Roger Stone Indicted


Months ago, I wrote about how Special Counsel Robert Mueller was clearly gunning for Stone with an increasing intensity (here and here and here). Stone was arrested early Friday morning in another signature raid on his home by the FBI. Once again, as with the treatment of Paul Manafort, it is unclear why prosecutors wanted to have a night raid on his home (captured by awaiting media) for non-violent crimes. It was entirely unnecessary in my view. The criminal counts themselves are additional counts of false statements and witness tampering. These type of process crimes are the majority of charged conduct against non-Russians in the investigation other than the unrelated crimes against figures like Manafort.

Mr. Stone was charged with seven counts.

The indictment contained the vintage language of Stone with other witnesses, attacking those deemed weak while encouraging others to stonewall.

On or about November 19, 2017, in a text message to STONE, Person 2 said that his lawyer wanted to see him (Person 2). STONE responded, “‘Stonewall it. Plead the fifth. Anything to save the plan’ . . . Richard Nixon.”

It is a weird comment even for a guy with a tattoo of Richard Nixon since Nixon was destroyed by precisely such conduct.

Notably, there are no charges in the indictment that accuse Stone of colluding with the Russians or the hacking of the email systems. Stone suggested to others that he was the conduit of hacked information from Wikileaks but he later insisted that he was not actually speaking to Julian Assange and that he had no direct knowledge that Russians were responsible for the Democratic hackings.

The indictment is largely on false statements but those statements seem to overlap and confirm the occurrence of communications. :

STONE testified falsely that he did not have
emails with third parties about the head of
Organization 1, and that he did not have any
documents, emails, or text messages that refer
to the head of Organization 1.

STONE testified falsely that his August 2016
references to being in contact with the head of
Organization 1 were references to
communications with a single “go-between,”
“mutual friend,” and “intermediary,” who
STONE identified as Person 2.

STONE testified falsely that he did not ask the
person he referred to as his “go-between,”
“mutual friend,” and “intermediary,” to
communicate anything to the head of
Organization 1 and did not ask the
intermediary to do anything on STONE’s

STONE testified falsely that he and the person
he referred to as his “go-between,” “mutual
friend,” and “intermediary” did not
communicate via text message or email about
Organization 1.

STONE testified falsely that he had never
discussed his conversations with the person he
referred to as his “go-between,” “mutual
friend,” and “intermediary” with anyone
involved in the Trump Campaign.

The Special Counsel likely knows about those communications and does not allege anything criminal in the communications themselves.

The indictment does reference a senior Trump campaign official was directed to contact Stone about possible Wikileaks information. The indictment clearly states that Stone told multiple campaign officials that he had such information and the question is who “directed” campaign officials to reach out to Stone. Obviously, many will want to know if that person was President Trump or his close aides. On the other hand, it also references people like Steve Bannon as not even returning his calls.

Nothing in this indictment contradicts that latter account. This conduct involves false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering. Unlike Cohen who was allowed to correct false statements, Mueller charged every possible alleged crime. This will make for an interesting defense as Stone cites his public reputation for spinning and conning the media.

Some of the language is so over-the-top that it may appear less than credible to a jury as an actual threat as opposed to Stone’s signature vernacular. In one communication, the indictment recounts the following:

On or about April 9, 2018, STONE wrote in an email to Person 2, “You are a rat. A stoolie. You backstab your friends-run your mouth my lawyers are dying Rip you to shreds.” STONE also said he would “take that dog away from you,” referring to Person 2’s dog. On or about the same day, STONE wrote to Person 2, “I am so ready. Let’s get it on. Prepare to die [expletive].”

The defense can call Person 2 and ask how that statement was taken or understood while also pointing to similarly outlandish statements in public. Like much else in Stone’s world, this will make for a fascinating trial.

Here is the indictment: Stone Indictment

348 thoughts on “Roger Stone Indicted”

    1. Alan, ‘Dick Morris’ dot com..?? Who the hell are they..??

      Obviously this isn’t real news. It’s just fabricated nonsense for disgruntled Trumpers. And it shows how ridiculous Trumpers are. They can never, ever get past the “What About Hillary?” phase.

      And the idea seems to be that Hillary is just so, so evil that ‘nothing’ Trump does can possibly compare. No act of collusion or incompetence can ever come close to Hillary’s mendacity. So when we talk about Trump scandals, we can’t possibly mention them without first reviewing every misdeed by Hillary Clinton going back 40 years. Every outrage of her’s must be listing in proper outline form before we ever, ever acknowledge Trump’s endless conflicts.

      This “What About Hillary?” mindset seems to paralyze Trumpers. They can never think beyond. It is the only horizon in their tunnel vision.

      1. “Alan, ‘Dick Morris’ dot com..?? Who the hell are they..??”

        Most who are aware of politics know that Dick Morris was Clinton’s political advisor.and advised Bill Clinton on all sorts of issues during his campaigns and while Bill Clinton was in office. You, Peter, are a charlatan.

        “It’s just fabricated nonsense for disgruntled Trumpers. ”

        Likely that is what you will be told by your masters. You should actually read some of the testimony already given. I will wait for this gentleman’s testimony before drawing any conclusions on this story.

        “This “What About Hillary?” mindset seems to paralyze Trumpers.”

        Nothing has been found on Trump and he didn’t destroy evidence. Hillary, on the other hand, destroyed evidence, lied, took bribes and compromised American security. With your closed mind and a brain of concrete I doubt anything will ever make a difference to you.

        DSS, this demonstrates the lack of knowledge Peter Shill has. Nothing further needs to be added to arrive at that conclusion.

        1. Alan, why are calling on Tabby for help?? Tabby had a nervous breakdown. He couldn’t deal with polls showing Trump lost the shutdown battle. And I think you’re having a nervous breakdown too. Your post from ‘Dick’ reveals that. You’re posting from dick!

          1. “Alan, why are calling on Tabby for help??”

            I didn’t, but that is beside the point as you are now becoming a lunatic with your remarks. You didn’t even know who Dick Morris was even though he was a major name in the Clinton administration for years and has been around almost forever in a very visible fashion. It demontrates that you are a person who is simply quoting the latest garbage news and has difficulty remembering it. You are an embarrassment who seems unable to learn anything.

            “Your post from ‘Dick’ reveals that. You’re posting from dick!”

            One can see that when you are called out and it is clear to everyone that you having nothing to offer you become dirty and pornographic. You are dirt so this is not unexpected.

              1. Few others would be willing to admit being that dumb, kudos Allan, ignorance is bliss and you seem happy

                1. YNOT, you got the happy part right but you completely messed up on the rest. Go back to the bathroom and change your diapers.

        2. I must have missed something. Kindly set forth the indictments, guilty pleas, and / or convictions of anyone who was in the employ of Senator or Secretary Clinton. Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen.

          this is to “BUT HILLARY!” allan / allen

          1. Again it is apparent you have a reading problem Mark. The video talked about some new evidence from an undercover agent from the FBI. We will have to wait for the testimony. Are you that dysfunctional that you can’t remain on topic?

            Listen to the video again and then comment.

  1. This entire episode and the opposing sides positions can be summed up this way:

    A nation whose Justice Department is weaponized to look for crimes against a political enemy while actual crimes are looking for a Justice Department, is a nation where equal justice under the law is gone.

    This reminds me of a funny quote attributed to the Buc’s coach John McKay after their no win season, when asked What do you think of your team’s execution coach? McKay responded, I’m in favor of it.

    So what do you think of the execution of our Justice Department? Is it working like our founder’s intended, or is it working like our founder’s warned? Is this Justice or is this Lawfare?

    1. “A nation whose Justice Department is weaponized to look for crimes against a political enemy while actual crimes are looking for a Justice Department, is a nation where equal justice under the law is gone.”

      Good summary Olly.

      Those who are reluctant to think before replying will reply with their typical admission of Hillary guilt (along with others) while justifying it in their minds. That type of attitude bodes poorly for the future of our Constitutional Republic.

      1. Allan, they won’t even admit a crime took place. The argument goes just like Fishbreath said; no indictment = no crime. This is such an intellectually lazy way of thinking. Of course Clinton broke the law. To pretend she didn’t is delusional. These people should be ignored as long as they ignore the obvious.

        1. “These people should be ignored as long as they ignore the obvious.”

          Olly, you can say that but in the end the stupid get the same vote as the rest of us.

        2. I am confused; you somehow seem to articulate a belief that you are or were privy to all the investigative files compiled by the investigators who worked the Hillary email situation? Kindly update your FBI service dates for the forum. Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen.

          this is to “ya, but hannity said so, I just gotta believe it” olly

          1. I am confused

            Of course you are. The known facts before and after the appointment of the special council point to crimes and a list of suspects you will never see on your radar. You’re looking for an investigation to tell you if a crime took place rather than seeing that a crime happened in the first place. I believe JT called that confirmation bias. Until you expand your radar settings to include all crimes (targets) and not just those you’re narrowly looking for, you will remain confused. And as an officer of the court, you’re proving unqualified to be on watch with a crippling bias that makes your opinions worthless.

    2. Olly,….
      Your John McCay quote reminded me of quips from both Bum Phillips and former NBA Jazz coach Frank Leyden.
      Bum Phillips was asked about his relationship with star running back Earl Campbell. Bum said it was fine, Earl was down to earth, and that Earl Campbell’s office door would always be open for Bum if he wanted to make an appointment to see Earl.
      Leyden talked about a frustrating player who often would not “get with the program” when it came to executing plays, etc.
      Leyden said he asked the player “what is it with you, are you ignorant or apathetic”?
      And the player said “I don’t know and I don’t care”☺😁

    3. Merely because the 37% cohort of gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make are satisfied with the crimes of the criminogenic cabal now infecting the White House does not mean the vast majority of American Patriots are likewise morally suspect. So sorry for your condition, and loss.

      this is to “oh, that’s what that ticking sound is” olly

  2. Stone was arrested early Friday morning in another signature raid on his home by the FBI. Once again, as with the treatment of Paul Manafort, it is unclear why prosecutors wanted to have a night raid on his home (captured by awaiting media) for non-violent crimes. It was entirely unnecessary in my view.

    Once again, we see law enforcement abuse the policing authority granted via consent of the governed in using para-military tactics in mundane policing situations.

      1. Tom, I think the important statements need to be read:

        “Like virtually all of these indictments, the indictment of Stone does not charge any substantive crimes relating to Russia that were committed before Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel. It charges crimes that grew out of the investigation itself and were allegedly committed after Mueller was appointed.”

        “…all of them fall into three categories….
        (1) Process crimes…
        (2) Crimes that occurred before Mueller was appointed but that cover unrelated business activities by individuals associated with President Trump….
        (3) One indictment against Russian individuals who will never be brought to justice in the United States. This indictment was largely for show. …”

        Note Mueller’s emphasis on show trials. We are not supposed to have that in the U.S. That was a prominent feature in Stalin’s Soviet Union. Wikipedia: “The Moscow Trials were a series of trials held in the Soviet Union at the instigation of Joseph Stalin between 1936 and 1938 against so-called Trotskyists and members of Right Opposition of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.”

        Our leftist friends on this blog seem to follow in Stalin’s footprints even though they may be ignorant of Stalin himself. Some of the most prolific leftist writers on the blog have little knowledge or understanding of history yet they bumble around and provide cover for those with Stalinist tendencies.

        1. Dershowitz continues:

          “Judge Ellis also pointed out the dangers of this tactic: “This vernacular to ‘sing’ is what prosecutors use. What you got to be careful of is that they may not only sing, they may compose.”

          That is what Diane does, compose, but she is not a part of the investigation so she doesn’t matter except for her impact on the stupid.

          1. This is where Dershowitz loses his leftist friends he has been friends with for his entire life:

            “I have been writing about this for decades. In fact, I coined the term “compose” that Judge Ellis cited. But most fair-weather civil libertarians have remained silent with regard to Mueller because his target is President Trump, whom they despise.”

            I guess the answer to Dershowitz’s not being invited to parties at Martha’s Vinyard is that his leftist friends were disingenuous and didn’t believe in civil liberties except where they derived benefit.

        2. Allan, the left are all about power not justice. e.g. ANTIFA

          All of the senior leaders in the Dims are multimillionaires….theirs is not about service but about power, just like Venezuela’s Maduro, Cuba’s Castro, Russia’s Stalin and Germany’s Hitler.

          1. “Allan, the left are all about power not justice.”

            A breath of fresh air rather than the stench from the type of Peter Shill. People like him do not have sufficient intellect to look past their noses.

        3. I regret to inform you, sir, that no police agency in America will ignore evidence of felony offenses merely because they weren’t the original felony offenses suspected or detected. In other words, when you’re rollin’ dirty with your coke line on the console and get arrested for it, the cops won’t ignore the kiddy porn you’re carrying in the back seat.

          this is to “but officer, I didn’t even know it was there” allen / allan

          1. Mark is quoting the law. Now if he could only do so in context of the statement’s made. One has to wonder how he passed the Bar or maybe he couldn’t and that is the reason for the room in the basement where he remains unseen.

      2. Yeah, Tom, Roger Stone is someone we should all care about.

        Let’s see if the public embraces Stone as a Cause Celebre.

        1. “Yes, Tom, Roger Stone is someone we should all care about”.
          If St. Peter believes that, fine. I made it about as clear as I possibly could that I consider Stone to be one of the least sympathetic characters ( along with 3 others that I called the “most slimy” just hours ago).
          So, which is it?. Peter either really believes that “we should care about” Stone, or Peter is strongly, and dishonestly, implying that I really care about Stone.
          Given that Peter the Great has already shown himself to be a liar, it’s almost certainly the latter.
          I could go into the reasons why I depise the kind of pond scum in these threads that distort and lie about what others say, but I don’t see the point in doing so.
          I also mentioned Mr. Miranda and Mr. Escobedo as examples of undesirable characters whose criminal cases highlighted key issues in the criminal justice system, and prompted landmark SCOTUS decisions.
          That was in response to some other fool on this thread ( not Peter) who suggested that JT might want vouch for Stone’s character.
          In that particular case, I responded to the comment, a response which Peter either did not bother to read, or conveniently ignored.
          One common characterstic of Peter the Primo Propagandist and his early daysAM counterpart is they both have a LOT of time to waste.
          I don’t criticize them for that, but I do fault them for going out of their way to waste my time, and other people’s time.
          I could go on about our resident Joseph Goebbels wannabes, Peter and Diane, but if I do, I might not be as tactful and polite about it as I was in the previous paragraphs above.

    1. Bob, the following link is for Diane. It will make her more comfortable while she takes her medications.

  3. More On Roger Stone And Wikileaks


    Special counsel Robert Mueller embedded the tantalizing morsel near the start of the 24-page indictment. He recounts how the Trump campaign swung into action after WikiLeaks — the activist organization suspected of cozying up to Kremlin-backed hackers — started releasing stolen Democratic emails in late July 2016, just days before Hillary Clinton accept her party’s nomination.

    In one paragraph, Mueller alleges that an unnamed individual gave instructions to a senior unnamed Trump campaign official to get in touch with Stone “about any additional releases and what other damaging information” WikiLeaks was holding about Clinton’s campaign.

    After getting those orders, Stone allegedly told the Trump campaign “about potential future releases of damaging material” that WikiLeaks was holding.

    Democratic lawmakers and legal experts tracking the Russia probe singled out those details — which suggest the Trump campaign willingly engaged with a foreign entity seeking to meddle in the presidential election — as the most alluring revelation yet in the Mueller investigation.

    The revelation, if true, also suggests that Mueller is potentially sitting on more evidence that could firm up a case of collusion against at least some individuals in Trump’s orbit, or even the president himself.

    The WikiLeaks-Trump campaign association adds a juicy subplot to the ever-expanding Mueller probe, and legal experts say that coupled with Stone’s upcoming court case — he told reporters outside the South Florida federal courthouse he would plead not guilty — could mean the special counsel still has many months to go before wrapping up his investigation, even as it approaches its second anniversary.

    Stone’s indictment is also hardly good news for Trump, with the drip-drip of yet more revelations tied to the 2016 presidential campaign clearly on track to spill into the president’s 2020 reelection race and as Democrats prepare for their first primary debates this summer while the party’s House leaders contemplate whether to begin impeachment proceedings.

    Edited from: “The Juciest Morsel In Mueller’s Charges Against Roger Stone”

    Today’s POLITICO

      1. FUBARAllan objects to a question. An all too obvious question raised by the Stone indictment. It’s true that the Stone indictment does not answer that question. But then it is also true that Stone indictment does not answer that question. Think about it, FUBARAllan. The Stone indictment does not answer that question in the affirmative. And the Stone indictment does not answer that question in the negative, either. What the Stone indictment does is to raise that question–the central question of the special counsel’s investigation–in a way that clarifies the potential legal jeopardy facing the Trump campaign. And that means that the special counsel’s office is getting closer to answering the central question in its investigation. And to think that it wasn’t all that long ago that FUBARAllan was demanding to know what crime Mueller was investigating.

        1. “And that means that the special counsel’s office is getting closer to answering the central question in its investigation. ”

          …And the question was Trump’s collusion with the Russians where there was no evidence from the start of the investigation. Our resident Stalinist, Diane, believes in thuggary: “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” –Beria.

          Fortunately Beria is dead as is Stalin and our Constitution is not completely shreded so the investigation will be found to be akin to Beria’s quote where the leftists will make all sorts of statements to the contrary and might even become violent. That is the nature of Diane’s type of person.

          1. Just keep on keepin’ on, playa. It’ll all be over soon. So sorry for your soon-to-be education.

            this is to “but I really said all the time that he was a traitor, just not out loud” allen / allan

            1. …And what does you response, Mark have to do with Stalinist Diane or Beria? Nothing? That is quite representative of your lack of ability to think and at least respond to the material at hand.

                1. Diane, it’s nice to see that you are learning new phrases. Now all you have to learn is how to put them in context.

                  1. Context for PV-SOD at the link below:


                    Awakenings is a 1973 non-fiction book by Oliver Sacks. It recounts the life histories of those … The treatment used the then-new drug L-DOPA. … production details, and retyped performance review by Alan Jenkins, originally published in TLS …

                    1. Diane, if the contest you are talking about is an excuse for your behavior then I am truly sorry for you but that would make you awfully old.

                      Those people, however, were not in a persistant vegetative state. They had Parkinson’s Disease and had cognition. You should know your subject matter a little better.

  4. Interesting, former DOJ Chief of Staff lawyer, a Ted Cruz guy over Trump, anti-Sen Rand Paul guy, radio commentator current, Mark Levin, he just tonight completely ignores Roger Stone is a current employee of Infowars news organization & that among the properties raided by this out of control, unsupervised tyrant Mueller & Co was an Infowars studio location. Why? Even that Levin Rino doesn’t want more of the general USA public hearing a different narrative/opinions the the official tyrants haven’t pre- approved… as it seems to be repeatedly the case.

    But as was made public recently Infowars is still pulling more ears & eyeballs then all of the Cnn’s, Msnbc, Fox, Nbc, CBS & the rest together when the insiders remove the shadow banning ALGOs.

  5. Good summary of events below:

    FBI, with CNN cameras feet away, conducts pre-dawn SWAT raid on Roger Stone
    Talk about excessive force.

    The FBI, under orders of the Mueller special counsel, conducted a pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone’s home in Florida Friday morning, with CNN cameras perfectly positioned just feet away from the action.

    Given that Roger Stone is an elderly man with no history of violence and an expired passport, it’s a bit bizarre that the FBI conducted such an aggressive, automatic weapons-drawn raid on his Florida home. It seemed as if the whole stunt was a made-for-TV moment.

    Former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik tweeted in response to the FBI takedown:

    “Lights, Camera, Action!!! #Mueller’s SWAT team takes @CNN along to arrest Roger Stone in a predawn raid. Looked like they were going after El Chapo. If it were anyone else, they would have had his attorney surrender him.”

    How did CNN know?
    CNN claims that it arrived on scene at Roger Stone’s house with camera crew due to a hunch and nothing more. Many across the political spectrum are not buying that explanation.

    A CNN producer said it was his “gut instinct” that led him to Stone’s house at five in the morning. He later changed his story and said that “unusual grand jury activity” convinced him that the Stone raid was imminent.

    Is CNN lying to its audience to cover for its sources?

    Stone was charged with mere process crimes
    The special ops-style raid resulted in Stone being charged with mere process crimes, and he was later released on bail. Nothing in the indictment suggests that Stone or any unofficial or official Trump associate colluded with Russia. Instead, he was charged with multiple counts of making false statements to Congress.

    To date, not a single Trump associate has been charged with conspiring with Russia or interfering in the 2016 election.

    This is a horrible look for the FBI
    The last few years have been an embarrassing saga for the FBI. President Trump was forced to clean house after top FBI officials James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and countless others in its top brass were exposed as hyper-partisan charlatans. Conservatives are fed up with the Bureau’s constant politicization and corruption, and this latest stunt will undoubtedly fuel the idea that the FBI is beyond repair. Many prominent voices on the Right are already calling for its dissolution. The Stone raid will only cement this position.

    1. at home we have had enough of the abuses of power by the MSM, our government and even internet “news” sites overseas (see below). We are saddened that the internet and any govt entity can do as they wish with no thought to abuse of power, libel or destroying people. Nixon looks like a girlscout by today’s vicious scorched tactics introduced by Democrats like Clinton and company

      We are afraid of our own culture and that is the worst indictment possible of the USA.

      Bob and Jim


      Melania Trump – An Apology

      Following last Saturday’s (Jan 19) Telegraph magazine cover story “The mystery of Melania”, we have been asked to make clear that the article contained a number of false statements which we accept should not have been published. Mrs Trump’s father was not a fearsome presence and did not control the family. Mrs Trump did not leave her Design and Architecture course at University relating to the completion of an exam, as alleged in the article, but rather because she wanted to pursue a successful career as a professional model. Mrs Trump was not struggling in her modelling career before she met Mr Trump, and she did not advance in her career due to the assistance of Mr Trump.

      We accept that Mrs Trump was a successful professional model in her own right before she met her husband and obtained her own modelling work without his assistance. Mrs Trump met Mr Trump in 1998, not in 1996 as stated in the article. The article also wrongly claimed that Mrs Trump’s mother, father and sister relocated to New York in 2005 to live in buildings owned by Mr Trump. They did not. The claim that Mrs Trump cried on election night is also false.

      We apologise unreservedly to The First Lady and her family for any embarrassment caused by our publication of these allegations. As a mark of our regret we have agreed to pay Mrs Trump substantial damages as well as her legal costs.

      1. “at home we have had enough of the abuses of power by the MSM, our government and even internet “news” sites overseas (see below).”

        Bob and Jim, I think many of us feel the same way but there remains those that are blind to reality and have religious faith in the leftist ideology that is so intolerent and has killed so many.

    2. To the majority of Americans–who are patriots–it is not a ‘bad look” for the feds to execute an arrest/search warrant in a manner most likely to garner evidence of criminal offenses committed against the United States. Pro tip: everyone connected to Pravda Faux News knows you’re a gullibe rube or at the least, a dupe. So sorry for your condition and loss.

      this is to “damn, sure he’s a traitor, but hannity just luvs the guy” allan / allen

      1. Mark M you seem to use so many words to say so little. Pro Tip: Go back to yourmother’s basement. Your statements aren’t making much sense.

  6. Stone Indictment Undercuts Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative
    1:07 PM 01/25/2019 | US
    The indictment against Roger Stone makes no allegation that the longtime Trump associate conspired with Russia or WikiLeaks.
    Instead, Stone is accused of lying to Congress about communication he had with Trump campaign officials and other associates about his efforts to find out what information WikiLeaks had during the 2016 campaign.
    The indictment appears to undercut some of the Democratic-backed conspiracies of a vast conspiracy between the Trump team and Russia to hack and disseminate emails stolen from Democrats.

    1. The first indictment did not preclude the second indictment, which did not preclude the third indictment and so on and so forth. Consequently, the current indictment of Stone does not preclude any future indictments of anyone else from the Trump campaign. If you put together all of the indictments that have been brought thus far, then the only thing missing from the conspiracy case is evidence that the Trump campaign knew that the GRU hacked the emails and disseminated them through Wikileaks.

      Repeated for emphasis: ” . . . evidence that the Trump campaign knew . . .”

      It doesn’t have to be perfect nor complete knowledge. It only has to be knowledge sufficient to cause the members of the Trump campaign to enter into an agreement amongst themselves to conceal that information from the government by deceptive or dishonest means so that the Trump campaign could benefit from the information that its members agreed to conceal from the government. Of course, they also have to take at least one overt act toward the furtherance of that conspiracy to defraud the United States. They have taken numerous overt acts toward the furtherance of that conspiracy. So. How much did they know? And when did they know it?

      1. “The first indictment did not preclude the second indictment, which did not preclude the third indictment and so on and so forth.”

        Yes that is how psychotics think. When we get to 1 million indictments we can have this discussion again. In the meantime go back on your medications.

  7. Another set of indictments having nothing to do with Russian collusion. Well I’m glad we’ve got that cleared up.

    1. Steve, Roger Stone is quite possibly the link between Trump’s campaign and Wikileaks. That puts the campaign closer yet to Russian-related actors. You are in denial by thinking this indictment is inconsequential.

      What’s more, this angle of the probe has nothing to do with Christopher Steele or the FBI. Roger Stone has become his own Sub-Category in the probe.

      1. Ya Right PH,

        And Roger Stone quite possibly is really a Unicorn that eats Skittles & Sh*ts Gold.

        1. That’s funny, Oky1.

          It has no relation to anything here, of course. But an interesting tidbit.

          1. And that was just the point I was making about your commentary as to “Who Is Roger Stone”.

            But you would’ve been keeping up with the “Real News” at & the War Room with Owen Shroyer.

            Roger has been live on the later for over the last hour.

          1. Sorry about that last cheap shot Becka, that last comment was likely better for the right kinda of crowd.

            I know I shouldn’t make bad humor even as the US’s Border is being overran, illegals murdering, raping & robbing all of the citizens/young kids & even with all that the last thing I’d want to be accused of is being insensitive in a ph’in war zone.

  8. OT, caveman caved where are his apologists – wairing for talking points, somehow it will turn out as a win.

    1. SNOT,
      If you ever have anything substantive to say about the issues, please feel free to cut loose.
      If you are already working up to your capacity by posting your bitchy little remarks, then that’s acceptable to.
      This thread accommodates and welcomes the “special needs” , limited capacity whiners like you.

    2. As usual, your cranial thickness is on display. Trump just returned serve on the shutdown. Now if the Dems don’t given him the wall and shut the government down again after his concession, they take the brunt of the blame for everything. Welcome back the Republicans to the House majority in 2020.

      1. “just returned….”, such a sycophant. I asked before, how often have you been sued for malpractice?

    1. Shamus,
      I suppose that it keeps a lot of people busy; after hyping the hell out of this farce for 2 1/2 years, what did you expect would happen?

      1. What did we expect would happen?

        How about Cody Jarrett climbing to the top of the gas storage tank and yelling, “Come and get me, Coppers.”

        And right before he blows the damned thing sky high he says something like, “Look Ma! I finally made it to the top of the world.”

          Maybe some were disappointed at the absence of a Walter Winchell-type “reporter” on the scene, doing wildly exaggerated and dramaticized breathless, rapid-fire coverage of the heroism of as the heavily armed platoon braved potential conflict with an awakened guy who was in his pajamas.
          If there are to be more of these SWAT-style predawn raids, they’ll have to be jazzed up with additional theatrical appeal.
          Self-serving and self-promotional opportunities like these raids should not be wasted.
          That’s something that both FBI Director Hoover and Elliot Ness understood.
          In J. Edgar I trust.

          1. Given the extreme risk involved in executing this warrant, why were there no Abram Tanks on the scene to supply adequate firepower?
            In J. Edgar I Trust.

            1. Fine then. If you’d like, we could postpone the Jimmy Cagney final scene from White Heat video clip until it’s The Trumps’ time in the barrel.

              Given the amount of spray glue on Trump’s pompadour, the special counsel’s office can save the taxpayers a lot of money on props by eliminating the gas storage tank altogether.

  9. Captain Archer of the battle cruiser Enterprise is in the Klingon Court & there is no jury

  10. There are clearly two factions in Law Enforcement. The ‘good guys’ out doing the real work and another faction including the socialistas more national socialists than international socialist which is much of a difference. The mix of the two known as regressive progressives. hiding under the false name of democrats. but in all cases the ‘not good guys’ are socialist fascist in nature. It’s also one sided.

    The amount of money spent to find a very few nothing major crimes and nothing relating to the original charges is in itself criminal theft from the public coffers.

    The methodology is a mix of KGB and Gestapo and openly backed by the Socialist Regressive Party led by Comrades Pelosi and Schumer both of whom have also openly violated their Oath of Office four times each time they take the oath of office.
    Not just their party because a formerly significant and now much smaller of the other group have shown themselves to be suspect for not collusion which is a nothing but conspiracy with the other.

    Thus it’s not true and this brings in the fabrications of the not free media of who has control for two years. They are not free in the same way pravda was not free of the russian communist party nor Signal not free of the WWII German government.

    Back to Comrade Pelosi we have all seen the charges of selling seats oin committees and the committee leader ship for up to half a million each. Making Pelosi no different than Clintons Pay To Play scheme

    As a non participant in any political party aka Self Governing Citizen I have no qualms or hesitations in suggesting the use of both the military who does honor their oath of office and the use of the Patriot Act and it’s anti terrorist provisions after including illegal drugs and human trafficking as methods of or methods of support leading to mass destruction of human lives. Didn’t like it, spoke against it, but don’t mind using it against it’s originators.

    Since the left was kind enough to not exclude themselves, citizens or members of congress and the government they would immediately be subject to arrest without the normal ‘civil rights’ such as probable cause but subject to apprehension under ‘suspicion of acts or suspicion of supporting acts of terrorism.’

    No impeachment would be necessary under a state of martial law using the Patriot Act provisions.

    No rights read, no attorneys, no judges and no requirement to record and report the results. Thanks to the left Parada and Guantanamo would be reduced to Desaperacida and further to Who?”

    What I just wrote is the gift to the nation from the sociaist regressives. if they or anyone are excluded it must be in a classified portion. But it’s essentially the same as the explanatory speech to the nation end of 2015 when the then President ballyhooed that portion of the end of the year budget in one of it’ lesser known ear marked additions with his extensions and additions.

    Tough luck Comrades Pelosi and Schumer. Your gift to the nation now has you in it’s cross hairs.

    How that for SOTU or as a reason the left wants to stifle and control one possible set of unintended consequences.



    The Special Counsel’s indictment of Stone seems to center squarely on Wikileaks. Wikileaks, one recalls, came to Trump’s rescue only days after “The Access Hollywood” tapes were released. At that crucial juncture in the campaign, Wikileaks quite possibly saved Trump from a lopsided defeat.

    The following is a passage from an NPR account of Stone’s arrest today:

    On Oct. 4, 2016, WikiLeaks was set to make a major announcement that wound up being a bust. The indictment describes people connected with the Trump campaign — including a senior official — reaching out to Stone to ask what happened.

    Stone reassured them that WikiLeaks would come through and that the material it released next would be damaging to Hillary Clinton, prosecutors write.

    Three days later, as the Trump campaign was dealing with the fallout from the crude Access Hollywood tape, WikiLeaks released the first of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails.

    “On or about October 7, 2016, Organization 1 released the first set of emails stolen from the Clinton campaign chairman. Shortly after Organization 1’s release, an associate of the high-ranking Trump campaign official sent a text message to Stone that read ‘well done,’ ” the indictment says.

    The information in the indictment suggests that Trump’s campaign was communicating, through Stone and his associates, with the outlet chosen by Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, as the platform through which it was releasing embarrassing material stolen in cyberattacks.

    Edited from: “Trump Confidant Roger Stone Indicted On 7 Counts Related To 2016 Election Campaign”

    Today’s NPR

    1. “. Wikileaks, one recalls, came to Trump’s rescue only days after “The Access Hollywood” tapes were released. At that crucial juncture in the campaign, Wikileaks quite possibly saved Trump from a lopsided defeat.”
      They responded, not days after the Access Hollywood tapes but hours later the same day. A Trump backer e-mailed Stone, “Well Done!”

      1. It was almost miraculous that an obscure NBC “out-take” video, more than a decade old, just happened to surface right before the 2016 election.
        What a coincidence.

        1. Timing of release of Access Hollywood tape is example of collusion between HRC/DNC and NBC.

          1. I know that you’ll find this almost impossible to believe, but it’s true anyway: NBC is not a hostile foreign adversary trying to get out from under the onus of US sanctions in more or less the same way they got themselves under those sanctions in the first place. Ha-ha!

            BTW, you do know that Donald John Trump is NOT The UNited States of America. Don’t you? No one person–man or woman–IS The U.S.A.

            1. NBC’s shenanagins much more powerful than the $100,000 or so spent by Russians in online ads. My comment simply stated “Timing of release of Access Hollywood tape is example of collusion between HRC/DNC and NBC.” You try to parlay this into some sort of admission that Trump colluded with Russians which is not the case. To date, despite their best efforts – Muler/left media have failed to make a case for Russia collusion. Again “Just the facts Ma’am.”

            2. No, I didn’t know any of that.
              But I learn new things all the time from the Vast Reservoir of Knowledge and Wisdom.
              A.K.A. “Late4Dinner”.

              1. (My reply is to L4B’s 8:49AM comment, and the pop quiz she included in that comment).

  12. Without making a judgment as to Mr. Stone’s case, this serves as a further reminder that when interviewed by a law enforcement agent of the federal government or a political committee, lawyer up immediately and remain silent.

    1. You’re correct Darren, that is nominal the case.

      Yet in this case it’s not normal, this is part of the Commie/Nazis Anti-Americans Coup Takeover Plans that have been being rolled out for a couple years +.

      Trump is the real target & it’s coming immediately.

      So, just Stone & Jones, just them have spent over 4 Million dollars , so far, defending against Mueller’s Dino/Rino Coup.

      Stone/Jones & any that gives a sh*t about the USA, the health, their pension, their grand kids, etc., they should at least demand Pres Trump start releasing the docs to the public, like the illegal FISA Warranty & it’s renewals that was part of starting this Coup in the 1st place.

      (Then they’ll scream Obstruction of Justice… & then what does Trump do… do nothing the country collapses into civil war… Trump does something the country collapses into Civil War. Oh yes history shows repeatedly Civil Wars are Fun & everyone is always better off after Civil Wars. lol;) sarc off)

        1. So you agree don’t lie, apply it equally and all is well. And other rapist sh!t is a lie and has been investigated to death so GTFU.

          1. Kay has the same avatar as WC and two Anonymous comments. The avatar is a picture of The Pope blessing someone.

            1. The enlarged view shows that the person being blessed appears to have leprosy. I can’t tell for sure if clergyman is The Pope, nor which one, if it is.

            2. This is likely an indication that she has, and is, colluding with the Vatican.
              With the exception of when JFK sent the gold in Fort Knox to the pope and replaced with holy water, the impact of involvement by the Vatican in American politics has never been greater.

              1. Actually, the commenter at issue hosts a blog entitled The Road Less Traveled which is described in the following blurb:

                A nontraditional student returns to school to obtain a Medical Doctor degree. Reflections on medicine, beneficence, non-maleficence and the human condition.

                I think the leprosy patient in the photograph may be more significant than the clergyman blessing that patient. But I could be wrong. The reference to beneficence could be at least equally significant.

  13. Roger Stone was not even suspected of a crime before the appointment of special counsel Mueller by Rosenstein. The special counsel was ostensibly appointed to investigate non-existent Russian “collusion.” Rosenstein and Mueller created “process crimes” to justify their fraudulent endeavor; their hoax; their “malicious prosecution’ a al Mike Nifong of Duke Lacrosse notoriety.

    Is it conceivable that Roger Stone would be investigated while Comey would exonerate Hillary before he investigated Hillary?

    Why haven’t all the co-conspirators in the Obama Coup D’etat in America been investigated/indicted? They being:

    Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Clapper, Farkas, Power, Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Obama et al.

  14. The process is transparent. Select your target, haul him in and avalanche with questions that you already have the answer to. He will lie. Now, threaten him with prison but be ready for the “deal” where he rats against the real target of the investigation.

    While the Court has upheld 18USC1001 et seq., it is only used as a weapon in political wars. Will Mueller ever get proof that withstands Bill of Rights scrutiny that ANYTHING ever happened that hurt the American people before the investigation began?

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