Report: Blocked Caller Connected To Trump Jr. Was Not President Trump

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For over a year, many of the theories of Russian collusion have highlighted a mysterious call to an unpublished number by Donald Trump Jr. in the critical period of the infamous meeting with Russians in Trump Tower. Democratic members apparently received the disappointing news this week that the number has been tracked down and did not belong to President Donald Trump but business associates of his son.

While Senator Richard Blumenthal immediately went on CNN to suggest that he still believes Donald Jr. committed perjury before Congress and could still be indicted. Yet, this was the major allegation of possible perjury cited by countless commentators. There is now exculpatory evidence in favor of both father and son. That certainly does not remove any threat of perjury but the repeated allegations or implications of perjury have lacked any details on what Donald Trump Jr. stated falsely under oath.

Trump Jr.’s phone records included calls with two blocked phone numbers the same day that he spoke with Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, the son of a Russian oligarch, connected to June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. This was three days before the Trump Tower meeting.

Chairman Adam Schiff previously wrote that the Democrats were mysteriously blocked in efforts to confirm the caller or callers and “(b)ased on the timing of these calls, the committee must determine whether some of these calls may be between Trump Jr. and Donald J. Trump, including calls concerning the Trump Tower meeting.” Likewise, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has emphasized the importance of the blocked numbers in a Democratic report last year on that panel’s probe of the Trump Tower meeting.

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  1. This isn’t surprising to me at all. He remains enamored with the notion that he is the POTUS! As with everything else about him, it’s all about HIM, HIM, HIM! Look at me! I’m the President of the United States! All he seems to understand is that the POTUS is a powerful person, an historic figure. Face plastered on money and Mt. Rushmore, in league with the lies of Lincoln, Washington, JFK, LBJ, Reagan. Wow! Such success!

    What he doesn’t understand is that a POTUS is supposed to be a person of honor and integrity, a leader, someone who can bring together opposing political sides and come up with solutions that move the country forward– first and foremost the ultimate patriot. POTUS must be someone whom other countries can respect and with whom they can work. He is none of these things. He can never be any of these things because HE always comes first. He lacks the fundamental character trait of altruism. He lacks fundamental honesty and integrity. He lacks empathy. The only reason he wanted to be POTUS was the perceived power and prestige. Members of Congress must stand when his fat ass enters the House of Representatives. Brave service members must salute him, someone who faked bone spurs to avoid actual military duty, while nevertheless marching in New York City parades in his big boy military school uniform.

    He literally said and did anything necessary to become POTUS, including lying about a “big beautiful wall” that he would force another country to pay for. He had no strategy to get this done, but it made the deplorables cheer, and he needs affirmation. Of course he was in bed with Russia, literally and figuratively, because he had to be. His failing empire could no longer borrow money because he is such a poor businessman that no regular lenders would deal with him because of past failures. Russia could help cinch the “victory”, so his campaign gave them polling information, and his campaign officials and lawyer lied to Congress and the FBI to cover it up. Of course, he had sexual relations with Stormy Daniels, Karen MacDougall and probably others, and paid them off to get the gullible Evangelicals to vote for him. After all, the appetite for conquest, sexual or otherwise, must prevail. It’s all about HIM, HIM, HIM! Of course, he will lie. Instead of an honest appraisal on the true “state of the union”, we’ll hear a big, fat, pack of lies about how successful he’s been. He’ll continue contradicting the American intelligence community, and lie about ISIS being defeated. Never before has anyone accomplished so much in such a short period of time. No matter. Faux News, Drudge, Coulter and Rush will cover for him, and the rest of us will gag on our own vomit. I really don’t think I can stomach seeing this fat loser enter the House of Representatives next Tuesday for his vainglory tour.

    1. Nutchacha whines “This isn’t surprising to me at all. He remains enamored with the notion that he is the POTUS! As with everything else about him, it’s all about HIM, HIM, HIM! Look at me! I’m the President of the United States!”

      To quote Peter Shill, you really should stop reminding Hillary that she lost, Lost, LOST bigly to the Donald. Maybe Hillary should run for dog catcher, given that Bill is rumored to be thumping canines everywhere, not that she cares. Just saying

  2. The “Big Lie” is the tool of the Feminazi Party.

    America is being propagandized and indoctrinated by the Feminazi Gestapo.

    The current campaign is perpetrated for the Feminazi Party by the co-conspirators of the Obama Coup D’etat in America who are:

    Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power, Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Obama et al.

    Bill Clinton was the first black president.

    Obama was the first woman president.




    Trump recognizes that he’s inspiring international imitators but, despite having just been informed that those imitators are dictators and tyrants, nonetheless treats this as a sign of the power of his branding. He does display a moment of modesty, in declining to take credit for the global use of the phrase “fake news,” before praising himself for inventing it.

    Then Sulzberger presses harder on the consequences this is having:

    SULZBERGER: The phrase “fake news,” you’re exactly right, it has been embraced globally. And several countries have actually banned fake news. But it was a technique to actually ban an independent media. …

    TRUMP: Right, I’ve seen that. I don’t like that. … I do think it’s very bad for a country when the news is not accurately portrayed.

    A bit later, Trump explains the sort of inaccurate coverage that troubles him. “I do believe I’m a victim of that, honestly,” he says. “I don’t know why. Because I really think I’m doing a great job.”

    So once again, Trump grudgingly suggests it might be a problem that his powerful branding has been used to suppress independent media, before slipping right back into claiming that the real problem is … fake news. Particularly in the form of unflattering stories about him.

    At this point, Sulzberger tries to get Trump to understand that the press’s role is to scrutinize the powerful:

    SULZBERGER: That chair right there that you’re sitting in is the most powerful seat on earth. And it comes with scrutiny and questions. …

    TRUMP: I don’t mind a bad story if it’s true. … I’ve had bad stories — very bad stories — where I thought it was true. And I would never complain. But when you get really bad stories where it’s not true, then you sort of say, “that’s unfair.”

    If Trump thinks a bad story about him is true, then he’s fine with that story. It’s just that most of the bad stories about him aren’t true, and he gets to say whether any given story is true or not.

    A bit later, Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who was also present, asks Trump: “What do you see the role of the free press as? What do you think the press does?”

    “It describes and should describe accurately what’s going on,” Trump replies, adding that accurate and fair news coverage is “a very, very important and beautiful thing.”

    And what might that look like? A bit later, he reveals what’s been nagging at him all along:

    TRUMP: I came from Jamaica, Queens, Jamaica Estates, and I became president of the United States. I’m sort of entitled to a great story — just one, from my newspaper.

    And there you have it. Trump is “entitled” to media recognition of the greatness of his ascension to the presidency, and he appears genuinely puzzled that it hasn’t been forthcoming, just as he had previously expressed puzzlement that the press has declined to accurately reflect the great job he is doing.

    Edited from: “In Remarkable Exchange, Trump Offers Startling View Of Role Of Free Press”

    Today’s Washington Post

        1. Estovir, are you saying the N.Y. Times fabricated its interview with Trump? Or are you saying that Trump supporters shouldn’t read a Trump interview if it’s in the N.Y. Times?

          1. wally, Are you saying Yellow Onion, Vidalia Onion, Green Onion or that NY Times, quoted ad nauseam ad infinitum by Peter “live in my left wing bubble” Shill, is caca?

            1. Estovir,…
              It may be unintentional, but you slighted the Walla Walla Sweet Onion by your failure to mention it.😉☺

      1. The NYTimes which is the so-called premium paper is a good excuse for lousy reporting, however this interview on one subject I believe to be reasonable though one could see from the outset that there is no love of the NY
        Times towards the President. I think it is worth the read compared to the snippets peter produces on a regular basis. The President seemed to be speaking from his heart.

        He gave another interview to the Daily Caller and that entire interview is on the net. That too was a reasonable interview and a transcript of it is at.



    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 14 hours ago

    Just out: The big deal, very mysterious Don jr telephone calls, after the innocent Trump Tower meeting, that the media & Dems said were made to his father (me), were just conclusively found NOT to be made to me. They were made to friends & business associates of Don. Really sad!

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    Though Trump fails to name the source here, that “just out” was a CNN story that can be found on its website under the headline: “Trump Junior’s Mysterious Calls Weren’t With His Father”.

    The fact that CNN broke this story raises annoying questions for Trump supporters: “When should we believe CNN?” Or more specifically, “Is CNN only lying when critical of Trump?”


      It’s not common for President Trump to embrace reporting from CNN, but he did so with alacrity on Thursday when the network reported new information distancing him from the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between his campaign and a Kremlin-linked lawyer.

      “The big deal, very mysterious Don jr telephone calls, after the innocent Trump Tower meeting, that the media & Dems said were made to his father (me), were just conclusively found NOT to be made to me,” Trump wrote on Twitter, in his trademark style. “They were made to friends & business associates of Don. Really sad!”

      This may require some translation, so let’s translate. Trump is embracing a CNN report, later bolstered by ABC News, that identified the previously unknown people with whom Trump Jr. had spoken before setting up that meeting. Given the uncertainty, there was speculation that he’d spoken with his father (Trump) — indicating that the president probably knew about the meeting in advance.

      This would be the second time that Trump has evaded being tied to foreknowledge of the Trump Tower meeting. The other time was in August, when reports emerged suggesting that Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen was ready to testify that Trump knew about the meeting before it happened. That story fell apart.

      While the new reporting does answer one question about Trump Jr.’s conversations, it doesn’t answer all of them. To explain, it’s useful to consider a timeline of what happened in the days before the meeting. (The timeline below largely comes from Senate Judiciary Committee transcripts.)

      Edited from: “The People Donald Trump Jr Talked To Before Setting Up The Trump Tower Meeting”

      This morning’s WASHINGTON POST

      1. So, we have CNN, NYT, and Wa PO – all paragons of fact based, well researched, neutral analysis.

        Am I suppose to take any of this seriously?

        1. It is telling they never reference their employer, Curwreck da Rehkurd or Mediuh Madders, or does David Brock make them sign in their excrement and bodily waste that they will never refer to the hand that feeds their crack addiction?

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    2. “The fact that CNN broke this story raises annoying questions for Trump supporters: “When should we believe CNN?” Or more specifically, “Is CNN only lying when critical of Trump?”

      This is one of those small minds I talked about earlier. Peter has the intellect of a pidgeon so he can’t figure out that CNN destroys its reputation on a daily basis but when CNN knows that others of its ilk will be publishing the story CNN has no choice but publish the truth. They never would have published it if they could have spun it. Therefore, one can conclude that the lie CNN told was a lie and that is confirmed by Donald Trump. No problem exists for the Trump supporters as we deal with this kind of mindless chatter all the time.

      In summary once again CNN HAS BEEN CAUGHT IN A LIE.
      In summary once again PETER SHILL FAILED A SIMPLE TEST OF LOGIC.

      1. Alan, if CNN broke the story, what did they ‘lie’ about..??? They could have chosen to just ignore the story.

        For the record, I don’t have cable. So I have no interest in defending CNN. They are not a source of mine.

        But it is amusing that Trump seized upon a CNN story without mentioning them by name.

        1. Peter, you continue to be dense so I will to explain it to you again. The initial story by CNN and others was wrong though without evidence they and others played the story up since it made Trump look bad. Now the truth comes out and it is found the initial story was a lie. CNN has to admit it because other newsources are going to admit the sameuntruth.

  5. While small minds concern themselves with calls that never occurred and meant nothing the world has gone on and intelligent minds find we are better off with Trump.

    Trump Compared with What? By Victor Davis Hanson

    Posted By on January 31st, 2019

    Trump, as most presidents, of course, will point to achievements next Tuesday. And despite the 90-percent-negative media coverage and the shutdown, he can brag about continued robust economic growth, low unemployment, record oil and gas production, tax reform and reduction, and a generally positive economic picture.

    Manufacturing jobs show marked increases. Minority unemployment is at record lows. Deregulation, not more regulation, is now the new gospel.

    Abroad, for all the herky-jerky presidential rhetoric and musical-chairs key appointments, there is emerging a reification of the NSC’s 2017 strategic assessment emphasizing principled realism. China’s trajectory to global supremacy is no longer shrugged off in the West as inevitable — and it will likely renegotiate downwards its mercantile trade surpluses.

    We have been quite harder on Vladimir Putin than at any time under the previous administration. NATO is coughing up millions more in defense investments. There is new attention to missile defense.

    ISIS’s land hegemony is almost gone. The verdict is out on North Korea and Iran as well as planned redeployment out of Afghanistan and Syria, but the consensus is also that U.S. foreign policy prior to 2017, reifying the status quo with Pyongyang and Tehran, and paralysis vis-à-vis the Taliban and ISIS, was failing. For all the melodramas about the “wall,” at least there is an effort to secure the border to reduce illegal immigration, and the Democrats at some point will have to explain why they now utterly reject their long-held past agreements to fortify parts of the border with a wall.

    But all that said, Trump should deviate from state-of-the-union custom and also point out that we are at a national intersection, in which the Democrats are offering a vision of America that is arguably the most socialist and radical since 1972 — if not ever.

    The Green New Deal would essentially ban internal-combustion engines ten years after passing of the bill, and in effect destroy the current U.S. oil and natural-gas renaissance that has empowered the middle class with inexpensive fuel, provided millions of jobs, and ended our strategic reliance on the Persian Gulf.

    The emerging new Democratic position on abortion is not just third-trimester abortions, but in theory infanticide upon dilation or delivery. At a time of near Medicare insolvency, many Democrats would expand it for all and thus for nobody, virtually ending private insurance.

    Student debt would be abolished and college free — without discussion of where the trillions of dollars needed would come from in a nation running nearly a $1 trillion annual deficit and approaching $22 trillion in aggregate debt.

    Anti-Israel and pro-Chavista Venezuela are the de facto New Democratic positions, as well as a new iteration of left-wing anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism. As far as the border goes, the agenda is clear: Abolish ICE, issue blanket amnesties, expand sanctuary cities, and allow “refugees” to enter without documentation.

    In sum, Trump should review the stark alternatives ahead — reminding the American people that the Democratic party is abandoning many of its old principles and becoming unrecognizable: Centrists are replaced by liberals who are overwhelmed by progressives who are now themselves being absorbed by neo-socialists.

    1. Well said. And I like to remind people that when something is free, it is usually perceived to have little to no value, and doesn’t motivate a whole lot of nonmonetary investment. Thus “free college” might be worth every penny you paid for it.

      1. 8 Countries Where US Students Can Study For Free In Europe

        “Why pay heavy tuition fees at home when you can study in some of the best cities in Europe for free?

        “Statistics show that in 2015/16 the average tuition fees at an in-state public college were $9,410 and a whopping $32,405 at private colleges. These high fees are one of the reasons why US students are choosing to jump across the pond to Europe, a continent famous for its culture and history and increasingly known for its free degrees. Here’s a list of 8 of the countries where American students can study for free in Europe:”

      2. Excerpted from Trump’s recent interview with the NYT in response to Peter Baker’s question about the Trump Tower Moscow deal:

        TRUMP: I had no money invested. It was a letter of intent, or option. It was a free option. It was a nothing. And I wasn’t doing anything. I don’t consider that even business. And frankly, that wasn’t even on my radar. If you take a look at that, take a look at the deal. There was no money put up. There was no transfer. I don’t think they had a location. I’m not even sure if they had a location.

        [end excerpt]

        Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra says: February 1, 2019 at 11:37 AM

        “. . . [W]hen something is free, it is usually perceived to have little to no value, and doesn’t motivate a whole lot of nonmonetary investment.”

        [end excerpt]

        According to the Michael D. Cohen’s guilty plea on a charge of lying to Congress, the Trump Tower Moscow deal was potentially worth $300 Million to the Trump Organization. But if Trump say it was a . . .[what did he call it?] . . . “a free option” . . . then one supposes that FFS percieves $300 Million to have little to no value, even if it might have motivated an odd sort of “nonmonetary investment” . . . by The Russians . . . in The POTUS, Trump.

    2. Allan-
      Your post basically states the issues from a biased viewpoint but provides no information to support that view. A blanket judgement about one perspective over another adds nothing to civil discourse.

      1. The problem Samantha is you can’t dispute what was said and we can show how employment increased faster, how the GDP went up, and virtually everything Hanson said. You are just a frustrated dilettante blogger who bites off more than she can chew and who believes in certain things but constantly finds out those things have been proven wrong over and over again. That is why you couldn’t dispute anything and instead blame the results on Hanson’s perspective.

        Take the GDP that is so much higher than expected. That is not in Hanson’s mind for it is backed up at the BEA. It is your mind that is the problem in that it cannot incorporate the factors that make up our political economy. To you it is a ball team and you vote for the home team without even knowing as much as its name.

        Pick out a segment of Hanson’s discussion and defend your point of view before that thought completely melts from your mind.

    3. Alan Are You Serious..??

      “The verdict is out on North Korea”

      What verdict is out on North Korea??? Do you have good information confirming that North Korea is no longer a threat??

      Few if ‘any’ foreign policy analysts honestly think North Korea is dealing with Trump in good faith. To the contrary, Trump’s summit with North Korea last year is widely viewed as lacking any substance in terms of verifiable results.

      1. In your eagerness to attack Allan, you have confused “the verdict is in” with “the verdict is out”. He said the verdict is out – i.e. – the issue is still open and undecided.

        1. Thank you FFS. Peter has a lot of issues. Maybe after he is toilet trained we can work on his comprehension.😀

      2. ““The verdict is out on North Korea””

        Peter, we already know you can’t read but do you have to prove it over and over again?

        Below is the appropriate quote from the Hanson article. He didn’t say the N Korea problem was over. Instead he compared Trumps actions to prior administrations foreign policies. Maybe the words he used were too big for you. I suggest you get yourself a dictionary and don’t expect everyone to write on a 7 year old level where they have to use Caps instead of the English language.

        “The verdict is out on North Korea and Iran as well as planned redeployment out of Afghanistan and Syria, but the consensus is also that U.S. foreign policy prior to 2017, reifying the status quo with Pyongyang and Tehran, and paralysis vis-à-vis the Taliban and ISIS, was failing.

        1. The status quo ante 2017 is not the status quo post 2017 because the verdict is still out on North Korea and Iran??? Or because Trump is not Obama??? Or because the troop redeployments out of Afghanistan and Syria had been planned before 2017???

          Reading is not the issue with FUBARAllan. FUBARAllan’s issue is . . . intellectual dishonesty.

          1. “Reading is not the issue with FUBARAllan. FUBARAllan’s issue is . . . intellectual dishonesty.”

            Diane, where is the intellectual dishonesty? Easy to say but not easy to prove.

            ““The verdict is out on North Korea and Iran as well as planned redeployment out of Afghanistan and Syria, but the consensus is also that U.S. foreign policy prior to 2017, reifying the status quo with Pyongyang and Tehran, and paralysis vis-à-vis the Taliban and ISIS, was failing.”

            The above comment was made by a third party or did you not notic? That is what happens when one imbibes too much alcohol or too many pills.

  6. When Congress becomes distracted by issues such as this, they are spending less time attacking the American People.

  7. With the addition of this completely clear, smokin’ gun, rock solid, crystal clear, irrefutable blocked call evidence, the whole Russian Collusion time line makes perfect sense and when added to all the other concrete evidence, it becomes completely obvious where Muellers mulit-multi-multi-multi million dollar search for the truth is going.
    Trump’s Russia! Russia! Russia! Phone Call! Phone Call! Phone Call! Timeline
    1. In 1986, while watching a late night rerun on ABC of the 1981 American television sports docudrama Miracle on Ice, Donald Trump saw an ad for Miss Cleo and called the mysterious World Famous Psychic to find out if he was going to win the Presidency 30 years later in 2016.
    2. June 1988   Soviet Union announces policy of glasnost, opening up USSR and at 42 Trump calls Romanovs Pizza for a delivery to fortify himself as he starts laying his diabolical plans.
    3. 1996 , A year after The U.S. Russia Investment Fund was established by the United States government to make private investments in the Russian economy and THE EXACT SAME YEAR! Howard Lorber may have possibly, explored adding Russian investments to his portfolio, Trump begins to seek trademarks in Russia for company names, 20 years before his election because in a phone session with Miss Cleo the psychic told him a company called Go Daddy, that he could use to his advantage in 2016, would be founded in 1997.
    4. January 22, 2005, just 11 years before the 2016 election, for no obvious reason, Trump marries Melania Knauss, an intelligent, stunningly beautiful model from Novo Mesto which is 🚨🚨🚨–>!!!!1460 MILES FROM THE RUSSIAN BORDER!!!!<– 🚨🚨.
    During the honeymoon Trump used an almost red pink phone to order a vodka martini from room service.
    5. January 2015 Trump flagrantly uses his platinum iPhone to send money via PayPal directly to Russia when he buys an antique samovar off Ebay Russia as a gift for Melania on their 10th wedding anniversary.
    6. On an unknown date somebody at some blocked phone number that was found among the 19,322 contacts on one of the phones used by Donald Trump Jr. called sombody, somewhere… possibly, probably maybe, hopefully in Russia and spoke about something.
    7. July 18, 2016 Donald Trump accepts Republican nomination and receives texts of congratulations on his engraved platinum android phone.
    8. July 26, 2016 Miss Cleo dies, her mission complete, and it's revealed her REAL name is Мисс Cleovschkin.
    9. November 8, 2016 Trump wins Presidential election and uses his diamond and ruby encrusted phone to tweet 🖕 to Hilary.
    10. November 9, 2016 Mass hysteria breaks out among Dems and they all succumb to Trump Derangement Syndrome faster than you can say Ebola.
    11. February 23, 2019 Robert Mueller will subpoena Theresa Caputo to hold a seance during which he will issue a subpoena to Мисс Cleovschkin to appear and answer questions about her 1986 $4.99 a minute with 1st minute free phone consult with
    STILL! President Donald J.Trump.

    1. Hilarious!!

      However, you may need to point out to Natacha, Peter Shill, and Fishwings that this is satire.

    2. Dawn, Honey, you and Allan are the ones with Trump Derangement Syndrome. You can’t see that fat, lying loser who has never actually accomplished anything on his own in his entire pathetic life as the petulant overgrown toddler that he is. Well, that’s not exactly true. He has created work for lawyers, including divorce lawyers, tort lawyers, debt collection lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers. Even his appearance is absurd and repulsive. You feed on Faux News constantly, for your daily fix of Trump slop, while ignoring reality. Trump has nothing to do with the economy, any more than he has anything to do with the weather. Trump inherited a robust, growing economy, unlike Obama, who inherited a mess from his predecessor. Tax cuts have benefitted the wealthy and corporations, which have used the money to purchase stock options, not build new plants or create new jobs. The net result is an historically large deficit that will have to be paid off eventually. Republicans used to be for fiscal responsibility. Before Trump Derangement Syndrome, that is. The wealthiest of their constituents love the tax cuts, so they go along, even with the racism, the misogyny, the shut down, which hurts everyone, all of the absurdity. They got trounced in November, and there’s more to come.

      What about all of the manufacturing jobs he promised, like Fox Conn–which your fat hero called the “eighth wonder of the world”? Didn’t happen. Where is Mexico’s check for the “big beautiful wall” he promised? Not coming. Turley’s piece today, just like the endless drivel put out daily by Faux News, is a nothing burger. No one claimed those blocked calls proved collusion. They could have, but the fact that they didn’t doesn’t disprove collusion, either, and you don’t have all the facts. Why does Trump meet secretly with Putin, and destroy notes taken by aides in other meetings? What does he have to hide? Why did he push to alleviate sanctions as to a Russian oligarch? Why did he lie about the meetings regarding the Trump Moscow project that continued after he obtained the nomination? Why does he defend Russia and publicly contradict the findings of America’s intelligence community, which roundly contradicted his stupidity on international affairs and risks last week? Why Russia? Because no U.S. Banks will loan him money any more. This is because he is a lousy businessman and screws people he owes money to. Russia is all that is left, so he’ll throw us all under the bus. That’s why he won’t let us see the tax returns.

      Trump LOST the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, but why can’t you and he shut up about her? Why is she such a threat to dumbasses like you and Trump?

      1. “Trump LOST the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, but why can’t you and he shut up about her? ”

        Why didnt you tell her the way to win the Presidential Election is earning the most electoral college votes?

        Oh wait, she wouldnt know these things since Bill Clinton kept her barefoot and pregnant baking cookies. Poor dear

        She lost twice and it is anyone’s guess how many medications she takes to deal with being the biggest lossr AND the most unpopular person in America YTD

        1. No, Anonymous. The way Fatso “won the victory” was with help from Russian hackers. They were given polling information from the Trump campaign, and targeted areas of vulnerability via social media. These are established facts from American intelligence. Trump’s “victory” was the result of about 33,00 votes in a handful of key precincts in a few states. Those are facts. He LOST the popular vote by about 3 million votes. The Electoral College is an aberration that denies effect to the popular vote. It is a carryover from America’s shameful past and was the result of slavery. It is also clear to anyone that is not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome that Trump is paying back the Russians for their help by publicly siding with them and against the conclusions of American intelligence agencies, and taking other actions to benefit Russia, such as lifting sanctions against oligarchs. I and others worry what’s going on in those private telephone calls. Trump is not smart and he is not a patriot. He always comes first. Never forget that. What he is doing privately is shameful and probably illegal, or it wouldn’t be private.

          Hillary is still more popular than Trump, who has polled consistently lower than any POTUS in American history. He fixates on her because she stirs up hatred in people like you, Allan and Dawn, to deflect attention away from his consistent failures. like the Foxx Com and Carrier deals that fell through, and the lie about the “big beautiful wall”.

          I would like to know this: why aren’t people like you upset over the lie about Mexico paying for the wall. Why haven’t you demanded to know how he was intending to force Mexico to come up with the money, or why you cannot see this for the baseless bluster it was? Shutting down the government was not a smart move, nor will be the next shut down, both of which are the product of his need to bully people and please his “base”, which is all he has. That is no way to govern a country. The issue is not, and has never been, border security. It’s ego, pure and simple.

          1. “The Electoral College is an aberration that denies effect to the popular vote. It is a carryover from America’s shameful past ”

            It is a lawful part of our constitutional regime. You just dont like it.

            I don’t like a lot of things about our franchise either. How about fools voting. I think we should have literacy tests.

            But the rules are what they are and the one you defame POTUS DJT won. Fact

            Your refusal to admit and deal with this is like the birthers questioning the Obama birth certificate from Hawaii. You just dont like it!

            Kind of like how DJT won: like it or not, he won. That’s a fact. Deal with it!

            1. You addressed none of Natacha’s points; typical. Pro tip: when people smarter than you point out the weakness of your position, sidestepping and avoiding rather than attempting to mount a cogent argument merely reinforces the intellectual ranking already so plainly revealed.

              this is to ‘but let’s talk about hillary, too” kurtzie

          2. “He LOST the popular vote by about 3 million votes”.
            Now, where have I heard that before? Could have been on these very threads; could have even from the very same disturbed person.
            “The way Fatso ‘won the victory’ was with help from Russian hackers”.
            Why does that sound so familiar? Is there some anorexic hag responsible for robotically muttering the same lines?
            “Trump’s victory was the result of about 33,000 votes in a handful of key states”.
            Now that one, I have not heard before. The previous estimate by the same author, claimed it was 30,000 votes.
            Not a big inconsistency, but other media outlets, even the notorious propaganda pulpit HHHNN, have put the estimate at 80,000 votes.
            “These are established facts from American intelligence” 😏😉😀😂
            This claim ties in with the ‘ol ” he won the election with help from Russian hackers” and the claim that ” Trump is paying the Russians back by publically siding with them” etc. etc.
            If proven, these claims would be impeachable offenses and possibly treason.
            Since these are ” proven facts😒”, why hasn’t this “proof”produced articles of impeachment from the Democratically controlled House?
            Is the House shirking its responsibility here?
            Is Natacha hoarding these “proven facts”, keeping this “proof” to herself, and shirking her own duties as a citizen to turn this proof over to Congress?
            Could Natacha herself be committing treason😦😧?
            Hell, she could write an anonymous letter to Sen. Feinstein, with the attached proof, who could in turn contact her Democratic colleagues in the House.
            ( But withhold it for months from the Senate Judiciary Committee until “just the right moment”).
            I hope that Natacha includes some fresh material in future posts on these threads.
            If not, I’m going to have to put some work into finding different ways to mock the same, lame
            mockable stuff she keeps posting here.

          1. I do. We first need to check into PC Schulte’s stated position that all of the “anonymouses” who post here are actually the same individual.

              1. Gnash knows darned well that he posts as Anonymous from time to time. He claims it’s an accident. But that’s only occasionally true. The rest of the time Ptom does it deliberately, intentionally, on purpose.

                1. You understood the issue when DB Benson described it to you, and I commented to Benson that I’d been experiencing similar problems since late summer 2018.
                  I think I mentioned it to you once, as well.
                  In my case, you either do not understand what you understood in Benson’s case, or you are pretending not to understand.
                  I don’t care which it is with you.
                  Additionally, if I know that it will post as “anonymous”, I indicate that it is from me.
                  That way, LT Anonymous can respond with clever remarks like “who cares”.

          2. Natacha, it doesn’t matter who Estovir is. His statements speak for themselves. He is an intelligent person who adheres to the law and knows what he is talking about. None of those positive things apply to you.

            1. What makes Allanonsense think that estovir is a man? The last three letters on the name estovir are also the first three letters in the term virago. Maybe there an inflectional rule for changing “esta” into “esto” either for the masculine case or before a consonant. Unfortunately, that would make the name estovir appear to be nonsensical. So why would something nonsensical lead Allan to assume that a man must be behind the nonsense? Self-knowledge???

              1. “What makes Allanonsense think that estovir is a man? … So why would something nonsensical lead Allan to assume that a man must be behind the nonsense? Self-knowledge???

                Estovir can be broken into two words, esto and vir. Vir in latin means husband. The Catholic Church is associated with the words esto vir having to do with the way a man should act. (I talked about this in an earlier thread.)

                You are an ignorant person, Diane, always trying to be one up but instead you show yourself in last place. Remember your persistant arguments regarding police risk. You acted like a dummy then and you are acting like a dummy now.

                1. Late4Dinner says: February 2, 2019 at 8:21 AM

                  Esto vir is a motto–“Be a man.”

                  Allan says: February 2, 2019 at 9:34 AM

                  Estovir can be broken into two words, esto and vir. Vir in latin means husband.

                  Check the time stamps on the comments copied above. At 9:34 AM yesterday, FUBARAllan told L4D the same thing that L4D had posted at 8:21 Am yesterday. FUBARAllan does not read this blawg, nor follow the thread. FUBARAllan is a drive-by commenter.

                  1. I answer comments in the order I see them whether by email or responses on the blog.

                    Diane wants to show how smart she is but instead she demonstrates the opposite.

                    Here is the text in order. I was relying on memory when reading it and had also made mention of Estovir’s name and possible meaning weeks back on another thread.

                    Allan: “Natacha, it doesn’t matter who Estovir is. His statements speak for themselves.”

                    Diane: “What makes Allanonsense think that estovir is a man?”

                    Allan: “Estovir can be broken into two words, esto and vir. Vir in latin means husband. The Catholic Church is associated with the words esto vir having to do with the way a man should act. (I talked about this in an earlier thread.)”

                    Diane, you didn’t have the slightest idea that Esto Vir is a motto. You had to learn it on the fly like you do for a lot of things. Very shallow. But you want kudos. For what? Using Google with little comprehension? Are you 5 years old?

              1. Good one Allan. SNOT was not out killing babies today because, as Dawn stated earlier, he and the Left in his neighborhood ran out of $4 claw hammers.

        1. Mr H asked, “. . . is Estovir someone we knew by another name?”

          Natacha asked, “Have you a suggestion?”

          Wait for the limericks. Or not.

      2. Nat Deary, Since you obviously don’t know what Trump Derangement Syndrome is, here is a brief explanation.
        Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a neologism describing a reaction to United States President Donald Trump by liberals, progressives, and Never Trump neoconservatives, who are said to respond to Trump’s statements and political actions irrationally and with little regard to Trump’s actual position or action taken.

        Since the rest of your pathetic little rant is just a cluster f…..random grouping of Goebbelist MSNBC talking points 345 thru 672 rearranged to try to insult, I think I will just let it stand as proof and a warning to others of what happens as a liberal slides deeper into madness from TDS.
        BTW considering the Democrat base especially the women at the marches, in line for freebies, in Congress and in the recent run for Congress in Georgia, you may want to curtail your use of “fat” as a go to vicious insult and also consider that without the Electoral College that safeguards the concept of representation for all, African Americans probably would still not be able to vote.

      3. Natacha, you talk about a lot of things but never engage in productive dialogue. You spout the same things with the same emphasis whether true or a lie demonstrating that you don’t know the difference.

        Previously I asked 3 simple questions about climate change much easier to answer than anything you contend but as usual there is no dialogue with you. Just incoherent ignorant rants.

        1. The subtext of her posts is rage that no man of consequence ever thought to grab her pu**y.

          1. Absurd,
            I issued a warning to 2 people here that her use of the words “honey” and “dear” and similar words might not stem from condescension, but from someone on the make.
            One of those people mentioned that my warning might cause horrific nightmares.

  8. Why is there a law that protects elected Congress people from being sued as lairs? Hmmm, makes you wonder, yes? Dos vedanya!

  9. JT’s attempt to deflect from other bad news about Trump is smart on his part. Of course his right-wing base will write all day and say ..SEE..SEE… nothing to see here, but they are also the first ones to point out that JT is “Liberal”. Funny how that seems to work out every time. One of the calls from Don Jr was to Howard Lorber a yuge real estate developer in Moscow with deep ties to the Russian elite. Also Trump named Lorber a economic adviser in summer of 2016. Of course Trump said he had no business in Moscow, the project of Trump Towers was nothing. So why did Trump Org not come forward with the phone calls to begin with? Nothing to see here is not cutting it JT.

    1. The baby killers are having a lot of trouble. They can’t find a crime and all their loose “connections” are falling apart. Is that why they are killing babies? It’s easier to do that then find a crime? Hillary’s crime is sitting right in front of them. $150 Million here, a million there, emails all over the place, bleached and hammered hard drives. Skip that . Let’s go kill babies.

      1. That is how we should all refer to Democrats ….baby killers.

        In the words of Saul Alinsky, every Democrats favorite anarchist and their savior…

        “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
        “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
        “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
        “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
        “Keep the pressure on.”
        “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
        “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
        “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.”
        “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
        “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

        Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

    2. What a goofus you are! JT calls them as he sees them, without slant or bias—a much declining meritorious trait in college professors these days. You owe him an apology.

      1. Ms. Late4Yoga never met a confirmed fake Russia collusion story that she did not want to try to spin…

      2. Not only that, but I heard that phone records prove that Trump Jr. called Dominoes for a pizza delivery “as the meeting was being set up”.

      3. Excerpted from the NYT article linked above:

        The investigators have phone records showing that Donald Trump Jr. spoke with two family friends who used blocked numbers — Brian France, the chief executive of Nascar, and the investor Howard Lorber — as the meeting was being set up, according to the people.

        [end excerpt]

        The only way that a “phone record” could “show” Don. Jr. “speaking with” Brian France and Howard Lorber is . . . if the investigators have transcripts of voice-authenticated audio recordings of the conversations between Don Jr., Brian France and Howard Lorber. Otherwise, what the investigators actually have is sworn statements from Brian France and Howard Lorber attesting to having had the phone conversations at issue plus phone records that show that the blocked phone numbers were registered to Brian France and Howard Lorber.

        Keep in mind that a telephone number is not exactly the same thing as a telephone itself. If a telephone is mobile, then, ordinarily, that telephone and its telephone number would tend to travel together. If a telephone is not mobile, then that telephone and its number would tend to stay put together. If investigators examine the telephones that Brian France and Howard Lorber were using at the time of their conversations with Don Jr., then the investigators might be able to narrow down the geographical location of those telephones at the time of the phone calls at issue. Of course, the investigators could also find out exactly where on Earth Brian France and Howard Lorber may have been at the time of their phone conversations with Don Jr.

        Or we could all just take Trump’s word for it. Why not just take Trump’s word for all of it? The whole thing? Where’s the trust? That’s another Jack Nicholson line from some kind of movie. Isn’t it? Wait a second. I’m thinking . . . [still thinking] . . “As Good as It Gets” . . . with Helen Mirren . . . Ha-ha!

        1. Diane, get things in proper order. First a crime is committed. None was. If a crime was committed there would be a charge and evidence. There has been no charge and no tangible evidence. Then the government proves guilt not the other way around. The charged doesn’t have to prove a negative which is nearly impossible,

          You are backward, the Stalin way. If someone can’t prove innocence even without evidence against them they are guilty.

    3. Nothing brought up in these JT columns that is possibly exculpatory regarding Trump’s alleged “collusion”, “cheating”, “treason”, etc. is acceptable to Fishwings, and maybe a half-dozen others who comment here.
      So that’s why people like Fishwings get so upset, just as a negative column about Trump will bring out complaints that JT is complicit in a witch hunt.
      There have been all kinds of continuous bitching and whining in these threads about the “liberal” or ” conservative” bias of the author.
      It goes beyond these crazy evaluations of the columns; I’ve been accused of being “a leftist”, which was news to me. And news to anyone who knows me.
      So unless and until JT declares Trump “impeachable” , “guilty, “Putin stooge”, “treasonous”, etc, there will be no peace of mind for Fishwings and several other of the demented people who are chronic whiners about the content of the columns.

      1. Nobody–and I mean nobody whosoever . . . (not even FUBARAllan, himself)–could possibly ever mistake Ptom Gnash for a “leftist.” If it’s true that somebody has accused Krazy Kat Rambler of being a “leftist,” then that person simply must be the real Bournemouth Garbler.

        Although, I did notice the other day that Princess Trohar and pbinca were both accused of being “leftists.” Michael Aarethun lodged the false accusation against pbinca. And some new guy by the name of Feldman lodged the false accusation against Her Highness Princess Trohar. I have reason to believe that Michael Aarethun is not the real Bournemouth Garbler. And I didn’t see Feldman launch any accusation against Gnash. Who could it have been?

          1. Oh! Poor Michael. He has made a great deal of progress over the past six months or so. It’s a shame. Maybe he’ll snap out of it, again.

      “Of course his right-wing base will right all day and say SEE…SEE…. nothing to see here”.
      Actually, there is medical evidence that it is liberals with limited vision who can’t see a lot of things.

    1. Float like a butterfly,
      Sting like a bee.
      The hands can’t hit,
      What the eyes can’t see.

      –Muhammad Ali

      1. Lies4Dinner is suffering from emotional distress….push the syringe plunger stat… But there is the russia, Russia, RUSSIA! issue that keeps her woke

        “I wish someone could explain the moral difference between going to a NICU unit and injecting poison into a premature baby that is causing the mother emotional stress & injecting poison into another baby – same age; same reason– that’s in the womb?”

        I’m not suggesting anything this drastic, even for ” a specimen that’s already been damaged”.
        Ali, in his prime, was a defensive wizard and among the best boxers of all time, if not THE best boxer of all time.
        Sadly, the last c. 30 years of his life, he did very little “floating” or “stinging”.
        He stayed in the ring way too long, and like a lot of boxers, he may have accumulated most of the damage in the final 5 years of a brilliant 20+ year pro career.
        Larry Holmes felt terrible after he had to dispatch Ali in an obvious mismatch.
        Incidently, I’ll try to pull my punches and not beat up on L4D as much. 😏😊

    1. ti317……….LOL
      And of his “Viet nam war experience”, he’s famous for saying:
      ” I love the smell of Pomade in the morning”.

  10. Time aftertime the so called evidence has been debunked but the baby killers of the left and in the Democratic Party keep trying backed up by a complicit news media. At the same time Hillary’s $150Million in bribe money isn’t touched.

  11. Blumenthal and Schiff should be sued for defamation and perjury . It has been 2 years of them lieing to Congress, the Press, and the American people. Sadly the Press is colluding with the Dems and slandering and defaming a myriad of people, some clearly innocent bystanders in the Democrat smear machine path. But where is the punishment they deserve??

        1. If he believes hard enough this is what “it must mean”, then that’s what “it must mean”.
          Who is Trump Jr.’s father-in-law?

      1. Of course, he must have. Maybe he used two cans and a string. Or smoke signals. Take a look at the bicycle messengers that day or any other fantastical option that confirms your theory true. Go with anything but the evidence. Why? Because the available evidence points you in a direction your cognitive bias will not let you go.

        1. Olly, there is no indication in the CNN story linked downstream that the records provided to the Senate were audio recordings containing recognizable voice data of the two business associates of Don Jr. to whom the blocked phone numbers were registered. All that CNN really knows is that the blocked phone numbers were not registered to Donald Trump Sr. And, even if Don Jr. did not speak with his father on those two blocked phone numbers, then that would not warrant the claim that Don Jr. never spoke with his father about the June 9th Trump Tower meeting before, during, nor shortly after that meeting.

        2. Olly,…
          -I think it was Putin on the other end of that call😦😗. Even if the other phone wasn’t delivered to the Kremlin, one of Trump Jr.’s pals could have set the speaker of the second phone to receiver of yet another phone connected to Putin.
          That way, even if investigators seized both Junior’s phone and Jr’s buddy’s phone, they could not trace the phones to Putin.
          It’s “not impossible”😉 that it happened this way.

          1. I could be wrong, but . . . something tells me that Senate investigators would not describe Putin as one of two business associates of Don Jr. Although, there phrase business associate is admittedly vague. Besides business associations are not necessarily a crime–depending.

          2. Olly,..
            I would like to modify my last comment to you; substitute “highly probable” for “not impossible”.

  12. The actual CNN report at the link below:

    Keep in mind that the identity of people to whom blocked numbers are registered is not necessarily the identity of the persons who are speaking on the phone during a particular phone call. CNN may be overstating the conclusion that they’re drawn from the information that was given to them. Or maybe CNN got it right, for a change. Wouldn’t that be something?

    1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

      CNN has not confirmed the identity of the business associates who spoke with Trump Jr. nor what they discussed on the calls. The purpose of the calls and their relevance to the Trump Tower meeting and the Russia investigation is still unclear. Trump Jr. attorney Alan Futerfas declined to comment.

      [end excerpt]

      Nor has CNN confirmed that it was the business associates who spoke with Don Jr. All that CNN knows is that the blocked numbers were registered to the business associates.

    2. Also excerpted from the article linked above:

      “[T]hree sources with knowledge of the matter told CNN [that] [r]ecords provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee show the calls were between Trump Jr. and two of his business associates . . . and appear to contradict Democrats’ long-held suspicions that the blocked number was from then-candidate Donald Trump.”

      [end excerpt]

      Notice the phrasing “the calls were between . . .” and “appear to contradict . . . that the blocked number was . . . ” Donald Trump’s. The CNN report did not say that their sources told them that Don Jr. spoke on the phone with two of his business associates. This is how things get garbled. In fact, there’s a well known parlor game called “Telephone” that demonstrates how things get garbled. Although, it is certainly possible that CNN has not garbled this story.

      1. There must be some clues in the indictment of Donald Trump Jr.;
        Mueller did indict Junior sometime between November 7th and January 20th, didn’t he?

          1. So you are now claiming that Trump Jr. has been indicted;
            even if “under seal”, an indictment should be dated.
            So your new, improved prediction is that Mueller did indict Junior, it’s just under wraps?

        1. Tom, shouldn’t we feel left out that Mueller hasn’t indicted us as well? We both have phones and at least I have been in Russia and all over the eastern block.😀

          1. “It’s not impossible” that we’re under sealed indictments.
            Although I’ve never been to Russia, I ‘ve drank Russian vodka.
            Will Mueller tell us if we are, or just keep them sealed for years and years.
            If he has indicted, or will indict, Jurnior, will he tell him?

            1. ” I ‘ve drank Russian vodka.”

              Have you had Russian dressing. If so the evidence is piling up while Hillary’s $150 Million pay off just sits there.

    3. One last excerpt from the article linked above:

      “A source familiar with the records provided to Congress said they did not indicate if the blocked calls were incoming or outgoing.”

      [end excerpt]

      One has to wonder what kind of records were provided to Congress. What kind of a phone record does not indicate whether a phone call is incoming or outgoing? Also, take another look at the additional imprecision of the language CNN uses. The identities of the persons to whom the phone numbers were registered was blocked. But CNN refers to them as “blocked calls” instead. Maybe there’s something about 24/7 cable news coverage that leads to garbling.

      1. CNN garbles the news when the narrative doesn’t meet what they want. That is why so much of their news is garbled and wrong.

        1. She mentioned “garbling” and you mentioned “garbles”, and I’ll just mention L4B’s 9:23 AM comment as a model of clarity.

      2. Actually, who cares. Talking on the phone is not illegal. but the dummies at CNN will take even a non phone call and make it into a crime if it suits their narrative. We could say Diane has been doing drug deals because she spoke to someone who spoke to someone who in a long chain of phone cals made a drug deal. Let us tap Diane’s phone because of that despite the fact no evidence exists to implicate Diane. That is what is being done to Trump.

  13. This gets better and better. About the only thing left for the left is to find out they were/are illegals as far as elections go. Can’t see much use for them any other way.

    That can happen a number of ways. Major Rigged Elections leading to mass impeachments and convictions. Wasserman and others implicated as well.

    Or how about a portion of the party bolts and brings the Reps down in numbers to second Bye Bye Nancy place.

    Schumer ejected from his religion for pro anti church activities and membership in ISIS.

    Mass indictments under a new Attorney General and a sudden bunch of resignations from the FBI and Justice Department.

    Huma Abedin turns State Evidence in a ‘fly on the wall’ deal. That may have already happened.

    I like the breakaway party cutting their Representative majority and then begin to suck up members in the ranks of voters like a commercial grade Hoover.

    Meuller is sent a bill for 35 million dollars for failing to find on Day One that collusion is not a crime.

  14. Ah yet another stumbling, bumbling bombshell accusation by the Democrats explodes in their faces. Couldn’t happen to a nicer gang. When will they learn? Trump won.

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