Police Seek Woman Who Decided Not To Rob Bank

Fall River (Mass) police are seeking this woman in a rather curious investigation of someone who appears to have decided NOT to rob a bank. The woman ripped up a note to a teller that was later found in the trash. What is the crime? Attempted bank robbery for walking into a bank and writing a note?

The woman walked into the Fall River Municipal Credit Union and approached a teller. She then told the teller to “give me a minute” and went to a counter and wrote on a piece of paper. She then ripped up the note.

The bank employee later pieced the note back together and it read “Give me the money.”

There was no express act toward the bank robbery except approaching the teller. For all police know, she approached the teller and only then thought of robbing the bank. She then changed her mind.

Of course, her appearance suggests an effort to conceal her identity unless she is trying out for a role in the local theater version of The Matrix. Yet, that is not a crime in itself. The police likely want to speak with her in case she decides to overcome her reluctance at the next bank. However, thus far, she has made the right ultimate decision. This is one case where “staying the course” was not the optimal choice.

16 thoughts on “Police Seek Woman Who Decided Not To Rob Bank”

  1. I’m glad she changed her mind, and wonder what she’s going through that made robbing a bank seem like a good idea. Drugs, financial troubles?

  2. Hey “attempt” like “conspiracy” gets stretched wider and wider all the time. And the bar for “probable cause” and “reasonable suspicion” gets lower and lower.

    King George would approve!

  3. Not at all. The banks are all part of the Federal Reserve System and it’s totally appropriate they be federal crimes. Of course states have concurrent jurisdiction and can and do prosecute these all the time.

    1. The banks are all part of the Federal Reserve System and it’s totally appropriate they be federal crimes.

      Thanks for the non sequitur.

  4. finally an American who should run for Congress: she has morals, modest in her dress, is polite and has a comscience. What more could you want in a member of Congress? citizenship would be nice

  5. It sounds like a plea for help or/and perhaps she is mentally unstable. No problem with the police checking on her but IMO there would be no charges for that act.

  6. Since the torn-up note was fished out of the trash, they can’t even get this woman for littering.

  7. I once started to jaywalk in the middle of the block, but thought better of it and moved to a crosswalk. I’d better turn myself in …..

  8. She threw it in their trash? The Funny Times once had a section called “News of the Weird”. They had some standard headings which appeared in every issue. One was “Least Competent Criminals”. .

  9. Bank robbery is a FEDERAL crime. I’m not sure what the local interest would be, other than to I.D. her as a potential robber in general.

    1. That it’s a federal crime is a Depression era relic with which we could do away.

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