Pushing the Envelope: Man Reportedly Commits Brazen Theft at Airport

It is rare to see a brazen act of theft committed in public but a video shows this man casually taking envelopes of cash containing $9,000 at a security checkpoint in Rome.  The man’s calm demeanor is striking as he takes the money literally from the man behind him going through security.

The Polizia di Stato released the CCTV footage from Fiumicino Airport to find the man.  He is shown clearly grabbing the two envelopes.  While most of us are astonished that someone is traveling with such cash, it is quite common in other countries and cultures. In this case, the money was meant for the owner’s sick relative to pay for medical care.

The thief carried out the crime with cold precision — taking the money and hiding it in the bathroom to come back to retrieve later. He was later arrested.

Putting aside the disgraceful act itself, it was an incredibly brazen and stupid move given the common knowledge of the cameras at these locations.  2019 promises to be an improvement if this guy is kept under lock and key.

5 thoughts on “Pushing the Envelope: Man Reportedly Commits Brazen Theft at Airport”

  1. He wasn’t that slick. There’s a “tell” as he glances around after taking the cash.

  2. He wasn’t as cool as I thought from reading the post. There’s a tell as he looks around after taking the cash.

  3. This goes right along with the baggage handlers stealing from the luggage. I hope the airport has insurance coverage for this sort of thing.

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