Al Sharpton Sells His Own Life’s Story To His Own Charity For $531,000 . . . On Top Of $244,661 in Compensation in 2017

Al Sharpton has long been plagued by criminal and ethical allegations (here and here and here and here).  These have included allegations over his making a fortune from companies threatened by boycotts.  Now, many are raising questions over the announcement of Sharpton’s National Action Network that it will to pay Sharpton $531,000 for his “life story rights for a 10-year period.” NAN is a non-profit and the deal has been criticized as another example of Sharpton using the organization for personal benefit.  This is on top of Sharpton taking $244,661 in compensation from the group in 2017.

Under the agreement, the National Action Network can reportedly sell the rights to his life story to Hollywood or any other takers at a profit. Sharpton insists that the idea for the deal came from two board members to create a source of revenue for the civil-rights organization after he steps down.

Sharpton however said that he has already a movie in production so it is not clear what NAN got in the deal.

The IRS of course monitors non-profit budgets to detect excess benefits and unreasonable compensation — a finding that can result in a charity being stripped of status.



19 thoughts on “Al Sharpton Sells His Own Life’s Story To His Own Charity For $531,000 . . . On Top Of $244,661 in Compensation in 2017”

  1. Let the IRS bit into his form 990s if they have any stones
    I would guess it’s chump change compared to how the Clintons milk their “charities”
    if they aren’t held to account why bother with chumps like al sharpton a small fish

  2. The two words that come to mind when Al Sharpton’s name bubbles up from the slime and muck: Tawana Brawley.

    1. For me, the two words are “Yankel Rosenbaum.” But there’s plenty to detest when it comes to this noxious anti-semitic toad.

  3. The good Professor Turley is going to lose his liberal card if he keeps questioning our sacred blacks.

  4. What a scammer! I would much rather read Windi’s life story! She could call it #metoobig
    Woman pleads guilty to causing death by sitting on boyfriend

    ERIE, Pa. — An approximately 300-pound woman has pleaded guilty to third-degree murder for killing her nearly 120-pound boyfriend by beating him with a table leg and sitting on him, rendering him unable to breathe.

    Authorities say 44-year-old former home health aide Windi C. Thomas entered the plea in Erie County court on Monday, agreeing to a recommended sentence of 18 to 36 years.

    Defense attorney Mark Del Duca says Thomas passed out on top of 44-year-old Keeno Butler as a result of drinking. He says it wasn’t intentional.

    Del Duca says the “actual cause of death is she collapsed on him and he basically died of suffocation.”

    Prosecutors say she stabbed him in the hand and head and beat him severely in the head with the table leg.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

      1. And all of this went down over a measly $250K, less than half of what Sharpton got for loaning the rights to his life story.

  5. What do Sharpton, Wrangel have in common besides a heavy tax debt? The ability to bilk the public, their own ethnic background and the judicial system while assisted by the former main stream media, now left streaming propaganists to accomplishing…self enrichment and not much else.oh yes promoting racism. Shouldn’t we be adding Marxine Waters to the list?

    1. Yes the list must be expanded to include other groups starting with Sarsour and the Clintons and one very large group most overlook.

      Racism like sexism is not defined by nor restricted to certain segments races, genders or other persuasions nor to direct but also indirect or reverse among them the US Government itself which body cannot seem to produce one form with the racist and inaccurate list of groups that go far beyond segments of the human race.

      The most offensive is the every ten year census that by the Constitution ask only about one group , persons. and by the year 2000 had been expanded to include toilet seat owners. That brings up a needed Amendment from ‘persons’ to ‘citizens’ and ‘others.’

      Others can be broken down into legal, illegal with legal to students, teacherrs, representatives of other governments, business agents and tourists.

      But the originators should be counted as one faction – ridiculous.

  6. If anyone could find a way to not pay his taxes or civil judgments, it would be Al.

  7. More irrelevant poppycock to fire up the mouth-breathers. Who is Al Sharpton, anyway?

    1. Who is Al Sharpton, anyway?

      You got it; Anyway Sharpton. Anyway, anyhow he can hustle his way to someone else’s money. Well done!

  8. Sharpton reminds me of the Jewish member of a synagogue who within the past 1-2 years painted bigoted signs on the walls and blamed anti-Semites…even though he got arrested I doubt they’ll enforce the law. He can claim Stockholm syndrome, etc.

    Admittedly, persons interested in such shenanigans learned it from the CIA’s Cointel (counter intelligence) handbook, who learned it from Machiavelli’s centuries old book. It’s interesting that in domestic politics such behaviors (lies) are almost exclusively the purview of Progressives.

      1. Broad does not negate accuracy.

        Especially when what is erroneously termed the ‘right’ is really the right wing of the left. One only has to reject their definition of center – the space between Marx and Engels and replace it with the accurate definition. Not hard to do as their regressive socialist system does not exist

        In a Constitutional Republic such as we have the center IS The Constitution.

        Addendum “Our Democracy cannot be defined at all as it doesn’t exist and for that reference check The Constitution with Amendments, The Declaration of Independence, and the journal;minutes of the two years of effort which produced the Constitution. where you can find the only reference. Discussed nine times and rejected nine times. Nowhere does one find socialism in the basic legal document of the land making it a even less valid thatn ‘democracy.’

        Democracy starts and stops when choosing the first Mayor or the choice of Mom or Dad as leader of the nuclear family. The worthwhile principles however were all used in the Republic system starting with the Romans and in our case when two sentences were used. “All men (meaning humans) are created equal in the Mission Statement and the notion that the ‘power’ was not the divine right of kings but embodied in the group called ‘citizens.’ That in their discussions was envisioned as the ‘independent self governing citizen.’

        And that last notion was expanded, by plan, to include those originally excluded. A system which works fine when it is allowed to work but heralds disaster when it is ignored.

        What do illegals and Ocasio have in common? Neither can take the oath of office a fact bluntly defined in the first lines of that Constitutional requriement.

    1. They stated his over due portions were paid and the rest is still being reviewed or some such wording. Or perhaps that was his lawyers….or some rogue judge.

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