West Wing-Nut: Kanye’s Visit To Oval Office Leads To Unhinged and Demeaning Rave

350px-US-WhiteHouse-Logo.svgIn one of the most bizarre (and frankly demeaning) moments for the White House, President Donald Trump invited Kanye West into the Oval Office for what became an unhinged and profane rave sessions in front of the world’s press.  As with the high-level visits with a Kardashian to talk policy, these sessions have a freak show quality more fitting a reality show than the Oval Office.  For anyone who reveres that office, West raving about how he is a “crazy motherf***er” is an utter disgrace. Not to be outdone, CNN proceeded to demean news coverage by racing to the bottom on the story with April Ryan.

West raved about everything from his own diagnosis of being bipolar (which he says was just a lack of sleep) to the Unabomber while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.  (Just for the record, wearing a hat in the Oval Office is not considered respectful.  Ronald Reagan would not even allow men to enter not wearing ties or jackets.) I know that I will be called too sensitive but I also have a serious problem with West putting his cellphone on the famous Resolute desk used by Trump. The desk has been used by seven presidents and was a gift in 1880 from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford Hayes.

Trump just let the rant continue as if he was riding the metro when some raving lunatic jumped into the car. One of the most painful moments was Kanye holding forth on the 13th Amendment.  The 1865 amendment abolishing slavery is apparently a “trap door called the 13th Amendment,” because it was written when Kanye says it was illegal for blacks to read.

Kanye sounds like a marginally functional celebrity who surrounds himself with people who constantly tell him that such idiotic thoughts are brilliant.

That went on for ten minutes.  The Florida panhandle has been wiped clean, but the President gave ten minutes to this one-man circus show.

Not to be outdone in the race to the bottom, CNN followed its coverage by cutting to CNN political analyst April Ryan who immediately raised the man who made an infamous sex tape with Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.  Ryan told Wolf Blitzer that she had asked the opinion of R&B singer Ray J who has no connection to any of this other than a sex tape with West’s wife.  Is this seriously what CNN considers responsible journalism?

CNN anchor Don Lemon also called on CNN contributors Tara Setmeyer and Bakari Sellers and engaged them into a conversation where West was repeatedly referred to as that “negro.”  Setmeyer insisted “He’s an attention whore, like the president. He’s all of a sudden now the model spokesperson. He’s the token negro of the Trump administration.” She also dismissed him as someone with a history of mental illness. Sellers then declared “Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read.”  Last night, Lemon returned to the subject by calling West’s appearance in the Oval Office a “minstrel show.”

Given such demeaning, low grade coverage, CNN is the last place to call out Trump for demeaning the Oval Office.  I find both displays truly disturbing and depressing.

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  1. TBob — Regarding economics I know enough to know that I don’t know. So I try to follow what economists write, presuming that they know at least something about economics.

    Principally I now follow Paul Krugman and, at least, his biweekly column in TNYT but also his often wonkish blog. Maybe I’m learning.

    The economy follows it’s own logic, not being neatly divided into 4 year election cycles. Presidents have very little influence on the state of the economy unless they can convince congress to pass massive spending bills to offset economic shocks. President Obama was not able to obtain a very large one to aid in the recovery from 2008; the economy has finally recovered largely on its own. President Trump deserves even less credit for the economic recovery than did President Obama. But that is just in how it works, not necessarily the leadership of either man.

    1. Principally I now follow Paul Krugman and, at least, his biweekly column in TNYT but also his often wonkish blog. Maybe I’m learning.

      Krugman (or, more likely, his wife) is given a pass by professional economists to throw meat at the Times readers and editors. They never call him out for what a foul polemicist he is, though they might if he published theoretical or empirical nonsense on stilts. He is largely retired as an academic economist (his publications are inconsequential and he’s only teaching 40% time).

      1. He is old enough to retire. I appreciate his wonkish posts to his blog.

        I have yet to find commentary by economists stating that Krugman’s analysis is wrong.

        Take your blinders off.

        1. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me thirteen citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after nineteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – what part of Krugman’s prediction about Trump do you find correct?

    2. “Principally I now follow Paul Krugman”

      David, I think you ought to find a better economist to follow. Krugman gave up serious economics years ago and I believe a lot of what he says now conflicts what he wrote in his own textbook. Here is what he said shortly after Trump was elected.

      “So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight. I suppose we could get lucky somehow. But on economics, as on everything else, a terrible thing has just happened.”

      1. Krugman is Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science Laureate.

        So is Stiglitz but he rarely writes for general audiences.

        1. A Noble Prize for one thing is not transferrable to all other knowledge. Krugman was brilliant but when he became an ideologue he put his calculator away and started writing about his dreams.

            1. David, I have listened to your discussions and from them alone I realize that there is no reason to follow Krugman, but yes I read a bit of Krugman to keep on top of the idiocy. I have even in the past listened to him in debate and seen him destroyed.

              Did you read his prediction above when Trump was elected?

              1. Allan,.
                -Those predictions Krugman made following Trump’s election turned out to be spectacularly, and comicly, wrong.
                But when Krugman doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, he speaks with great conviction and great certainty that he is right.
                That may be a characteristic that David admires.😉

                1. You may be right, Tom. David seems to conclude that whatever Krugman says has to be right even though much of the time in retrospect they make no sense.

        2. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me thirteen citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after nineteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – the Nobel Prize is given for what the DID do, not for what they ARE doing. For God’s sake, Obama was awarded the Peace Prize for nothing. Did he stop any wars?

          1. President Barack HUSSEIN Obama was the greatest President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces since Harry Truman. Moreover, prior to his marriage, he undoubtedly had “access” to the white women.

            this is to “it was a better time when miscegenation was against the law” paulie – georgie

            1. Marky Mark Mark – you do realize that I am in an inter-racial marriage? Are you?

              1. Sorry, it doesn’t pass the smell test. Caricatures of real people don’t have “marriages.” So sorry for your loss.

                this is to paulie – georgie

                1. Mark Mark Mark – my wife is going to be very hurt that you think she smells. In fact, the entire Chinese community, which is rather large will be rather hurt. If I knew who you were and where you lived, I could send members of one of the tongs to change your mind. My father-in-law belonged to one of them, not sure which, he was pretty close-mouthed about it. However, I am sure that each of the tong members would allow you to smell them to make sure they pass your “smell test” whatever that is. Of course, after they do that, they would have to teach you a life lesson.

        3. He was awarded the Prize for theoretical models on trade he produced 30 years ago. He doesn’t do any applied research. He wasn’t, prior to 2001, a political partisan. (It’s a reasonable wager his wife writes the columns).

        1. It is from the NYTimes either from his column or blog and was written right after Trump won.

    3. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me thirteen citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after nineteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – Krugman has not correctly predicted the economy under Trump, why the heck would you read him? In fact, he hasn’t correctly predicted anything in a long time.

      1. Again, he was a theoretician. Producing forecasts was never his book. Any predictions he published would have been derivative.

      2. PC Schulte,..
        – You might look at an economic forecaster named Jim O’Sullivan.
        Not a Nobel Prize winner or a snotty commentator like Krugman; he just has a very solid track record.

    4. Even less credit that Obama? Really?

      Then why is Obama out there wanting credit for the economy today?

      Why did Obama mockingly ask if Trump had some kind of ‘magic wand’ he could wave in the air to bring back manufacturing jobs, that according to Obama, were never coming back?

      Why do numerous surveys of economists find that Trump, not Obama, deserves the majority of credit for the upturn in the economy and the surge of business optimism and investment we are experiencing today?

      Trump ran on creating jobs, jobs, jobs…and bringing back jobs…and getting people back to work – with good paying jobs. He now has lowest unemployment numbers ever, across the board, in every sector. More people working and millions no longer on food stamps or welfare. Manufacturing is coming back. Deregulation and tax cuts are spurring business investment that creates jobs. All of this is Trump’s economy.

      Obama may have turned things around and kept it steady, but the economy was stifled by his policies. The consumer and business confidence came with Trump’s election — a confidence not found in Obama’s ‘stable but stagnant’ no-growth policies.

      And so, thank you for your reply, but I’m afraid neither you, nor Krugman, have not changed my opinion.

        1. And the voters want ‘Jobs Not Mobs.’

          Trump is bringing jobs.

          Dems are bringing angry mobs.

          Which is why Republicans will win in November.

          There’s your causation.

    5. “President Trump deserves even less credit for the economic recovery than did President Obama.”

      If Obama deserves more credit for the economy then Trump, then why did the economy sharply improve when Trump reversed most of Obama’s policies?

  2. These people on the left just don’t get it. They really don’t understand how a guy like Donald Trump made it to the White House. He got elected by people who felt they didn’t have a voice or were totally ignored by the elite ” beautiful people” of this country. These same people were described by every negative adjective the left could come up with. November will be very interesting.

  3. Just imagine the backlash the president would receive if he had tried to cut him off. I



    Papadopoulous: Joseph Mifsud Was BRITISH Agent, Not Russian.One of the men at the center of the bogus Russian “collusion” narrative claimed that the person who originally engaged him regarding Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails was a British intelligence officer, not Russian as reported. “To be clear: Australian media is reporting on air that ‘the professor’, Joseph Mifsud, the man who told me about ‘Clinton’s emails’, was not a Russian agent, but a British agent. If this is confirmed, this is the biggest scandal in modern political history,” George Papadopoulous said on Twitter. If true, Papadopoulous is right. U.S. intelligence partnering with British intelligence in an attempt to entrap a staffer for a political opponent, making it appear as if the campaign was allied with a hostile foreign power, is indeed damning.

    Mifsud has disappeared since he made international news as a supposedly-Russian agent who tipped off Papadopoulous, saying that he had “dirt” on the Clinton campaign. Papadopoulous held a meeting with Mifsud after the tipoff, which according to declassified memos, triggered the counterintelligence investigation into Trump and alleged collusion with Russia. That investigation eventually became special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe after Trump was elected.

    “If Australia’s highly respectable media is indeed correct in their reporting on the “professor”, I don’t think the US-UK security partnership will ever be the same. Very big problem for MI6 to be running operations against Americans and opposition presidential campaigns,” he said.

  5. President Trump just got the vote of black, west wing-nut, unhinged raving rappers.

    Prof. Turley, have you ever been to Compton or listened to Rap music?

    The last time I was there for court, I ended up in traffic behind a car, staring at a huge va—a painted on the rear.

    I sat in the courthouse across from two women with a collage of photographs of the Obamas on their purses.

    Oh yeah, black, west wing-nut, unhinged raving rappers.

    All good citizens vote, right?


      1. George, while I appreciate your grammatical suggestion regarding the use of “fewer” versus “less,” because “bread” is not a countable item, I believe that “less” is also grammatically correct here. According to strict usage rules, “fewer” is only to be used when discussing countable things, while “less” is used for singular mass nouns. So, you’d use “fewer” for such things as dollars, people, or animals, but you’d use “less” for bread, salt, or money. Thus, the basic rule is if you can count it, go for “fewer” and if you can’t, opt for “less.” In my Latin phrase, because bread isn’t countable (though loaves of bread would be), but circuses are countable, I’d think that either “less” or “fewer” would be correct.

        1. I’ll concede on the Latin.

          I challenge on the English.

          Fewer circuses.

          Lost in translation.


    1. Yeah, I Googled that. All the photos of Rev Al Sharpton with Obama & AG Eric Holder

      Then Al Sharpton’s Crown Heights riots with the Jews & Korean business fire bombings & “Massacre at Feddy’s” photos showed up

  6. Turley says: “Kanye sounds like a marginally functional celebrity who surrounds himself with people who constantly tell him that such idiotic thoughts are brilliant.” How is this not an apt description of Trump? His entire “presidency” is nothing but a dog and pony show, and this is just one of the performers. Trump is and always will be a reality TV performer. West is an attention whore, to be sure, but he’s also unhinged. His problem is that being unhinged works for him, because his antics pass for entertainment and he makes a lot of money in the process. Does anyone really believe he actually supports Trump? The White House performance was just another gig, and it worked. It got him attention and free publicity.

    The mistake you are making, Jon, is to assume that Trump is really a POTUS, and all that stands for, like: patriotism, altruism in its purest and most unselfish form, respect for the office, including behaving like a role model and admirable person, respect for the furniture and trappings, like the Resolute desk, putting the country ahead of ego, the list goes on. Trump wanted to be President for the power and prestige. He got the power. He will never get the prestige. The rest of the world literally laughs out loud at him. It’s really not funny.

    1. Honey, they (‘the rest of the world’ as you put it) were laughing at, and walking all over the weak, inexperienced, puppet-on-a-string named Obama. They respect Trump. That’s the difference.

      1. TBob, in the alternate universe you occupy, they probably didn’t broadcast that meeting at the U.N. where delegates laughed out loud when Trump started bragging about what he claimed were his accomplishments. For those of us who occupy the real world, that actually happened, and it was a massive embarrassment to the United States. You’d think Trump and Trumpsters would be chagrined, but apparently not.

        But, just for the sake of argument, when did leaders and representatives of other countries laugh out loud at President Obama? Please cite the date, place and time, so I can look it up.

        1. I don’t have specific examples of leaders from other countries LOL’ing Pres Obama, but for the sake of argument, I’ll give you this one example of an almost unfathomable arrogance and hubris from a man who had truly accomplished very little, but for some questionable (ACORN) community organizing and part-time law lecturing, before his unheard of ascension from literally a nobody to the leader of the free world. Surrounding himself with Greek columns, he said thus:

          “I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.”

          Now that is worth LOL’ing over, wouldn’t you say?

        2. Another way to tell the difference in respect is to watch video tape of Trump’s arrivals and greetings by world leaders in their various countries versus Obama’s. The respect given to Trump is enormous. Take China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Japan and other countries for examples. It’s obvious.

          Some leaders make have liked Obama personally, but it is quite obvious they did not respect him as a leader or negotiator. Obama spent all of his free time hanging with Hollywood celebs and celebrity athletes and famous musicians. That was Obama’s “scene”…it certainly was not as a respected, admired “leader” on the world stage. No, Obama’s “stage” where he was most comfortable as a world leader was more like on the set of The View or Late Night with David Letterman. Obama was never taken to be a serious world leader. Because if you are “leading from behind” then you are following, no? If you can’t see this, then I can’t help you.

    2. Truth here. he will always be the buffoonish day glo bozo, while President Barack HUSSEIN Obama will always be the greatest President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces since Harry Truman–and one who prior to his marriage undoubtedly had “access” to the white women.

      to anon

      1. And she’ll always be “Madam President” to you, won’t she Marky Mark? Because you just can’t let it go, right? You and Natacha, delusional together, forever.

        1. I don’t know of whom you’re referring to. I recommend for your own mental health that you dedicate your efforts to persons or entities that are currently relevant.

          this is to “but hannity always talks about anything but the current debacle” t-hott bobbie

          1. You don’t know of whom I am referring to?

            One ringy dingy… two ringy dingy.
            Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?

            You are correct about one thing, though. Hillary is not relevant. She is a current debacle, though. She had her security clearance yanked from her this week. It’s about time, doncha think?

      2. Mark M:
        Harry was great copy but poor Presidential timber. Obama did some good domestic things but due his naïveté and AmericaLastism philosophy, was a Wilsonian disaster in foreign policy. He’s a mid-tier President known more for what he was than what he did. If it’s any consolation, Billary II would have played like most sequels— trite and a box office disaster.

        1. Harry actually lived by his credo of “the buck stops here.” He made arguably the most difficult decision that any American President has ever had to make. I fervently believe he made the right decisions, but I wouldn’t wish that duty on anyone. I have no concerns about anyone who may have previously lost an election to the day glo bozo–such ruminations don’t assist we patriots in saving our beloved country from the transgressions of the gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make.

          to mespo

          1. Marky Mark Mark – just don’t forget the dayglo bozo beat Hillary and is now the 45th President of the United States. Does that stick in your craw? It does doesn’t it? The very thought that the dayglo bozo is sitting behind the Resolute Desk instead of the Pay-for-Play-in-Chief really hurts still. The fact that Hillary is such a crap candidate that she lost to a candidate who actually ran his campaign with only three people for awhile. How did that happen? How could three people defeat the smartest woman in America?

            Drudge is reporting PACs have already collected and are spending $50 million towards his 2020 campaign. Obama did not start collecting money until the January after the midterms. He already has $50m in his coffer for re-election. Jeffie Flake thinks he is going to primary him? Only if the Democrats give him money. BTW, the Clintons are not selling those $750 tickets to their event.


    It’s hardly surprising that Trump would allow this circus-like event at the White House. Trump’s entire presidency has been a circus so far.

    1. “Trump would allow this circus-like event at the White House. ”

      So says the clown from the circus.

      1. Allan, I’m going to use your character in a screenplay. Story concerns a nasty old man who fancies himself as the last word on everything. But he’s really an aggressive bore constantly on the attack with lame insults. In the end his estranged children show up to put him in a high security nursing home.

        1. Peter Shill Hill, though I like fiction I mostly stick with non fiction. Considering the way you write on this blog, your lack of ideas, your repetitivenesss, your inability to stay on point and your endless capitalization, I don’t think I would consider reading or toturing another with it.

      1. We already had a clown and he clowned around for 8 years doing quite a bit of destruction. Now we have a real President who may be a bit eccentric but is very productive for the nation and its people. GDP 4.2 unemployment rate 4.2 and other accomplishments galore.

  8. Kanye West dropped some mofo bombs. Often referred to as black mans Shakespeare

    The guy to invite into the oval office is this African shaman. Performing levitation live.

    1. Now we know why Obongo ended the American manned space program.

      “Rockets? We don’t need no stinking rockets.”

      – Obongo

  9. What was interesting, listening to West perform, is that it was just that, a performance. West rapped, incoherently, inserting bits and pieces of subject matter that one might be aware of into one long blather of incoherency; but overall West touted himself. This is pretty much what Trump does. It is understandable that Trump is enlisting West to access the vote of those that might be that disjointed cerebrally so as to connect with this cavalcade of complaints and solutions. There would be something, somewhere, buried within West’s tirade, that would appeal to some; if only that the hat makes him feel like Superman, his favorite hero.

    Trump lied and exaggerated to address the angst and anger that is found within those that yearn for an America of the Sixties, Fifties, etc.; an America that probably never was and surely will never be again. Those 60,000 voters bought him the electoral college. Trump is now working for other niches as that one will have probably woke up to the reality of this scam artist. West is the Pied Piper of some groups that traditionally votes Democrat. Look for some other swing states in 2020. Look for a circus of African American, Hispanic, and other minority, notables trundling through the Oval Office dishing out snippets of jive and jingo to the vacuous fence sitters. SNL will never be out of material with this circus. The only problem is just about anything SNL comes up with will not surpass the bizarre circus that is our Presidency.

    1. Issac, that you couldn’t understand what Kanye West said even though he was rambling doesn’t mean that his words weren’t insightful. It only meant that you are blind to reality. You are blind to the improved economy, the fact that blacks and other minorities are seeing through your charade and you are blind to the other accomplishments that Trump has made.

      1. Allan

        You and other ‘punters’ are blind to the fact that the economic recovery from the GOP/Bush catastrophe of short sightedness, bungled wars, immoral and stupid wars, unnecessary and ‘pay off to the elite’ tax cuts, etc, started six + years ago with Obama. It was Obama who turned the economy around and reduced unemployment, increased trade, insured forty million with health care, etc. YES, YES, Obama failed at being better in what he did, but most importantly he was on the right path and accomplished more than Trump will ever, even with his lies. The Republicans thwarted Obama at every turn. They are on record stating that “Regardless if it is good or bad for America, if it comes from the Obama White House, they are against it.”-Mitch McConnell. These statements were accompanied by holding America hostage to get their ways, damaging a transition from parasitical private health care insurance to government mandated single payer-proven to cost less and deliver more, etc.

        West is one of the elite that profited by Trump’s tax cuts. West is also nothing more than an extremely successful tabloid animal. The jive and jingo mean nothing, except to West, Trump, the ignorant, the and short sighted. Trump bumped up a recovering and buoyant economy and then claimed it all for himself. You and other dupes believe this. That is where the danger lies, in lies. Trump has mostly just flexed his flabby muscles. And that appeals to you.

        Any fool off of the street can lower taxes, increase the deficit, lie like a rug, attract attention at rallies attended by the simple minded-yes that is so, simply watch a rally. Trump is on his way to two years into a Presidency built on sizzle but not much steak. The biggest lie Trump has made and lived is the one that still attracts the dupes that support him. Trump came in on the magic carpet of draining the swamp and taking back America from special interests and the oligarchs, known as the status quo, those that impede progress, economic evolution, social evolution, betterment in all aspects; yet Trump has championed these dinosaurs and global interests. The talk is constantly talked but the walk is increasingly stronger global interests that place America in with a larger formula. America will fail because of Trump and his supporters. The economies of the world are outgrowing the need for the US and will survive on efficiency of production, ease of trade, and most of all the coordination of labor, government, and the private sector. This holy trinity is the formula that is taking China, Germany, and other more advanced economies forward. It is the same formula that Trump is avoiding and fighting against.

        Thirty years ago, GE sold its wind turbine technology to China for some fast global money. This technology was the property of the American people, not GE. Yet for fast and easy bucks, China bought it cheap. Denmark is still the world’s largest exporter of heavy wind turbines (Vestas). Denmark made this grade by coordinating their government with labor, and the private sector. China is now coordinating their government/banks, with labor, and their private sector,(Enga) and are exporting heavy wind turbines to the US by the hundreds at ten + million a pop. The US is not a player. GE is not much of a player any more. The US does not use this formula. Trump’s tax cuts rewarded the top players like GE. You don’t see Trump draining the swamp, fighting the status quo, creating the Holy Trinity that will really take America to the top again. The private sector as champion all by itself is a thing of the past. The most successful formulas combine the private sector with government and labor. Germany far exceeds the US per capita in production, wages, social welfare, health care, education, wealth, etc-pretty much everything. The anchor that is dragging America back, not forward, is this inability to engage the fact that perhaps there are better ways to do things. America still rests on its laurels and the illusions that everybody, anybody, can become a Bill Gates or win the lottery. Trump plays well to them.

        1. Issac, forgive me for not reading past the first two or three sentences. If Obama did such a good job then why when his executive orders were reversed did the economy start to roar?

          It’s hard to read too much of what you say because it is a word salad that is absent any academic value except to demonstrate that some people graduate universities and still are unable to think.

          1. Just as well, you wouldn’t have understood it, since hannity wouldn’t be able to break it down to simple slogans for you. Thanks for playing.

            this is to “what is that ticking sound?” allen / allan

        2. Isaac says, once again, for the gazillionth time: “It was Obama who turned the economy around…” And yes, he did. He turned it around. He bailed out the banks. He chose not to prosecute a single one of them. And despite all that Obama did to “turn it around,” the Obama economy was stagnating right up until the very end of his second term.

          What did the Fed do for Obama? It gave him a zero interest economy for nearly his entire time in office. Free money all around. Lots of people buying and going into debt with nearly zero interest. How many times did they raise rates during Obama’s two terms? One time in 8 years?

          Was there confidence in Obama’s economy or Obama’s policies? No. That’s why the economy was stagnant for eight years. That confidence came once Trump was in office and reversed nearly every economy stifling Obama policy. But you continue to say this is Obama’s booming economy and he deserves credit for the economy today? Wrong again. Even the experts now agree that this boom economy is Trump’s, not Obama’s.

          Trump has been in office for less than two years and they have raised rates what, 7 or 8 times already? So all those people who bought, spent, purchased and went into debt during the Obama zero interest years are now being hit with and higher higher interest rates on their debt. Same with the country’s debt. Did the Fed protect Obama’s fragile economy? You bet they did. Now that Obama is out, and Trump is in, the banks want to start making money again.

          You say “The Republicans thwarted Obama at every turn.” What do you think “the Resistance” movement is? From the day Trump won the election, the Dems formed what they call “the Resistance” movement to oppose Trump.

          To use your words, the Dems are “on record stating that “Regardless if it is good or bad for America, if it comes from the Trump White House, they are against it.”

          And they are not just against it….they are *violently* against it. That’s the difference.

          1. Your economic analysis is flawed regarding causes.

            Lotsa people make the same mistakes.

            1. David, TBob’s analysis is pretty good. I agree with his basic points so you must be wrong and be one of those people you mention that keep making the same mistakes. You probably have the graphs upside down so that when an economic metric under Obama went down it looked like it was going up. Try labelling your graphs UP/Down so it doesn’t happen again.

            2. Thanks for commenting Dr. Benson. Please say more about why my analysis is flawed. I’m willing to change my viewpoint…and I’m all ears.

  10. Kanye has a message: Yo, fellow black people! You don’t have to automatically vote for Democrats. Check your automatic programming, think for yourself, choose for yourself. Kanye said, ‘I love Trump and it’s okay if you do too.’

    Kanye is saying that black people are free to leave the Democrat plantation if they choose to. And he is free to wear his red MAGA hat without being harassed, attacked, intimidated, ostracized, and beat up for it. Why? Because this is America and black people are free to choose for themselves — what they believe, what to think and how to vote. This is a powerful message — one that the Dems need to shut down immediately.

    So what do we hear all over the cable shows? No praise for Kanye, of course.
    Instead we hear only personal attacks questioning Kanye’s mental health, that he sounds like an illiterate Negro who spoke out of turn and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and that his language was utterly disrespectful to the dignity of the Oval Office. (Not Bill Clinton’s *behavior* mind you, but Kanye’s language).

    You know how Hillary and Bill are planning a stadium-sized national speaking tour because they think people want to pay good money to hear what they have to say? (God help those stupid people who pay good money to hear these two shameless grifters talk).

    Kanye should plan his own national stadium-sized speaking/music/performance tour and get out there talking to people too. Do it, Kanye. I’d buy a ticket for that show.

  11. Even after one sifts through the ‘form’ the message is a mixture of nonsense and idiocy; all self promoting. No wonder Trump is nodding his head. Watch Trump at one of his rallies, not much difference.

  12. That it was disgusting and inappropriate is a given. It was no different, however, than Trump’s circus. This was simply another act in this nonsense that is the Presidency. To top West’s performance, watch Trump during one of his rallies when he rants and raves. West has nothing on Trump.

    We just witnessed an even more disgusting performance that involved the Senate and the now Supreme Court Judge, Kavanaugh. It went something like this.

    -The GOP Senators to Dr. Ford, “You are to be commended for coming here and telling us about your alleged experience.”

    -The GOP Senators to Kavanaugh, “We apologize for having to put you through all this on your way to a slam dunk seat on the Supreme Court.”

    Now, watch Trump trump that by demeaning Dr. Ford during one of his dog and pony shows.

    Perhaps, Turley, you should pay more close attention to what is going on. A cell phone on a desk is nothing.

  13. Take away all the hate in the press, take away all the hate from cable talk shows, take away all the hate from college professors, and take away the hate from all the other Trump haters, this was just another POTUS exercising his right to invite anyone he wishes into the Oval.

  14. I recall that John F. Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe visit the White House and that they had sex. I think I recall that Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn had a roll in the hay too. Herbert Hoover invited Hitler to the White House but he was a no show.

  15. Has everyone forgotten about the obama meeting with the woman in a bathtub of fruitloops and milk? or his visitors wearing ankle locater? I do think Elvis visited white house too. Let’s be honest, this is biased Trump hate and a black man with a conservative message.

    1. I do agree with your last comment. It seems the hatred of Trump surpasses anything, thus certain members of the “news” go absolutely nuts, loose all sense of perspective when trump does anything out of the ordinary, which is quite often.

      So we have an election coming up, There have been lots of predictions about hot this will all go down, mostly with the reporting that Trump and Repos are in deep trouble. I am pretty sure these people that are giving the predictions are the same people that said with 99% certainty that we would have a President Hillary.

      1. Faux News has a talking point that people just plain hate Trump for no good reason and because they’re just sore because although HRC won the popular vote she lost the election, and that’s what “never Trump” is all about. Paul: HRC did win the election by 3 million votes. She lost the Electoral College, so the predictions were not completely wrong. Faux News encourages its fans to ignore people who oppose Trump, which they refer to as “the left” because they’re just haters and they’re just jealous. Trump is a chronic liar, fat pig misogynist racist xenophobe with serious emotional health issues. He’s no role model. He brags about grabbing women by the genitalia, he is a serial cheater on his trophy wife and he pays off Playboy models and porn stars with whom he consorts. He was supported by his father well into his 40’s, and is not the self-made billionaire he claims to be. There is strong evidence that he has cheated on his taxes. He has filed business bankruptcy 7 times. He is not an admirable person, because he is not a patriot, and everything he does is ego-driven. He also claims to be the POTUS. That phrase means something to true patriots. Being the POTUS means that you are the face of America and all America stands for, that everything you do is for the long-term good of the entire country, that you practice what America stands for, which isn’t racism, misogyny or ego-driven behavior. Trump doesn’t fit the bill. He can collude with Russians and do whatever it takes to get the presidency, but he doesn’t belong, as time is proving.

        Paul: people who dislike Trump hate what he’s done to the office of the POTUS and the dignity and respect of the United States. Being POTUS is not the ultimate prize, but Trump thought it was. He wanted to strut around, ride on Air Force One, have brave service members being forced to salute him, even though no member of his family ever wore the uniform, he wanted heads of state to bow down to him, he wanted the power to veto laws passed by Congress, all of the trappings, the ultimate success. So he thought. As time goes on, it becomes clearer and clearer that he never had any agenda other than to obtain power and what he thought would be prestige. He goes along with whatever the radical Republican right wants because he has to. He flies around the country feeding his fragile ego at campaign rallies while people in Florida were literally dying. Representatives at the U.N. literally laughed out loud at him when he started bragging about his “accomplishments”, because this line only works on the rubes who show up with their MAGA hats. He will never be legitimate.

          1. Tabarrok………..Ah, yes. The mating call of the Yellow-billed (Liberal) Loon.

        1. This merits a “POW POW!!” All the gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make should recall this written missive of absolute truth as the ponder the issue of “what is that ticking sound?”

          to anon that sounds like the Great Natacha

      1. Mr. Elliot appears to be responding to this:

        Alma Carman says: October 12, 2018 at 7:19 AM

        Has everyone forgotten about the obama meeting with the woman in a bathtub of fruitloops and milk? or his visitors wearing ankle locater? I do think Elvis visited white house too. Let’s be honest, this is biased Trump hate and a black man with a conservative message.

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