French Protesters Take To The Streets Wearing Yellow Vests . . . So Egypt Cracks Down On Yellow Vest Sales

The Egyptian government has reason to be nervous.  After cracking down on civil liberties, free speech, free exercise, and the free press, the government has watched with growing alarm over the protests engulfing France by thousands of yellow vested citizens.  So Egypt is rethinking its denial of basic liberties, right?  No, the government is preventing the sale of yellow vests and prosecutors are seeking jail time for a lawyer who was merely pictured in yellow vest.

Egyptian authorities are particularly worried given next month’s anniversary of the 2011 popular uprising that got rid of Hosni Mubarak. So they have told industrial safety equipment dealers not to sell yellow vests to walk-in buyers and to restrict business to wholesale sales to verified companies.

Protests are also banned under President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

In the meantime, an Egyptian prosecutor has ordered the jailing of a lawyer for 15 days after the publication of a picture of him wearing a yellow vest. Lawyer Mohamed Ramadan is now being held for simply wearing a yellow vest as if banning the clothing item will remove the underlying cause for unrest.  

The ridiculous has become the expected under el-Sissi.  Egypt has seen a dramatic rollback on civil liberties under al-Sissi with increasing pettiness and arbitrariness. A teenager was jailed for cartoons of Muhammad and a leading businessman was attacked for a cartoon of Micky Mouse with a beard. Then there was the three-year sentence given Amr Nohan, a 22-year-old law graduate for posting a Facebook image of el-Sisi with Mickey Mouse-style cartoon ears. A leading cartoonist Islam Gawish, 26, was arrested in Egypt by the hyper sensitive al-Sisi government.

Now it is yellow vests.

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    1. the French actually have a proud military tradition all the way back before Napoleon who conquered Europe before Charlemagne who conquered Europe back to the Gauls

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  2. All those gay frogs should wear pink vests so as to show their communist influence.

  3. Bottom line is that el-Sisi and the military saved the country from becoming a terrorist state headed by the Muslim Brotherhood. His crackdown is against terrorism and its advocates in Egypt. Laugh at his methods but do you really want another Afghanistan in the Middle East incubating terrorists with more pressure cooker bombs targeting US cities. I suspect he knows Egypt better than we know Egypt.

    1. Mespo, it is nice to hear someone who thinks and recognizes that the world is a dangerous place. Professor Turley is writing as if Egypt is a peaceful place like Mayberry with Andy Griffith as the sheriff. Turley’s postings seem to have no recognition of the dangers in that area and the fact that al-Sissi’s life and government is constantly under threat. My bet is al-Sissi will be assassinated before long and that could lead to Muslim Brotherhood control and a terrorist state. A lawyer of the same name was arrested a number of years ago for prior clashes and an attack on a police station.

      I’m sure we all remember Sadat, who killed him and why.

    2. Turley simply refuses to acknowledge the reality of what’s happened in Egypt over the last 8 years. The political culture of the country cannot sustain a system of electoral contests and broad public deliberation. Other Arab countries have managed it, at least to a degree. Egypt is one big fail in that regard.

    1. Yeah, Issac, they are really angry. And globalist Marcon is backpedaling so fast he may crash through the rear wall of the Élysée Palace. Ain’t populism grand?

  4. Yellow is the word. It describes the Egyptian government well. How fearful are they of their position that it is threatened by a piece of safety clothing?

    Well, I suppose they won’t resort to donning yellow handkerchiefs tied to their arms. We all know the yellow vest itself is responsible for mind controlling these wearers and thank God for the wisdom of the Government of Egypt to protect these people from becoming malcontents.

    Maybe they should commission a new military police force to fight this French threat. Call them the…


    1. Darren:
      El-Sisi won over 95% of the vote in the last election and enjoys a 79% approval rating now among Egyptians. He’s no teetering leader.

      1. Maybe so, Mespo; but I thought WE were the ones to get to decide who stays and who goes😉.
        Is the “Obama Doctrine” no longer embraced?😏

    1. @capmke-It won’t be President Trump who will have the idea of yellow vests.

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