Hitler Goes Ballistic Over Patreon Censorship: Patreon Part 5

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

You know you’ve reached a level of notoriety when someone creates a Hitler Goes Ballistic meme in your disfavor. Well, now it has happened for our friends at Patreon where a creator dubbed over a clip from the WWII film “Der Untergang / Downfall” and had the charity to cast Patreon CEO Jack Conte as Hitler.

The reported author surely displays courage to craft this, considering that he receives significant funding from Patreon, who’s Trust and Safety Team seems bent on wiping out what they disagree with, or what others label as being “Nazi” or such. Casting Mr. Conte as Hitler is worth a laugh in itself for the irony.

For those unfamiliar, the Hitler Goes Ballistic or Hitler Rants meme stems from a 2004 German Language Film “Der Untergang”, subsequently translated into English. The film features the Battle of Berlin and Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s last days cloistered within a command and control bunker as Soviet Forces arrive at the doorsteps.

In the actual film depicted and parodied, Hitler begins with a meeting with advisors and general officers discussing the advance of the Red Army where Hitler dismisses the breakthrough and overrunning of the suburbs as he believes that Steiner’s forces can counterattack and rout the Russians. But his advisors indicate that Steiner couldn’t muster enough forces to prosecute an effective assault, to which Hitler goes ballistic–ranting about how his generals disobeyed his direct orders, have no Honor,  are cowards and traitors, failed the German People but that he conquered Europe himself. Broken, he finally resigns himself to defeat and declares that the war is lost.

From this foundation and platform, perhaps hundreds of copies of the video were made in the years since whereupon English subtitles depicting a completely different dialog lampoon everything from Critiquing The Last Jedi, to England winning the World Cup, to discovering Hitler’s daughter is pregnant.

I suppose it was only inevitable that Patreon and the row over its decision to censor creators would result in such a parody. Humor and ridicule can be an effective measure against censorship in of itself.  So with no further delay, here is Jack Conte in the role of Adolf Hitler:

Patreon CEO Jack Conte Reacts to Patreon Backlash

By Darren Smith

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14 thoughts on “Hitler Goes Ballistic Over Patreon Censorship: Patreon Part 5”

  1. Someone should do this with Twitter and Jack Dorsey! He’s another one that thinks he needs to censor those with another viewpoint! What’s with “Jack” people being dictators?

  2. How did Hitler gain the dictatorship? We he elected by Parliament? He was from Austria. What town?
    After he was gone and half of Germany was commie, the commie side built a Wall. Reagan asked Gorbachov to tear down that wall. G did so. That wall was to keep people in, not out.
    We need a Raygun to promote our Wall. Keep the criminals, terrorists and whatnot out. O U T. O U T spells out and out you go!

    I did not vote for Trump but I favor the Wall. Or the fence. Maybe even Pence.


  3. Always take it in the context of reality using a true and exact history of socialism

    First came Marxist Lenism but only after a long line of philosophers starting with Plato who was also the first to reject his own one party one leader system. The correct branch then devolved to Aristotle and as of today is the objectivist Rand. But in order Hegel and Kant era then Marx and Engels to Marxist Leninism with socialist branches all over Europe among them #3.

    Second came a group of college or university professors who also missed the dismissal of Plato of his own system. (the correct branch then went to the Greek Democracies with varying degrees of success due to their culture as slave states at the time and definition of ‘citizen.’

    The Professors became the Progressives and introduced the concepts to trans-Atlantic students who as a rule in the upper classes sent their offspring for a year or so of study in Europe. One was Woodrow Wilson who became a University President and imported his Professors en masse about 1898. There were other groups such as the Christian Socialists in the late 1800s but WW became President in 1909 and introduced progressive liberalism as an official document and aso began dismantling The Constitution primarily with three tools. WWI, and the 16th and 17th Amendments the two that shall live in infamy more shameful than Japan at Pearl Harbor and the third was introduction of the scientific administrations. Control of the States, Control of the money and Control of the Federal Administration were his legacies which summed up as USA as a World Power. ..

    Meanwhile the original socialism spread not only in Europe but too many militaristic with single ruler societies of which Japan was certainly one.

    The third was National Socialism which closely followed it’s base of international socialism with almost minute differences.

    Important here is how they redefined history and politics to suit themselves such as replacing the divine right of kings and the Constitutional follow up of divine right of citizens with erasing that entire sector and moving The Center which was and still is The Constitution for USA to a center between International and National Socialism thus they could safely ignore that which was an impediment by terming the Constitution as ‘living’ which it already was through the amendment system and getting the professors and then the media to go along with the hoax.

    What remains today is a Representative Constitutional Republic (that branch created primarily by the Romans still with it’s slave state flaws) but greatly enhanced by our own founders and yes with the same but recognized flaws and a way to get rid of them. Still working at it in the sense of keeping the barbarians from taking over again with their Plato-ist Mistake.

    Hitler took Germany and created NAZI isms or National Socialism the German Workers Party. Mussolini created Fascism with it’s triumverate of Military/Government, Big Business, and labor leaders replacing King, Money Lenders and Church
    and the Progressives became the neo aristocracy playing dual roles as Corporatists, Labor Leaders and Statists in one combination or another.

    The education system continued to evolve along those lines as did the media as mere tools of the Statist Corporatists and Corporatist Statists using the Scientific Administration System brought to full power by FDR both busy pecking away at how things were viewed by the citizens who dwindled away in too many cases and reverted to fully controlled by the three major branches of the triumverate. created by Mussolini

    But enough remained used as a facade of the left to cause the age old yearning the general population to be free and independent which eventually led to the Second Civil War as the counter revolution of 2016. Not that the Triumverate hasn’t struck back hard. But this time led by ‘off duty’ members of the military who unlike the triumverate had not forgotten their Oath of Office and rediscovered the center was not the hyphen between Marx and Lenin but in our Representative Constitutional Reublic (Res Public of by and for the citizens) the center has always been The Constitution.

    So will it be ballots not bullets as preferred by citizens and the majority of the military or bullets instead of ballots to re-instate The Republic and drive out the barbarians?

    Who knows. But the truism is the citizens cannot afford the triumverate anymore…. thus voted en masse for someone to enter the belly of the beast and expose it to the eyes of the population. Those still blind? Are of no concern to the citizens and seen only as those who chose to become chattel property

    Thus the destruction of the RINO right wing of the left became the first priority though we listed it as third. The first listed was Clinton a euphemism for leadership of the left and the second the neo aristocracy in statist or corporate form.

    The statist prong will be the last to defeat. but whomever takes over is still one form or the other of socialist regressives

    But using proper definitions instead of the redefinitions of left is also a first big step. Use their terms you lose the war. Dictionary or Fictionary? Socialism by whatever name or Democrat DINO . One is a lie Constitutional Republic Party or Republican in Name Only One is a lie.

    A Constitutional Republic of Independent Citizens in the center and replacing the neo monarchists or the neo monarichist aristocracy aka Socialist Autocracy? That’s the choices.

    Thus the sides of the Second Civil War are properly defined as the counter revolution against the autocracy continues

    1. You forgot to include the Federal Reserve Act among the tools Wilson used to erode the Constitution.

      1. Karen S – I have been following all the blowback on Disney, Kathleen Kennedy and The Last Jedi. The Hitler rant makes so much sense. 😉

    1. This should line up correctly. Yes it was hilarious but it made the point. How many knew where to go after that?

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