavenaugh hearings, the restaurant attackers and the shooter at a baseball game.

    1. What I was going to say but you beat me to it. Nothing looks so much like Germany in the Thirties as the violent, howling mobs of the Left. Chants at a rally are nothing. I will complain when they come out of the rally and start destroying property and attacking people in the way that is common for Democrat thugs these days.

      1. Rachelle

        Did you watch the interview:

        -When Ford said her piece, calmly and quite convincingly, the GOP Senators all lamented along with her that it must have been a terrible thing, if it were true, that she had a certain courage coming forward.

        -When Kavanaugh said/bombasted his piece, pointing fingers, sneering, refusing to answer questions, attacking Senators, etc. the GOP Senators apologized for what he had to go through on his way to the Supreme Court. They bonded with his indignation. “Tell me the truth now, did you do it?” “Nope”. “Well then that’s good enough for me.”

        It takes one back to courtrooms such as in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, and reminds one of ‘Southern Humor’. ‘While being questioned by the police after smashing into two Black youths with his car, the Sheriff apologizes for the trouble and calmly states, “We’ll get that one that was tossed over there for leaving the scene of an accident; and that one there sticking through your windshield, for breaking and entering. And we do apologize for your troubles.”‘

        It is just that deplorable. And then Trump continues and when it can’t seem to get any worse, he makes it worse and attacks Ford. What’s next with these scumbags? Vote them out.

        1. I noticed that Isaac did not mention the performances of the Democratic Senators who participated in that farce.
          The entire hearing was not set up to test the validity of a belated and suspiciously-timed accusation accusation against Kavanaugh.
          That would involve asking some direct and rather blunt questioning of the person making an unsubstantiated claim of an alleged assault over 35 years ago.
          No Senator was willing to do that, and the specialist ( Mitchell?) was given scant time to do any effective questioning.
          Lacking a specific or even a fairly consistent timeline, a location or even a general location, and no witnesses who can place Ford and Kavanaugh together at any gathering, Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh are not credible.
          It does looks like she was sufficiently coached and well-rehearsed in an attempt to sound convincing, under the circumstances.
          And those circumstances are that she has a very selective memory of an event, and seemingly (and conveniently) “blocked out” all memory how she got to the alleged gathering, where it was, how she got home, etc.
          Sen. Grassley repeatedly tried to obtain the therapist’s notes that supposedly substantiate part of her story.
          Since Dr. Ford and her lawyers refuse to do so, there are instead selectively chosen segments of those notes provided to the Washington Post.
          It appears that Ford finally settled on a age, at least; she’s 15 in her testimony, and she’s 17 or 18 in other her versions of recounting the alleged assault.
          At least her timelines stay in the 1980s, without jumping to another decade.
          It looks like the FBI report will be kept under wraps, barring enormous pressure to release it publicly.
          I don’t know if the Senate Judiciary Committe will issue a “final report”, but barring a new a substantial twist in the this saga, the investigation itself is history.

      2. They look like a bunch of ragtag freaks today. don’t insult the Stormtroopers by comparing the antifa to them.

        If you don’t get my remarks, you can watch the famed film Triumph of the Will by Leni Reifenstein. Check it out. Nothing visually like the black bandana crowd at all.

    2. “A crowd in Iowa laughing and having fun chanting “ lock her up.” Is not a threat ”

      Seriously??? I hope you don’t have any kind of responsible job where people are involved….why is a Demoncrat behaving incivilly part of a ‘mob’ and a Republican crowd is just having ‘fun’???? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. AND AN IDIOT TOO!!!!!!!

  4. The facts with Feinstein is that her husband got the exclusive on acquiring the land for the “Bullet Train ” and got the exclusive on selling all the post offices they’re closing. What a scum bag

  5. (music to the tune of Sam Stone)
    Finestone came home…
    To her wife and family…
    After serving in the Congress overseas.

    And Finestone took to stealing..
    When she got that empty feeling…
    A hundred dollar habit…
    Without overtime.

    And the morphine eased the pain…
    Like a thousand railroad trains…
    And gave her all the confidence she lacked.
    With a purple fart on a dead monkey’s back…

    — for all who do not know: Feinstein is Fine Stone when translated from german into English

    1. If you have anything factual to bring to this discussion, I think we will all enjoy reading it.

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