Turley To Give Keynote Address At Christopher Newport University

I have the honor today to delivering the keynote address at the school’s 12th Annual Conference on America’s Founding Principles and History. This year’s conference is entitled Hail to the Chief (Justice): An Examination of the Evolution of the Supreme Court.  My address is entitled “Chief Among Equals: A Comparative Analysis of Chief Justices In History.  It will be held in the Gaines Theatre at 3 pm.

CNU has become a world-class educational institution with a particularly impressive history and political science faculty.  Its growth is truly one of the great academic success stories.  Opening its doors in 1961, it was meant to be an extension of The College of William & Mary.  However, the faculty and administrators steadily built up the school and, in 1971, became a four-year college.  The institution attained its separation from William & Mary in 1977 and has a beautiful campus with new facilities and a highly motivated student body and faculty.

As an academic, it is a joy to go to a campus like CNU. You can feel the energy and pride of the school.  What is particularly exciting is to see the intense identification with the school among its growing alumni.

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    1. Remembering Richard Jewell and Stephen Hatfill, I’ll reserve judgment. I’m not sure Bruce Ivins wasn’t traduced posthumously.

      My wager:

      1. If it’s an utter kook a la Jared Loughner, the media will blame Republicans.

      2. If it’s a functional kook like Fred Phelps, the media will blame the Republicans, incessently.

      3. If it’s a Democrat a la James T. Hodgkinson, the story will be abandoned after about 48 hours.

      A. If it’s a Republican, we will know later today.

      B. If it’s a Democrat, this datum will be concealed by law enforcement until after the election. We’ll only know if an irritated frontline agent gives the name to Sheryl Atkisson.

      1. Borg creature Peter Hill will repeat CNN commentary verbatim on these threads.

        1. Do functioning kooks perpetrate false-flag attacks?

          Does the fusty little dweeb know that people can read what he wrote yesterday and the day before yesterday?

          1. Functioning kooks apparently can pepper comments sections with claims of imbecility. That’s demonstrable. Can being a false flag dupe be far behind!

  1. Fake bombs sent to fake targets to elicit a fake response from the fake news to get a fake result in the election. I think I see a pattern!

    1. Mespo,
      A. -I don’t think they have yet determined if the bombs are “fake”.
      B. If they are “fake bombs”, have they ruled out DW Schultz as the actual sender?😉😏
      Maybe there are some clues in her high school annual.

      1. Tom:
        The bomb expert from the FBI who handled the Oklahoma City bombing was on last night and said the bombs were laughable. No one uses PVC for bomb-making (as was pointed out here) since it won’t give enough compression. Plus the timers were amateurish since how could the bomber possibly know when they would be delivered. It’s Hollywood stuff made to fool the foolable. False flag is a viable option given the timing and recipients, all designed for maximum pre-midterm press coverage. If you wanted to strike at the Dems wouldn’t you take aim at their military arm, Antifa? Not at a few has-been pols and the Certainly Never News network.

    2. In order, successfully, to perpetrate a hoax with pipe-bombs that do not explode, the perpetrator of that hoax would have to possess the ability to stymie the criminal investigation into the pipe-bombs that provide criminal investigators beaucoup evidence with which to conduct that investigation because the pipe-bombs did not explode.

      Who in his or her right mind would take such an inordinate risk without the ability to stymie the inevitable criminal investigation that would begin with the very evidence provided to investigators by the unexploded pipe-bombs themselves?

      I’m pretty sure that we can all guess at the answer to the foregoing rhetorical question. I’m also reasonably certain that only a fusty little dweeb like Mespo727272 and a pip-squeak runt like Ptom Gnash would merely insinuate the otherwise obvious answer to that rhetorical question without possessing the courage of their own raging testosterone actually to name the supposed perpetrators of the supposed pipe-bomb hoax.

      Some cowards are not bullies. But all bullies are cowards without exception. And Trump is their Cowardly Lion King.

      1. The question “who in their right mind” leaves both Mespo and myself in the clear as possible suspects.
        Your word salad and your serial lying puts you in different category.
        I don’t know how many other aliases you use, or how many other site threads you use to write your columns.
        But you are to be congratulated for having the good sense of hiding behind an alias; that shows your great courage, and helps to conceal the identity behind your lunacy.

        1. Pipe-bombs are cowardly. Aliases are perfectly rational when cowards send pipe-bombs. If only the valiant Secret Service Agents who protect Trump’s political opponents just as faithfully as they protect Trump could enjoy the perfectly rational safety of an alias. Did you forget about them? The Secret Service Agents, that is. I’m pretty sure I mentioned them in my day shift post yesterday. One wonders what tune Trump would be singing had any of those pipe-bombs killed or maimed any of those Secret Service Agents. But I’m pretty sure that Trump’s ditty in the alternative would not have included the lyrics False Flag, least of all Deep State Conspiracy.

          1. “Did you forget about them? The Secret Service Agents, that is”.
            No, I didn’t forget about them, or the ATF, or the FBI, or the Post Office workers who intercepted the packages.
            Since you’re bringing up all kinds of non-sensical questions out of left field, did you forget about the police investigators working with the other agencies that I mentioned?
            Did you forget about the firemen and paramedics out there every day protecting the public?
            Did you forget about the doctors and nurses and their contributions?
            Did you forget about the people who provide your electricity and other utilities?
            Do you forget about getting gifts and cards for people at Christmastime, when your biggest holiday is already over after OCT. 31?
            If we’re going to play one of your games of 20 questions, I have a bit more time to accommodate you.

          2. L4D:
            Don’t worry about the mail handlers and Secret Service as the “bomber” had the swami ability to know precisely who would handle the “bombs” and when they would be delivered since he used a Kmart quality timer that likely wasn’t hooked up to the “bomb.” The postal service is known for its clock-like efficiency, you know.
            On an advocacy question: Why not stay silent and let’s us think you know something rather than opening your mouth and dispelling all doubt In your favor?

            1. It’s a curious thing that so many Trump defenders and supporters are experts on making bombs. Nobody uses PVC. Except bomb makers trying to bypass metal detectors. PVC can’t handle the “compression.” Well, that explains why NASA uses PVC on rockets to the moon and such. The bombs were designed never to explode, because it simply must have been a false-flag attack. And, of course, it simply must have been a false-flag attack, because the bombs did not explode. And never mind about a false-flag bomb-maker sending all of that evidence to The FBI. The Secret Service will remain eternally vigilant against all threats no matter whether the FBI ever finds out that they were targeted for a false-flag attack. According to the fusty little dweeb who refuses to name names, there is no downside to any false flag attack. Black powder and glass shards don’t kill; people do.

              1. L4D:

                “It’s a curious thing that so many Trump defenders and supporters are experts on making bombs. Nobody uses PVC. Except bomb makers trying to bypass metal detectors.”

                They x-ray packages now. Have since the 90s. Keep up, will you? As for naming names without evidence, well… that’s your gig.

                1. The Genius Lawyer says they x-ray packages now because nobody uses PVC for guns, nor bullets, nor box-cutters, either.

                  1. L4D:

                    “Nobody uses PVC. Except bomb makers trying to bypass metal detectors.”


                    “they x-ray packages now because nobody uses PVC for guns, nor bullets, nor box-cutters, either.”

                    I see you’re having your coffee both with and without cream today. LOL

                    1. They x-ray packages now because terrorists use plastic to bypass metal detectors. The fact that they use x-rays does not mean that they don’t use metal detectors. The fact that they use x-rays doesn’t mean that nobody uses plastic to bypass metal detectors. In fact, the fact that they use x-rays confirms that terrorists use plastic to bypass metal detectors.

                      Mespo727272 is either an imbecile or he thinks that everybody else is an imbecile. Given that the fusty little dweeb claims to be a lawyer, it’s more likely than Mespo727272 thinks that everybody else is an imbecile than that the fusty little dweeb, himself, is an imbecile. OTOH, given his doubling down on the lame-brained false-flag conspiracy of the pipe-bomb scare, it is admittedly possible that Mespo727272 might very well be a stinking imbecile.

                2. The eleventh and twelfth bombs discovered and sent to Senator Corey Booker and James Clapper.

                  1. Thank God Booker finally got one. Had to be driving him crazy to be left out.

      2. “Some cowards are not bullies. But all bullies are cowards without exception.”
        A lot of left wing, reality-free moralizing going on here. I guess you’ve never been to a school yard. Many, many sore knuckled bullies and plenty of morally righteous black-eyed victims going on there. L4D muat have been the latter assuaging a bruised ego with rationalizations of moral superiority to cover up for lack of martial skills. You don’t insult bullies, you fight bullies — which doesn’t make you a bully.

        1. The fusty little dweeb is but a stream of blinking photons with a fake alabaster complexion that is incapable of blushing even whilst mistaking his choleric verbal skills for martial prowess.

          1. L4D:

            “The fusty little dweeb is but a stream of blinking photons with a fake alabaster complexion that is incapable of blushing even whilst mistaking his choleric verbal skills for martial prowess.”
            Purple prose insults is surefire proof the other guy is winning! As Stevenson said, “he who throws mud loses ground.”

            It’s tough when your worldview crumbles around you due to that damn pesky Truth.

  2. Kremlin Propagandist Calls to Define Limits of Free Speech in Russia
    2018 Oct 26
    Moscow Times

    Turley should debate Kiselyov.

  3. So we’re still not talking about the pipe bombs sent in the mail (or otherwise delivered) to the “leaders of the resistance”???

    Is there something about, you know, “leaders of the resistance” that makes, you know, “the personal safety of the Secret Service agents who protect their lives” less worthy of outpourings of care and concern from Turley’s kennel full of blawg hounds than, say, you know, “the dining pleasure of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family–not to mention the dining pleasure of Kirsten Nielsen, Mitch McConnell, or his wife, Elaine Chao???

    Well, in fairness, maybe Turley just wants to wait until all of the facts are in. Or not. What do you think?

      1. Here’s some food for thought: the pipe bomb addressed to Eric Holder was returned to Debbie Wasserman Schultz (listed as the sender, but not the real sender) in Florida. It went by airplane. In fact, many, if not most, domestic flights carry mail and parcels in their cargo hold. If that bomb had detonated, it could have brought down the plane, killing the passengers and crew, and maybe people on the ground. The upshot of this is that many more people other than intended victims could lose their lives with this nonsense, so you passionate Trumpsters out there need to think twice about how serious this is. You may hate the intended recipients of these packages, but many innocent people could be killed or maimed. Everyone working at the numerous postal facilities through which these parcels passed were at risk. Postal trucks carrying these parcels could explode, causing a serious accident. All of the necessary ingredients for a bomb were present. We are lucky none of them detonated, but that could be just fortuitous. In any event, each package contained live explosive materials and the plane carrying the parcels, the public and postal workers were placed at unnecessary risk.

        Faux News, Trump and Sarah Sanders bear responsibility for this for their hateful rhetoric toward Democrats and the news media and their finger-pointing. Just this morning, Trump accused news media for being at fault for stirring up outrage because they lie about him. The role of a free press in our society is to speak truth to power. Trump routinely lies about many things. It is not only proper, but important, for news media to inform the public when he lies. He had a chance to bring the country together over this incident, but failed once again, tripping over his own ego. That failure is also a proper topic for media to report on.

        1. “Faux News, Trump and Sarah Sanders bear responsibility for this for their hateful rhetoric toward Democrats and the news media and their finger-pointing”

          No, false, it’s not Trump’s fault, any more than it’s Mad Maxine’s fault when the BLM rioters burned various neighborhoods.

          The boundaries of free speech and criminal liability allow for very sharp words in political debate. in the past Republicans have rarely if ever been as sharp as Trump but he is not even close to the line. It can get a lot more “divisive” depending on how people on both sides want to push.

          I should point out of course that the left has advanced many policies over many decades that have made America less safe and cost many people their lives. Start with the multitude of crimes committed by catch and release illegal immigrants. One could go on.

          At some point, when you advance aggressive policies, you get aggression in return.

          1. False equivalence. At various rallies, Trump praised a supporter who body-slammed a reporter, and he encouraged his supporters to beat the crap out of a heckler, even offering to cover their legal fees for assault and battery. His supporters chant anti-CNN slogans at his rallies, and he still leads the chorus of “lock her up”, even though HRC is no longer in public office. Trump praised the White Supremacists in Charlottesville after a protester was run over and killed by one of them. His response to Khashoggi’s torture and murder, and now the pipe bombs sent to his political enemies exposes his weakness and lack of leadership. Encouraging citizens to engage in violence by a POTUS used to be unthinkable. Not any more.

            What news organization or Democrat has ever encouraged violence? Heckling McConnell and Sanders at a restaurant is a far cry from sending explosive devices through the mail, although Trump and Sanders don’t seem to understand the difference. Hecklers are not engaged in mob tactics, another false equivalence. McConnell thwarted the right of Americans to have the President they elected by a majority vote to nominate a middle of the road Judge, so that he could stack the SCOTUS with an extreme right-winger that will possibly be there for decades, overturning reproductive rights, consumer protections, civil rights and environmental protections. Kavanaugh’s views are not mainstream, and he was shoved down our throats. McConnell deserves to be heckled and should be ashamed to show his ugly face in public.

            This constant harping about Democrats being responsible for illegal immigration is disingenuous. President Obama deported an historic number of illegals. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t Republicans control all 3 branches of government? They hold all the power, so why aren’t they doing something about it, other than blaming the governments of Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico and pointing the finger of blame at Democrats? Why don’t Republicans use existing laws to punish and fine businesses that hire illegals? They have the tools to do so, so why don’t they? Because Republicans think they can score political points with their white, non-college educated base by blaming others for their own lack of leadership and so they can pander to xenophobia by pointing the finger of blame at everyone else, especially Democrats. They also don’t want to rock the boat with the wealthy Republicans who are profiting off of illegals by paying less than minimum wage. That is just pathetic.

            1. ” Encouraging citizens to engage in violence by a POTUS used to be unthinkable. ”

              Well he didn’t but you will pretend that he has. You’re a liar and a partisan. Just keep running your mouth, it’s nonstop propaganda.

        2. I think it’s exceedingly unlikely that an ordinary parcel was shipped airmail.

          All of the ‘bombs’ so far have been poorly constructed duds. As if the fabricator had no clue or intention to build better.

          1. Pay attention, please. I didn’t say it was sent air mail, but that it was returned to the fake return address of Rep. Schultz in south Florida, so it likely went via airplane. We really don’t have “air mail” postage anymore, but things like Express Mail, Priority Mail, Priority Overnight, and so forth. Regardless of whether a parcel is sent as priority mail, a parcel going from Washington, DC to south Florida will likely put on an airplane, or possibly a train, depending on logistics. The speed of delivery determines how much postage is charged and whether a priority or express parcel gets sorted and sent out ahead of lower classes of parcels, but all sorts of mail and parcels are put into cargo holds on airplanes, and that does create dangers for the rest of us.

            1. so it likely went via airplane.

              No. It’s a parcel returned to sender.

          2. The Festering Pustule oozed, “All of the ‘bombs’ so far have been poorly constructed duds. As if the fabricator had no clue or intention to build better.”

            Is that a fact? Does The Great Carbuncle also possess expertise on the subject of pipe-bombs?

            You know, if you knew going in that Secret Service Agents were likely to be the actual victims of actually exploding pipe-bombs, and if you had no intention of harming any Secret Service Agents, but you really wanted to send a “message in a bottle” (so to speak) that would really get the attention of, you know, The Secret Service, then you might “artfully construct” pipe-bombs that will not explode, but will give the world renowned bomb expert, Professor Pustule, sufficent reason to assume that the fabricator was just another clueless incompetent because the poorly constructed duds did not explode–Q.E.D., As If???

        3. You might actually comment on the post in question, instead of giving everyone another dose of shrewish venting.

        4. Anony – No, the only one responsible is the person who built and mailed the bombs. Sorry, but no amount of overheated political rhetoric forced someone to do that. When he is caught, he will serve the prison time, not some third party with whom you have political differences.

          1. Is it just some kind of serendipitous coincidence that the intended recipients are the persons constantly slammed by Faux News and Trump? You’re saying his calls to physically attack hecklers, and name-calling and accusations of lying and other bad behavior directed against news media, the Clintons, Holder, Waters, DeNiro, et al, are irrelevant to how this came about? You Trumpsters will believe anything. Now, be sure to tune in tonight to Hannity for the latest Kellyanne spin on how it’s all the fault of the Democrats. I’ve already heard Rush’s spin on how Democrats probably engineered this crisis themselves just to make Trump look bad. What’s saddest of all is that we live in a country where people like you believe this stuff.

            1. I’ve had two comments/ replies that have failed to post.
              I’ll try once more, and summarize some of what was in those unposted comments.
              I don’t think it was a coincidence that Rep. Waters was one of the targets of the loony mail bomber(s).
              I don’t think it was “just a coincidence” that Kathy Griffin received threats after posing for the photo with her holding the bloody, decapitated replica of Trump’s head.
              I didn’t know that DeNiro was a target, but some of his rants may have triggered a response from some other whacko.
              In the kind of political environment that we’re in, the actions and comments of a number of officials and celebrities are especially unhealthy for the country as a whole.
              Additionally, these kinds of comments/ incitements by people like Maxine Waters can easily boomerang, with the instigator becoming the target herself.
              So at least some of the people listed by Anonymous were not randomly or “coincidentally” chosen.

      2. Dorothy suggested that Americans no longer believe that Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. Unless Trump says otherwise. Next . . .

        Trump says there are Middle Easterners mixed in with The Caravan and that MS-13 smuggled them in.

    1. I was going to make a joke about Turley avoiding hard discussions these past few days. I’m sure the deplorables would love an opportunity to talk about false flags and the biased mainstream media.

      1. Why not comment on the actual post, and not on what people haven’t said that you wish they’d say so you could be a bitch to them?

    2. I cant speak for Turley but for now I’m just kind of watching that story

      Seems to me like they had little or no chance of success, from a politically framed criminal stunt. i am sure John Brennan is really shaking in his boots from some nutjob, not.

      A false flag is always a possibility in any kind of terrorism. you never know. false flags, nutjobs, informants and provocateurs. they are like ticks on stray dogs. let the police do their job a while, see what the media reports, if anything, give it a while and then we can parse it. that’s my thought.

      you know a false flag can be pulled by anybody. it can be pulled by a government actor but they can be pulled by non-state actors too. who knows

        1. You live in a country with 320 million people in it. You can always find a few cranks to argue any point. See the cr!p Ron Unz lets his crank stable (one of whom claims to be retired from the CIA) post on his site.

          1. There many cranks, indeed. And for that reason we dont want a president inciting them.

              1. “Soros has been a frequent target of conspiracy theories and fear-mongering by hypernationalist conservatives in the U.S. and Europe.”


                ““When Trump and his Republican enablers scoff that today’s protesters are Soros-paid puppets, they are doing far more than scoring cheap political points against their adversaries,” historian Neil J. Young wrote for HuffPost last week. “Dangerously, they are sowing the kind of division and distrust among Americans that threatens our entire democracy.””

            1. it was cranky as hell of Obama to encourage BLM but he did. And there was a lot of crime and chaos remember this one?


              i don’t blame Obama for that but I’m sure Democrats are vigorously blaming Trump now. So let’s roll back the tapes and see what kind of crime and violence has been incited by Democrat candidates over the decades. Plenty i suspect.

          2. Philip Giraldi is definitely retired from CIA, why do you say, claims to be?

            there is no serious factual question that he did work for cia. if you are aware of any evidence that he did not, please share it, that would be quite the reveal.

            the opprobrium laid on him relates to his complaining about jewish support for sanctions and war against Iran

            valerie plame wilson, of yellowcake fame, and whose grandfather was jewish, and also a former cia agent, got in hot water for retweeting and article he wrote about the topic


            there are an abundance of other CIA agents who in retirement have been critical of Israel as well. this is just in recent years; in earlier decades there may have been even greater predominance of that


            I don’t know Giraldi but i have read him a long time. I see that he has made trips to go give speeches in Iran. That seems like a poor choice to me. I would not go there. But maybe he is not quite so “Ex” as his strident criticisms would lead people to believe.

            1. I doubt the CIA is going to confirm his employment with them if he’s looking for a reference.

              ‘Critical of Israel’ is a contrivedly anodyne way of describing Giraldi.

          3. The Resident Math Whiz said, “You live in a country with 320 million people in it.”

            O! Great Calcuator! What is 320 million divided into 7,000–which is the reported number of people in The Caravan heading for The US border with Mexico? My calculator says 0.000021875. What’s it mean? I think the second zero after the decimal point is 100ths (a.k.a. percentage) and there are two more zeros after that before you get a non-zero numeral. So less than one-hundredth of one percent is . . . What do they call that? A rounding error for declination from due North?

            Mr. Kristof said Trump called it a national emergy. Not a national emergency. A national emergy. What’s it mean?

            1. You can always find a few cranks in a country of 320 million. But since when have a few cranks been put in charge, running the show, calling the shots and naming the tunes the lyrics to one of which claim that the Border Patrol told him that MS-13 smuggled a few Middle-Easterners into The Caravan headed for The US-Mexicao border???

              They say that all it takes is just one crank at the top of the compost heap to light a fire under the seats of the whole heap of cranks.

    3. I think it’s surprizing that L4B did not devote one of her daily columns in this thread to the topic of her chosing.
      If the mail bomb threats were to be today’s topic for her column, she would normally expend more energy ignoring the the JT post and selecting the topic de jour.
      Maybe she got in early enough to derail the topic of the other column.

      1. I scanned all of the comments, and I did find a few that actually deviated from the topic that L4B selected for today’s column.
        So I congratulate them on their defiance, and I continue to read JT’s comments in L4B’s columns.

      2. You still can’t read the time and date stamps alongside the comments. Can you, Mr. Magoo?

        Day shift posting from L4D is a rare treat for Res Ipsa Loquitur. Enjoy the blinking photons while they last.

    4. JT knows that in order to keep his right-wing base solid, he has always looked the other way.

      1. They are incapable of putting the shoe on their own foot. They are only capable of putting the shoe on the other’s foot.

        Can you imagine the hue and cry that would ensue from nine pipe-bombs having been sent to ten of their own tribal leaders?

        The response would be the exact opposite of the deafening silence from Turley on the subject of nine pipe-bombs having been sent to ten frequent targets of Turley’s screeds.

  4. Another “World class”university with a national ranking in the bottom quartile?

  5. CNU has become a world-class educational institution with a particularly impressive history and political science faculty.

    It’s a satisfactory teaching institution whose admitted students are comparatively well-adapted to the pace of instruction and the ordering of the curriculum. It’s the most recently founded of Virginia’s state campuses; it was (arguably) put in the wrong location. Virginia’s made a number of mistakes in the ordering of its higher education regime that New York didn’t make (though not nearly so many as West Virginia has made).

    1. For allegedly being “pro-life”, Tabby consistently demonstrates a spirit of doom and gloom.

      From CNU’s website….all to glowing and hope-filled.


      “At Christopher Newport University we care about minds and hearts. Our primary purpose is to form good citizens and leaders. We believe real success is a life well lived. We want our students to choose to live lives of meaning and consequence and purpose. We call that a life of significance.

      Because we care about minds, our curriculum is based on the liberal arts and sciences. We emphasize the study of leadership and have developed a nationally respected President’s Leadership Program. Our core curriculum is rigorous, cited by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni as the strongest core curriculum of any public college or university in America.

      Because we care about hearts, our students perform thousands of hours of community service. We built a chapel and celebrate our speaking tradition and honor code.

      We want our students to lead, serve, engage and set the world on fire. ”

      Bob & Jim

      1. I agree with Tabby, which will be a first, so pay attention! You’ll likely never see this again. JT’s statement that Christopher Newport University is “a world-class educational institution” is pure horse pucky. Is he saying that it is on par with Berkeley, Harvard and Oxford? That’s utterly ridiculous. It’s likely a decent school where students can get a fair post-secondary education at a reasonable price point, but that’s pretty much it.

  6. A topic which could be an off shoot of the topic of best Supreme Court Chief Justices would be on the thinking of the Framers of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments and the backup given by various Chief Justices since that Reconstruction Era.

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