“Maybe He Did And Maybe He Didn’t!”: Trump Signals That He Will Ignore His Own Administration’s Conclusions On Culpability of Crown Prince

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedSaudi Arabia flagPresident Donald Trump signaled today that he will simply not accept the conclusions of his own CIA which found with confidence that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the brutal murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. If true, it would represent one of the lowest moral moments for this country.  Update:  Trump just reportedly dismissed the issue by saying “it is what it is.”  What it is is murder and the question is what we are. 

Trump has repeatedly said that the Crown Prince denied his involvement.  However, this is hardly surprising for a murderer.  Moreover, the Saudis have repeatedly lied throughout this scandal, including denying for days that Khashoggi died in the Saudi Consulate. They insisted that he was seen leaving when it turned out to be a double flown into the country. More importantly, not just the world at large but our own CIA rejected the denials of the Crown Prince, which are facially absurd on their face.

This was a carefully planned killing with a team sent from Saudi Arabia, including the double and a close security aide to the Crown Prince.  Moreover, there is a recording referencing the Crown Prince by the murderers as well as an intercept of a team member calling an aide to Prince Mohammed and saying “tell your boss” that the mission was accomplished. Intercepts also show that Prince Mohammed was trying to find ways to lure Mr. Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia.

Trump appears to be expressing doubt in the absence of a confession by the Crown Prince or an actual videotape of his ordering the murder.  The evidence is overwhelming and this response will be denounced around the world as willful blindness to the heinous act by “great ally” against a member of the press.

The Crown Prince has a long and bloody record, including torturing and killing his opponents.  In the meantime, the Crown Prince has engineered the arrest and promised execution of team members.  It is a disgusting demonstration of a mass execution designed to protect the Crown Prince.  We will now be part of that effort.

It seems that the Crown Prince will join “Carrots” and “Peas” in getting a pass from the President today.  The difference is that one of them is likely a murderer.

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  1. the US is being sold and Trump probably has very high stakes in the marketing….what would we expect a greedy orange gummy bear to do?
    Gird yer loins it’s gonna get rough…the unravelled and unravelling of the American Constitution and historical Civil rights leader is in peril….again. I wonder if Europe will come to our aid as we did theirs?
    [hopefully not, hopefully they willnot wait for the bankers and investers to solidify thier profits before stepping up to save the ones being murdered crushed and exploited by the fearful $$$$$makers.].

  2. I have to wonder, if the Saudi prince had ordered (say) Ivanka to get bumped off, do you suppose Trump’s reaction would be the same? After all, what’s one woman’s life compared to all the gazillions of dollars we supposedly get from the Saudis, or compared to having the US price of gasoline go down?

    1. Jay,

      check for the story of the guy from HHS responsible for helping Trump get low drug prices was found Beat to death & it was Ruled a Suicide.

      Sounds a lot friends of the Clintons/Bushs & the Libs Rino soldiers.

    2. Khashoggi was a bad dude. Take a look around the world and see how many people have been killed and incarcerated by governments over and over again. We could remove the embassy from Saudi Arabia and every other country that did the same thing. What is our next step when people are killed or jailed? (Disclosure: I have always felt Saudi Arabia should be treated like a terrorist nation and I didn’t care how high the price of gas went. What is different in the present is that they are doing our bidding and potentially saving American lives. If their benefit stopped to America I wouldn’t need a Khashoggi killing to advocate all sorts of things against Saudi Arabia.)

      Think of Turkey. Look and see how many people they have killed recently and check how many journalists are presently in jail.

      When Stalin was killing (he killed in the tens of millions) the left thought he was a great person.

  3. The Khashoggi matter:

    Can we not consider it just as the polecats call it as a “Late Term Abortion”?

  4. Should President Trump sever relations with India over the murder of an American tourist killed in that nation?

    “US Tourist Killed by Arrow-Shooting Indian Tribe”


    “An American tourist was killed by arrows shot by protected tribesmen living in one of the world’s most isolated regions tucked in India’s Andaman islands, police said Wednesday. John Chau, 27, had taken a boat ride with local fishermen before venturing alone in a canoe to the remote North Sentinel Island where the indigenous people live cut off completely from the outside world. As soon as he set foot on the island, Chau found himself facing a flurry of arrows, official sources told AFP. Contact with several tribes on the islands, set deep in the Indian Ocean, is illegal in a bid to protect their indigenous way of life and shield them from diseases. Police have registered a case of murder and seven accused persons have been arrested. “The investigation in this matter is on,” senior police officer Deepak Yadav said in a press release. Chau had made several trips to the Andaman islands recently before finally managing to make it to the remote stretch by offering money to local fishermen. “He tried to reach the Sentinel island on November 14 but could not make it. Two days later he went well prepared. He left the dingy midway and took a canoe all by himself to the island,” sources said. “He was attacked by arrows but he continued walking. The fishermen saw the tribals tying a rope around his neck and dragging his body. “They were scared and fled but returned next morning to find his body on the sea shore.” The Andamans are also home to the 400-strong Jarawa tribe who activists say are at threat from outsiders, who often bribe local authorities to spend a day out with them. But tribes such as the Sentinelese shun all contact with the outside world and are known to be hostile to any encroachers. The North Sentinel island is out of bounds even to the Indian navy in a bid to protect its reclusive inhabitants who number only about 150.”

    1. of course not. Chau was a meddlesome proselytizing fool. By local law he was supposed to leave them alone. He didn’t and they shot him with a bow and arrow. Good for the “indigenous”… you have to admire their pluck!

    2. Time to nuke the Sentinelese. All 50 to 500 of them. They must pay. It’s our moral right! Trump is Hitler if he backs down. Blah, blah, blah ….

      Great one, George.

    1. “Around the world, reactions largely broke down between those who wish that the United States and its Western allies would stay out of how they run their countries and those who believe that the United States should show moral leadership and stand up for international norms.

      ““It is a terrible reminder of how precarious the leadership situation in the United States and Saudi Arabia is in terms of adhering to the rule of law and to common decency and ethics,” said Rami G. Khouri, a journalist in residence at the American University of Beirut and a senior fellow at the Kennedy School at Harvard University. “The message is that we are now in the era of strongmen or mafia rule that is gradually dominating the region.”

      “Indeed, some in the Middle East twisted Mr. Trump’s assertion that the world is a dangerous place to implicate him in the dangers.

      ““The world is a dangerous place when its led by demagoguery leaders who manipulate truth,” Wael Ghonim, the internet activist who rose to prominence during the Egyptian uprising in 2011, wrote on Twitter.

      ““They lie, they know they are lying, & they know that we know they are lying.””

      “In Pardoning Saudi Arabia, Trump Gives Guidance to Autocrats”


  5. We in America still have the FBI Bldg in DC named after J. Edgar Hoover. That chump made chumps of us. He was the guy who had John F. Kennedy killed. And Martine Luther King. Probably RFK.

  6. The U.S. should close the Saudi Embassy and any Consulates, making a public statement that it is for public safety and crime prevention reasons. It’s not too far of a stretch. Of course they will threaten to retaliate. But we can then all say “So long, and thanks for all the 9/11 Terrorists.”

    We can get along fine without them, or most other nations for that matter.

    1. + 1 for standing up for the rule of law; it works for me. However, this president wouldn’t even know of such a tactic, and no henchmen would have the balls to tell him.

      to darren

        1. Well, the “rule of law” generally proscribes murder. Perhaps a refresher on crim law 1 and ethics is in order?

          to mespo

          1. The NPC Marky Mark Mark runs the I am a lawyer script but forgets that the rule of law is different in different countries. Even Jesus Obama had a kill list.

    2. Darren:
      Closing embassies is an act of war. Do You really want American soldiers, sailors and airmen in Harm’s way over the death of Hamas-loving, anti-Israel Khashoggi?

        1. Peter, you have absolutely no concept of the consequences of actions you would like to take.

  7. There wasn’t a problem when President Jimmy Carter was hanging out with the Shah of Iran.


    When Obama & Hillary indorsed Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood.

  8. From Stark County, Ohio, a drawing by Ferdinand A. Brader entitled “Insane Building, Boilerhouse, Hospital; Stark County Infirmary, 1895”. George escaped from the building on the left.

    The drawing is at auction for around $3,000.

  9. So The Donald is going to do business with a likely murderer. I suppose that the Manhattan Mafia do that all the time; “concrete shoes our specialty”.

    1. DBB:
      Churchill and Roosevelt did business with Stalin. You know the who was a mass murderer. Your point is what exactly? A morality test for everyone we deal with? Grow up.

          1. I’m told they cheered and stomped their feet, rather like the crowd at fooseball games.

  10. People are just looking to take a swipe at Trump. Speaking of swipes, here is one of my REAL poems, just one that I wasn’t going to try to get published. I posted it on another website today, and thought you guys might like it, too.

    Tinder is the Night
    A Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    Was it love at first swipe
    Which brought us here?
    Or did mere shallow need steer
    Us to these cheap sheets.

    Passions of the lowest sort.
    A spasm of momentary lust.
    Perhaps a simple game of parry and thrust?
    Smiling now, I know mean feats.

    My life is in books, and in the past.
    I truly do not know if I spoke,
    “Dick Diver”, would you get the joke?
    Or would you slap me, and leave the bed?

    Unlike Tiresias, I am not blind.
    I see by light of moon and star,
    We are not ships passing in the night.
    Two garbage scows are all we are.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky – be sure to blow the cat hair out of your computer tower at least once a month. 😉

  11. It speaks volumes about this website that purports to address important legal matters in the news that it focuses on this non-event story involving the death of a non-US citizen who happened to support the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, but this same website totally ignores the real stories of the day, such as

    1. Federal Court Orders Hillary Clinton to Answer Additional Email Questions Under Oath.
    2. Mareli Miniutti Wrote in a Sworn Statement that Michael Avenatti Dragged Her By the Arm Across the Floor, and Committed Acts of Other Abuse Against Miniutti.

    But, I guess these stories don’t fit the political propaganda that this website promotes.

    1. James, yeah, I”ve been complaining for months about the left-wing bias on this site. Turley doesn’t get it. He thinks we should care about Muslim Brothers!

      They ain’t my brothers, that’s for sure. But Turley feels a kinship.

  12. “If true, it would represent one of the lowest moral moments for this country. Update: Trump just reportedly dismissed the issue by saying “it is what it is.” What it is is murder and the question is what we are.”
    What we are is a superpower charged with checking our adversaries and protecting our freedom, our treasure and our interests. That means we play with the cards we are dealt. In this case, our interests are served by having an ally in the MidEast to check Iran and keep the oil taps flowing. We can go all Billy Graham and divorce ourselves from Saudi. We can also then pay $4 a gallon for gas as the economy tanks and watch a nuclear Iran grow in power and influence inching us closer to war without an Arab ally. We are not immoral for acts we neither commited nor encouraged. We are merely prudent for not taking our eye off the prize. While this incident may be murder, it’s not our murder. To lose sight of our interests however is suicide.

    1. Actually, no. We are the leader of the Free World. Our country’s conduct, actions, and words have consequences beyond what the rubes down at Ruby’s Diner in downtown B.F.E. nowheresville ruminate over. Isolationism by the United States led to two devastating world wars. People smarter than any on this bedlam blog determined that establishing a world organization of fair, impartial, and non-violent interactions between countries would be a net benefit to the United States, and would similarly provide for a more peaceful regimen of conduct between nations. Such high-brow considerations probably don’t resonate in hickville, where today’s sorghum prices are likely more enthusiastically greeted.

      to mespo

      1. The NPC Marky Mark Mark runs the United Nations keeps us safe script forgetting that in general it is a complete failure.

        1. I can only show you the way, I can’t make you understand it. Reading comprehension is a skill developed through practice, desire and ability. So sorry for your misfortune. Pro tip: the only person who referenced the United Nations was you.

          This is to “when it gets to hard, I usually just start making sh*t up for the hell of it” paulie — georgie

          1. The NPC Marky Mark Mark runs the I had amnesia script forgetting what it had typed before. Not uncommon for NPCs, since there is no thought process involved.

  13. When will the Republicans come to their senses and reject Donald Trump who is behaving like a corrupt wannabe dictator. Trump is not only destroying the values and traditions of our republic he is also destroying the GOP.

    1. This you say is true. While the party which used to be called “Republican” has now abdicated its moral and ethical duty to reign in such a menace to America in every way, the other party has not, and will soon have enough of the reins to at least try to save our beloved country from the moral rot and depredations emanating from the malevolent, cretinous fool now occupying the White House. Combined with the upstanding American refugees who have seen fit to abandon the former Republican Party, we true American patriots will overcome this period of insanity. May God Bless America.

      to Gary

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