Leeds Trinity University Warns Faculty Not To Use Capital Letters That Might “Scare [students] Into Failure”

imagesThere is a growing concern about University’s treating students like emotional wrecks triggered by any routine terms or opposing views.  Leed’s Trinity journalism department however has reached a new level of manic mollycoddling with a warning to all faculty that they need to avoid using capital letters because uppercase letters may “scare them into failure.”

The school is concerned that  writing a word in caps could cause “worry” in students about the difficulty of an assignment.,

This type of over-protective attitude is creating a generation of emotional basket cases who cannot deal with the stress of everyday life. It is a disservice to our kids.

39 thoughts on “Leeds Trinity University Warns Faculty Not To Use Capital Letters That Might “Scare [students] Into Failure””

  1. These idiots deserve an Irish Poem! Because one could extrapolate this into the future and get. . .

    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    The name of the course was quite weird!
    Eloi 101 just appeared. . .
    The students walked in
    With a dumb Xanax grin,
    Like poor silly sheep to be sheared.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. Amen! I am sooo sick of these whiny-a$$ chicks, always carrying on about how somebody grabbed their tit back in 8th grade, and they ain’t been the same since. Sheeeesh, frigging grow up you bunch of damn retards!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. “So sensitive” used to be a term of disapprobation for those who feel slights too much, but now “being sensitive” is a term of approval for those who are aware of others’ feelings, And it takes a lot of awareness, since we have learned to take offense not only where it is intended but where there is no one to intend it. We take offense at history, at language, at the system, at society—so that anyone who moves in established ways will, willy-nilly sometimes give offense.

  4. Damn. Go to their website and it’s a freakin’ horror show right on the home page! I have no idea why those young (pardon me if I have this wrong) women are smiling. If there was a link to campus grief counselors, I didn’t stay long enough to find it.

  5. Thank god you can take courses on line, now you can curl up in a nice, comfy, cozy easy chair and not have to go out and deal with people on a face to face level!

  6. What a bunch of wussies! I can’t believe what this generation is like. Thank God they didn’t try and defend us in WWII. Their feelings would be hurt and they would look for their binkies and safe space.

    1. “This generation” isn’t the source of this inane measure. The teachers and administrators are, most of whom are 20+ years older than ‘this generation’.

  7. You have to wonder why they are creating a generation of weak minded individuals. It’s reprehensible.

  8. Eat Carp Daily


    Eat carp daily.

    Either way, the carp does not survive, or Carp, as the case may be. Or maybe.

    1. Darren Smith – how many titles of books or names of buildings will have to be changed now?

  9. I did read that the new thing was for parents to visit children at work to make sure they were okay (like pre-schoolers). Do they guide them through their awkward sexual activities, too?

  10. During basic training, Army drill sergeant Sherry taught 3 things:

    Never assume anything
    Never say your sorry
    And always remember that Schitt stinks

  11. Stupid is as stupid does. What if they are Pinoy? Those folks ony use capital letters.


  12. It appears that the faculty have failed to fully understand the Queen’s English.

  13. Howling mad, the lot of them. This reads like instructions in a mental ward for the fragile patients. How are these students to function?

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