Video: GroPro Films As It Is Engulfed In Lava

I just saw this videotape below of a GoPro that continued to film as it is engulfed in lava.  It is fascinating to watch and in case you have not seen it … 

What is amazing is to watch the device continue to function despite the intense heat and visual flames from contact. The molten rock of lava reaches temperatures between 1,292 to 2,192 °F.  While this is obviously surface flow, the temperature of lava inside the lava tubes of the volcano is 2200  °F.


4 thoughts on “Video: GroPro Films As It Is Engulfed In Lava”

  1. Probably teenage boys or young men. This seems to be a guy thing to do, to have that curiosity about deconstructing a machine or testing it with molten lava.

    It also shows a markedly casual attitude towards expensive equipment that only exists in a financially comfortable, consumer driven country. I’m pretty sure if people in Gambia had a Go Pro, they wouldn’t put it in the path of molten lava just to see what happened.

    Go Pro should use this clip in its marketing material for durability. They can now add molten lava durability to its quality control testing.

  2. Okay, so we all know what it is going to be like if we get caught in a volcano. Geez. Did they spend grant money on that GoPro?

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