Indiana Woman Arrested After Barking At Police Dog

Kiana Champagne Fletcher

Kiana Champagne Fletcher is a reminder to all citizens not to bark at police dogs. Fletcher started barking at a police dog that was being used by police to sniff a car during a traffic stop. She caught the attention of officers who say that they recognized her from two outstanding warrants.

Fletcher ran inside her home and police secured a search warrant to arrest her.

Wayne Dominique McKinnis
Cody Keith Campbell

Also arrested was Wayne Dominique McKinnis (left) after police searched the car and found a stolen pistol.

They also found found drugs inside the house, along with 25-year-old Cody Keith Campbell, who was also arrested.

Don’t bark at police dogs.

24 thoughts on “Indiana Woman Arrested After Barking At Police Dog”

  1. Indiana, huh. Wow, I would have thought California for this one (and most likely Los Angeles). We get all the crazy folks here.

    For instance, when the guy sitting next to you at Starbucks, who looks like Santa Clause, or a Grand Master Wizard (no, really….beard and all), starts showing you “memes” of woman holding “sex toys,” and thinks it is hilarious.

    And then proceeds to ask for your name (as you’re packing up your stuff and quickly trying to move away from him) and then he decides (out of the blue, in his own mind) that he has designated that your name “SHIVA” and keeps referring to you as such every time he happens to see you.

    He also exclaimed, “Don’t hurt me, Shiva,” one time—as I was walking by him.

    Long story short: We have all the weirdos here.

    But surprise, surprise…Indiana apparently has some too.

  2. Barking at a K-9 in the process of doing scent work is interfering with his job. It doesn’t sound like she was arrested for barking at the dog, but rather they took a good, hard look at this woman engaging in suspicious behavior, and recognized her from arrest warrants.

    If you have two outstanding arrest warrants, don’t bark at a K-9 sniffing for drugs. You usually don’t see law abiding citizens trying to stop a dog from finding drugs.

    1. What would be funny is if they knew she hung out with these associates, but did not have a warrant for searching the property for her. However, knowing she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, they brought out a K-9 to just so happen to be working near the property. Lo and behold, she just had to pop out and interfere with the dog. Gotcha!

  3. Dog tells someone to kill, that someone is insane!

    Police dog barks, police understand it to mean drugs are in the car, under the seat, on the back passenger side, wrapped in cellophane (at least, they tell that in the report).

    We go that must be true, why would the dog lie!?

  4. Looks like Jon Turley revealed identify of Late4Yoga in this post. Good to know, but not sure if I am comfortable with Turley having breached her anonymity.

    1. Bill M.,
      Truthfully, I don’t believe that L4D would ever do anything like that.
      A little harmless howling at the moon, maybe, but I don’t think she’d tease and interfere with a K-9.

  5. Kiana Champagne Fletcher

    Pet peeve: people who give their children undignified synthetic names.

    1. Kiana is a knockoff Chianti
      Champagne just is
      Fletcher is a modest Cabernet

      She just needed some EtOh hence the howling

  6. Seriously, if her barks were sufficient to distract the dog from its duties, could she be charged with interference with a K-9 Officer?

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