Pro-Life Students Attacked at Ryerson University in Latest Assault on Free Speech

We have been following the increasing violence seen on college campuses, particularly directed against conservative and pro-life speakers.  The latest incident occurred at Ryerson University in Ontario  where a video captured Ryerson Student Gabriela “Gabby” Skwarko attacking two members of Toronto Against Abortion (TAA).  Skwarko works for the school’s Office of Social Innovation. The video below shows a violent and unprovoked attack to stop an act of free speech on campus.

Skwarko, a member of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective, kicked the displays and physically attacked the pro-life activists as well as taking property and throwing it about.


Strangely, Skwardo is temporarily forbidden from contacting fellow student Blaise Alleyne, president and founder of TAA, but there is no indication that she was banned immediately from campus.  Indeed, the university did not respond to media inquiries.

We have been discussing the enculturation of anti-free speech values in college students across the country.   One recent incident occurred at the California State University where assistant professor of public health professor Greg Thatcher is shown on a videotape wiping out the pro-life statements written in chalk by members of Fresno State Students for Life.  The university is now being sued over the incident.

The incident raises troubling memories of  the controversy surrounding the confrontation of Feminist Studies Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young with pro-life advocates on campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara. Miller-Young led her students in attacking the pro-life display, stealing their display, and then committing battery on one of the young women.  She was convicted and sentenced for the crime.  Despite the shocking conduct of Miller-Young and the clear violation of the most fundamental values for all academics in guaranteeing free speech and associational rights, the faculty overwhelmingly supported Miller-Young and the university decided not to impose any meaningful discipline. To make matters worse, Michael D. Young, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, not only issued a statement that seemed to blame the victims but practically defended Miller-Young’s conduct. Faculty and student defenders attacked the pro-life advocates and one even referred to them as “terrorists” who did not deserve free speech.  Miller-Young should have been fired but was instead lionized by faculty and students.

The obvious response to this video is to fire Skwardo and expel her from the university.  She not only committed a violent attack on another student but actively sought to prevent the exercise of free speech at the university.  Teachers and students like Miller-Young, Thatcher, and Skwardo believe that they have free license to attack or silence conservative or pro-life speakers at their schools. The response to controversies like the one at University of California at Santa Barbara reinforce such views.

Ryerson must now prove that academic freedom and free speech are protected on its campus for all students, including those who are pro-life.


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  1. “Talk about suspending moral judgement”

    Take it away Hillary…….

    “Hillary Clinton: Bill should “absolutely not” have resigned over Lewinsky scandal”

    “In retrospect, do you think Bill should’ve resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal?” CBS’ “Sunday Morning” host Tony Dokoupil asked.

    “Absolutely not,” Clinton replied.

    “It wasn’t an abuse of power?” he pressed.

    “No. No,” she insisted.

  2. Democrats are all about death…which is why they loooovvveee abortions.
    Own it.

    “Vermont politicians react to death threat”

    “The republican candidate for the Vermont House says she got a letter in the mail detailing a plot to rape and kill her.

    Now she is getting support from both sides of the political aisle.

    “I know it’s somebody that on some level I’ve made contact with, and I think that’s like the scariest part,” Morin said.

    Frustration, confusion and online backlash. Deserae Morin received a graphic threat against her and the GOP on Friday.

    “That’s what we’re seeing now, at this point, you have a different ideology that’s enough for me to aggressively attack you,” she said.

    Morin says it speaks to the political divide in the country. Her post featuring the threat on Facebook tells the story of the polarization. It has over one thousand comments and shares as of Sunday evening.

    “The stuff I’m dealing with now, is not helping,” said Morin.

    She’s receiving guidance from the Republican Party, including from Chittenden County GOP Chair Mike Donohue.

    “That’s one of the worst [threats] I’ve seen go to an individual candidate,” Donohue said.

    Donohue says it’s a tough time period for politics and social media is making it worse. He believes there’s hostility on both sides.

    “It’s kind of disturbing to see at the national level, some on the other side adapt language they normally wouldn’t use in pursuit of where they think the energy is and that of course applies to our side of the aisle as well,” he said.”

    1. Kelly, nothing in that article suggests that the threats are coming from Democrats. That’s just a conclusion you jumped to.

        1. If it’s any consolation, it appears that Vermont is getting crazy. There were alleged threats against an LGBT official earlier.

        2. So Karen you’re assuming that the reference to “socialist comrades” means the threat came from Democrats..?? That’s a lot to assume, if that is indeed what you assume.

  3. I don’t condon violence no matter who engages in it but some of the comments here about leftist tyranny and similar is really hard to stomach especially when we have Republican candidates suggesting they will stomp on the faces of their opponents in their own ads no less and a Republican President who encourage violence in his followers and the killings that have occurred in the name of “pro life” For pro lifers life begins at birth and ends at conception. Talk about suspending moral judgment.

    1. To Justice Holmes:

      You wrote: “For pro lifers life begins at birth and ends at conception.”

      Did you mean to say: “…life begins at conception and ends at birth”?

  4. Jonathan Turley, didn’t notice you deploring the arson attack on the Planned Parenthood facility here.

    1. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me sixteen citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after nineteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – that arson at Planned Parenthood took place at 3:30 am when no one was around. Are you saying someone’s Free Speech Rights were violated because of it?

      1. Is he talking about when someone tried to set fire to a door in July? He didn’t post a link so I’m not sure what he’s talking about.

        1. Karen S – when I googled it I used the parameters arson + Pullman + Planned Parenthood. That brought up an old arson case where it had been arsoned at 3:30 am. David is in Pullman, which is why I used that instead of Seattle. Don’t hold your breath for a cite.

    2. David, if you post a link to the news about the abortion clinic arson, then people on the blog can comment on it.

      1. It was several months ago. There was enough damage that the clinic had to move to temporary quarters during the repairs.

        The police have no leads.

        1. Eric Rudolph is in prison. You can’t hang it on him. But yeah he was serious and maybe other people will get serious too. It’s not just black bandanna’d wimps who call themselves Antifa, who can fight and use violence. Lenin and Mao proved the point that violence can be used for political purposes; as if that was not the verdict of history already. But not just leftists got the point.

          Leftists want violence…… be careful what you wish for.

  5. Despite my otherwise great respect for you Professor, in this matter, your religion is showing. After all the decades of harassment encouraged and often organized by the Roman Catholic hierarchy nationwide as well as other backward, right wing religious denominations who joined them over time, of women seeking assistance at clinics providing, among other things: abortion, monstrous violence by “pro life” fanatics through the years including cold blooded bombings and murders you have got nerve to clutch your pearls at this very rare instance of bad behavior from a random group not inspired by any religious or other organization.

    1. Horuss, do you have data to support your statement, that Pro Life activists and protestors engage in more violence and harassment than Pro Choice activists and protestors? I know that arson and murder is tracked, but is the data tracked on the violence from Pro Choice?

      For instance, did this assault discussed above go into a database on violence between the factions?

  6. This mutt’s behavior illustrates the true nature of the fringe elements of both sides of our bipolar nation of arguments. This person, not sure if it’s a boy or a girl, clearly has anger issues. It could be that he/she will never directly experience childbirth or abortion. It could be not knowing who they are, not liking who they are, not anything. But, one thing is for sure, this person needs anger management work as well as more therapy. To connect this to the left and the Democrats is no different than connecting Nazi thugs to the right and the Republicans. But, if you’re short of intelligence and need to take a stand, then it’s all about the left wing, Democrat, progressive, etc., etc..

    1. Isaac:

      This was a female. She slammed her boobs into the camera of one of the people filming. Like any bully, she seems highly confident that no one she targets is going to deck her. I do not think I would have responded well to her unprovoked attack.

      We are in agreement not to hold the actions of the fringe lunatics against the community in general. My concern is that violence and harassment of conservatives does have mainstream approval. Case in point – Maxine Waters encouraged mobbing members of the Administration. Candace Owens got screamed at in front of a restaurant. Conservative speakers get harassed, threatened, and heckled at universities across America, the vicious comments Michelle Wolf made against Sarah Huckabee Sanders, including her looks, Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s bloody severed head in effigy, Trump getting assassinated in music videos, news networks deliberately editing out video to make it sound like Trump praised Robert E Lee when he was really talking about Grant…The list just goes on and on and on.

      Enough already. It’s going to take Democrats really getting serious with their party before this stops.

      When this becomes the actions of the lunatic fringe, then the parties can become friends again. We are seeing the culmination of decades of propaganda that Republicans are evil.


    Professor Turley seems oblivious to history here. Anti-Abortion forces have often used violence, and the threat of violence, to terrorize medical professionals. Security expenses are a major outlay for women’s health clinics. Doctors who perform abortions are well-aware of the risks. A fanatical pro-lifer might shoot them any day.

    Anyone who erects photo displays of aborted fetuses in public spaces is deliberately provoking strong reactions from the public. That is, undoubtedly, their clear motivation: ‘provoking strong reactions from the public’. And those strong reactions may include attacks by outraged supporters of women’s rights.

    1. You know, if one had a pregnant wife, and somebody short haired lesbian demonstrator, or black hooded antifa, tried to viciously kick her in the stomach, one might be legally justified using lethal force to defend the unborn child and her, from great bodily harm or death.

      Self defense privilege includes reasonable force in defense of others. Yeah, think about that. It’s the other side’s viewpoint, not that you care.

      that name should keep leftist freaks up at night. imagine, he was in the 101st, how many more like him could be out there, with his particular skills, developing their own theories of politics, akin to Lenin or Mao?

      1. Kurtz, what are you talking about..?? Your comments usually make more sense than this.

        1. I mean this. The left is full of enmity. It directs their group forming consciousness and belligerent activity.

          I am pleased however that they have sharpened all the debates with their belligerent activity, because right wingers need more enmity to do the same.

          Simple as that. If “conservatives” or Republicans or “Trumpers” or whomever do not step up the level of their group cohesion, and by extension, out group enmity, they will be vanquished as have all insufficiently vigorous opponents throughout history.

          In short, Might is Right. and Woe to the Vanquished.
          That is a reality and Leftists always seem to understand it by their actions, no matter whatever simpering nonsense comes out of their mouths. At the end of the day they are a mob of lazy ruffians who want to TAKE OUR STUFF. They need to be opposed with extreme vigor. Wasnt that clear after the Kav hearings?

          1. I would exempt from my comments a lot of sane liberals who will usually tend to focus on economic issues such as JH Kunstler.

            You can identify the bandits, by contrast, by their strict adherence to such nonsense as “gender fluidity” and “Black Lives matter” and “antifa” and “oh the poor migrants” etc

            The old time blue dog democrat like Robert Byrd seem like a pleasant memory compared to the leftist mob of today.

            I would also exempt from my comments those phony Democrat moderates like Hillary or phony conservatives whose primary concern is ginning up more sales for the MIC and overthrowing foreign governments. They are a different kind of out-group from us who would and will tax us to death for their endless war machine.

            Enmity towards phony human rights at our expense; enmity towards globalism and financialization at our expense. That is populism in a nutshell. We need enmity towards both to the mob and those who employ them from far above.

            There is a huge element of middle class reaction to the Trump phenom and I suspect it has plenty more energy to keep on going. And indeed to grow. Look at europe. Why is Bannon in Europe. that guy is smart.

            This conflict will sharpen past the prior restraints of the American common culture. Those who have attacked Americanism will regret the day they went too far. I don’t regret it; it was coming one day or another. If not soon, then eventually, anyways. Maybe things will settle down….. at least for a while. but there are many reckonings which must be resolved in the end, the old fashioned way. Those who understand that first will be ready first.

            Si vis pacem……

            1. no but if we survive the Left and if global warming doesnt wipe us out or bioengineered weapons, there is also the coming AI which will be a lot like the borg. but the freaks in California think that will be great.

              the outlook is grim. but grim probably is the right frame of mind for the work that must be done

    1. Yeah, the anti-abortion people would use guns, kill doctors, burn down buildings, and lay down many beatings; compared to this nutcase, it is love and tolerance. A hypocrite is a hypocrite is a hypocrite.

      1. They haven’t since Eric Rudolph, pretty much. but yes they could. It could happen. To the abortionists’ forceps, vacuum pumps, and curettes, they may apply their own knives and tools of harm.

        But, have no fear, right now they are docile sheep driven hard and far before the vindictive amazons of “pro choice” feminism.

        Right wingers should study up on the early history of trade unionism, for example, to get an idea of how power can be gained and used by extra legal means, to pressure “social change.” Lots of examples out there, the verdict of history is clear. Might is right and woe to the vanquished. Like all those dead fetuses. their daddies lost the war to militant feminism. Now they’re all dead. I’ll bet around half those dead fetuses were men. Millions of dead men, heaped up on the bloody altar of Feminist Special Right to Kill vested in Women.

        For my part, I am not pro-life anymore. I used to be. It’s just another losing fight for right wingers to march around and play resist the powers that be, at this juncture. I am pointing to what really works. This issue is off limits for democratic protest. It is an imposed legal right that did not exist before Roe. I mean, in theory if Roe was reversed, the Congress could pass a nationwide pro choice law, but do they want to give that a whirl? i Mean they say the polls are on their side. But no, this is a sacred cow. And its not about the fetuses. Its about special rights for women to take men down a notch. that’s what. And limber up the female labor force for capitalism. Not that most American right wingers can wrap their heads around that one. It won’t change, don’t worry your cute little gender fluid heads about it.

    2. They’re smart. Love and tolerance don’t win wars. Those who lose wars end up slaves or dead. And the war comes. Jesus won’t save us. Nor will old fashioned notions of civility and all that crud which only acts to hobble us and empower them. Out with yesterday’s garbage any form of weakness and mercy must go.

      Right wingers need to wake up, smell the coffee. Fast.

  8. Quite the butch brute there.

    I don’t really think she means anyone ill will. I do believe she’s auditioning for WWE in a most unorthodox way.

  9. Large swaths of the academe are vicious parodies of society populated by intolerant Leftists. They should be ignored accordingly and defunded. Maybe our resident Canuck carper, Ivan, can justify this free speech atrocity in the worker’s paradise of Ontario.

  10. Office of Social Innovation. She was just getting innovative. Oh come on, cit her some slack.

  11. Unless the resulting punishments for such crimes are instituted, they will continue and increase in force and number. Society is being tested as to whether it will succumb to mob rule or not.

    1. DaveL – I guessed that the Office of Social Innovation was responsible for coming up with really great kegger ideas.

  12. Haha. News flash: JT had to go to Canada to find red meat for the mouth-breathers, imbeciles, klan wannabees, gullible rubes, dupes, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make to respond to. To paraphrase: a lot of sound an fury signifying nothing. Please post more of your nonsensical screed evidencing your lack of awareness that this occurred in a different country. So sorry for your ignorance.

    1. Mark, thank goodness for your courageous crusade to give evildoers such as Mr. Turley the dressing down he so justly deserves.Without the brave efforts of such a paragon of righteousness, malefactors would never be forced to confess their misdeeds, confess their guilt, and atone for their sins.You are the only one who can protect and defend us from all that is evil.We want you on that wall. We NEED you on that wall.

    2. Please post more of your nonsensical screed evidencing your lack of awareness that this occurred in a different country.

      News flash: You took the red meat. Bwahahahahaha! 🙂

    3. If you woke up this morning thinking, “How can I make myself look like a complete idiot?” you succeeded.

      1. I believe Mark wakes up every day concerned only about finding a billable hour. His idiotic posts are his tell that he’s not succeeding.

      2. RSA – Marky Mark Mark stays up late at night thinking about that, too. 😉

    4. I’ll bet all those aborted fetus found plenty of violence coming their way.

      “Right to LIfe” is a political concept. Maybe in a future America, we will take a different view of it that will truncate it in ways that some people can’t quite imagine and won’t very much like.

      for now the sacred cow of abortion is safe, don’t worry too much. irresponsible women can still lawfully kill their procreative mistakes. just hope some day someone doesn’t take the same view of your rights as you took of the rights of “your fetus”

      the thing i really like about leftists is their keen sense of enmity. their seething, intense anger and dislike of their adversaries. right wingers need to develop that. then things will get interesting.

      if in place of all the marching, praying, nonviolent Catholics, there was a division of Eric Rudolphs, the situation would be quite different. Catholics have a hard time with enmity these days. It’s a lot of boo hooing and apologizing and bowing and scraping. You would hardly know it was the religion that defined “The West” and all its supposed brutal conquests.

  13. The Pinkos keep reinforcing their public image as intellectually deranged lawbreakers.

    Let’s hope that they keep it up until everybody recognizes them for what they are.

    Sorry for the victims though.

  14. I recently brought up the mainstreamed violence, harassment, and intolerance on the Left to some Liberal friends, and they did not believe it exists. My position was that almost all people condemn bad behavior on the right, but the Left gets a pass. They thought it didn’t exist, and that most on the Left are pacifists. I boiled it down to nobody gets a pass, and basically live by the Golden Rule. If it would not be OK for another party to do something, then it’s not OK for you to. They cycled through responses ranging from Yeah Buts, Kool Aid, to Fox News. No one gets a pass. It’s not controversial, and it’s not a tough ethical call. But for some, it appears to be.

    They don’t live under a rock, so I don’t know why there is so little awareness. Perhaps if the mainstream media does not cover a story, it’s like it never happened.

    In any case, this was assault. I hope she files a police report. If the university won’t take action, then sue them. I have read more and more about violence and harassment of pro-Life people, especially women.

    It is anathema to women’s rights to try to punish women if they do not conform to a single Leftist viewpoint. Women are allowed to decide for themselves if they support abortion, or if they want it restricted in any way. The entire spectrum of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice have the right to voice their opinions. I wish they were able to calmly and rationally discuss these difficult issues. Instead, what typically happens if if you voice an opinion other than far Left, you are labeled some monstrous ad hominem. Too many people just cannot seem to heel-toe it through a tough conversation anymore.

    Why do some people suspend their moral judgement? When they have something to gain. They excuse bad behavior from the school’s athletic team, their political party. School administrators shuffle around teachers accused of sexual misconduct to protect the reputation of the district. The Church does it to protect its reputation, and also because abusers infiltrated the hierarchy, and have connections. It’s Machiavellian, weighing conscience and personal gain. It’s also wrong.

  15. Skwarko works for the school’s Office of Social Innovation.

    Again, the students who do these things are the administration’s collaborators, which is why they’re not restrained and why they are not punished. And, of course, a critical mass of the faculty (likely, most of the faculty outside the business school and the engineering school) are perfectly content with this. That’s the reality you won’t acknowledge and that’s the reality which makes it necessary for outside auditors to place higher education in receivership and clean out the corruption.

  16. Give the police 10 years for deliberate and willful, malicious negligence and dereliction.

  17. Ryerson is a hotbed of the Gender Studies movement in Canada. This is not going to get any better for the pro-lifers. They are lucky they were not hauled off to jail. However, this will give Janice Fiamengo fodder for her weekly YouTube spot. I look forward to her comments from the University of Ottawa.

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