Swedish “Man Free” Concert Declared Discriminatory

We previously discussed the “man free” concert held in Sweden and how the concert (heralded by feminists) was a raw exercise of gender discrimination. It was a telling moment since these same advocates would be appalled by barring women from concerts or venues. Now Sweden’s Discrimination Ombudsman has declared the concern blatant discrimination. The response of feminist leaders is interesting. Rather than recognize the hypocrisy of fighting discrimination by others but not themselves, leaders denounced the ruling and ridiculed men as feeling threatened.

The event, called Statement, was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was billed as “the world’s first major music festival for women, non-binary and transgender only.” The ombudsman declared the entire focus of the concert to be effectively sexist and discriminatory. The finding was based on statements made before the concern. Indeed, male technicians, attendees, and managers were reportedly restricted to “man pen” areas. Could you imagine the same practice employed for any women working in any business or event?

The promoters however simply shrugged away the fact that they engaged in gender discrimination. In a Facebook statement, the promoters declared “It’s sad that what 5,000 women, non-binaries and transgender experienced as a life-changing festival, made a few cis-men lose it completely.”

Again imagine if objections to discrimination against women was ridiculed as how “a few women lost it completely” because they were hurt or insecure or threatened. The refusal to consider themselves subject to the same rules against discrimination leaves such laws are arbitrary and capricious exercises.

Organizer Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare insisted that this was merely an effort to protect women from rape and assault, but that can be done with better policing and enforcement. Instead, the organizers proudly proclaimed that men were not welcomed and effectively declared all males as an inherent threat.

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  1. Discrimination is the first step of freedom.

    Freedom of assembly is the right of all people.

    Congress cannot compel particular assembly or integration.

    If people cannot discriminate, they cannot be free.

    People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

    Freedom does not adapt to people…

    dictatorship does.

    1. They absolutely can compel integration.

      This is the same argument pro-segregation Confederates used to justify school and business separation.

      It was found unconstitutional over 50 years ago.

      Men and women and different ethnic groups should be treated as one. If we don’t, then we don’t have equal treatment under the law.

      1. Prosecutor, attempting discourse with poster George is hopeless. He is too much like George III.

  2. The Indianapolis Bar Association says personal attacks against a Marion Superior Court judge for his home-detention sentence of a convicted rapist are inappropriate, “no matter how strongly one’s opinion is.”

    The statement from Jeffrey Abrams, the association’s president, was released last week, about a month after Judge Kurt Eisgruber sentenced David Wise to eight years in home detention for drugging his now ex-wife and raping her while she was unconscious.

    The sentence touched off a firestorm of criticism nationwide. Some critics called the Republican judge a shame to his profession and posted comments on his election campaign Facebook page. Others began online petitions to try to unseat Eisgruber, who is running unopposed in the Nov. 4 general election. National media commentators were quick to pick up the story, which was originally published by The Indianapolis Star.

    Indiana law does not always require imprisonment for rape convictions.

    In his statement, Abrams said that some media coverage provided a fair balance between strong criticism and legal constraints created by the legislature. In an interview, he noted such reports by The Star.

    But he said in the statement that some commentators’ remarks against Eisgruber “can only be characterized as insulting, attacking the integrity of the judge and, in some instances, communicating physical threats.” *(I reject fully the use of physical threats or the use of violence of any kind-period-just to be clear.)

    “We do not believe that any of such conduct is appropriate no matter how strongly one’s opinion is of this matter,” he said.

    He said the Indianapolis Bar Association respects the rights of people to express their opinions publicly. “A strong legal system should be able to tolerate public scrutiny and should benefit from citizens actively engaged in discussions about judicial decisions.”

    But he said while the public enjoys the freedom to express opinions, “it should be done in a much more constructive manner.”

    He also said that social media has made it easy for people to send or post mean-spirited and threatening comments. *(Threatening is wrong. But this judge is a jackass and should be removed.)

    Kristine Guerra


  3. Meanwhile, we just found out that the bone spur story that got Fatso his deferment was a lie, done as a favor by a podiatrist who was a tenant of Fred Trump. Also, Stupid just outed several members of the SEALS during his vainglory campaign rally supposedly to show support for the troops. Of course, there was always doubt about the bone spur, since it didn’t stop him from golfing, and since, when confronted, Trump couldn’t come up with the name of the doctor who allegedly diagnosed him with this disabling condition. I really don’t know how someone like him has the gall to show his face to men and women brave enough to go into a war zone, much less turn the event into an opportunity to shift blame to Democrats for the shut down.

    1. “In the fall of 1968, Donald J. Trump received a timely diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels that led to his medical exemption from the military during Vietnam.

      “For 50 years, the details of how the exemption came about, and who made the diagnosis, have remained a mystery, with Mr. Trump himself saying during the presidential campaign that he could not recall who had signed off on the medical documentation.

      “Now a possible explanation has emerged about the documentation. It involves a foot doctor in Queens who rented his office from Mr. Trump’s father, Fred C. Trump, and a suggestion that the diagnosis was granted as a courtesy to the elder Mr. Trump.

      “No paper evidence has been found to help corroborate the version of events described by the Braunstein family, who also suggested there was some involvement by a second podiatrist, Dr. Manny Weinstein. Dr. Weinstein, who died in 1995, lived in two apartments in Brooklyn owned by Fred Trump; city directories show he moved into the first during the year Donald Trump received his exemption.”


    2. Natasha:
      A California officer was murdered by an illegal alien that Trump tried to deport and you’re concerned about a draft deferrment 50 years ago. That sums you up perfectly.

      1. And just before Christmas:

        “He was ‘Officer of the Year.’ Then Hillsborough deputy killed his family and himself”

        “Sheriff Chad Chronister said the deputy killed his daughter and granddaughter at one home and his wife at another. Then Deputy Terry Strawn died by suicide outside Plant City High School.”


      2. Mespo, I just read 4 different stories, including a Fox News account, regarding that slain officer. No story that I saw said that efforts were made to ‘deport the suspect’. But your comment implies that efforts to deport him failed. The suggestion seems to be that crazy liberals fought to keep the suspect here. Again, I have seen nothing so far that reports that.

      3. Nope. You missed the point completely, so I’ll try to explain it to you. Trump got a deferment for an allegedly disabling bone spur diagnosed by a practitioner he couldn’t recall. Despite being physically unfit to serve his country, he never had any problem playing golf. Daughters of a Queens podiatrist have claimed for years that their father told them and others that his office landlord, Fred Trump, asked him for a favor, which was to write a report that would get his son a deferment, so he complied. Despite ducking military service on false pretenses, Trump showed up in Iraq, on Christmas no less, expecting praise and applause from our troops. He turned the event into one of his vainglory rallies. Instead of concentrating his remarks on peace on Earth and good will toward mankind, Trump started bitching about Democrats and his stupid wall.

        In the meantime, a Gallup Poll listed Barak and Michelle Obama as the most-respected man and woman, respectively. Oprah came in second and Hillary Clinton came in third.

    3. Good for Trump and good for Ted Nugent too. Would it have been better if only hippies had weaseled out of dying in the Vietnam meat grinder?

    4. Tell Jeffrey Abrams to perform an act of extreme anatomical improbability with himself. He’s not in a position to admonish anyone. The Bar Association does not one thing in the public interest.

    5. Meanwhile, we just found out that the bone spur story that got Fatso his deferment was a lie, done as a favor by a podiatrist who was a tenant of Fred Trump.

      We’ve not learned that at all, but nothing stops you from telling bald faced lies.

        1. The claims of “draft dodging” against Trump have been around since he began his campaign for the presidency in 2015.
          Now two of the podiatrist’s daughters, perhaps because of “recovered memory” decide to weigh in on this issue years later. (Their father died in the 1990s, and there are evidently no existing medical files from the podiatrist about Trump).
          Maybe Mueller can branch out his investigation into the
          allegations about the alleged 1960s draft dodging, and give us his conclusions on this issue in a few years.

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