Trump Calls Decorated Retired General A “Dog” After Criticism Of His Decisions

I have long been critical of the attacks of President Donald Trump against critics and the media as unpresidential and inimical to our values. This week has another disturbing example of such personal attacks when Trump responded to criticism by retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal by calling him a “dog” who was fired by President Barack Obama. Being President of the United States will always come with an abundance of critics but the office comes with a modicum of expected restraint and decorum. Calling former generals (or anyone) “dogs” is clearly well below the expectations of most people in the conduct of a president.

McChrystal is the former top commander in Afghanistan. A West Point graduate, he served in both Iraq wars. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates described McChrystal as “perhaps the finest warrior and leader of men in combat I ever met.” He was not without controversy. He was accused of covering up the death of Pat Tillman in a friendly fire incident. He was also fired after making critical remarks about Vice President Joe Biden and other administration officials in a Rolling Stone article.

Laura Ingraham’s website Lifezette had a piece entitled “Media Didn’t Like McChrystal Until He Started Bashing Trump.” It raises a valid threshold issue that McChrystal only garnered this level of support when he was criticizing Trump rather than Obama. However, his criticism of Trump’s move to withdraw from Syria and other countries in “basically trad[ing] away the biggest leverage point we have.” That criticism has been shared by a wide range of critics. He does go further in calling Trump “immoral,” though that is also a wide spread characterization.

I can understand Trump responding but I fail to see why it must be in such this fashion, including tweeting the Ingraham posting. However, Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that “‘General’ McChrystal got fired like a dog by Obama. Last assignment a total bust. Known for big, dumb mouth. Hillary lover!”

This is not the first time the President has called critics “dogs” or made personal attacks against those who oppose him. It clearly resonates with an element of his base but only drives a wedge deeper between the GOP and independents. I simply fail to understand why the President continues to yield to such impulse on social media. It only heightened the coverage of McChrystal’s remarks and reinforced his criticism. Many citizens believe that a president must represent the values and civility that we try to instill in our children and try follow in our own lives.

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  1. I used to be amazed by the unwaiver support of Trump’s followers despite all foolishness that comes out ofohis mouth. He has a lack of self control that’s equivalent to a toddler. His understanding of basic principles of respect and manners are non-existing, yet he still commands a stronghold 30 percent of American’s. What am I missing that makes him so tolerable? A man with such lack of character can have such massive support. I’m perplexed by the ignorance that is displayed on a daily is not enough to bring pause to his MAGA supporters. Who’d thought the day of decency for the POTUS would not matter. SMDH

    1. “What am I missing that makes him so tolerable?”

      He has succeeded where others have failed and though his words sometimes appear juvenile he has not committed the crimes that his opponent committed nor did he weaponize government against enemies like the last President. It is all very simple. The American public wants security and a good lifestyle. Trump increased the GDP, increased jobs, decreased taxes on Americans that weren’t rich, and is trying to provide security for the American people with an attempt to build a barrier on our southern border.

      1. Hence the phrase “Money is the root of all evil”. The price tag on immorality is never too high. And more people are killed yearly by mass shootings than illegal immigrants and terrorists who cross the border combined.

        1. Money might be at the root of all evil but so is power and leftists seem both envious of power and money. I’d like some documentation of your claim about the “killings” but no matter it doesn’t seem to be that the left worries much about killings. If they did there wouldn’t be so many people killed in the cities they control such as Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit and there would be a lot more concern about the deaths from drugs, about 72,000 last year. Weaponizing the government against enemies is the height of immorality that some never want to talk about. But I share you concerns about immorality because Bill Clinton’s record with women was terrible and his wife Hillary instead of siding with the women that were hurt tried to destroy their reputations. That type of immorality should not be tolerated. I don’t really care if the President slept with a hooker or talked dirty. I would prefer him not to but I look at results and Trump’s results have been exceptional.

          Let me quote the President: “It’s a national embarrassment that an illegal immigrant can walk across the border and receive free health care and one of our veterans that has served our country is put on a waiting list and gets no care.” I would say that this President understands the needs of the American people.

  2. Show me where the Constitution states that the Office of President “comes with a modicum of expected restraint and decorum.”

    Stick to the law, Prof. Turley.

    1. Hard to distinguish when the goal is to create chaos.

      The Donald’s goal, that is.

      1. David, is this another one of your brilliant replies that has no basis in fact?

        Trump has done pretty good despite the overall stupidity he has to work with. Some people actually think that just by saying the average American IQ rose to 114 makes it true.

          1. I am well aware of the Flynn effect and that is why I gave you a chance to correct and explain your erroneous statement. You still don’t understand the concepts involved which isn’t surprising considering the superficiality of most of your comments.

          1. David, I won’t say that President Trump is an intellectual genius. He isn’t, but he is smart, effective and gets things done. His vision has tremendous merit but he has to work with stupid people and deal with people like you that do not hold onto principles and run their mouths in an erratic fashion. Your 114 IQ points is an example of how you cannot focus on a specific point of interest. That is why as a policy maker you would fail miserably.

            If you wish to explore your ability in policy making why not try discussing the Syrian withdrawal as a policy point and see if you can remain consistant. This is in the news right now.

          2. He’s a billionaire with a great family and won a historic election. How’s your resume compared to that David? Are you dumber than Trump? Have you ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect?

            1. Mespo, Benson will learn of the Dunning-Kruger effect when he gets to the diagnosis page of his medical examination. He has a large number of diagnosis of similar nature. I think the Dunning-Kruger diagnosis is number 114.

    2. Not at all, a lack of form leads to a lack of appropriate function……this President has demonstrated that in spades. It is time to look at the organic cause of his extreme personality abrasiveness…it may well be an arganic illness.

      1. Form: Let us line people up and dole out money
        Function: Create Jobs and wealth

        The President has done a good job creating wealth and jobs. The prior President was good at talking and not so good for the nation.

    1. He was awarded, and accepted, the Nobel Peace prize. Somewhere there is an award announcement.

      1. Haha, At least Obama has one record, most Americans killed by Drone strikes. Peace is a concept. I’m sure you didn’t know that.


    The key point to realize is that in today’s globalized corporate system, a lot of any country’s corporate sector, our own very much included, is actually owned by foreigners, either directly because corporations here are foreign subsidiaries, or indirectly because foreigners own American stocks. Indeed, roughly a third of U.S. corporate profits basically flow to foreign nationals – which means that a third of the tax cut flowed abroad, rather than staying at home. This probably outweighs any positive effect on GDP growth. So the tax cut probably made America poorer, not richer.

    And it certainly made most Americans poorer. While 2/3 of the corporate tax cut may have gone to U.S. residents, 84 percent of stocks are held by the wealthiest 10 percent of the population. Everyone else will see hardly any benefit.

    Meanwhile, since the tax cut isn’t paying for itself, it will eventually have to be paid for some other way – either by raising other taxes, or by cutting spending on programs people value. The cost of these hikes or cuts will be much less concentrated on the top 10 percent than the benefit of the original tax cut. So it’s a near-certainty that the vast majority of Americans will be worse off thanks to Trump’s only major legislative success.

    Edited from: “The Trump Tax Cut: Even Worse Than You’ve Heard”

    This evening’s NEW YORK TIMES

      1. Indeed, pay attention. That Nobel Prize and a dollar will buy that obnoxious puke Paul Krugman a Senior Coffee at McDonald’s.
        For laughs, take a look at Krugman’s track record for his predictions.
        The Nobel Prize for Chemistry that they tried to give to an L.A. carpet cleaner was more appropriate than the trinket they gave that fraud Krugman.

      2. Uncritical Thinking Sheep David B. Benson:

        Opinion by a Nobel Laureate in Economic Science.

        Pay attention.
        “It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? A first-pass answer is never… So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”

        ~Paul Krugman of the New York Times, Nobel Laureate in Economic Science, Published the day after the 2016 Presidential election

        God, I love the internet where fools self-authenticate forever.

        1. How is your Apple stock doing? Why?

          A recession in China is, in effect, a global recession. How is the real estate market doing there?

          Fools rush in where Nobel Laureates …

          1. Obviously, Krugman meant 2019 when he made the dire predictions quoted above for 2016, 2017, and 2018.😊😀
            How about this prediction….the stock market and the real estate market will fluctuate.
            It’s as useful and precise as any of the BS spouted by Krugman.

              1. There has to be a way to receive the Nobel Prize and not go through that posh, arrogant ceremony. Just send a check for the million dollars and be done with it.

                1. Not a concern for you so no worries D. “ posh, arrogant ceremony” what a wordsmith, did you ever think of rapping?

          2. I sure hope people responded to Krugman’s panic button pushing in Nov. of 2016, and unloaded their apple stock then at $100.
            Those who did not are now “stuck” with AAPL stock at $150.

              1. Compare the management of both.
                If you want a truly broad-based comparison, the S&P 500 is the index to watch.
                I reduced my stock holdings by c. 50% in late 2017; once the Fed reversed the c.10 years of drastically lowering interest rates, the extended 8-9 year old bull market was in trouble.

              2. The current CEO of GE ( Culp?) has only been on the job a few months.
                He faces the monunental task of turning GE around after years of poor management ran it into the ground.
                It’ll be interesting to see if ge can pull it off.

            1. Thanks, Mespo. I’ll be anxiously waiting by the phone😯for the Nobel Committee’s decision.

          3. What happens in China and UK affects us here. In addition, this government gridlock over Democrats’ fight to keep our borders open to unlimited immigration from unsettled individuals, luring children to their deaths, will also affect the economy. It is, however, absurd to say that because Trump was elected, the globe will sink into a recession oubliette from which there is no escape, ever. It was mistaken, as well, as the markets responded favorably, after all, to Trump’s election.

            Obama is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, which he won before he did anything. He then subsequently created a drone kill list, a bit odd for a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. He beat out Dr Samar, who risked her life to educate Afghani girls, advocated for human rights, and had to flee Afghanistan because of a fatwa against her life. Obama won because he was the fist black president. He essentially got a prize because of melanin, rather than accomplishment. From what I can recall, Dr Samar should have won. One usually rewards accomplishment with the Nobel, rather than simply toeing the starting line.

            Therefore, the accolade of “Nobel Peace Prize Laureate” is to be taken with a grain of salt. It doesn’t mean what it used to.

          4. A recession in China is, in effect, a global recession.

            It’s nothing of the kind. Three-quarters of the world’s production takes place outside of China.

          5. “A recession in China is, in effect, a global recession.”

            David, here is your chance to explain yourself before becoming the fool like you did with your IQ 114.

          1. Very few people will be paying more under the most recent tax legislation, most people and corporations, especially, will be paying less.
            The idea of lowering one of the highest corp. tax rates in the world was to bring back ( repatriate) profits held overseas for tax purposes.
            I haven’t tracked those numbers….I think there was c. $3 Trillion in unrepatriated foreign accounts, but I don’t know how much came back given the lower tax rate.
            As with all tax reform, the real benefit is the promised simplicity😏 ever time they change the rules.

            1. Tom, listen to the greedy SOB Peter Shill whose concern is how the law affects his own pocket book rather than how it affects the nation, those in need, workers, families, etc. I support the law though it ends up costing me money. Unlike Peter I care for the working folk and families.

            2. We are experiencing a Global reset….do you need the US to look like Venezuela before you understand that Corp profiteering has crippled the US economy? Now that we are being nerfed we can’t even muster a reasonable response…

              1. Becka, what you have been advocating results in a Venezuela. You can blame everything on corporate profiteering (no doubt there are problems in all portions of the economy) but your solutions are merely words not actions or deeds.

                1. I have posed no solution, I have only advocated NOT continuing down the same path that is ALWAYS self-destructive. I do blame Corporate profiteering…but that is not the only thing causing the problem. I would however listen to economists and the pleas and advice of those who are educated in something besides self-enrichment and who hope to alleviate and lessen the carnage here at home. The violence and unrest we see is created by the current economic environment. removing protections and the hard won anti-monopoly rules have finally become manifest. This is not a normal time. The markets have been over-manipulated. the bubbles are man-made and designed to merit the few at the expense of the many. This is not Democracy or American in its ideal….it is a train wreck. Why are we allowing companies to reward crooks for hurting the future of our economy?


                  1. Your words indicate a direction that does not work. Criticism alone is totally meaningless and only demonstrates a lack of knowledge along with the unearned right of being able to play the policy game where you seem to be totally lost.

                    You are not saying anything new or even anything interesting. Statements such as “This is not a normal time.” show that your historical knowledge is lacking as well. These are words that are easy to say, but much more difficult to put into true comparisons. Tell us what normal times are. Tell us when the markets haven’t been manipulated. “the bubbles are man-made and designed to merit the few at the expense of the many.” Tell us a time when that statement couldn’t be made as well. A lot of meaningless words without any substance behind them.

            3. Tom -I’ve been reading recently about some of the most lucrative businesses in CA relocating operations to states and countries with lower corporate tax rates. Including Apple.

              It is a bit frustrating how the Left cannot seem to understand that higher taxes drives avoidance behavior. On a similar note, raising the cost of labor in California drove avoidance behavior on the individual homeowner level. Californians keep voting for higher minimum wage, health care requirements, pensions, and various other measures that increse the cost of labor. However, when it comes time to find a landscaper, nanny, auto detailer, house cleaner, home remodel company, or just about any other blue collar worker, they often go for the illegal alien crews. They cost less, and enjoy none of the lavish benefits that Californians vote for other people to pay.

              There has been a general exodus of businesses out of California, due to its consistent placement at the top fo the most business unfriendly states in the union. Our state has imported massive amounts of poor due to illegal immigration. We now depend on a few golden geese in Silicon Valley and the movie industry. However, one by one, those companies are exporting operations to lower tax states and countries. Filming often happens in places like New Zealand and Georgia. They exported a lot of FX jobs to places like India long ago. Silicon Valley has sought out lower taxes. So far, what is keeping some of the operations here is the fact that the executives don’t particularly want to live in lower tax areas, outside of urban Liberal Mecca’s. Good thing, too, because the more Liberals escape the high taxes they voted for in other states, the more they keep voting for higher taxes in those states, spreading the problem.

              1. What I neglected to add in my argument is that all of this excessive taxes and spending have not solved poverty. It has succeeded in creating a rate of single motherhood above 75% in some black communities, which is the highest risk factor in our country for producing a new generation that lives in poverty and crime and jail and early death.

                We don’t even have anything to show for it to ease the sting of making it so hard to run a business. What we have is hordes of homeless defecating on the street and dropping dirty needles and condoms outside of preschools. There have been children stuck by dirty needles in playground sand. All we’ve been buying is dystopia. Then the high taxes drive away the productive people that we need to support benefits programs. It’s a defeating system.

                1. “It has succeeded in creating a rate of single motherhood above 75% in some black communities”

                  We have to think in terms of families, their growth and their strength. The left thinks in terms of communes and top down control which has never succeeded.

              2. It is a bit frustrating how the Right is so good at exploiting shifts causes the need for higher taxes… care for the people they have disenfranchised……

            4. Tom, that was in Krugman’s piece. The amount of repatriations isn’t anywhere near enough to pay for this tax cut. We’re going to have to raise taxes or cut spending to if we ever hope to pay-off this cut. As Krugman notes, only a fraction of America benefitted from said cut.

              1. Shill, A good number of experts have actually run the numbers and for those in that middle and upper middle class the savings were large. Run the numbers yourself. If, however, one is in a high tax state those numbers will fall, but the reason for their fall is a good reason.

                You don’t like numbers and you don’t like facts so you make generalized statements that mean nothing.

              2. I never claimed that the taxes on the repatriated corporate funds would pay for the entire tax cut.
                It looks like c.$500 Billion was repatriated in the first half of 2018.
                At the lowered tax rate of 20%, that would be $100 Billion in tax revenue in 6 months.
                Best case would probably be a $Trillion in repatriation for all of 2018….or $200 Billion of “repatriation tax revenue” for 2018.
                At the previous tax rate of 35%, most if not all of those repatriated dollars would have stayed in foreign accounts.
                Leaving aside other aspects of the tax bill ( and my comment dealt mostly with the lowered corp.rate and repatriation), you have a choice of taxing no foreign-held dollars at a rate of 35%, which brings in $Zero$, or taxing maybe one $Trillion at 20%, which brings in $200 Billion in tax dollars.
                That is one aspect of the tax reform package T that does make sense.
                No room to enter email address or my name, Tom

                1. Actually I had read that the capital gains cut was made up by the increased profits and taxes generated by the tax bill. However, when calculating the win/loss ratio there are those that see a lot more earnings so they adjust the taxes lost upward (what they would have been at the higher rates) even though those gains would not have occurred. In that way no matter how good the tax bill was they can always say tax money was lost. It’s dishonest but what does one expect.




      Democrats took 40 seats in The House. Republicans found that the tax cut failed to impress the voters. Because few of them saw any benefit from the $1.5 trillion dollar package.

    2. I love Paul Krugman opinion pieces. They are wrong vastly more times than they are right but some people prefer fiction over reality.


      Their headline cutters are economic illterates and their principal columnist is an intellectual and moral fraud.


    At Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, where Trump attacked General McChrystal, he made many false and half-false claims. Here’s a brief excerpt:

    Trump described the recent stock sell-off as a “glitch” and said markets would soar again on the strength of trade deals he plans this year. But House Democrats may stand in the way of the first of those, a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, and markets have been rattled most by the tariffs Trump has imposed on China.

    Trump dismissed Romney’s scathing criticism of how he’s conducted his presidency, saying Romney should be more of a “team player,” and downplayed the idea he could face a primary challenge in 2020.

    “They say I am the most popular president in the history of the Republican Party,” Trump said.

    Edited from: “A Defensive Trump Calls A Cabinet Meeting And Uses It To Boast, Deflect and Distract”.


  5. “He [McChrystal] was accused of covering up the death of Pat Tillman in a friendly fire incident. He was also fired after making critical remarks about Vice President Joe Biden and other administration officials in a Rolling Stone article.”
    . . .
    Of course, President Trump has a long record of lying and isn’t a moral exemplar. But, McChrystal is being a hypocrite by casting stones at President Trump for not “tell[ing] the truth as best they know it.” In his past, McChrystal has also been “openly disingenuous on things” such as his key role in the 2004 whitewash of Pat Tillman’s friendly-fire death, Camp Nama, and his response to Micheal Hasting’s 2010 “Rolling Stone” profile that got him fired (e.g. see the Feral Firefighter blog posts “Defend Your Integrity” (focus on SecDef Gates role), “Never Shall I Fail My Comrades,” “Something to Die For,” or pp. 47 – 55 of “More Lies Borne Out by Facts, If Not the Truth”). I’d also recommend watching the DVD “The Tillman Story,” reading Jon Krakauer’s PAPERBACK version of “Where Men Men Glory,” or Mary Tillman’s “Boots on the Ground by Dusk.”

  6. As I said a lot of REMFs but none so far rise the level of esteem needed to be a dog.

  7. May be true for some but for those of us who earned the privilege one way or the other being a General grade or field grade or company grade, a commissioned, on-commissioned or warrant office in no way excludes them, from earning the title ‘dogs’ although the intended meaning may not be the same.

    we used REMFs as the lowest insult For Rear Echelon Mother Fathers but then who knows what is used today. One I noticed was the insult of ‘back in the day’ when it took a helluva lot more than one day to earn any sort of bragging rights and then real soldiers rarely did and REMFs rarely didn’t.

    But without knowing the context and meaning it’s hard to go after anyone for using the word dog. Dog soldiers.Or someone who never dogged a mission, or someone who was dogged in their pursuit of mission accomplishment. were all accolades but REMFs were always REMFs and damn few if any could rise high enough in one day.

    So? Since it’s never explained I take it as an insult.Like LBJ who got a direct commission to Lieutenant Colonel took a flight to Hawaii (WWII) and arranged to be put in for two I seem to remember fairly high medals. And he turned out to be the worst REMF in our countries history.But he never rose to the level of dog gone good

    So without the explanation and without some background I would look askance at any one compaining and expect to find behind the words .d.. a REMF.

    1. Now in the genre of ‘looks’ that dog IS a dog. and that is without doing a Dorian Gray analysis.

    2. Pelosi’s daughter was on CNN saying nice things about her mother as well.

      Exact quote: “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding, that’s all you need to know about her,” said filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi about her mother.

      She sounds like a nice mother.

      1. I caught the France 24 report on Shumer and Nancy leaving the WH today. Unlike US media they didn’t bother to edit the video shot. Shumer bloviated and Nancy chewed her lips – all thru it . got a bit odd. She looked pretty rugged for just coming off 10 days on the Big Island

        1. Two words to describe Pelosi as she becomes speaker again: weak, tenuous.

          It will be a real ‘lip chewer’ of a year in politics. 😉

        1. “Come, dear. It’ll be easier for you than it was for Jason.”

          Only thing is, Trump ain’t Jason, Nancy. 😉

          1. TBob,…
            I expect Trump to take the high road😉😊😀 every time Pelosi attacks him, and not retaliate.

  8. I really wish that President Trump would wake up tomorrow morning with a personality transplant and stop these self-defeating fights about nothing.

    Of course, there are going to be military personnel who disagree with pulling out of Syria. They have a right to their opinion. Of course, McChrystal should have been more tempered in his criticism of the President, and of course President Trump should not have called a decorated general names.

    I want a President to fight back against the concerted effort to bash conservatives, but he has to do so effectively. We have to be better off after his intervention than before. He’s pugnacious, but he’s not effective in this area. It’s an area he could stand to improve in.

    I did not see the entirety of the exchange. He might have implied that the decorated general was fired like a dog and not respected by Obama, but his own interaction was disrespectful as well.

    Much as I would like to see President Trump grow in communication effectiveness, I live in reality. I fully expect that there will be Tweet headlines for the duration. That was predictable based on the tenor of the campaign. I would like to stop the squabbling and build the wall. And for all of Congress outraged over names – most of them are guilty of name calling as well, so they should cool it. Their job is to build the wall and secure our borders. If Democrats oppose border security so fiercely, then let them wear that Albatross. It is irresponsible not to secure our border, and have control over who comes and how many. It is also unfair for the majority of our immigrants to come from our closest neighbors, simply because they can cross over our porous border and line jump everyone else who did it the right way. Why should they hog all the spots and all the resources? Get in line. Build the wall so that parents will no longer be tempted to bring their small children on a dangerous journey where too many of them die, all because those kids are leverage to give them a better shot at being able to stay her illegally. Kids are not leverage. Legal immigrants leave their families behind, get settled, get shelter and work sorted out, and then send for them on a nice, safe airplane. Illegal immigrants drag children behind to help themselves stay in the US to get a better job. When some of those kids die on the journey, get raped, get traumatized, or arrived so ill that they die on this side of the border, it’s our fault for giving those kids leverage value in the black market illegal immigrant racket.

    This is crazy. It’s 2018 and our immigration system is like the Hunger Games without all the cool couture. Option A is this onerous system that takes years to wind your way through, and then you are a legal resident, our honored guest, with an option to become a citizen. However, there is this enticing Option B, in which all you have to do is get across the border about 100 miles, at which point deporting you will be called xenophobic. There will be an army of pro bono lawyers and activists welcoming you with money and housing and everything you could need. Then those lawyers and activists will agitate about how unfair it is for any of our benefits to be barred to you simply because you broke our immigration laws. Oh, and if you bring a small child, 6 and under, you have the best chance of being allowed to stay, even if you are caught right on our border. This system has lead to rapes, pedophilia, drug and gun muling, and dead kids. Shame on us for not fixing this, and shame on Democrats for promoting this terrible system, which has created a caste system of illegal immigrants and a great deal of resentment.

    Why do we fence in our backyards? Require fencing around pools? School yards? Even school buses are housed in fenced in yards. Why? Because that minimum level of security is the responsible thing to do. If you don’t have a locked front door, your homeowners insurance might not even cover you, due to owner negligence.

    For all of those Democrats fighting this wall, perhaps they need to have their gate security taken away, the locks removed from their front doors, the walls from their backyards. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s do away with the photo ID required for the Democrat Convention and all of their other events. After all, that is clearly a racist policy that disenfranchises poor Democrats, especially blacks, who might want to attend. There should be no vetting of attendees, because that’s xenophobic, and it should have clear signing that there is no ID required, and it’s a gun free zone.



    America has long been looked to for leadership. Our economic and military strength was part of that, of course, but our enduring commitment to principled conduct in foreign relations, and to the rights of all people to freedom and equal justice, was even more esteemed. Trump’s words and actions have caused dismay around the world. In a 2016 Pew Research Center poll, 84 percent of people in Germany, Britain, France, Canada and Sweden believed the American president would “do the right thing in world affairs.” One year later, that number had fallen to 16 percent.

    Edited from Op-Ed piece by same same title




      Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 10 hours ago

      Here we go with Mitt Romney, but so fast! Question will be, is he a Flake? I hope not. Would much prefer that Mitt focus on Border Security and so many other things where he can be helpful. I won big, and he didn’t. He should be happy for all Republicans. Be a TEAM player & WIN!

      37,169 replies 28,604 retweets 126,467 likes

    2. One thing I will say about Democrats is they stick together. Hillary Clinton sold 1/5 of our Uranium to the Russians, gave plum contracts to her donors through her foundation to build Hurricane safe housing in Haiti, only to provide moldy leaking trailers, she hid her correspondence from federal record keeping and deleted thousands of emails on her private server, and then she broke her phones and laptops with a hammer while under subpoena, and the Democrats all rallied around her in lockstep. That’s why they can get so much of their agenda through. They all vote together, almost unanimously.

      Mitt Romney was right years ago about Russia. Someone should tell Obama that the 80’s was prophetic in its foreign policy. Mitt Romney should not choose this time to undermine the President. Democratic bigoted rhetoric against conservatives has caused dismay for decades. As for the countries mentioned – France has imported so many Muslims extremists that there are parts of Paris that are no go zones for Jews, Sweden has become a rape capital of Europe, Canada’s healthcare system is running out of money, and the wait times are so bad that Michael Buble brought his own precious child here for treatment, Britain wages war on knives and free speech, and Germany has its own existential crisis with too many migrants from too violent countries. Where is their moral high ground?

      Yes, we know that Trump is not Mr Rogers. We’ve all known this since 2016, and we do not require an op-ed from Romney to state the obvious. What is pertinent to the day is the matter of the government shutdown over border security. The Democrats want really, really badly for us to have an open border and for there to be no voter ID, unless it is at their own events. They would rather put Border Patrol officers in direct contact with migrants rushing the border, then to simply have an unscalable fence. And then those officers are forced to employ tear gas, the Democrats will find a photo of the one mother with kids they can find in that sea of young angry males, and then denounce the officers for using tear gas. If they laid a hand on the invaders, they would be blamed for that, as well. So…no wall which would discourage illegal immigration. They want our people in the line of fire from invaders. Our people may not fight back or they will be denounced as fascist. No voter ID. Free voter registration in CA. Illegals can get car insurance with less coverage and lower premiums than a legal resident or citizen. Immigrants tend to vote Democrat until they establish themselves financially and actually start paying taxes. That is when they start caring about how high those taxes are. See where the Dems are going with this?

      As the prime minister of Hungary so succinctly put it, it is not a human right to be able to choose any country that you want to live, and for that country to have no say about it.

    3. Peter,
      It is sad to realize that we could have had the Clintons back in the White House shaping our character.😉😒

      1. Tom, with regards to character, the Clintons are smarter than Trump and highly experienced. Bill was a Rhodes scholar and one of the youngest governors of his time. In terms of ‘real achievement’ Bill came much further than Trump.

        So this idea that we ‘had’ to take Trump because the Clintons were ‘so unacceptable’ is pathetically lame. And that excuse is essentially the basis for every, “What about Hillary?”, comment.

        1. Yeah Peter, the experience of Hillary as the lead cheerleader for Saddam must go, Mubarek must go, Gaddafi must go, Assad must go, all made her really “acceptable”.
          Great track record.
          Realistically, there were two choces in 2016. Hillary Clinton ran against Trump.
          She was a Senator and Sec. of State with a piss-poor record, and a First Lady of the U.S., and previously of Arkansas.
          That’s one of the reasons why her name comes up, especially when you preach endlessly about how bad the alternative was.
          I can understand your desire to expunge her from the historical record, but I don’t think that’ll happen.

      In an opening salvo against President Trump, Mitt Romney wrote an editorial highly critical of Trump.
      Trump responds in his usual, restrained, low-key manner😄😀 using Twitter;
      to remind Romney that he lost as the GOP candidate in 2012, and Trump won as the 2016 GOP candidate.
      And questioning whether Romney is out to fashion and position himself as the 2019 version of The Conscience of a Conservative, aka Jeff Flake.
      Flake’s next book is said to be Profiles in Courage.

      1. Not that REMF was a POS REMF and the F still doesn’t stand for

    5. WaPo never had a day when it wasn’t a REMF.surpassed only by NYT.

      1. Both are newspapers of record for the USA so you are out of line and out of step.

        Shape up!

  10. My nickname back in high school was: Maddog. Some people would shorten it to Dog.
    Dog spelled backwards is God. Trump was calling him God.

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