What Does Mueller Have On Trump?

Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the recent insights into the efforts of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to bag President Donald Trump.  There is little ambiguity in these efforts: while Trump is being called a “subject” of the investigation, he is being treated as a “target.”  That danger became more apparent with the later allegations of Michael Cohen that he not only lied to support Trump’s account but that the worked with Trump’s counsel in preparing his false testimony.  He claims to have had “regular contact” with Trump counsel during that period.  That would pose some serious questions for counsel if Cohen was clear that he was giving false testimony.  However, he does not say that.  It still remains unclear how much Cohen is suggesting that the President or his counsel knew about the specifics on the “Moscow Project” or his own falsification of dates and information.

What is clear is that Mueller is still on the hunt for Trump and all eyes should be on Corsi, Stone, and possibly Donald Trump Jr. for the next move.

Joseph Heller, author of the classic war novel “Catch 22,” once remarked that “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” President Trump must have had that feeling this week when it became clear that, indeed, most everyone is out to get him. From the planned subpoenas by Democrats in the House, to the new filings by special counsel Robert Mueller, to the recent confessions of his former lawyer Michael Cohen, Trump has now reached the stage of post paranoia.

While the Justice Department has stressed that Trump is a “subject,” not a “target,” of the special counsel investigation, he appears to be a rather significant subject that features a virtual bulls eye. The week began with what might have seemed good news for Trump. Jerome Corsi, an associate of Trump confidant Roger Stone, refused a plea bargain from Mueller that he said would force him to lie. However, the draft of the agreement had a clear target in mind, and it definitely was not Corsi.

The draft notably refers to “Donald Trump” rather than using standard code like “Person One.” It further states that the Russians did in fact use WikiLeaks as a conduit for the public release of information. It described Stone as someone “Corsi understood to be in regular contact” with candidate Trump. It recounts how Stone allegedly told Corsi to “get to” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and how Corsi related that their “friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps” with “very damaging” information, and how in early 2017, Corsi allegedly “deleted from his computer all email correspondence that predated October 11, 2016.” Corsi has been clearly treated as the direct link to Stone, and Stone as the direct link to Trump.

Then came the guilty plea by Cohen for lying to Congress, an account loaded with clear shots at Trump, including Cohen stating he lied to be consistent with Trump and to try to limit the Russia investigation. According to a later leak, Cohen told Mueller he was led to believe he would be given a presidential pardon or some other protection if he continued to maintain this false account. There was very little ambiguity as to the person who gave Cohen that idea in the statement.

Not long after the start of the special counsel investigation, I wrote how one of the most pressing matters for Trump should be to sever his ties with Cohen, a lawyer with a dubious reputation. Instead, even as Cohen became more and more radioactive, Trump pulled him closer and publicly reaffirmed that Cohen remained his personal lawyer, including having an inexplicable dinner together at Mar-a-Lago. Those errors in judgment could now cost Trump dearly. Cohen lying to Congress does not implicate Trump unless he encouraged it, which could constitute subornation of perjury and other possible crimes, but it raises new questions about what Trump had known or even encouragement of such false testimony.

These efforts by Mueller to get a clean shot at Trump are less surprising than the lateness of the effort. While Mueller reportedly is working on at least one final report, his staff is still pushing hard to implicate Trump. There also is more evidence of a strategy on timing, as it seems likely that Cohen was held back from his plea in open court until after Trump submitted his written answers to the questions from the special counsel. While the known evidence falls short of a clear criminal connection to the president, the immediate danger could be a strategy to trigger Trump to commit possible impeachable offenses. The greatest injuries suffered by Trump in this legal controversy have been largely by his own hand.

The most obvious trigger would be a move against members of the Trump family. The admissions by Cohen could create conflicts with the testimony of Donald Trump Jr., in which he acknowledged the Moscow project but downplayed his knowledge or involvement. Ivanka Trump also reportedly worked on the project. Cohen says he lied to make it seem like the effort to build a Trump Tower ended in January 2016 when it continued well into the campaign until at least June 2016. He also admits to lying about communications with Russian officials and progress on the project.

If Mueller were to indict Trump Jr., he would likely wait until he indicted or secured pleas from most of the other players. This would make it more difficult to unravel the investigation and pending prosecutions. Any indictment of his son would likely trigger a furious response from Trump, and it is in such moments that the president is at his most vulnerable. Unlike past episodes, even a concerted White House staff effort in this case might not stop an enraged executive order to fire Mueller or the issuance of a slew of pardons to block prosecutions.

While some constitutional experts insist that firing a special counsel is not a crime, and therefore not impeachable, such a narrow view is contrary to the statements of the Framers and the history of impeachments. Many offenses are not federal crimes, yet they constitute impeachable abuses of power. Indeed, the Richard Nixon articles of impeachment included obstruction counts as well as the promising of “favored treatment and consideration” for witnesses to remain silent or to offer false testimony.

None of the prior “speaking indictments” or the latest information from Corsi or Cohen show that Mueller has made the critical linkage to Trump. It is clear that Trump associates were interested in seeing the WikiLeaks material, as Trump himself stated on the 2016 campaign trail. That is not a crime any more than it was a crime for Clinton campaign investigators to go to Russia to gather dirt on Trump, including information from Russian intelligence. Moreover, an unsuccessful building project in Moscow does not equal a quid pro quo any more than the tens of millions of dollars given to the Clintons, as speaking fees or foundation donations, equaled wrongdoing for Hillary Clinton as head of the State Department.

However, it is difficult to believe that Mueller has expended all of this effort simply to bag two notorious provocateurs like Corsi and Stone for making false statements. We do not know what evidence Mueller has on the president, but we certainly know what evidence he still wants.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

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  2. PolitiFact estimates the cost to taxpayers of the Mueller probe through November, 2018 as follows:

    >”If you add this to the previous total, it reaches $25.7 million. Factoring in the two additional months that have passed —– October and November 2018 —– could plausibly get the costs up to $27 million or so.”<

    I wonder if a person can be prosecuted for a TOTAL WASTE of taxpayer money? Oh well, if the answer is in the affirmative, I guess we could prosecute the entire United States Congress!

    1. The amount of money and goods seized from Manafort’s corruption convictions exceeds the cost of the investigation itself.

          1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/investigative/2014/09/07/police-intelligence-targets-cash/?utm_term=.0647f623e5f5
            Mr. Kurtz,…
            Not many people know about the Black Asphalt/Desert Snow programs.
            Even those whose “traffic stops” immediatley morphed into a fruitless search for drugs.
            A combination of the wide latitude courts have given to police for “pretext traffic stops”, the ability to produce “probable cause” out of thin air, and the potential finanacial rewards can all contribute to some “interesting” kinds of policing in some jurisdictions.
            SCOTUS may recognize the potential for abuse, but their decisions have largely contributed to eroding 4th Amendment protections.
            While they might see the potential for abuse, the Court seem pretty confident that no LE agency or officer would ever abuse the very wide-ranging powers the Court has given them. 😒

      1. What you are saying is that Mueller has turned an investigation unit of the federal government into something like a speed trap that hick towns used to use to increase the cities revenue. Congratulations for letting us know your thinking process.

    2. Has anyone calculated the cost of all the Presidential vacations, trips for campaigning, the vainglory rallies and the photo ops for Melania? Talk about a TOTAL WASTE of taxpayer money.

      As Turley sits here today, he has no idea what Mueller has on Trump, but tries to create an aura of doubt that Mueller has a smoking gun, so the Trumpsters will have something to bitch about, and to fuel the “witch hunt” narrative dreamed up by Kellyanne.

      Yes, everyone is against Trump, and for good reason. Rumor has it that the last day in office will be the last day Melania spends with Agent Orange. Did you see the smiles and handshakes between Putin and MBS? Yes, murderers and tyrants who manage to own a man stupid and greedy enough to do anything to become POTUS have cause to celebrate.

      1. the most beautiful first lady by far, she is a tremendous asset

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        the truth is she should be working harder for us and spending more time glorifying the US with her statuesque beauty, but the acid fake news press torments her. She does her part but holds back a little; and what a loss for the American people! Let’s see more of this wonderful, beautiful, dignified, intelligent and graceful woman!

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          1. L4D sez…”Uh, Kurtz, anyone with access to a computer has seen Melania’s “parts”, including the hairy one, and they aren’t that impressive”

            Says the womyn hater who hates independent classy women

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          2. first off she speaks more languages than you do so don’t be too snotty about it. 6 !


            does hillary speak that many what about Ms Obama?

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            ….”Supermodel” is a youth based opportunity. wise of her to take it!

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            1. Name ANY REAL First Lady:

              1. Who ever posed nude.

              2. Within the last century who did not attend any post-high school formal course of education.

              3. Who didn’t have some sort of valid career or agenda, such as volunteering for a worthy cause, or engaging in a career.

              How do you know how many languages Melania speaks? You believe everything Trump says, and he’s a liar. If Melania is such a good role model, why doesn’t she do something about children kept in cages and/or separated from their parents, at minimum condemn this practice? A REAL woman would show compassion for children, instead of posing for photos showing her well-rehearsed supermodel pout, wearing designer duds. A REAL woman does not hold hands with an admitted puxxygrabber who brags about it, either. To her credit, she has her own room. I’d want my own building.

              P.S. This discussion has nothing to do with classic nudes in the Louvre or elsewhere, ballerinas, or sex after menopause. It has to do with a woman who is nothing but a purchased accessory to a reality TV performer.

              1. You are a trivial person that is as judgmental as they come. Apparently Melania has done a lot better than you and she is the first lady. Schooling doesn’t make a person educated. Becoming truly educated comes from within. What schooling did John D. Rockefeller have? Not much. Are you educated? Apparently not based on the trivialities you write about. Cover up your mirrors or you will be in for a shock.

              2. you can stick the kids in cages nonsense in your ear.

                I got news for you and everybody else still whining about that


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                moreover, she is an immigrant woman. where’s your compassion for the lawful immigrant?

              3. again how sad it is that some self appointed leftists feminists are so anti-woman. and want to slut-shame a model just for some tasteful nudes. Not that you are the Popette of What Is Allowed. Just another hateful person I can see.

                For the good of society you might require a trip to a Maoist indoctrination camp where you dig ditches for the privilege of thin gruel of supper and if you’re good you can graduate to reeducation with rote memorization of Camille Paglia. A self written confession of Puritanism and a retrograde bourgeois mentality about sex will be reviewed by the local People’s Committee for Reeducation of Repentant Liberal Reactionaries for ideological conformation. Freedom to leave and work in a factory for ten dollars a day will be a reward, deprivation of rations the penalty!

                See, I am studying up on Mao recently and how he dealt with resisters to national progress, and taking notes! If you guys get the Civil War you’ve been hoping for, never know how it might turn out!

              4. 2. Within the last century who did not attend any post-high school formal course of education.

                Pretty funny that Natacha is now a booster for finishing schools and Martha Graham. It’s also pretty funny that in Natacha’s ‘mind’ Mrs. Trump’s foray into post-secondary schooling doesn’t count but somehow Lady Bird Johnson’s does and Rosalynn Carter’s does and Barbara Bush’s does.

                FWIW, Mrs. Coolidge, Mrs. Hoover, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Nixon, Mrs. Reagan, HRC, Laura Bush, and Mooch had college degrees. That’s eight out of the last 17 first ladies, you innumerate hag.

                Who didn’t have some sort of valid career or agenda, such as volunteering for a worthy cause, or engaging in a career.

                The first three on that list had a very limited employment history (less than three years in each case). Mrs. Hoover had a certain amount of moxie, but her career was her family. Mrs. Nixon was a schoolteacher and Laura Bush a schoolteacher and librarian and all of the degrees they earned were in feminine subjects (they each had a teaching degree, Mrs. Nixon had in addition a degree in merchandising and Mrs. Bush in library administration). Mrs. Reagan was an actress like her mother, and happily quit working. HRC’s years in law were suffused with misconduct and trading on connections. Mooch abandoned law practice after just three years and embarked on a career as a diversity racketeer. Mooch and HRC are the sort of ‘career women’ we can all do without.

              5. hey Natacha — I thought Democrats were supposed to be the party that supports women’s choice and empowerment?

                What if a woman’s choice is to get married and be taken care of by a wealthy man and be a mother and homemaker? That’s her life choice, not yours. Why is it not valid in your mind? Who the hell are you to judge someone else’s choices just because they are not the choices you value or consider worthy of respect? The Democrat party does not support all women’s choice or empowerment. That’s a blatant lie.

    3. Lawrence, ‘we just shouldn’t know’..?? Like, ‘the truth is too expensive’..?? ‘We should live with lies instead’..??

  3. I’ll be going to Paris for vacation, rest & relaxation

    Could someone recommend a good hotel to stay at during the holiday festivities?

    1. Freedom of the press is constitutional.

      Subversion of the government is not.

      The body of work of the liberal/collectivist/democrat press flagrantly demonstrates its intent to subvert the government.

      That is unconstitutional.

      That is a crime; treason.

  4. It is clear that Tump associates were interested in seeing the WikiLeaks material, as Trump himself stated on the 2016 campaign trail. That is not a crime any more than it was a crime for Clinton campaign investigators to go to Russia to gather dirt on Trump, including information from Russian intelligence. Moreover, an unsuccessful building project in Moscow does not equal a quid pro quo any more than the tens of millions of dollars given to the Clintons, as speaking fees or foundation donations, equaled wrongdoing for Hillary Clinton as head of the State Department.

    False equivalency much? Being interested in what was going to be disclosed by Wikileaks is not even in the same sport as paying for Russian kompromat and using that to spy on your political opponent. And damn, an unsuccessful building project in Moscow as a private citizen has no business in the same conversation as the quid pro quo the Clinton Foundation received while Clinton was Sec. of State. Pathetic attempt.

    1. First, Agent Orange lied and had his minions lie about the status of Trump Moscow. They tried to create a story that after Fatso became a candidate, the project was dropped, which was a lie. THAT LIE is the crime here. The quid pro quo was the gift of a $50 million penthouse for Putin in exchange for his support for the Trump Moscow project. As to building projects in Moscow, nothing major would ever get built without Putin’s stamp of approval, and likely a large bribe. So, you have a candidate for POTUS who has lied, and you have the Russian government that has the goods on him for lying. That, Olly, constitutes being compromised. Any time they want to when Trump doesn’t do what he is told to do, the Russians could approach the FBI, CIA, or Congress with the goods they have on Trump. This is why Trump kow tows to Putin. Talk about pathetic!

  5. Mueller has what Javert had, an obsession:

    “Javert : There… out in the darkness. A fugitive running, fallen from God. Fallen from grace. God be my witness, I never shall yield, ’til we come face to face. ‘Til we come face to face. He knows his way in the dark, mine is the way of the Lord. Those who follow the path of the righteous shall have their reward. And if they fall as Lucifer fell, the flames, the sword… Stars, in your multitudes, scarce to be counted, filling the darkness with order and light. You are the sentinels, silent and sure, keeping watch in the night. Keeping watch in the night. You know your place in the sky, you hold your course and your aim. And each in your season returns and returns, and is always the same. And if you fall as Lucifer fell, you fall in flames. And so it must be, for so it is written, on the doorway to paradise, that those who falter and those who fall must pay the price. Lord let me find him, that I may see him safe behind bars. I will never rest, ’til then! This I swear! This I swear by the stars!”

    Trump should have let Mueller stay in that damn country club.


    1. Mueller’s not obsessed. He’s an abusive fraud. The investigation was never serious.

        1. Process claims which are or should be bogus and claims that occurred prior to Trump.

          Next time you are pulled over for a speeding ticket and you say, ‘officer I was going the speed limit’ when you knew you weren’t that would be similar to a process crime except in Corsi’s case he would have been pulled over 2 years after he was speeding and never even remembered the event.

      1. I think he’s obsessed with payback and feeding at the public trough. Nobody carries an investigation like this on for two years with nothing to show for it who’s thinking straight.

          1. Dictatorial type of prosecution that should end up with the prosecutor losing his job and his law license.

        1. Muler is trying to save face at this point. Perjury traps set for fringe players and persecution of a 2005 cold case tax fraud by a fired Trump campaign manager. He does not have much to show and is now looking for quiet exit and is cleaning up loose ends of messy/creepy crawling/fruitless investigation. Muler taking Manafort to trial on pre-Trump candidate issues was a clear sign that Muler had nothing on Trump from the get go. Otherwise why would special counsel use its resources on a Managort trial instead of referring any new evidence found for 2005 cold case back to DOJ? Manafort trial was Muler team’s day in court. “That’s all folks”

          1. he has no shame and is embarrassing the FBI and DOJ with these shenanigans
            and setting a horrible precedent.

            he’s also overly used and abuse the federal false informing statute. plenty of people who never knew before, now know

            he’s blunted one of the government’s best investigative tools. what a shame for the republic

        2. Mespo,…
          – The Onion article I provided a link to comes to the same conclusion about “payback”.

          1. The final, 800 page Bengazi Report has been released….in June, 2018, I think.
            There was no Special Counsel investigation of the Benghazi security issues.
            As I recall, it was mostly intermittent House committee hearings.
            The final report includes recommendations as well as conclusions.

  6. It seems that a lot of people engage in the vicarious thrills of convicting Trump for non crimes. If a todler were to walk into the street with cars speeding back and forth some of the crowd here would chear if Trump saved the todler’s life by crossing the street against the light and thus be convicted for jay walking.

    1. I’m not sure that being an actual or de facto Russian agent is quite the same as jaywalking ….. Or is a “non-crime.”

      1. Trump separated the toddler from his or her parents crossing the border illegally then released the toddler to the custody of the mean streets.

          1. Are you really that callous? And, if it is 200K, you can attribute that to rethuglicans fleecing the taxpayers for their donors

        1. “Trump separated the toddler from his or her parents crossing the border illegally then released the toddler to the custody of the mean streets.”

          Jay S., do you see what I mean about mental?

                    1. There was no toddler. I used one of your favorite words, if. When you use that word it means the statement is not proven or is false and you use such words all the time concluding truth when it is not. That is why people have to worry about what you say when you start off with…

                      It’s possible
                      It is conceivable
                      Imagine if
                      Chances are

      2. It certainly isn’t but it appears that some on the blog are mental and can’t wait for a conviction of something and that conviction need not represent any guilt on his part. I provided you with something better, jaywalking. At least that type of charge migtht be lefitimate.

        1. It certainly isn’t but it appears that some on the blog are mental

          Teenagers, psych patients, and generic cranks, with only a few exceptions. And only a couple seem to take an interest in policy. One of the two fusses over matters which aren’t systemic problems and about which he knows nothing of contextual value and the other is only interested in policy measures as little items of use for vignettes within the opus titled Triumph of the Democratic Party, 1933 to the Present. I’d wager he has autographed copies of James Carville’s books on his shelves. (Remember We’re Right, They’re Wrong, or Forty More Years!?). I have to wonder if the blog attracts idiots for some reason or if street-level Democrats are just…idiots.

          1. To many on the left ideology is a religion. Think about that. Religion is faith based so they don’t have to make sense of sinister prayer and rhetoric.

        2. i am mental. i have mental powers i mean. and a clean record. never been caught. LOL

        3. Allan,…
          – You screwed up when you wrote “There was no toddler”.
          You should have said that it’s “highly probable” that Trump saved the toddler. And added that no one has disproved your account of Trump and the Toddler.😉😄

      3. Jay S.,
        I may have missed some developments in the news recently.
        When did Mueller reach the conclusion that Trump is an “actual or de facto Russiam agent”?
        Assuming that the incoming House has that same information, I would expect them to initiate impeachment proceedings as soon as the new Congress is in session.

  7. The underlying point of all this is Trump’s megalomania. Trump has all but stated that everything that came before him in the way of governance was incompetent and just not done right. Trump the recently deceased President Bush on several occasions. Trump trashed John McCain. Anybody whose tongue is not firmly inserted is trashed. When Trump talks about America’s need for him it is always ‘I’ will do this or ‘I’ don’t like that, etc. It’s not the best interests of America that figure in the trade war issues but what Trump likes or dislikes. Almost everything Trump ranted against to get elected has now become that which he champions.

    The founding fathers meant for the Presidency to be strong and protected to a degree. However the argument that the founding fathers ever dreamed that a megalomaniac piece of trash like Trump would ever sit in the Oval Office is the argument of a mob of dupes.

    Mueller is after uncovering the truth. It goes without saying that America’s greatest liar would be tied up in the investigations. Trump belongs in this investigation regardless of how guilty, of what, and how badly. Trump’s whole existence has been one of lies, frauds, cheating, bankruptcy, all protected by unlimited legal weapons. Trump plays to the worst of America. America deserves to see how Trump looks against the full backdrop of this investigation. So far, all that has been ascertained paints Trump in a more and more darker shade. And the dupes keep saying it’s a witch hunt. And the liars and confidants keep showing up.

    1. Dear Isaac Newton, Your first two paragraphs were all politica and used as the basis for your weak attempt at rationalization of Muler witch hunt in paragraph 3. Maybe you can catch up with Late4Yoga if she took my advice to take that walk around the block. You aint fooling nobody Isaac Newton, aside from yourself. You have chosen default anti-Trump setting over rational thought.

      1. Not sure why you read issac’s propaganda. It’s always the same: Trump is an egomaniac and issac is Canadian virtue personified.

        1. Dear Marco Polo: That’s Muler as in Mule as in Ass. “And, in Mueller I trust.” So that is your default setting? Shall we all appeal to authority and not hold accountable and challenge actions/motives of public employees? I am guessing CNN/MSNBC mantra “Bob Muler is above reproach!” works for you because you want it to work without applying rationale thought.

    2. the underlying story in this is the everlasting hatred of the Clinton groupies for everyone else

      they’re toxic. if the shoe fits wear it

    3. Yeah!

      I’m sure you remember the time Trump lied to us all about lil children/new born babies bring thrown out of the incubators by Mueller & his Clintonista goons.

  8. Legislators spending too much time on crap like this and not legislating is the main reasons burocrats are making most of the rules and regulations that we are forced to live by. Legislators are elected, burocrats are appointed. It seems like the country is on automatic pilot.

    1. bob

      they are all just jealous of Trump’s success and goodwill towards many people. I’m not saying he hasn’t made a mistake or two,
      but at least he’s really trying hard to make life better for many people while justice keeps on trying to sort it all out. Or something.

      1. “he’s really trying hard to make life better for many people …”
        I had no idea Donnie was such a benevolent soul…

        1. They say that charity begins at home.

          Also: The Lord helps those who help themselves.

          1. Late4

            I believe in the modern version it says: The Lord hips those that hip themselves.

          1. Exactly. The man works — for free — on behalf of the American people fighting the culture of corruption in Washington, DC and in the corporate media.

            But isn’t it curious how Democrat politicians, like Barack Obama, can do their “public service” then come out of office well on the way to becoming billionaires –as the Obama’s are now headed?

            Wasn’t it Barack Obama who said, “at a certain point, you’ve made enough money”? What disgusting hypocrisy. Hey Barack, at a certain point you’ve bought enough mansions and built a big enough monument to yourself, like you’re building in Chicago, eh?

            How about Bill and Hillary? From “dead broke” to being worth hundreds of millions. Because of? You got it – monetizing and then cashing in on their “public service.” Bill and Hill are on a national speaking tour today, trying to cash-in, yet again. The idea of a national tour sprang forth from their greedy little minds when they saw the success of Michelle Obama’s stadium-sized national book tour.

            At least Trump is a businessman who has spent his life actually building things and creating jobs for people. Trump got rich before he went into politics. The Clintons? And the Obamas? They are now filthy rich *because* of their “service.” Trump is selling buildings. The Obama’s are selling “hope.” Obama told entrepreneurs, “you didn’t build that.” What are the Obama’s “building”? Try, his networth and his ego.

            And the Clinton’s….just what are they selling? Can you imagine if Hillary moved the shady pay-for-play operation she had going on at the State Dept, into the White House with her and Bill? Wasn’t our Secretary of State “compromised” by all the donors to her family “charity” and all the questionable paid speeches her husband gave around the world? Oh, but let’s talk about Trump being “compromised” by Russia because he was looking at building a building in Moscow?? Please.

            Stupid people actually go around today ‘thanking’ Barack and Michelle, Bill and Hillary, etc, for their “service to the country”…and I’m like, WTF is wrong with these people? Open your eyes! But hey, perception is reality. The truth? That doesn’t really matter, does it?

            1. We agree those politicians on the left have enriched themselves and are hypocrites as are many of those on this blog that carry those same stripes.

              Trump is honest about who he is and has been quite honest with the American public as to his agenda. A bunch of people on this blog don’t realize he isn’t making money by being President. That says a lot about those people and their personal ethics and morality for they realize if placed in such a position they would rape the nation for thier own benefit.

  9. Nothing. This is just another example of Jon Turley Hype Machine trying to churn up the Shiite on a dead story. Cold case persecution of 2005 tax fraud by fired Trump campaign manager and perjury traps set for fringe players = nada. If there was something we would have known about it by now. Fake hysteria surrounding contemplated Trump Tower Moscow re-revelation did not survive the weekend. Lefty loons wet their pants when a developer targets building in Russian capital, but when ex-President Bill Clinton receives $500k speaking fee from Russians around time of Uranium deal we hear crickets.

    1. The Yankees’ Ex-Manager said, ” If there was something we would have known about it by now.”

      Because it’s impossible to keep anything secret? And everybody supposedly knows that it’s impossible to keep anything secret?

      Out of curiosity, what sort of evidence (other than fundamental delusion) might one present to warrant the notion that there are no secrets?

      1. Fusion GPS/DNC$$$/Clinton/Steele/Comey/Rosenstein connection is example of open secret with no action taken. Reasonable to deduce with confidence that if persecutors had any damning evidence on Trump they would have acted on it before this creep crawling investigation aged to the terrible 2’s. If after 2+ years they are still looking, then that supports assertion that this is a witch hunt. Either way you look at it, it is either nothing or it is witch a hunt. Thank you for that easy set-up Late4Yoga. Now “maybe” consider that walk around the block?

        1. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence managed to keep secret for quite some time their criminal referrals to Mueller of Cohen and Sam Patten for lying to Congress. Chances are there’s a criminal referral on Donald Trump Jr. for lying to Congress that is still, technically, being kept secret. You see, they had to wait until the midterm elections were over to get Trump’s written answers to Mueller’s written questions. So they kept their mouths shut about their little secret. There’s more where those secrets came from.

          1. There you go again with your themed word choice: “Chances are…”. Go lace ’em up already and take that walk around the block. Good Day Ma’am.

            1. So Cohen and Patten lied to SSCI who made criminal referrals to Mueller’s office for lying to Congress that led to Patten’s guilty plea and Cohen’s guilty plea for lying to Congress and the things that they lied about were . . . what’s the word . . . secrets. But those secrets are out in public now. This coming Friday we will learn about Manafort’s lies which have been thus far . . . what’s the word . . . secrets. To recap: Cohen, Patten and Manafort have been keeping secrets for Trump. Mueller has been keeping secret from us and from Trump Mueller’s knowledge of the secrets Cohen, Patten and Manafort have been keeping for Trump. And still Mr. Beak Guitar insists that there are no secrets and that if Mueller had anything on Trump we would have known about it by now. That’s the fundamental delusion known as denial, Beak. There are many more secrets to be revealed in the near future. Bargaining is the next stage of grief after denial, you know.

              Aw-aw-aw-aw-aw. Get ready. Get ready.
              Aw-aw-aw-aw-aw. Get ready. Get ready.

              Get ready, ’cause here Mueller comes!
              Get ready, ’cause here Mueller comes!

            2. “Chances are there’s a criminal referral on Donald Trump Jr. for lying”

              Bill I will have to add “chances are” to my list of Diane’s favorite words:

              It’s possible
              It is conceivable
              Imagine if
              Chances are

  10. Nothing. The whole Rosenstein-Mueller investigation is a fraud and a fishing expedition and every attorney in a supervisory position within it should be disbarred.

      1. I don’t need to be. The investigation has been ongoing since July of 2016, not counting the months when the FBI was running informants. They obtained warrants which allowed them to spy on the Trump campaign by making a fraudulent application to the FISA court (approved by a judge who knew senior FBI personnel socially). Senior agents working on the investigation to begin with are vicious enemies of the president in their ex parte communications. One of the senior figures is married to a woman who works for a Democratic oppo research firm and another was married to a protege of Terry McAuliffe.

        In the 28 months since the investigation began, we’ve had a string of indictments of people on process crimes (including the scandalous abuse of Gen Flynn), a string of indictments of Russian internet trolls and Russian security officials Mueller never expected to have to try, and the indictment of Paul Manafort et al on tax charges the Department of Justice had previously taken a pass on. See Andrew McCarthy on the properties of the investigation and on the properties of the plea agreements. The plea agreements do not have the basics: a detailed admission by the defendant of participation in a criminal conspiracy to which the priority target was also a party. All the pleas concern irrelevant matters or ancillary matters.

        Hey, but keep looking for a pony in all that sh!t. You can’t bear not to.

          1. I think she meant to say that stone walls are not demolished in a couple of years.

        1. Let’s do the math. Trump announced run for presidency in June 2015 and won election November 2017 (around 28 months). Trump has been president for 23 months. Russia investigation in one form or another has been going on for between 30 to 36 months. So the “Russia Probe” now has a longer life than Trump candidacy or Trump presidency. Lefties painted Trump as dumb-ass until he knocked out their beloved Madam Hilary and have quickly switched gears to Trump being some Dr. Evil mastermind who cooked up an evil plot that has eluded Elloitt Ness all these months. C’mon Man!

    1. It’s possible that Mueller never really needed Manafort as a cooperating witness. Maybe what Mueller really needed from Manafort was to expose the financing for the Trump/Russia conspiracy in the very process of Manafort’s months-long attempts at posting bail. Or maybe Rick Gates already knew all about that stuff.

      1. Look at your word choices Late4Yoga: “It’s possible…”, “Maybe…”, “Or maybe…”. Madaam, “maybe” it is time for you to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if it is time to give this a rest and opt for a healthy head-clearing walk around the block.

        1. Alpha Butt Sniffer said, “L4D is a pesky pestering pain in the posterior.”

          Sometimes it’s good to be noticed. Other times, not so much.

      2. Diane’s favorite words:

        It’s possible
        It is conceivable
        Imagine if

        If all else fails Diane will run out into the street screaming if weather is permissible.

    1. Remember this question from the list of Mueller’s questions that Sekulow/Dowd leaked to The NYT way back whenever?

      “What knowledge did you have of any outreach by your campaign, including by Paul Manafort, to Russia about potential assistance to the campaign?”

      Mueller will file a detailed sentencing memo on Manafort setting forth all of his crimes and lies this Friday December 7th. If Mueller can prove that Manafort lied about his own requests for assistance from Russia for the Trump campaign and Trump’s knowledge of Manafort’s request to Russia, then Mueller can also prove that Trump’s answer to the question above is perjurious–unless Trump ratted himself out. Of course, the actual request for assistance from Russia for the Trump campaign would be far more incriminating than Trump’s perjury about the same.

      They say that when a prosecutor poses a question the prosecutor already knows the answer. Ha-Ha!

      1. ” If Mueller can prove that Manafort lied about his own requests…”

        Here we go again with Diane using her favorite word. [ If ]

  11. What you seem to be implying JT, is that Mueller is seeking to fit a crime to a man and not the other way round.
    Anyone who is not concerned by this is either not thinking or willing to trash our civil liberties to settle a political score.

    1. power lusting Democrat geeks are always willing to toss civil liberties aside for their temporary gain. come to think of it a lot of Republicans too. Meuller’s a republican, him for example

      1. No one who says that can name for me or you where Mueller is registered to vote. California, Maryland, DC, or Virginia, no one knows. (I’m wagering California). Mueller was a government lifer who had positions under eight different presidents. James Comey was supposedly a ‘Republican’. That was rubbish. He was registered in Virginia (which has no party registration) and then DC (which does have an option for party registration, but that’s not the option Comey selected).

  12. So far Mueller has given us bits and pieces of a puzzle without any big picture to tie it all together. Trump and his devoted disciples have been overly eager to treat each puzzle piece in isolation from the others, as though each had no conceivable connection to any other puzzle piece. Every time Mueller indicts a Russian without indicting any American, let alone any member of the Trump campaign nor Trump associate, the constant refrain of “No Collusion” is recited once more. It will no doubt be recited yet again.

    Because Mueller has not yet alleged his case-in-chief, therefore, the Trump Troupers persist at denying that Mueller ever even could allege any such case -in-chief. When it finally happens, the refrain will switch to Conspiracy to Defraud the United States ought not to be crime–unless a Democrat does it. And there’s the rub. If Republicans decriminalize Conspiracy to Defraud the United States when Trump does it, then Republicans will necessarily decriminalize Conspiracy to Defraud the United States when Democrats do it.

    Well, at least folks are finally curious about the question: What does Mueller have? Ha-Ha!

    1. Wir sind die Sturmkolonnen, wir gehen drauf und dran, wir sind die ersten Reihen, wir greifen mutig an. Im Arbeitsschweiß die Stirne, der Magen hungerleer, ja leer, die Hand voll Ruß und Schwielen umspannt das Gewehr.

    2. “at least folks are finally curious about the question: what does Mueller have”.
      A lot of “folks” have been curious about that for over a year and a half.
      Especially given that the Mueller investigation had a running start, since the FBI had already been investigating Russia/ Trump campaign links since July of 2016.
      Well over two years into these investigations, some are still “curious”.
      And some have tuned Mueller out, some consider him to be Matthew Hopkins incarnate, and some keep repeating “in Mueller I trust”.
      Those differences in the level of continuing interest in this continuing saga, and how the investigation is perceived, are evident in many of the comments posted here.
      The longer this thing gets stretched out without a conclusion, or without some kind of indication of where it’s going, the more likely it is to undermine confidence in the investigation and those conducting it.
      The “bits and pieces of” this jigsaw puzzle are not really a problem for those who tortuously trim the bits and pieces, then hammer them into the jigsaw puzzle in order to get the picture that they want and need to have.
      I’ll be polite and not mention Diane by name.😄😂

      1. Tom Nash – it is important to have a mantra when you have nothing else. It brings comfort and solace to the aggrieved.

    1. Check your phone for Trump Tweets. If you delete them, your phone will become a stable genius once again.

      1. Diane signs her name by using If as her first word in a sentence.

        “. If you delete them, your phone” [ If ]

  13. What does Mueller have on Trump?

    That The Donald cannot tie his own shoelaces?

    1. It’s possible that Trump offered Manafort a pardon to remain silent. It’s possible that Mueller can prove it and that Manafort lied about it. The special counsel’s office told Judge Berman Jackson that they haven’t decided yet whether to bring new charges against Manafort. But the OSC is going to file a detailed sentencing memo setting forth all of Manafort’s crimes and lies this Friday December 7th.

      They say there’s no reason a sitting President can’t be named as an unindicted co-conspirator.

  14. Realistically what can the Democrats do if something really adverse comes into the forefront, howl in outrage? They do that for everything the president does even if minor. Since their outrage is always in high gear it won’t be any different than if he tweeted Covfefe. They will be ignored as usual by many, just another case of crying wolf once too often.

    1. Your cynicism is unwarranted. You assume that there is no bar too far for the supporters of the day glo bozo. Recall, that even the support for Nixon, who was a manifestly competent President (many, including myself, believe that he was gifted at foreign policy), faded once the camel’s back was broken by the continuous barrage of criminality. Robert Mueller, III, that True American Patriot, has repeatedly turned over cards that none supposed he possessed; and with this administration, it’s clear there’s further criminogenic refuse available for his use. Actually, it’s quite easy to foresee a card which would trigger an abandonment by even his dwindling 38% ers composed of gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make. Americans at heart are generally good people who believe in the viability of our great experiment. Although apparently, you don’t so much.

      to darren

      1. The NPC Marky Mark Mark runs the “klan wannabees” script, again. A computer reboot wouldn’t hurt.

        1. Mr. M is saving his new material for the buzzer at the end of the ticking sound. Ha-Ha!

    1. Lionel is a conspiracy analyst. The audience is referred to as the Conspiratorium.
      Lionel is a NYC lawyer and former prosecutor. Very amusing program!

  15. Trump is notorious for letting others do most of the work and he signs the paper work. I still am not sure Mueller really has what he thinks he has.

    1. Haha. More fun. Keep drinking the hannity kool-aid. True American Patriot Robert Mueller, III, is not only an unconquerable and valiant war hero who has actually demonstrated his love for and dedication to our great experiment, but is also an indefatigable and dogged gladiator in the pursuit of justice. Unfortunately for you, your ilk, and the other gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make, Robert Mueller, III, will not be dissuaded from his pursuit of justice by any consideration beyond what justice demands. Thus, the day glo bozo fails miserably. So sorry for your loss.

      this is to “hullooo, what is that ticking sound?” paulie – georgie

        1. You also, cannot avoid the ticking of the clock. Based on his current agitated and frantic behavior, your hero, the day glo bozo, is also hearing and understanding the meaning and results of that ticking. Pro tip: don’t cut and paste; by retyping every missive, your enjoyment will be recreated as with the original.

          to paulie – georgie

          1. Mr. M., since I am not a lawyer, I can’t really tell whether the statute linked below might apply to Trump. But there’s some language in it that really leaps off the page.


            18 U.S. Code § 201 – Bribery of public officials and witnesses … or officer authorized by the laws of the United States to hear evidence or take testimony, or with …

            1. He’s off the hook until he’s no longer President, unless Pence pardons him on the way out; then he’s off the hook for any federal charge specified in the pardon. Similarly, the State of New York is also measuring him up for a jumpsuit with their own investigations. If none of that occurs, then he won’t be indicted until he’s no longer President.

          2. The NPC Marky Mark Mark runs the “I’m not really an NPC because I can put the check in Captcha” script.

      1. Yes… Mueller the Gladiator…

        Who carried uranium quietly to the RUSSIANS for non other then his partner in crime Crooked Hillary

        Uranium One ring a bell to you?

        …and the Mueller cover up continues!

          1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

            What’s True

            On behalf of the U.S. government, Robert Mueller delivered a sample of highly enriched uranium confiscated from smugglers in Georgia to Russian authorities for forensic examination in 2009.

            What’s False

            There was nothing nefarious in the transfer of the ten-gram sample, which was done at the request of Russian law enforcement and with the consent of the government of Georgia, whose agents had participated in its confiscation.

        1. Well, you check the “Uranium One” box; what, no “9/11 was a false flag inside job” or “BENGHAZI!” jibber-jabber to hit the trifecta?

          this is to “and the Trilateral Commission is peeking into my garbage” hocum pocus

          1. The NPC Marky Mark Mark runs the “Trilateral Commission” script. As a side not to others reading, a former governor of Arizona (Democratic of course) was asked to join the Trilateral Commission when he was thinking of running for President. When asked about it, he said he would answer all questions when he got back from the conference. Well, when he got back from the conference, it was like someone had Duct taped his mouth shut. To this day Terry Goddard has not spoken on the matter.

      2. https://off-guardian.org/2018/11/24/the-rehabilitation-of-robert-mueller/

        ……Vietnam is reduced to a movie set – nothing but a backdrop for Mueller’s courage under fire. He won a bronze star, you know. Apparently while “The Magnificent Bastards” strode around the Vietnamese jungle, burning villages down and watching the napalm fall from the sky, a couple of angry farmers shot back and Mueller was wounded.

        Taking a bullet in the leg from a terrified peasant who just wants you to sod off out of his country will always win you medals, but it shouldn’t.

        Voluntarily signing on to enforce Imperial foreign policy in a war of conquest will always have the media paint you as a hero, but it shouldn’t.

        What flaws the author does ascribe to Mueller are those we all happily admit to having ourselves. He’s a “micromanager” and he’s “too tough”.

        Yes, and I’m sure he works himself too hard and doesn’t suffer fools gladly and always speaks his mind aswell.

        Read the column if you want, but I’d suggest not eating for a few hours first. A more nauseating panegyric I have not witnessed, at least since Barack Obama left office.

        Far more telling than what it does say…is what it does not say. It mentions Mueller’s role as head of the FBI during the launch of the “war on terror”, but doesn’t go into any of the abuse of human rights that accompanied (and still accompanies) the increasingly authoritarian powers granted to US intelligence agencies by the Patriot Act.

        Let’s be clear: Mueller’s FBI was complicit in rendition, torture, Gitmo. All of it.

        Given that, it’s rather unsurprising that the article doesn’t mention the word “Iraq” once. A breath-taking omission, considering Mueller’s testimony in front of congress played a key role in spreading the lie of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction”:

        It doesn’t matter how many Vietnamese peasants took pot-shots at him, it doesn’t matter how tidy his hair is, or how cheap his watch. It doesn’t matter if he looks like Cooper or speaks like Eastwood or walks like Wayne. He is a proven liar – a man culpable in the greatest crime of the 21st century. He is, and always will be, a servant of the Deep State.

        A proven liar. A proven killer. An Imperialist. A criminal.

        Is this the stuff of which political heroes should be made?

        Only in “the Resistance”.

        Obviously, Trump’s administration is dangerous – it still stokes warlike approaches to Iran and Russia. It has directly threatened Venezuela and Cuba. But you can’t fight the right-hand of the Deep State by clasping the left. They all join in the middle. They’re the same monster.

        Anti-Trumpers, all over the world, need to take a good look at WHO they’re fighting alongside, and ask themselves WHAT they are fighting for.

        1. Awesome. Please post more “Deep State” hoodoo. That is all.

          this is to “I’ve also got the dope on the Trilateral Commission in my secret fanny-pack” kurtzie

          1. oh, Mark haha, your comments are so cute.

            When I say Deep State I mean essentially the bureaucracy and senior revolving door leadership of military and intelligence, as well as state department and some other core bureaucracies. Meuller’s got all those bases covered.

            For those of you who lack the imagination, the American Deep State is a lot like the old Soviet “nomenklatura,”

            anyhow you mentioned the TC, that is an NGO. I wasn’t referring to them but you can read about them below. I don’t agree with Zbig Brezhinsky, and I am a fan of Kissinger.


            Much of what Trump is doing in foreign policy continues insights that Kissinger brought forth and illuminated in his post government communications. here is an example, a critique of the “international criminal court” a universalist-globalist conception of the humanitarian Left


            Maybe it would be best for you to study up some and let me know if you have a coherent thought you want to discuss. I’ll be back. see ya!

            1. Unfortunately for you, your ilk, and the other gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make, your ball-bagging of hannity, jones, rush, et al in subscribing to all the nefarious “conspiracy” prattle utterly fails to account for basic human nature. The truth is that if more than one person knows about it, it’s no longer a secret. My day job brings me into contact with government flunkies on a daily basis. I promise you that amongst that mix, there are individuals who don’t have the competence or ability to keep a government-wide conspiracy a secret past lunchtime. So, tune into Pravda Faux News and nod your head knowingly when you are fed the pablum of “there’s a nefarious cabal of ‘Deep State’ ne-er-do-wells who are trying to make old white people extinct” or whatever bilge they’re selling to the dupes today.

              this is to “I wish I had gotten a ‘hannity was here’ tattoo across my lower back” kurtzie

              1. The NPC Marky Mark Mark runs the “klan wannabee” script plus some random word salad.

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