UCLA Refuses To Cancel Pro-Palestinian Conference Despite Pressure From Politicians and Activists

4929447497826304UCLA has departed from a disturbing trend toward speech censorship on campuses and refused to yield to demands to shutdown a pro-Palestinian conference, including demands from Congressman Brad Sherman and the Los Angeles City Council. In demanding the action, both Sherman and the city council have shown again a rising anti-free speech trend coming from the left — similar to the devastating rollback in Europe.

There is also a claim that the flyer used for the conference is threatening, including the use of a kite (which has been used by some to carry incendiary devices into Israel).  Others objected to “UCLA” being featured so prominently, but that was the location of the conference.

Nearly 36,000 people signed a petition to cancel the event or “be held accountable.”  Sherman himself wrote a letter that demanded the closure of the event because of the views of those attending the conference and the “anti-Semitic rhetoric on social media.” The university was less tolerant of SJP’s advertising for the event, however.

The university did issue an Oct. 31 cease-and-desist letter to to demand the removal of UCLA’s name without authorization and to stop using the bear, which is the mascot of the university.  The letter is highly dubious on a legal basis to demand such changes.  However, the organizers did agree to remove “UCLA” from the poster and other changes.

download-1The Los Angeles City Council resolution and intervention of Sherman (right) raises the very dangers that has resulted in the decimation of free speech in Europe, where liberal politicians and activists have led the effort to criminalize an ever-expanding range of speech.

Colleges and universities are supposed to be places where divergent ideas are debated, including views that may disturb or discomfort students.  That intellectual diversity is the life’s blood of academia.  I previously praised the position of my alma mater, The University of Chicago, in refusing to limit free speech with the creation of safe spaces and speech codes. Indeed, the courageous position of UChicago stood in sharp contrast to the troubling position of my other alma mater, Northwestern University (which has only grown more hostile to both free speech and academic freedom).

This is an important moment for UCLA and it was the right, even if difficult, decision for the university to make.  If the United States will remain the bulwark of free speech, we need to be vigilant in challenging those who would erode protections, including politicians who see such limits as a popular cause.

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  1. When I was in Egypt, including Gaza, and Israel, back in 1980, no Arab called him or her/self a “palestinian”. They would say Arab sometimes, and often some tribe, and often Egyptian or Lebanese etc. As for the UCLA place: fly over and flush.

    1. I lived near Nice for many years, late 70s, early 80s, lived, worked, and attended the University of Nice; and often met Palestinians who called themselves Palestinian. It was a student thing as well as a statement. Perhaps in the ‘zones’ it is too confrontational. However, I would venture to guess that in the West Bank, Gaza, and the camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and elsewhere, a Palestinian is a Palestinian. One needs to venture outside of one’s initial reflexes, Liberty2nd.

  2. Off topic but worthy of debate:

    Juries have no place in rape trials. They simply can’t be trusted.
    Julie Bindel
    2018 Nov 21
    The Guardian

    1. Davis B. Benson, meet the 19th amendment;

      more incoherence and hysteria than a barrel of monkeys!

      And the Chinese march on.

      1. George, you mispelled my name. That amendment is irrelevant; the matter is one for the several states.

        1. David B. Benson, thank you for pointing out my typographical error.

          I’m over 40 and that’s the first mistake I ever made.

          I shall cherish your correction eternally.

          The 19th amendment guarantees that the several states shall allow women to vote.

          The national political condition is that of incoherence and hysteria.

          And as we now see, the 19th means the death of a nation.

          There are more deaths than births of Americans.

          The American fertility rate is in a “death spiral”

          as the population is imported

          and America is no longer American.

          That dudn’t make any sense.

          Ben Franklin intended to Make America Great Again.

          Ben Franklin intended for women to create a burgeoning fertility rate, not vote.

          Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

          1. George, I believe women had the right to vote in N.J. until the very early 19th century. Widowed women and some unmarried women that held property in the colonies also, I believe, had the right to vote at least in some of the colonies if not all of them. In many homeowners associations the home has only one vote no matter how many adult men or women exist within the home. There are good rationals behind such a policy.

            The problem you perceive is not with women having the right to vote.

    2. I would actually appreciate some debate about jury trials for rape instead of comments about George’s off off topic junk.

  3. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/mahmoud-abbas-antisemitism-holocaust-jews-money-lending-nazis-israel-palestine-a8332791.html

    Palestinian Authority President’s anti-semitic remarks about how the Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves. I guess that’s progress, because they usually claim it never happened.

    The openly stated goals of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Palestinian Authority is the destruction of Israel.

    And that logo of the pro-Palestinian meeting at UCLA? The Bruin Bear is playfully batting at a kite, which the Palestinians use to carry bombs over the wall to kill men, women, and children Jewish civilians. THAT is what the Left supports. THAT is what this meeting at the college is to support. They will not tell the truth about what really happens in Israel. It will be repackaged so that the victims of terrorism are viewed as the perpetrators. But that does not make it true. This is like Nazi propaganda against the Jews. People should know better. The UCLA students have a right to discuss whatever hateful ideology they want, but there should be equal space given to people who refute such genocide.

  4. The bear represented in the poster looks nothing like “Joe Bruin” so I doubt that the UCLA administration can successfully defend copyright violation.

  5. Nothing unusual here. Free speech at the University of California and other leftist agenda campuses is always available to leftist activists, which includes the anti-Semites and the anti-Israel activists. And if that helps to spread hatred and violence, they consider that a bonus.

      1. There are no ‘apartheid conditions’ except in the imagination of the vicious. Gaza has no Israeli security presence at all. The local brigands in Gaza still attack Israel with whatever means they can muster. As for the West Bank, fewer than 200,000 Arabs are under Israel’s civil administration. All of the rest are ruled by Al Fatah and the PA. Israel’s security patrols move about outside the zone Israel covers. If the local Arabs do not care for that, they should have had their politicians sign on the dotted line when the West Bank and Gaza were offered in toto. Neither Arafat nor Abbas would do that. There’s a reason for that. Self-government really doesn’t much interest the local Arabs. What they want is dead Jewish bodies. People like you fancy it’s nefarious of Israel to institute protective security measures, because you don’t give a rip if Jews are killed or not.

    1. They never will. The Enlightenment dream of restricted government was mostly just sloganeering to benefit a rising capitalist and middle class previously restricted by feudalism. In exchange for liberaliztion of laws restricting property and trade and commerce, the people were and have been offered continuing measures of social privacy and various forms of welfare. This equation still holds for the most part in America.

      But beneath it all, the reality of human social existence is fundamentally that of resource competition; and groups organizing to carry that out in whatever way.

      Hence, government is always about 2 things, essentially.
      1. Arming against the foreign other so as to prevent them from subjugating the national whole;

      2– and also, enforcing whatever rules social rules the strong intend to impose on those weaker than themselves. sometimes the strong have good rules, sometimes bad. but always by definition the strong are those who call the shots. and they call them however they do. there may be factions, it may be complicated, but by definition the strong will rule the weak, just as much as the Pareto principle says 20% of the workers usually do 80% of the work in nearly any enterprise.

      Some would say that is a quasi Marxist viewpoint. Perhaps it is somewhat materialistic in that it posits resource competition as the fundamental social conflict between groups. Sorry, in spite of my religious upbringing, that’s the way I see it now.

      But In my opinion, it would be salubrious for conservatives to orient themselves to brutal viewpoints like this which dispense with moralistic understandings of history in favor of realism. It doesn’t matter if the moralism is coming from Jeffersonian Enlightenment platitudes or if it’s coming from other cultural relics of the self-assured WASP majority in America; any delusional thinking at this point comes at the expense of immediate necessity to organize counterforce against the academic left and their funders in the globalist corporate mass media combine, which definitely sees things in such terms, and intends to reduce us to to totally impotent and atomized abject tax slaves if they can just get away with it.

  6. Vanishing America

    UCLA Enrollment

    African American / Black 5.2%
    American Indian / Alaska Native 0.5%
    Asian / Pacific Islander 31.6%
    Hispanic 21.3%
    White 26.1%
    domestic, race/ethnicity unknown 3.5%
    international 11.8%

    University of California – The New Normal

    Janet Napolitano
    Presidnet of the UC

    Napolitano has never married or had children; as a result, there has been speculation about her sexual orientation. This included some campaign activity in 2002 when “vote gay” fliers were posted next to her campaign signs. Despite the claims, Napolitano stated on record that she’s “just a straight, single workaholic”.[84]

    – Wiki

    Q: Men don’t know what to make of women who choose to be single. Rumors of lesbianism have dogged women in politics.

    A: Right. I think the more people get to know a person, the less that becomes an issue. It’s interesting. In Arizona, when I first ran for public office, that’s when the rumors were going around, and, of course, I’m sure they go around now.

    Q: In 2002, during your gubernatorial campaign, you publicly denied rumors that you were a lesbian.

    A: I just happen not to be married.

    Q: Are you seeing anybody now?

    A: Yes, my staff.

    – NYTM

    We’ve come a long way, baby!


    “New Jersey’s original state constitution, adopted in 1776, declared that “all inhabitants” who were “worth fifty pounds” could vote. Because some found this wording rather vague, clearer legislation was drafted, and in 1797, the State Assembly explicitly granted certain female New Jerseyans suffrage.”

    “For the next 10 years, single women were permitted to cast ballots. Married ladies, on the other hand, weren’t given this privilege because their husbands legally controlled every piece of property they owned—so they failed the “fifty pounds” requirement. In 1807, the State Assembly passed a new law, one that forbade anyone but “free, white male citizens” who were at least 21 (and paid taxes) from voting.”

    – Mental Floss

    America is vanishing but women have the vote, by God!

    The “Reconstruction” amendments, The 19th amendment, “Affirmative Action Privilege,” etc. have led to the extinction by dilution of America. The American population is imported and the American fertility rate is in a “death spiral.” American women don’t have babies but they have the vote. Democrats have corrupted and manipulated the vote and subverted and subjugated Americans through the destruction of the fertility rate and the deleterious invasion of foreign parasitic and dependent foreign minorities.

    Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

    1. George, don’t bring this up over Thanksgiving supper. I have not had much luck with it in the past.

      The good news is that third world fertility is declining fast. we may yet have a chance.

        1. its not so bad. take germany as an example

          before the war the german population was overwhelmingly german and about 86 million. today its 83 milliion or so with about 4 million muslims and a few other millions of assorted non germans in that population. So to say the german population is dying out is not factually correct; it may have low fertility and troubling prospects, but there’s still a lot of germans on earth

          thats not bad for a country that was reduced to rubble; lost over a million or who knows how much more in starvation over the next few years; and essentially has been ruled as a colony by either the US or USSR for the past 70 some years

          my point is that prognostications of doom may not pan out. there is hope

          1. So communism is good?

            Funny, that’s exactly what the “Leader For Life,” Xi Jinping, said as he accepted the reins to his dictatorship.

            1. “Give me liberty or give me death.”

              – Patrick Henry

              If Americans can’t have our population, culture and nation,

              can we, at least, have our Constitution?

              NO central planning.

              NO control of the means of production (i.e. regulation),

              NO redistribution of wealth.

              NO social engineering.

  7. Professor Turley, glad to see you take a stand on this issue, which continues to grow. I fear that my country is darn near controlled by the left….90% of the media, most major universities, even elementary and middle schools. I substituted recently and a teacher had an anti-Trump banner hanging in her classroom, with the blessing her principal. I am sick of their dangerous propagandizing. Thank you for taking a stand. Tucker Carlson is doing a good job on this too.

  8. “Colleges and universities are supposed to be places where divergent ideas are debated, including views that may disturb or discomfort students. That intellectual diversity is the life’s blood of academia.”
    Amen. I remember that in the 70s David Duke would go around college campuses telling his tales. Not one student got hurt. No one even suggested he be censored. How far have we fallen.

    1. Richard Spencer had a heck of time trying to do the same at various colleges. Most if not all of the people who got hurt were victims of antifa. Several universities tried to bar him and he went to court several times and prevailed.

      Eventually, after his lawyer was pressured hard enough, and quit, Richard quit the roadshow too.

      Yes a Palestinian can expect a lot of sympathies from the left but a regular white guy is considered the Devil Incarnate.

      Why just this morning I heard on government NPR about whites genociding Indians and so forth. Has there ever been a majority population that has allowed itself to become such a whipped puppy.

      It seems to me that instead of hating on Jews, white guys should take some lessons from them.

      Well, Happy Thanksgiving folks

      1. Richard Spencer isn’t particularly ‘regular’. His problems, however, are canaries in the coal mine.

        The ‘genocide’ discourse is nonsense, of course. The people doing the whipping are in gatekeeper positions and recognize no kinship with ordinary Americans. One reason, among many others, to turn the spigot of cash going to NPR off.

        1. not regular in that he’s well educated and thoughtful. and overly willing to stick his neck out for his own kind. who of course have no thanks for that. i would never have thought to give any such speeches to a bunch of rabble. neither brave nor stupid enough to do any such thing.

          but, there’s plenty of every other sort of person on earth who sees value in elevating their own tribal faction. So, i kind of wonder how well white people will fare in a multicultural future as a demographic minority if they don’t learn the same schtick and fast. I won’t hold my breath. We’re going to end up like the Tocharians most likely

  9. Of course UCLA May have the Pro-Palestinian event, as long as it also has Pro-Israel events, anti-BDS events, pro-conservative events, allows Ben Shapiro to speak on campus, etc. It has to not discriminate.

    1. Of course, viewpoint discrimination is the norm. The dean of students insists the campus security twiddle their thumbs while hooligans make it impossible to proceed.

      1. Wrong, there are already a multitude of pro-Israeli groups on college campuses, including dozens of Jewish student groups. Most of them host pro-Israel speakers on a regular basis.

        The US has done a remarkable job of silencing Palestinian voices.

        I cannot remember the last time I heard a Palestinian invited to speak at a US school or even host a TV show.

        1. I cannot remember the last time I heard a Palestinian invited to speak at a US school or even host a TV show.

          Which Palestinian speaker have you been pining to hear speak or host a TV show? What message are you looking to have addressed?

          1. I would find it very enlightening for Palestinian to talk about his or her experiences growing up in an occupied territory, since in the US, we don’t frequently encounter people in that situation.

            Even Israeli studies have found that the Israeli military grossly mistreats many Palestinians.

            1. So what? The terrorist rabble deserves to be mistreated.

              But, you Democrats love you some whining minorities, don’t you! All that neediness just sitting there for the taking. If the pallys had got off their a$$e$ and went to work 70 years ago, like the Jews did, then they wouldn’t be having the problems they have.

              If I was Israel, I would start carpet bombing the pallys.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

                1. Why does there have to be rules? If a people are a murderous and hateful group of indiscriminate suicide bombers, why not just kill the whole bunch of them indiscriminately the same way? Give them a dose of their own medicine. Let them scrape pieces of their children and relatives off the pavement. That’ll learn ’em pretty fast to straighten up their act. That will encourage the sensible ones among them to go all Chief Joseph and “fight again no more forever.”

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  1. There are things called the Geneva Conventions countries need to follow. They prohibit abuse of minors and prisoners and such.

                    Israel won’t carpet bomb the occupied territories because they signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, the two countries whom the territories were taken from. The peace treaties explicitly forbid destruction of the occupied territories.

                    If they decided to break those treaties, they would find themselves at war again, and the Israeli public wouldn’t support going to war against them.

                2. Girl: “Oh, you who murdered Allah’s pious prophets (i.e., Jews in Islamic tradition)
                  Oh, you who were brought up on spilling blood
                  Oh Sons of Zion, oh most evil among creations
                  Oh barbaric monkeys
                  Jerusalem opposes your throngs
                  Jerusalem vomits from within it your impurity
                  Because Jerusalem, you impure ones, is pious, immaculate
                  And Jerusalem, you who are filth, is clean and pure…”
                  PA TV host: “Bravo! Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine, we will never forget it.”
                  [Official PA TV, May 29, 2015]

            2. And if the IDF soldiers do they’re tried for the crimes. Not so much among the rocketeers of Hamas who target elementary schools. The Palestinians have about as much right to the land as your typical Turkish farmers do. The lands were owned by Jordan and then Egypt. It was annexed by Israel during the Six Day War when the Arabs foolishly tried to take on the Israelis who were armed with American firepower. Syria, Jordan and Egyptian militaries were decimated in about 6 days. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip were used as a buffer from further Arab aggression. The so-called Palestinians are a group of Jews, Syrians and other Arabs who live in the territories. There is no nation of Palestine and never has been despite what a nonbinding UN Resolution says.

              1. Again, Israel has never annexed any portion of the territory it took in 1967 bar the built up area around Jerusalem. The legal regime in the Golan Heights is such that you could say they’ve been annexed without the term being used; Syria’s never been willing to bargain over that territory and the Arabs there are a five-digit population of Druzes (who have a menu of privileges West Bank Arabs lack). Israel has sought on six different occasions to devolve political authority in the territories or cede them to an Arab authority. All unsuccessful, so Israel has undertaken a number of unilateral initiatives to husband their resources. Israel fully ceded Gaza to local Arab brigands. As for the West Bank, it’s divided into three sets of territory, one set where Israel is fully responsible, another set under the PA where Israel’s security patrols roam, and a third set under the PA where Israel’s security patrols do not enter. IIRC, fewer than 200,000 Arabs are in located in the 1st of these zones. All Jewish setters are to be found there.

            3. MarryAMinority&AngerTrumpVoters says:
              November 21, 2018 at 10:57 AM

              I would find it very enlightening for Palestinian to talk about his or her experiences growing up in an occupied territory, since in the US, we don’t frequently encounter people in that situation.

              And whose fault is that. Israel has made six separate attempts to cede the territory or to devolve political authority within it. All have been rebuffed. The last was in 2008, when Ehud Olmert unrolled a map in front of Mahmoud Abbas and asked him if he wanted the West Bank, Gaza, and the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem. He demurred. And the reason he demurred is that an ‘end to occupation’ is not what they want. The disposition and murder of the Jews is what they want.

            4. Occupied territory? Israel was a sparsely populated area, according to the Ottoman Empire census, comprised of nomadic Arabs and Jewish people.

              The Jews have been persecuted for hundreds of years, and were almost exterminated in a Nazi genocide. Even before WWII, the British Empire was already beginning to build the Jewish homeland as an answer for where an entire people could go, when almost the entire world was anti-Semitic. That is how those “Palestinians” came to be there. They were Arabs, the same as any other Arab in the Ottoman Empire. They came for the jobs to build Israel, but the Qu’ran is extremely anti-Semitic. When it came down to it, the caliphate would never allow a non-Islamic country in the MIddle East. The goal is to expand, not contract, Muslim-held territory.

              The term “Palestinians” derives from the Philistines, who are an extinct sea-faring people. They have no relation to the modern day Arabs who took on the name in recent times in order to fight against the existence of Israel. They did not call themselves “Palestinians” before. That was the British name for the Jewish people of the region, a name the Arabs objected to being called themselves. That changed during the intifada, when one of the excuses they used to call for (yet another) genocide of the Jews was to claim that Palestine was a state. It never was a state, never had it’s own language, never had its own culture. The Romans punished the Jews by calling the region “Palestine”, removing the Jewish name of the Jewish homeland in relation for all of the Jewish uprisings against the colonizing Romans who did not let them freely practice their faith. The Muslims wouldn’t let them be free, either, after they conquered the region. They either killed the Jews, drove them out, or made them dhimmis, second class citizens who had to wear a yellow star in some places. They had to pay a fine, called the jizya, to their Muslim overlords to be allowed to live.

              Compare and contrast how the Muslims tread the Jews in their country, as dhimmis, with how Jews treat the Muslim in their country. The Muslims have equal rights with the Jews, only they do not have to serve in their military. They have representation in their government. They have equal access to education, sanitation, and infrastructure. And yet, so many Palestinians want to kill every man, woman, and child Jew that they have no school buses. Concentrating children in one bus is too risky as they would be targeted by terrorists. Instead, they put the kids on public buses, interspersed with other passengers. Parents often separate their children and put each on a different bus in case they are killed. There is usually a soldier with a machine gun on board in case there is trouble. The fences around school yards are designed to be so high that people cannot lob bombs over them by hand. When a Palestinian kills an Israeli, adult or child, he is celebrated as a martyr, and they often name a street after him or her.

              The Palestinian Authority and the Muslim Brotherhood are like the KKK on steroids. It takes an extreme lack of research into geopolitics to have any sympathy for either. And yet, Hollywood and the DNC are determined to do so.

              What would you gain from interviewing a Palestinian? It depends on which one. I’ve known Palestinians who emigrated from Israel. They objected to the Intifada, which ruined their lives. Arabs have the highest standard of living in Israel than most other places in the MIddle East, but Jews are considered like dogs according to the Arab culture. The Palestinians I’ve known wanted nothing to do with that, the fighting or the hatred. They came here and could care less about fighting with Jewish people, celebrating terrorists, etc.

              If you spoke with the majority of Palestinians, who support terrorism, as well as the killing of Jewish civilians because, again, Jews ar like dogs and should be driven out of the Middle East entirely, or all killed to the last one behind every rock.

              I have known a great many Muslims. They are either non practicing, Westernized, happily coexisting with everyone, who barely set foot in a mosque or they are more extreme, with views on Jewish people that make the KKK seem mild. The most rabid anti-Semite I ever met was a Muslim. He used to sincerely explain to me that the Jews knew about 9/11, and they all stayed home so that only Muslims and Christians can be killed, that they only shop in Jewish stores so that only Jews get their money, and that all Jews should die. As I’d look around the room, no one was shocked, but rather, many were nodding along. Another one showed me his stamp collection from when he was a kid, and all the stamps had dead Jews, bloody Stars of David, burning American flags. Creepy. Extreme anti-semitism is just how most people in the MIddle East are raised. It’s not their fault. They have no perspective on how crazy and hateful it sounds. And many are really nice people otherwise, devoted to family and great conversationalists. Then this little land mine will pop up in conversation. The Westernized Muslims find it embarrassing; I found it disturbing. No religion is free from the need to reform at some point in time, and Islam is no exception. Islam has got to clean up its act on its majority support for Anti-Semitism, apostasy being a capital offense, support for terrorism, and the belief in Sharia law, in which women have less rights than men. It’s time for reform.

              1. Why isn’t there a Palestinian State:


                Keep in mind that the region formerly known as Palestine was divided up as follows. The Muslims got the lion’s share, Jordan. The Jews got a tiny sliver of land left over, Israel. There already is a Muslim state in the region the Romans referred to as Palestine. It’s called Jordan. Jews are persecuted in Jordan, because, duh, Muslim majority.


                1. Keep in mind that the region formerly known as Palestine was divided up as follows. The Muslims got the lion’s share, Jordan.

                  No, the Transjordan was not a component of Mandatory Palestine. Mandatory Palestine was assembled from the subprefectures of Acre, Nablus, and Jerusalem. The first two were part of the province of Beirut and the third was a stand-alone subprefecture. The Transjordan was a part of the province of Damascus.

                  1. DSS, too much confusion. The Palestinian Mandate different from Transjordan included today’s Israel, Jordan, Gaza,and the West Bank. Do you agree?

                    1. Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza assembled cover the territory of the Mandate, which was formed in 1920 and dissolved in 1948.

                    2. “Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza assembled cover the territory of the Mandate, which was formed in 1920 and dissolved in 1948.”

                      DSS, the word “mandate” is used in different fashions confusing the issue so I took the opportunity to look up a few of these things recognizing there is a lot of confusion. There is the British Mandate for Palestine from the League of Nations “today are the State of Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Jordan.” (from Wikipedia, but I never trust Wikipedia even though in this instance I consider them to be correct.) The League of nations also talks about giving Britain a Mandate over Palestine and Transjordan which confuses the issue. The former I believe is in a legal document. There is a map of the area of the British Mandate at the Jewish Virtual Library that extends into Jordan.


                      I don’t want to be the source of wrong information because of words used in different fashion so if you have a better explanation or if you can clarify the situation better I would appreciate you doing so.

              2. https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/origin-of-quot-palestine-quot


                I would no more support the Palestinian Authority or the Muslim Brotherhood than I would the Nazis. They all view Jews as inferior and want to wipe them off the face of the Earth. If a Muslim does not believe in all of that hatred, and gets along with everyone, then they are okay in my book. There are plenty of Westernized Muslims that are great people. It is the hatred, anti-semitism, and attempts at genocide that I cannot ever support in the Palestinian movement. There is no excuse for naming a public street after a terrorist who killed kids. There is no excuse for anti-semitism. The Palestinian terrorist try to kill any Jew they can reach, adult or child, while the Israelis carpet bomb targets with leaflets urging civilians to evacuate. They build fences to try to keep out the terrorist. Allowing Palestinians equal access to government representation, health care, infrastructure, water, sanitation, education, etc is most emphatically NOT genocide, and not in any way similar to how the PA treats the Jews.

                There is ALREADY a Muslim state in the region formerly known as Palestine. It’s called Jordan. Its borders were arbitrarily drawn after the fall of the British Empire, and are just as whimsical as any other border drawn in the time. The Muslims got the MOST land. The Jews got a tiny sliver that included their holiest site, Jerusalem, the Mecca of the Jewish faith. The Arabs have Mecca and Medina (which they conquered from the Jews by violating a peace treaty a thousand years ago), and the Jews have Jerusalem. If the Arabs would simply live in peace with the Jews, there would be no more problems. That requires them to accept the existence of Israel.

                1. There is ALREADY a Muslim state in the region formerly known as Palestine. It’s called Jordan. I

                  Again, no. The Transjordan was not a part of the Mandate of Palestine. The Arab population which predominated in the Transjordan (and the Negev) also spoke a different Arabic dialect than the population between the Jordan and the Mediterranean and they had dissimilar means of earning a living.

            5. “In a speech at Al-Quds Open University, Fatah Central Committee member and Fatah Commissioner Abbas Zaki urged new students to seek death for Jerusalem. Zaki shouted to the young people:

              “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Cursed is anyone who doesn’t sacrifice for Jerusalem!”

              Zaki continued:
              “What did [Arafat] say? He said: ‘Rise! The gates of Paradise have opened.’ He who asks for death – life will be given to him. Those who die [naturally] are the cowards. But real men approach death with a smile. Do not be afraid – death is in the hands of Allah. Rush toward death and life will be given to you!” This is a prime example of how the PA and Fatah poison the minds of Palestinian children and youth, teaching them to aspire to die for Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and “Palestine.””

              [Official Facebook page of Abbas Zaki, Nov. 19, 2018]

            6. “On the occasion of Universal Children’s Day – here’s a taste of what the Palestinian Authority teaches Palestinian children.

              For over two decades, Palestinian Media Watch has exposed the PA’s abuse of its own children with indoctrinating messages, teaching them that
              – Jews are “the most evil among creations,” and Israel is “the enemy,” Jews are “Allah’s enemy” and “Zion is Satan with a tail”
              – Terrorist murderers of Jews/Israelis are heroes, and terrorist “Martyrs” are role models
              – Israel doesn’t have a right to exist “


            1. “Most Americans aren’t aware of this because the Palestinians are silenced in the USA.”
              So silenced in fact that they get rallies, symposiums and you pleading their cause.

            2. because the Palestinians are silenced in the USA.

              Get back to us when you’re willing to stop lying.

            3. Um, no. The Palestinian point of view isn’t silenced. Linda Sarsour lies out of her teeth (taquiya) regarding Palestine all the time, prominently, and with great media coverage.

              Here is a brief list of some notable Palestinian Americans, some of whom are political and some of whom are not. They most certainly are not silenced.


            4. Echoing this, a preacher taught in a sermon televised on PA TV that Hitler was sent by Allah to punish the Jews for their evil behavior.

              “They didn’t learn from what Hitler did to them, and the kings of Europe, and Spain – they didn’t learn. They have continued to behave the same way: The mentality of arrogance toward other people. The mentality of superiority over other people. The mentality of seclusion, the mentality of settlement. This mentality, an ideology of planning and systematically working to incite wars and strife in the entire world. Those [Jews] have not learned from the events of history.”
              [Official PA TV, Oct. 19, 2018]

        2. Wrong, there are already a multitude of pro-Israeli groups on college campuses,

          You may be ignorant, but we’re not. Do you honestly think you can pull off this pretense here?

          1. I am incorrect in saying that most US universities don’t have Jewish student organizations? I’ve never been to one that doesn’t.

            1. You cannot even keep your talking points straight. Let’s review. You said:

              Wrong, there are already a multitude of pro-Israeli groups on college campuses,

              And, no, there aren’t. Very few students organize around a project of promoting a foreign country. Then you said:

              I am incorrect in saying that most US universities don’t have Jewish student organizations?

              Jewish students have a half-dozen different reasons to form clubs. Political advocacy is only one such reason. (and, I think if you unpack it you’ll discover most such associations have a single-digit population of students at meetings and no faculty at all).

          2. BDS is wildly popular on college campuses, and pro-Israel students get harassed.



            Actually, it is the pro-Israel activists, and Jewish students, who are silenced and harassed on college campuses across America. People boycott their clubs routinely.

            It is interesting to read these untruths that get passed around. They are easy to disprove for anyone who takes the trouble.

        3. The US has done a remarkable job of silencing Palestinian voices.

          This is a fantasy.

          1. When was the last time a Palestinian hosted a US talk show or was given a large public forum to speak? They are largely silenced in the US outside of universities.

            1. 1. I’m going to suggest you acquire an understanding of personal agency. This seems to have escaped you thus far. Most people understand that ‘silenced’ means that an active agent has put duct tape across your mouth. You haven’t been ‘silenced’ when you bore people and they stop listening.

              2. Very few people host talk shows, so I don’t know why you’d expect someone from a not-very-numerous Arab subpopulation to be ‘given’ one.

              3. No clue what a ‘large public forum’ is in your mind. You want Anthony Bourdain’s audience, you have to be someone who engages people the way Anthony Bourdain did. Very few people do.

              4. I don’t know where you’d expect discussion of conditions in foreign countries to take place but in the universities and the media. If you fancy the media have been inattentive to the Near East, it’s because you cannot be bothered to survey the news.

              5. The Arabs have trouble selling their wares because some of the pathologies you find in the political cultures of other countries aren’t all that present in North America. There’s nothing attractive about the Arab cause vis a vis Israel to someone with normal-range sensibilities.

            2. wow. Marry. Maybe you need to meet some regular Arab Americans. I have met quite a few. Mostly Lebanese and Syrians and yes many Palestinians. And yet to meet one that was frothing at the mouth over the Palestinian crisis. Yes they don’t like Israel but they are not dripping with hate about it. They’re not at all like the kind of leftist fanatics that go around obsessively deconstructing everything.

              I think they’re generally very happy to be in America and find it quite a civic improvement over their own cousins’ administrations.

              But a lot of Americans have no clue how bad some parts of the third world suck, because they have never been there, and they are afraid to think that anyways because it would be racist. Well, get out there and meet some people and you may find that there is a lot to be thankful for here after all.

              1. I should write a travel log some day:


                Do you think publishers would be lining up for my manuscript?

  10. Interesting

    About 9 days ago, Hamas fired more than 400 rockets & mortars into Israel

    The armed wing of Hamas threatened to step up its attacks and fire rockets farther north toward the Israeli cities of Ashdod and Beersheba if Israel continued its airstrikes.

    1. Every few years, Israel has to stomp on Hamas and take out their artillery pieces, infiltration tunnels &c. And every time you get the same batch of vicious frauds and concern trolls wah wah wah about it.

  11. What would the world look like today if indigenous people had had a platform to defend themselves throughout history? Palestinians may be the first large group of people plundered by Europeans, who are able to inform the public of the immorality and depravity of their oppressors.

    1. They are not oppressed and the Jews are not depraved. You might consider some activity more productive than playing on a keyboard in mom’s basement.

    2. i hear an Indian lady on the NPR this morning whining about the Whampanoags from Manhattan and what a horrible evil day lot the Pilgrims where and how Plymouth rock is just awful like the day itself Thanksgiving is.

      Gee, gotta love that taxpayer funded radio!

      PS we aint giving Manhattan back, so sorry!

  12. And then we have a Detroit judge who has dropped nearly all the charges against a doctor for performing female genital mutilations citing: Congress overstepped its bounds by legislating to prohibit [female genital mutilation],” Friedman wrote, calling it a “local criminal activity” for the states to regulate, not Congress.

    Kermit Gosnell has to be lamenting not getting that judge.

      1. The judge is correct. The issue is for the state courts to resolve. Most crimes such as assault and rape are prosecuted under state laws, not federal law.

        It is up to state legislatures to ban the practice explicitly if it doesn’t fall under preexisting abuse statutes. There is no question the practice is abusive to children.

  13. One would attach a pro-Palestinian gathering with the left. Then the politicians trying to cancel this are what-left also? This illustrates the polarized condition of the US. Those attempting to stop a left leaning event could be other than left. They could simply be paranoid and unwilling to allow an event that might create confrontation in their world, the world of voters.

    The event goes ahead. Pro Israeli and anti Palestinian factions get pi**ed off and the puppets lose votes. There are more pro Israeli voters in LA than pro Palestinian voters. Is Brad Sherman Jewish? Now if the event were to be held in Berkeley then that might be a bear of a different color.

  14. I have no problem with them debating or discussing the issue. It is free speech. However, the heckler’s veto should be available to protestors.

    1. The sort of hooligan who uses the Heckler’s Veto isn’t going to protest this odious crew. If anyone else tries, you’ll discover the administration has somehow grown a spine.

      The people who signed the petition have made jack-wagons out of themselves, of course.

  15. UCLA in their open forum even handed way will of course stage other forums for the various ‘sides’ and ‘opinions’ and ‘parties involved’ especialy as they are essentially sticking their nose into other countries affairs and the affairs of our own government and State Department.

    I just haven’t been able to discover the dates of these equal time events.

    Anyone can add to the missing information?

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