Turley To Speak On Thursday At National Press Club On Presidential Removal Under The 25th Amendment

pj_site_2I have the pleasure of speaking at the National Press Club on Thursday about the use of the 25th Amendment to remove an American President.  In light of my debate on Monday in Dallas on the standard of impeachment with CNN’s Jeff Toobin, there certainly does seem a theme, or at least a focus, in these events after the midterm elections.  Organized as a a National Press Club Headliners event featured an impressive array of panelists.  The event is entitled “Presidential Jeopardy: Impeachment, Indictment and the 25th Amendment” and will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2018, 10:00-11:00 a.m. at the Bloomberg Room of The National Press Club, 529 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor

The panel will consist of:

Richard Ben-Veniste, former prosecutor in the Watergate Special Prosecutor’s office

Susan Low Bloch, professor of law at Georgetown Law

Jennifer Daskal, associate professor of law at American University’s Washington College of Law

Jonathan Turley, professor of law at George Washington University Law School

Jack Quinn, former White House counsel to President Clinton

LOCATION: National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Bloomberg Room, Washington, D.C.


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57 thoughts on “Turley To Speak On Thursday At National Press Club On Presidential Removal Under The 25th Amendment”

  1. Did I read that wrong; do the dims really think that Mike Pence is going to march a bunch of communist parasites into Congress and demand the Oval Office because Making America Great Again is just plain “crazy?”

    Enough incoherence, hysteria and a fertility rate in a “death spiral,” repeal the 19th amendment…

    and the 13th, 14th, 15th and 25th.

  2. I see that JT is still on his Trump can do no harm speaking circuit. Why not just go on FOX NEWS and ask for a job? Trump is sure to see the proposal.

    1. Better yet, get a job on FOX first, and then ask for a job. That way he will feel that you are qualified.




    Trump, no doubt, fails the stability, if not the insanity test. His weekend in France confirms it. During said trip Trump irrationally attacked French President Macron and displayed irrational hostility towards British P.M. May. This on top of unfounded claims that ‘rampant voting fraud occurred in Florida’. Trump even found time to claim that ‘California failed to manage its forests’ (the vast majority of California forests are managed by the Federal government).

    But one has to seriously ask if Vice President Mike Pence is any pillar of sanity. As governor of Indiana, Pence signed a law requiring that aborted fetuses must be properly buried in cemetaries. That law was overturned in court but many felt that Pence was far too under the influence of Evangelicals.

    Therefore, if the choice is between Trump’s instability and Pence’s dependency on God, we might possibly be better with the devil we know.

    1. Peter lacks the skill and knowledge to argue with anyone, so he categorizes anyone not addled by the prejudices of his social circle as ‘irrational’.

      1. Tabby, no one outside the right wing media bubble perceives Trump as rational. No one! But you won’t know unless you get outside the bubble long enough to clear your head.

        1. Tabby, no one outside the right wing media bubble perceives Trump as rational. No one!

          Again, Peter, you need to get out more. Your friends aren’t making you any smarter about the world.

          The thing about business is that it has operational measures of competence.

          Again, I’m amused to be told that the President and his supporters are ‘irrational’ by the sort of people who fancy there are such things as ‘evolved males’. It has been an education.

        2. a) define your term right wing media bubble. how many people is that?
          b) do you know “everyone” outside of that on down to all 7 billion souls on earth? no

          your statement is obviously overbroad and false.
          best to first work on logic before you presume to judge who is rational

          1. What the hell are you talking about? Your logic of overbroad and false statements are the first things you plant.

        3. no one outside the right wing media bubble perceives Trump as rational. No one!

          I’m sure that sounded rational to you, but then again rational is not really in your repertoire. What’s also not rational is for me to even respond to one of your hyperbolic posts.

          So in the interest of analyzing the irrationality of President Trump, what exactly has he done that would qualify as being irrational? And when you list them, identify what criteria you are using to measure rational.

    2. “…Pence’s dependency on God, we might possibly be better with the devil we know.”

      Shilling Peter….

      What does Correct the Record pay you other than a few baggies of crystal meth to troll these forums, and a hit of opiates to cope with your ilk having no message other than disparaging Trump, Americans that support him and others?

      You should be euthanized to save the earth 🤢

  4. Remember, remember the outcry when then candidate Trump said that he might not accept the results if he lost the election. Well, careful what you wish for.

    1. That was my first thought when I saw this headline. So many people who cannot accept the results of the election. It is just plain weird.

  5. As a practical matter, in the present political climate, I would think that Trump would have to be comatose for the 25th amendment to remove him from office.

    1. The 25th Amendment is not an agent. It is a law. The agents would be Pence and the Cabinet, because Congress has never composed any statutory law which would assign that particular function to any other conciliar body (though it has that option under the Amendment).

      The Cabinet is composed of public executives who work with the Donald, not senescent goofballs like David Benson. They’re not going to pretend the president is insane just to please this woman

      1. How many times have you used this same clip, now?

        Wretched is very fond of this woman, obviously. He must seem something of himself in her.

  6. Four leftist Democrats and Professor Turley discussing removal of a Republican President is like four chickens discussing the desired fate of the fox. And they’re holding the discussion in the chicken coop! Be careful of the company you keep.

    1. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Richard Ben-Veniste’s name in print unaccompanied by the identifying information that he was as a young lawyer a minion of Leon Jaworski and Henry Ruth. He was banging Peggy Lipton around the same time, but no one’s waggish enough to put that on blurbs. (Nor waggish enough to post tidbits from his NNDB profile, which note he’s been associated with a half-dozen hustles in support of the Clintoons).

      1. What does Ben-Veniste’s love or sex life have to do with anything? A certain White House occupant has done (and probably continues to do) a lot of promiscuous banging, but I suppose that doesn’t bother you.

  7. Why are you pretending this is a serious idea?

    The 25th Amendment delineates a mess of a procedure. It’s another example, in case we needed one, of politicians cocking-up an effort to correct a real problem.

    The problem was manifest in 1919, when that insufferablle prig Woodrow Wilson had a stroke. He and his wife fancied that his Vice President was just too vulgar to be entrusted with the Presidency at this delicate moment in history, so he holes up in the White House residence and has Mrs. Wilson and his doctor deliver instructions to various federal officials. Since Mrs. Wilson and his doctor don’t allow anyone to see him, no one has a clue who is actually composing the instructions.

    (Between 1877 and 1974 we had four presidents whose performance was wretched and who presided over real disasters. In descending order of consequence, they were Herbert Hoover, Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon. IOW, out of 18 men, the four worst performers included all three MENSA candidates.. That should tell you the sort of person to not put in high office).

    Partisan Democrats (Prof. John Fea, I’m looking at you) will swallow all manner of urban legends hook, line, and sinker if these are in accordance with their prejudices. (https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/364094-trump-watches-at-least-four-hours-of-tv-per-day-report). They’ve got the idea in their head that anyone who disregards their elaborately contrived set of p’s and q’s must be senile or crazy. It’s pretty amusing getting this line from the sort of people who subscribe to quackery like ‘gender reassignment’ surgery.

      1. No, it’s not irrelevant. The situation in 1919 was the precedent Congress had in mind in proposing the Amendment.

        Change your Depends.

    1. I didn’t elaborately contrive any set of p’s and q’s, but can tell when a person’s brain doesn’t function normally and when a person is not competent to make decisions affecting others.

      1. Sam – and what is “normal” for you? Please define “competent”? And please give us a copy of your CV.

      2. but can tell when a person’s brain doesn’t function normally and when a person is not competent to make decisions affecting others.

        Well go ahead, enlighten us.

    1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

      The roughly 350 migrants who reached the border were part of smaller splinter groups who grew impatient with the caravan’s progress, preferring to forego the security of traveling in numbers to more quickly file their asylum claims in the United States, according to local authorities and migrant advocates.

      But an estimated 5,000 migrants spent Monday night in the central Mexican city of Guadalajara, before enduring another round of frustration during their attempts to move farther north on Tuesday. More than 2,000 more have received temporary visas to stay in the country.

    2. Also excerpted from the article linked above:

      Despite the new round of difficulties, Guadalajara marked the halfway milestone for the caravan, which set out Oct. 12 from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and has traveled roughly 1,400 miles. The caravan inched through Central America and southern Mexico, enduring brutal heat, torrential downpours and logistical complications.

    3. Also excerpted from the article linked above:

      The Mexican government has also offered refuge, asylum or work visas to caravan participants. The government said Monday that 2,697 temporary visas had been issued to individuals and families to cover them during the 45-day application process for more permanent status. Another 533 migrants have requested a voluntary return to their countries, the government reported.

      1. Excerpted from Trump’s October 29th Tweet:

        “This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!”

  8. “I have the pleasure of speaking at the National Press Club on Thursday about the use of the 25th Amendment to remove an American President.”
    Should be:
    “I have the pleasure of speaking at the National Propaganda Club on Thursday about the use of the 25th Amendment to remove an American President. ”
    “I have the pleasure of speaking at the National Leftist Hate Club on Thursday about the use of the 25th Amendment to remove an American President. ”

    This is on in the news (fake news) because of the unadulterated Hate from the Left. And they wonder why so many hate them.

    1. One cannot live on Hate alone. The digestive issues of the Left have got to be getting quite painful by now.

  9. While I wish our host and the other panelists well and the audience to enjoy a robust debate and education, I cannot help but wonder if the money and enabling behind organizing events of this type of topic do so to further the dialogue in promotion of their ambition to see the president removed from office by any means available.

    By having a host of panelists, inclusive of those who might disagree the current environment favors removal of the current office holder, it provides a means of legitimizing any otherwise unfounded notion that he can be ejected from office given the currently available complaints foisted against him.

      1. They need to be informed because they are full of crazy notions.

        Here’s what Turley probably won’t say but I will: for a 25th amendment coup to be successful, somebody would have to take the keys from Donald. Who is going to do that? The US marine guards? I doubt they’re going to take orders from Pelosi. How about the Secret Service that are sworn to protect the POTUS with their lives? Will they suddenly become a Preatorian guard to remove him? I doubt that too. Will the generals obey rogue officials and send a division of men to occupy the white house? No, not one.

        The press, a group of pencil necked geeks, overly interested in this topic who have dangerous imaginations and zero experience in real chains of command, definitely need a guy like Turley to let them know the 25th amendment is not going to be a viable choice. Im sure he will use scholarly language; and hopefully they will get a clue.

  10. Impeach the deep state. Federal felony charges for every leaker. Start with Comey and his FBI Fixer (bogus law professor) Daniel C. Richman.

  11. This time five lawyers speaking but not debating? That’s in their speeches. So those who wanted real lawyers there it is.

  12. anyone know where to listen to the podcast from Prof. Turley’s discussion on Impeachment at the National Constitution Center? Thannks,

  13. I have never seen people try so hard to overturn an election because the one with the vagina lost.

    1. Paul C…..That’s the truth! Where did our country go?
      This is like living in a soap opera every day! And I hate soap operas!
      This is so drepressing!!!

    2. PCS – I have never seen an American political party so corrupted try so hard to overturn an election. I have a feeling they are going to be devoured by the group they’ve given birth to.

      1. despicable running dogs, the press deserves a lot worse than having its credentials cancelled. most average Democrats are not quite so insane as the new “leadership ” which is emerging. it’s an engineered phenomenon made possible by the very thing the Dems failed to use in the last election properly– social media, which has now been weaponized against Republicans by the ownership dictates of Silicon Valley

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