New Jersey Couple and Homeless Man Charged In Hoax That Raised $400,000 on GoFundMe

Triple-Mugs.jpgOne of the year’s most bizarre stories just got even more so.  You may recall the lawsuit of a homeless man against a New Jersey couple who raised $400,000 off a heart-warming story of how Johnny Bobbitt supposedly gave Kate McClure his last $20 when she was stranded on a road in Philadelphia.  Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico then went public with the GoFundMe effort — only to be accused by Bobbitt of using the money for themselves.  Police now say it was all a cynical hoax on the public.  If so, this could prove a case of “when thieves fall out, honest men come by their own.”  Donors will be given back their money.

Burlington County prosecutor Scott Coffina said that the entire effort was a lie — completely “fictitious and illegal and there are consequences.”  Had the three not squabbled over the money, the alleged hoax would never have been detected in all likelihood.  It always astonishes me to see criminal enterprises that depend on the honesty of dishonest people.

When the story broke in November 2017, it was covered nationally and money poured in. If this was a hoax, it is truly breathtaking to think of the level of mendacity required.  The prosecutor explained:

“Kate McClure did not run out of gas on an I-95 off-ramp, and Johnny Bobbitt didn’t spend his last $20 to help her. Rather, D’Amico, McClure and Bobbitt conspired to invent and/or promulgate this story in order to deceive potential donors to the ‘Paying it Forward’ campaign by toying with their emotions to encourage them to contribute to a homeless veteran who purportedly had done a good deed.”


They are all now charged with theft by deception and conspiracy to commit theft by deception.

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  1. 20 year old story that ended like this. John Wayne B. got a job on late night TV infomercials as The Snap On Tool Man. Lorena B. went with Ginsu. While Monica chose Hoover.

  2. This is a two month old story that started with them getting in the news (center and right in photos) and the left photo withi a very long beard. They got lot of publicity and then money. Then the beard had an alling out and claimed the other two never gave him any of the money in the Gopayme accouont and it all came undone.

    So how many of these are phony Ford made almost a million dollars just in the publicity over the Kavenaugh deal and stands to make more as the House socalists next year prepare to continue the fraud.

    Avenatti siphoned publicity off the side and the DC and Alabama Bimbo teams with Gloria All Red et fil did much the same – not telling yet if they were connected dto the Go Pay Me frauds but All Red had access to a very hefty set of funds. I suspect those were the payoff backers using a variation Pay My Lawyer. Both faster than Buy My Book another payoff method where the real backers use a ghost writer to pay off after the fact such as Comey’s blockading the Clinton investigation.

    Now we have the next years Representative going back for seconds and thirds leaving the Senate – cross your fingers – to do the real investigating, hopefully – finally with the doers buiilt in legal teams of Harris and Booker.

    With the swamp draining you get a lot of rats, rats invite snakes and they all have ways of bilking the gullible public.

    But after all opine the Socialists… this new economy? It’s OUR money not OUR fault we didn’t get OUR crumbs. .The public owes it to us… with interest.

  3. And they will do more time then the other great con artists of our time, bankers, wall street CEO’s insurance CEO’s and of course Trump and his cabinet.

  4. Most charities are scams preying on gullible, if compassionate, folks. Throw this trio in jail for exploiting good peopl. You want to help people, then give them a job not a handout.

  5. GoFundMe

    Televangelist Jesse Duplantis has a few GoFundMe accounts:

    Yacht GoFundMe to access small islands & preach the word of God
    Mortgage payoff GoFundMe as commanded by the Lord
    Jet GoFundMe to share the love of Jesus all over the world

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did not set up his GoFundMe account.

    K Street PR consulting firm did. There was hitch. K Street was ultimately raising money to pay themselves.

  6. Never give money as the result of an emotional response. One would think the victims could refer back to a time in their life when someone came begging for money at a gas station claiming to be out of gas and they only need five dollars to get home. But then again the Nigerian Prince Scam is decades old and continues to lure in idiots with more dollars than sense.

  7. The donors aren’t going to get their money back because most of it has been splurged. There may be some assets that can be sold by a court-appointed auctioneer, and after his fees have been deducted, the donors may get pennies on the dollar. It is unfortunate because this type of scam makes people less willing to donate to others who need help, even though it is likely quite rare.

  8. A scam is a scam and with little effort they got nice people to pony up 400k. Greed seems to have killed the golden goose.

  9. With a name like Bobbitt, he was predestined to stupidity. What’s next? A step down from crime into a failed career in porn?

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