Trump Reportedly Lashed Out To Whitaker About Controlling The NY Prosecutors After Cohen Plea

Despite a series of self-inflicted wounds by President Donald Trump over the Russian investigation in pressuring former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and directly discussing the investigation with former FBI Director James Comey, Trump has reportedly returned to the same pattern in lashing out with Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker. If true, it is entirely baffling. Republicans and Democrats have uniformly objected to these communications as improper and raising the appearance of influencing the investigation. It also undermines Whitaker’s position.

Media is reporting that the first call took place when Trump after Cohen pleaded guilty on November 29th to lying to Congress about a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow. That was only two weeks after Whitaker became Acting Attorney General and during the intense media criticism that Whitaker was being appointed as a virtual stooge. At that very time, Trump called Whitaker to complain about an investigation implicating him in a federal crime?

Trump again had angry words for Whitaker after prosecutors in Manhattan officially implicated the President in a hush-money scheme to buy the silence of women around the 2016 campaign. This account is more serious because it says that Trump wanted to know why more was not being done to control prosecutors in New York who brought the charges. That is manifestly inappropriate and self-defeating.

69 thoughts on “Trump Reportedly Lashed Out To Whitaker About Controlling The NY Prosecutors After Cohen Plea”

  1. “If true, it is entirely baffling.”

    Trump believes the rules don’t apply to him because he is a narcissist and a crook.

    It’s not baffling. It was entirely predictable.

    1. Sounded like you said Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton – “narcissist and a crook…”

      and that pillar of society, Obongo:

      Larry Sinclair stated that Obama smoked crack cocaine, had homosexual relations with him and implied that Obama had homosexual relations with a “Donald Young” who was murdered on Dec. 23, 2007, and was the openly gay choir director for Reverend Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Is this true? Did CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PMSNBC, HLN or other outlets of the MSM report this? Why has America not heard this news? Why was the photo of Obama enjoying a visit with Louis Farrakhan not displayed in the MSM?

    2. What is true and BAFFLING is anyone that doesn’t understand a Political Appointee like the PRESIDENT is in he job of “Influencing” all law and order–LEGALLY! He is DUTY bound to “Influence.” His constitutional duty and Role as THE EXECUTIVE of ALL law N order, means EVEN when/If he’s the issue or subject, he has full power to influence. That is very different the Corruptly influencing. He doesn’t GET a recusal OPTION as Chief Law Enforcer! His only punishment if you don’t like him using his FACIALLY lawful duties is at the ballot, and/or impeachment. He plenary powers are unlimited!

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