Save The Trees: Washington Appears In A Contest For The Ugliest Christmas Trees

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It appears nothing escapes the wrath of our divided country.  This week however it is Melania Trump who has been slammed for what are being called “the Blood Christmas Trees” after she went with crimson trees that left many . . . all right . . . seeing red.  It was not my cup of tree but I am so traditional that I have opposed the smallest changes in the Christmas dinner menu for five decades.  The review have been scathing from comparisons to “The Handmaid’s Tale” to the “The Shining” and worse.  Frankly, the red trees are not as bad as people suggest and there is a traditional tree at the end.  Moreover, they are certainly not the biggest eyesores in Washington. That distinction goes to the Four Seasons were I spotted these two abominations which left you simply wishing for New Year’s Eve.


I love trees and I fail to understand why people want to dye and cover up the natural beauty of trees.  However the Four Seasons secured the top distinction this year for the over-priced nightmare designer Christmas trees:



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  1. You are not supposed to go into the First Lady’s home and then bully her over her clothes, her decorations, or her color scheme. This is just cyber bullying on a national scale.

    If you don’t like how a lady decorates her own home, you keep it to yourself. Her color scheme was red, white, and blue. They are only focusing on the red trees. They are trees made out of holly berries. There are dozens of traditional trees all around the White House. She’s a model with modern tastes. If Donald Trump had never run for President as a Republican, she would have been on 5 magazine covers by now, as well as had the art world in raptures over her bold holly trees. This is discrimination based on politics.

    I didn’t like how Michele Obama caught some criticism for favoring sleeveless gowns, or her couture wardrobe. She is beautiful and athletic, and if she liked a particular style, that was just fine. I didn’t care for her nutrition policy that forced all school children on a diet, and made many go hungry. Policy disagreements are fair game. But you don’t go into her home and mock her taste. Totally wrong. Those few catty comments about Michele Obama’s bare arms pale in comparison to the savage vitriol gleefully heaped upon Melania Trump. If she had a weaker constitution they could have driven her to suicide by now.

    Criticism should be kept to policy. Spouses and children should be hands off, except for policy disagreements.

  2. The red trees don’t bother me; the traditional tree saves the presentation. However, I think FLOTUS is saying something–I just don’t think it’s Handmaid’s Tale related, although the theory isn’t implausible. I think she’s more “normal” than she gets credit for.

    1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me twenty-four citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after twenty-four weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – I remember Weart referencing the importance of the Siberian unicorn, however I thought it was as spurious as legitimate data on climate change.

      1. PCS is a compleat fool. Go look at the sketch of this extinct rhino. You will see the point. 🙂

        1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me twenty-four citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament), an equation and the source of a quotation, after twenty-four weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – they are just recycling a theory that was running around the Humanities in the mid 1960s.

  3. I like the monochromatic look of it and look cool and edgy. However, I thought there were too of them.

  4. Professor Turley would have preferred blue “holiday” or “winter festival” monuments in the People’s House.

  5. The Trumps’ decorating style is called dictator chic. Ever see their NY penthouse?

  6. OfDonald. Praise be!

    “Donald Trump Once Mocked The Same George H.W. Bush Quote He Used To Remember Him”

    “Trump mocked Bush’s “thousand points of light” quote at a rally earlier this year. He used the same quote in his tribute to the former president.”

  7. The Four Seasons cotton candy tree is disgusting. Whoever designed that should be arrested. The White House trees? Not really my style but whatever. Melania is from Eastern Europe and maybe that’s what they do over there. “Diversity is our strength” except when it comes to Melania’s Christmass decorations? C’mom people, give the lady a break.

  8. All examples, red ones and the others, look like something crafters would make. Wonder where they get the styrofoam cores. Could be the start of a new craft craze.

  9. Melania’s red Christmas trees are like her jacket that read, “I Really Don’t Care”. The truth is that people from Eastern Europe have certain tastes baffling to westerners.

    1. As usual the red trees went right over the heads of the leftists. But then Christmas is a religious holy day and really not their secular style The red is honor the number of dead in wars particularly since 1909 when the regressives took over.

      The short version is The XX Century Great Socialist Wars. Since the War Monger Party hands down and straight up held the White House for the vast majority of those conflicts, far and away the most deaths of US Service personnel and wounded and crippled…… It’s the color of blood shed.

      Want to argue the point. I would be happy for a Christmas Present to once again add the list of presidential dates along with wars and conflicts they started and make the regressive liberal socialists look culpable once again.

      Or you could just give up and stick to explaining why the War Powers Act requirements were ignored twice by the left and honored twice by even their RINO supporters.

      Just be glad Clinton didn’t get elected using Benghazi and it’s cover up as an example.

      Or why the left supports keeping the draft which is still operational.

      Or why they insist on keeping women as second class citizen baby factories not equally subject to draft requirements while getting a free ride on education funding while the men are threatened with jail and fines for the same privilege.

      and for the new robo clones of the collective left and others more astute

      ./s/ 24 years regular army, never drafted and 100% time in the combat arms. Not one day as a REMF.

      1. Michael, here you present an illogical grab-bag of deranged talking points that supposedly pass for serious discussion. Only a very deluded Trumpster would think any of this makes sense. Even Allan sounds wise and lucid by comparison.

      2. Incoherent, but revealing.

        this is to “Ize gonna drink a little earlier in the day during holiday season” mikey

    1. DC has been Red since 1909 according the definition of Red by the socialist regressives. But it has nothing to do with Christ-mas a religious holy day and not allowed in the socialist secular theology.

      compliments of the constitutional moderate centrist independent self governing citizens and with thanks to the First Lady for a lovely and meaningful Charles Dickens Christmas. It must be something to achieve that after coming out of a formerly socialist communist prison country where such wasn’t allowed.

  10. In White House FB blog comments, Trump supporters love the trees, love the “beautiful gracious FLOTUS” and ask god to bless “the brave and wonderful POTUS who is MingAGA”. Among blogs where functionally literate people post comments, ideas are discussed, not blind affinity or disdain for political personalities and their respective taste in decorations.

  11. Chandler, AZ does the City Xmas tree out of real tumbleweeds. I am sure the national press would be orgasmic over that. I have no problem with the trees, but I have a degree in the Humanities and have seen a loooooooooot worser. 😉

    1. Well, you’ve got to do something with the tumbleweeds. They can make impenetrable thickets 20 feet tall in the desert.

    1. Oh, I loved her poem, Trees! I have parodied it several times! Here, let me try again!

      Yule Never Know???
      A Parody Poem by Squeeky Fromm

      I thought that I would never see,
      Unconscious Yule Time cruelty!

      Little Trees sprayed down in pink!
      With Blue Light Specials! What a stink!

      And what is that, in orange with lights???
      It’s better for All Hallows nights!

      And Christmas Trees all dyed in red!
      Oy Vey! Should have stayed in bed!

      Call me weird, but what I mean,
      Is God made trees to come in green!

      And if God chose green for his tree,
      Then that is good enough for me!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  12. I had no idea that red algae was hypo-allergenic. Flame retardant. Sure. Everybody knows that. Ask the herring.

  13. I actually like the expression in the White House trees, not so much the Four Seasons interpretations.

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