Vive La Révolution: Meet The Faces Of The New Democratic Party

I have been writing for weeks about the how many new Democratic members ran on the pledge to insist on new leadership, particularly in the opposition to Nancy Pelosi resuming as Speaker. Pelosi remains one of the most polarizing figures in the country and has long been unpopular with the majority of voters. However, these elections are not about the voters or even the party. It is about the members and their interests. Pelosi spent weeks working members with promises of committee positions and support. The result is that the new Democratic Party looks a lot like the old Democratic Party — and the new members have found a new home in the Washington establishment. Pelosi, 78, will resume the speakership today while Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.), 78, will return as Majority Whip . . . and all is well in the Beltway after another “revolutionary” election.

Pelosi will be the first person since the Texas Democrat Sam Rayburn, to return to the speaker’s chair after losing it. At a time when the Democrats are desperately seeking younger voters, she will also be the oldest person ever elected speaker. However, it is her unpopularity with the majority of voters that makes this choice so glaring for many who want to see a rebuilding of the party away from the Washington establishment.

A new Gallup poll shows Pelosi is liked by just 38 percent of the voters. Roughly half of the voters dislike her. Notably, independents hold highly unfavorable views: the group essential for any Democratic success in 2020. Mitch McConnell’s numbers are equally low.

The question is why the establishment would select someone who remain unpopular with roughly half of the voters. The answer again is that elections are not about the voters. It is about the members and what they can get from a speaker and preserving their control over power. Change is a wonderful campaign slogan but it is the last thing that anyone in Washington would accept with trillions of dollars moving through Democratically controlled committees this term.

So ancien régime is the new order of the day. Vive la révolution

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  1. My question is, exactly why are some people critical of Pelosi? Is it just because she has been effective?

      1. Diversity does not destroy Unity…Ignorance and Self serving interest destroys Unity. Diversity strengthens a healthy state but should never be blamed for the rot that existed before.

          1. Anonymous:

            That’s true and diversity is likewise undemocratic because is suppresses voting and community involvement per researcher Putnam. Another historical goal of the robber baron crowd.

  2. Somehow the question of who pays for the Columbia Basin Project arose on this thread. The answer is the tax payers and electricity rate payers, largely. The irrigators might be paying 5% of what their water costs. I’m not complaining, just informing. C.f.

    Guest opjnion: Public cannot afford to subsidize new water projects
    John Osborn & Ken Hammond
    2015 Jan 04

    1. A former professor in the School of Agriculture once informed me that if he could keep even one more farm going in there, he would save the people of Washington state his entire lifetime salary.

      1. This longish article finally mentions Norm Whittelsey:

        Water to the promised land
        Tim Steury
        2017 Jan 20
        WSU Magazine

    2. Nice attempt Professor at glossing over more errors you made and will still refuse to admit.

      Once again you made yourself look ridiculous this week. You labeled Ron as a fool when he wrote that states assume much of the financial contribution toward watersheds and you countered by listing the Columbia Irrigation District That is a local quasi municipal corporation, which is exactly what Ron had said.

      Then you attempted to segue into the Columbia Basin Project above because you originally confused the Columbia Irrigation District around Kennewick (local gov’t) for the Columbia Basin Project in Grant County(Federal Gov’t reclamation project)

      If that was not enough you make this citation to the Spokesman Review as if somehow citing a source will mask the fact that you goofed up by confusing the two irrigation projects.

      You might try to get your facts straight before you continue to insult others as to their intelligences.

      1. My error in the names, but you should really read the article. Neither effort is considered worthy to further support.

        I no longer have have an opinion on this matter.

          1. A simple name error causes me no embarrassment whatsoever.

            I suppose I am pleased to learn about the project around Kennewick. Something new to me.

            1. “A simple name error causes me no embarrassment whatsoever.”
              That’s because you have neither shame nor humility. And after you got caught making the error, while insulting someone else by calling them a fool for daring to suggest something contrary to your vast insight, you still continue to throw insults and put-downs against others.

  3. And thanks for tip on another type of revolution or more accurately counter revolution I now have two more great Carlin shows. You remember Carlin the man that gave us the pithy and accurate three word phrase. left wing fascists? Of course you do I see you practicing it daily. But don’t give up your day job. No amount of ridiculous porn will ever make you a George Carlin. Why? You still have the damned ear ring in the wrong ear!

  4. Live Experiences did an article based on President Trumps comment that a wall is moral because the Vatican has one. And pointed out that the difference was the Vatican Wall was built to protect from pirates and when the threat was gone it opened up wide gates

    I fail to see the difference between Mediterranean Pirates and Central American Pirates nor Central American Pirates and internal Pirates no matter if they are form Catholics such as Pelosi or Ocasio.

    Our forefathers were wise enough to warn us in writing against enemies foreign and enemies domestic and that includes form members of the Jewish Fath such as Schumer or like Schumer those who claimed to be one thing and ended up being another. And those not muslim but Islamics like Obama.

    I am though full of resolve to maintain my position and the accolades that type bestowed upon the members of my citizenship grouping and proudly take their title of the greatest danger their administrations ever faced. Along with present and former members of the combat arms of the United States of America. And more proud of being able to serve my country in or out of uniform….

    …And never forget my oath of office which using all it’s parts “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic and take this oath without purposes of evasion”

    Even watching those who violate that same oath in the taking of that oath or lead others in the violation of that oath … as we witnessed today.

    I noted that one their number did not forget his oath of office first taken as US Marine and congratulate brother in arms Colin Lamb. Fifteen or or so more like him and pirates can be driven out and the walls opened wide again.



    For much of my life observers wondered how Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia managed to hang on. Byrd, a Democrat, and former Ku Klux Klan leader, served in the U.S. Senate from 1959 to 2010 after 6 years in The House.

    Byrd’s personality was less-than-inspiring to anyone outside West Virginia. Yet Byrd rose to ‘Senate Whip’, then ‘Minority’ and ‘Majority’ Leader all through the 1970’s and 80’s.

    During those twenty years pundits were always noting the irony that Byrd, of all people, was the face of Democrats. Liberal boomers felt no warmth for quaint Robert Byrd. But over time I learned, from well-known columnists, that Byrd was an expert on Senate rules.

    Byrd was regarded by his peers as a living encyclopedia. The only senator who could reference every procedure off the top of his head. Byrd’s ability to reference became his hold on power.

    Therefore Nancy Pelosi might be brighter than conservatives care to venture. During her long career Pelosi probably learned ‘every trick in the book’. Pelosi is, for the record, the daughter and niece of Baltimore mayors. They served when Baltimore was still a Top 10 city.

    That could be it: ‘Pelosi has been around so long she knows every trick in the book’. And that explains why Pelosi is always one step ahead. She sees the next step ‘before’ everyone. Pelosi will be old when she misses that step.


    1. Robert Byrd was a fine Senator. A blessing for West Virginia and the United States. Would that there had been a lot more Democrats like him.

      Here is a fine and historic speech

  6. slorhss29 — Ducks appreciates all the farmers ponds put in at Department of Agriculture expense. Probably birds appreciate the power wires strung for miles by the old REA. All birds like bird feeders and baths.

    Then there are set-aside areas, but I suppose those don’t count.

    1. Yes, people really like having money forcibly taken, spent on building ponds, so everyone can enjoy cheap food.
      FYI, states are the main contributors to waterways, pond and irrigation infrastructure. Of course, a lot of that money comes from the federal government who stole it from the states in the first place.
      Do you ever think before you write?

      1. Well, I used to own some land which had a pond. I was told that the pond had been financed by an agency of the DoAg. Indeed, other landowners in the region said the same about their ponds. But I suppose all could have been just unknowing country hicks, over there in northern Idaho.

        Why don’t you learn something instead of just showing off that you are just one of the ignoranti?

      2. Oh yes, here in Washington state we have the Columbia Irrigation District. Who finances that, fool?

        1. Uh, it would be financed by the Columbia Irrigation District itself, which is a quasi-municipal corporation organized under Title 87 of the Revised Code of Washington State.

            1. It was built by the district’s predecessors (local entities). and paid for through local property taxes and Local Improvement Districts.

          1. Darren Smith – here we have the Salt River Project. Any idea from Benson on who financed it?

  7. The Trump Punching Bag returns. Although, he compliment her on winning the office during the press conference today.

  8. I guess the Democrats are going with experience. Can’t wait for them to impeach Trump. They better be successful. If The Donald makes it through the impeachment process he will be the nastiest creature the democrat party could ever conceivably have ever faced. If Meuller has nothing on him and the impeachment fails Trump will taunt the Democrats unmercifully. And after that he gets re elected and replaces RBG with a justice that adheres to the constitution.

    1. against all enemies foreign and domestic…and those who take their oath of citizenship and lie.

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