FBI Arrests Pro-Trump Florida Man As Suspected Mail Bomber

The FBI lived up to its international reputation in nailing the suspected mail bomber within just a few days of the first appearance of pipe bombs at the offices or homes of leading critics of President Donald Trump.  He is Cesar A. Sayoc, 56, a Trump supporter and body builder with a criminal history.  He has appeared at Trump rallies and identifies himself as a Native American for Trump.  He has been described as a “muscle head stripper” for his former boss.

Sayoc worked for Chippendales as a tour manager who was convicted of battery and grand theft in 2014.  This long criminal record includes a 2002 charge with threatening to “throw, project, place, or discharge any destructive device.”  That a second-degree felony resulted in one year of probation.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2012

Sayoc filed for bankruptcy, in June 2012. At the time, he was living with his mother and owed more than $20,000 to creditors, mostly banks.

His total employment income the year before was just over $7,500. And he had collected about $16,000 in unemployment between 1009 and 2010, according to the bankruptcy records.

Syoc also lost his Fort Lauderdale home in a foreclosure in September 2009, according to court records. He filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2012. The court records in that case state he had just $4,175 in assets, including a 2001 Chevy Tahoe with 285,000 miles, and $21,109 in liabilities.

 His van is covered in pro-Trump and anti-Clinton, anti-CNN stickers.

At least some of  the packages went through a US Postal Service facility in Opa-locka, Florida. Notably, the FBI is calling them “potentially destructive devices” and it is not clear if they could detonate or why they did not.  Ultimately, they use of the devices to cause terror will still qualify the defendant for the enhanced sentencing under terrorism laws.

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