Putin On The Rap: Russian President Says Rap Will Not Be Banned But “Directed” By The State

For an authoritarian leader like President Vladimir Putin, this may seem like the height of liberalism.  Putin told cultural advisers  that the rising popularity of rap music will, not be banned by rather “we must lead it and direct it.”  It is not clear what Putin rap might sound like but it is clearly going to be something Stalin rather than Solzhenitsyn would dance to.  We all know what Soviet central planning did to the economy.  We can now watch the same magic of centrally planned rap music.

In a telling moment, Putin observed that “rap is based on three pillars: sex, drugs and protest.” Given his repression of dissent and demonstrations, one can guess which of those social ills most concern Vladimir Putin.  He warned that the music is laying out “a path to the degradation of the nation.”

Of course, given Putin blood-soaked reign, he might have a knack for gangsta rap to replace “sex, drugs, and protests” with “shootings, poisonings, and hackings.”  

11 thoughts on “Putin On The Rap: Russian President Says Rap Will Not Be Banned But “Directed” By The State”

  1. On the bright side, rap could hardly get worse. I do wonder, though, in the current fashion condemning ‘cultural appropriation’, should black rappers be allowed to use fancy electronic technology invented by white people? Seems they should be ‘authentic’ and stick to hairy, goat-skin drums and use nothing that has batteries or can be plugged into an outlet.

  2. Putin is right. Music can lead to the degradation of a nation. Or to it’s salvation. I think American rap music has shown that it can be destructive. How much of the violence in the black sphere is young men acting out what they see and hear.

    I mean, crap, if hearing something isn’t capable of producing changes in behavior, why do politicians give speeches??? To change your behavior and make you vote for them. Why do advertisers make up jingles, and put out commercials? To change your behavior and make you more likely to buy their product.

    Why is music any different??? Listen to this song, and see if you don’t want to go and fight by Pearse’s side:


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. In America, Deep State directs Free Speech through Google and Facebook monopolies along with banks/credit card companies that can cut Undesirable Elements off from the financial system.

  4. Why would Russians like Rap music? It does not seem to be part of their culture. Putin is an odd duck. Perhaps he wants Russia to just call him The Czar. What is his ethnicity? Georgia? He seems like one.

  5. Rock n’ roll brought down the Soviet Union, maybe rap can bring down Putin.

  6. I guess it’s the same in Russia as here, if you don’t agree with the constitution don’t bother amending it, just ignore it.

  7. Sounds strangely all too familiar.

    The main difference between national and international socialism and one practiced by progressive socialism goes like this.

    International socialism. The people own everything therefore individuals own nothing.

    National socialism. Individual ownership is allowed but the individual is responsible for that ownership be it factory or personal clothing.

    Both: Control of either method is to use any and all means available to control everyone and everything.

    Progressives Sounds good to us and here’s your new taxes to make up for the lost crumbs.

    It’s also found in the definitions of Fascist or State Economics.

  8. Russian constitution Article 29:
    1. Everyone shall have the right to thought and speech.

    1. Anything said or done to promote the party is ‘the truth’

      It may be changed at any time and replaced with a ‘new truth.’

      Now we see how long Article 29(1) lasted.

      But longer than our version the first amendment lasted under progressive socialism. There still back in the days of truth control.

      Did you catch ole Schmuckley Putz staring at the floor and off to his left and only could find words to say “same program as last year.” Looked like a schoolboy about to be expelled or paddled.

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