Lock Him Up? Warren Suggests Trump Will Go To Prison Before 2020

Democrats have (for good reason) criticized President Donald Trump for his signature campaign rally chant of “Lock her up” in referring to his then opponent Hillary Clinton.. Many of us objected to the display as obnoxious and demeaning to our political system. That objection apparently does not hold when a Democratic candidate, in this case Elizabeth Warren, is referencing Donald Trump as being locked up. Warren received the predictably wild applause to her suggestion in a campaign rally that Trump will be in prison by 2020.

The Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate was at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and proclaimed “By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be president. In fact, he may not even be a free person.” The crowd went wild. It was a painfully familiar scene.

It is of course utter nonsense. The Special Counsel’s report is now expected in March. No compelling case of obstruction or collusion-based crimes has been established against Trump. There is an allegation of campaign finance violations based on the Cohen filings. However, the Justice Department has a long-standing policy (with which I have long disagreed) that it will not indict a sitting president. Moreover, even with such a policy, the indictment of a sitting president would unlikely result in a trial, let alone incarceration, during his term. These trials are often delayed and, in the case of a president, there is a line of cases allowing considerable leeway given to a President and his schedule on such calendars for legal proceedings. In any case, the suggestion of incarceration is pure fantasy fueled by the same blind rage of the “lock her up” chants.

This type of low-grade applause line threatens to quickly take the Democratic primary from hypocrisy to demagoguery.

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    I don’t necessarily expect this scenario to play out. But theoretically Trump would probably sense when the gig is up. Before the FBI ever got a chance to serve a warrant, Trump would hastily arrange some bogus ‘summit’ at a location near Russia.

    Ivanka, Jarod, Don Junior and Eric would all accompany Dad to the summit. Then at some point, the dead of night, perhaps, Trump and the kids will shake their Secret Service details and jump into a nondescript van for a high-speed flight to a waiting private jet. Said jet will then be in Russian air space before the American people learn what is happening.

    In Russia, Trump will be met at the airport by Putin. Putin will even look over Trump’s shoulder as the latter addresses the world from a podium bearing the official presidential seal. Trump will say that Baby-Killing Socialists were ready to stage a coup and that ‘he’, Donald Trump, got out just in time with his closest family.

    American right-wing media will portray Trump’s address as totally on the level. They will, in fact, keep referring to Trump as “the president”. Right-wing media will then incite every member of the NRA to “secure their local communities”. They will say, “This is the moment our founding fathers envisioned when they granted our Second Amendment rights”.

    Seemingly left in a lurch will be Melania and Barron. ‘Acting President’ Pence will grant them an Air Force jet to Slovenia. There, Melania, her parents and Barron will hang low in their former hometown. Donald might never send for them. We might learn instead that Donald has a new, Russian girlfriend more in tune to his feelings than Melania ever was.

    Meanwhile, back in the USA, a bloody civil war erupts between red states and blue states. Here on Jonathan Turley’s blog, our Trump-supporting commenters will keep insisting that Donald is still the president.

    Estovir will be demanding apologies from liberals for ‘war crimes’ committed against NRA fighters. Alan will refer to NRA forces as the “True American Patriots”. Tabby will craft dismissive put-downs of anyone suggesting Trump is out of line. And Tom Nash can be counted on to express outrage over the ‘leftist goals” of blue states.

    1. That’e funny Peter H, the one thing that’s not funny is that’s what they would say.

      1. That’s very good, Bobblehead Fishwings. You just keep on nodding your head to support your HHHNN propagandist…..it’ll save you from ever having an original thought.
        You are a very loyal flunky, and St. Peter of Holywood welcomes brainless fools like you in his fold.

          1. If Fishbrain believes that “TRUMP AND FAMILY WILL TAKE EXILE IN RUSSIA”, then it is probably true for Fishbrain.
            Maybe in addition to the all-cap letters, HHHNN will include color photos and shiny objects to appeal to mindless fans and groupies like Fishbrain.

    2. When they are chicken****, simple-minded, snotty propagandists, it’s true; I have no use for leftist scum like Hollywood Hill.
      I can communicate with liberals, but I draw the line at wasting time on a slimeball like St. Peter of HHHNN.

      1. Tom, FishWings and I have no doubt that you could communicate with ‘polite and reasonable’ liberals. However ‘they’ would be moderate Republicans and ‘not’ actual liberals in any real sense.

        But we’re certain that if these moderate Republicans are respectful enough of Trump, you’d be willing to exchange with them on a civil basis.

        1. I don’t feel any obligation to be “civil” to a snotty, lying propagandist who is not interested in “an exchange”.
          I might let it go the first few dozen times that somebody pulls that stunt, but eventually I’ll probably point out that people like Hollywood Hill are self-absorbed, holier-than-thou propaganda machines.

    3. “I don’t necessarily expect this scenario to play out.”

      Peter, you are starting to sound like Diane. It’s bad enough you don’t understand what you copy and don’t understand the replies. I wouldn’t go down this road.

        1. Bookends is a good term for the dubious duo.

          Trump is speaking while I respond to my emails and Trump says “Democrats have to stop being so angry”. It seems like a few people had to be removed. He says, “They go back home to mommy”.

          His accomplishments are stellar despite the Russia hoax. Richard Burr committee announced that the committee found no collusion. “the real collusion is between Hillary and the Democrats with Russia… and the fake news” The crowd is fantastic and loves Trump’s successes which causes the Democrats angst.


      No! No! No! Trump will enter into a plea agreement with Mueller to testify against The Russians for the remainder of Trump’s days on Earth in exchange for lifetime Secret Service protection for Trump’s children and grandchildren.

      They’re going to need it. Putin is, was, and will ever remain the greater threat to Trump than Mueller. Mueller will prove Trump’s guardian angel. Trust me on this one. Mr. H. Far stranger things have happened . . . already.

    5. Peter H. says:

      TRUMP AND FAMILY……EXILE IN RUSSIA….ALLOWS HIMSELF TO BE CAPTURED….sense when the gig is up….. bogus ‘summit’ at a location near Russia…. Russian air space before the American people learn what is happening…… met at the airport by Putin……portray Trump’s address as totally on the level….Right-wing media will then incite….“This is the moment our founding fathers envisioned when they granted our Second Amendment rights”….Melania, her parents and Barron will hang low in their former hometown….new, Russian girlfriend more in tune to his feelings than Melania ever was…..bloody civil war erupts….. on Jonathan Turley’s blog…..Trump-supporting commenters will keep insisting that Donald is still the president….Estovir….’war crimes’ Alan……“True American Patriots”.Tabby……out of line….Tom….. ‘”leftist goals” of blue states…..
      Note to self:
      Call broker first thing in the morning and
      instruct him to put 1/4 of portfolio in Lotion and Kleenex.

  3. O.K., Turley: did she lead a chorus of “lock him up”? If not, then this is false equivalency.

    Secondly: has Mueller issued his report? Since this is not the case, how do you know what conclusions it will contain? How do you know what the State of New York has on Trump? How do you know what the tax returns he’s tried so desperately to hide will contain, and whether that will be enough to convince even the testicle-less Republicans to do something about this mockery of a President.

    You speak of Justice Department policies, but we are in a new era now, in case you hadn’t noticed. Patriotism, dignity, decorum and the integrity of the Presidency of the United States are gone. We have a reality TV performer with serious emotional illness beholden to Russians who spends 60% of his time tweeting, watching TV and playing golf. His third, and current wife is a soft-core lesbian porn performer. He lies constantly, about everything. He puts innocent children in cages to punish their parents for seeking asylum in the United States, and his failing administration cannot even track parents and children to reunite them. He held paychecks of 800K federal employees hostage to try to coerce American taxpayers to pay for a wall he promised Mexico would pay for, and then backed down. Everything he does is all about self-aggrandizement and attention. One of your consistent errors is to treat this person like he is the POTUS. He meets none of the criteria. He even lost the popular vote.

    1. No one here is paid to listen to you. If you had any courtesy, you’d rant to your therapist and stick with concise and substantive posts here. If you ever say anything concise and substantive.

        1. When one comments, one tells people they ought to be thinking differently than they do. Since your commentary consists of juvenile barbs and nothing else, this may have escaped you.

          As for Natacha, she has bad manners and she’s a kook to boot. Crappy up every thread with the issue of her emotional disorders gets old.

    2. Dear Ms Nuthatch:

      please provide your proof:
      a) of your qualifications to diagnose mental illness
      b) of your examination records that provide you with a basis to make a diagnosis of Donald J Trump

      If you have not both a and b then keep your unqualified “mental illness” slander to yourself!

      1. Dear Mr. Special K: a group of prestigious psychologists and psychiatrists wrote a piece some time ago now that concluded that Donald J. Trump is indeed mentally ill, based on his seeming willingness to lie constantly and never apologize or correct his lies, his name-calling and belittling of critics and opponents, his lack of empathy and constant need for attention. They said that specific testing and extensive interviewing could pinpoint more precisely whether there are treatment modalities that could benefit him, but he would need to want change in his life in order for any intervention to be effective. He has never shown any remorse for his lying and has never apologized for lying, insulting his wife by bragging about grabbing womens’ privates, consorting with porn stars and Playboy models, nor for the psychological damage done to migrant children separated from their parents purely for punitive reasons. These are not theoretical issues, but real harm done to real people.

        One does not need to be a mental health professional to recognize that people who constantly lie and never apologize or correct their lies, an adult who engages in name-calling and belittling of anyone who disagrees with him, especially to cause others to cheer because their fragile ego needs praise, and someone who constantly needs attention and who lacks empathy does not possess good mental health or moral values. If he were just still a realty TV star who loves to push people around and yell: “you’re fired”, that would be one thing. He purports to be the POTUS, a position of leadership and which used to invoke prestige. Not any more.

        1. Dear Mr. Special K: a group of prestigious psychologists and psychiatrists wrote a piece some time ago now that concluded that Donald J. Trump is indeed mentally ill,

          Which is not something a serious mental health professional would do in regard to someone they’d never met, much less examined. (I’m wagering there isn’t much prestige between the signatories either).

          1. the whole conversation is bogus.

            However, one might say that there has been a well grounded observation about executive leadership is that it shows a slightly higher level of representation for certain mental health pathologies than other occupations


            that such a characterization would apply to any particular politician would only be properly made by a qualified professional with access to pscyhometric testing and examination of the subject.

            anything else is basically empty speculation at best and slander at worst.

            There is no purpose beyond propaganda, to say that Bill Clinton or Donald Trump are narcissistic etc etc etc. Just a whole lot of posturing that targets a gullible target audience easily taken in by the false authority such pronouncements invoke.

            Personally I appreciate psychiatry and psychology and mental health services professionals but in wider culture they are often quoted like some kind of priestly imprimatur or kosher stamp of rabbinical approval.

        2. So you admit that
          a) you are not qualfied to offer the opinion you did
          b) even if you were, you did not examine him, nor did your precious “eminent pscyhiatrists,” and so they are not qualified either

          which makes it a slander.

          Or, perhaps, you are totally unfamiliar with how mental health services are delivered. I think probably you are not ignorant of what I am getting at, but will not admit, so let me explain to others: :

          a mental health professional can’t offer a valid diagnosis on a subject whom they have not examined.

          now, they could offer opinions, but you know what they say about opinions.
          they are like anuses, we all have them.

          1. These professionals did caution against misconstruing their comments as a constituting a specific diagnosis, which they admitted would require testing and interviews, which I alluded to above. Nevertheless, they felt compelled to speak about the abnormality of what they saw, noting the consistent pattern of lying without remorse or correction, lashing out against critics, need for attention and adulation and lack of empathy, all hallmarks of a personality disorder. There’s plenty of evidence of all of these.

            1. all of that presumes his communication is that of an impulsive teenager rather than an intentional adult. is he really an impulsive irrational actor, or, rather, a skilled salesman and communicator? Just a question. You have all the answers of course, while I do not.

              But I suggest that your perception and theirs is at variance with his decades long proven record as a skillful salesman, brand manager, and media personality.

            2. Hey Nutchacha –

              Professionals have diagnosed Hillary Clinton from afar, as well. Her diagnosis? Sociopath.

              Oh, and here’s a dose of REALITY for you: she LOST the election.

              1. – Just as Natacha’s pet shrinks “felt compelled to speak out about the abnormality of what they saw”, Natcookoo’s rants draw observations about the abnormality she exhibits.

  4. The World Is Turning To Sh!t, And It’s All Good.
    Chapter 4/17/1775
    Lizzies Lies
    Since like gender identification, which is no longer based on specific science based tangable facts, but instead intangable subjective feelings, laws are now no longer codes of conduct which allows society to live together in a somewhat safe civilized manner without everybody slaughtering each other into extinction because it feels good to do so.
    The New Law of the Land is
    “If it feels good or promulgates your narrative, do it to others before they do it to you.”
    This new law of the land frees everyone to live comfortably guilt free in a societal chaos fest of free for all disorder and subjective interpretation that elevates every individual to the status of legislator of personal codes of law as well as accuser, judge, jury, prosecutor and executioner over themselves and others. What anyone does or is, is no longer relevant or subject to scrutiny. Morality is abolished and replaced by subjective individual interpretations of behavior punishable by whatever penality the accuser/prosecutor feels fits the newly realized on the fly crime against the accusers personal code of feelings.
    If a person feels comfortable lying and defrauding because they were raised by an entire family of defrauding liars in that tradition then certainly the important thing is to continue the lie to the exclusion of truth, accountability or societal impact in order to preserve the warm fuzzy feeling of following family tradition, and of course to harvest from gullible idiots what ever benefits and wealth can be reaped from perpetuating the warm fuzzy tradition of lies upon them.
    Likewise, if a hypervigilent individual whose entire life is devoted to a mission of scanning and analyzing down to the substomic level everyone and everything looking for something to criminalize, be offended by and outraged about, then certainly they should be allowed to do so They also should be given the power punish the offender with unfettered license to direct hate filled violent rage toward the accused offender, once they have discovered another crime against their feelings to be prosecuted, in order to experience the exhilaration and joy and freedom of acting out with complete abandon their mentally ill unhingedness.
    This frees millions from the restrictions that laws, codes of conduct, Constitutions, Bills of Rights, the obligation to preserve and protect and defend the weak and helpless, logic, critical thinking, intelligent rules and regulations, responsibility, right, wrong and all that other mortality sh!t that just gets in the way of the strong surviving and absolute power ruling all places and people.
    “The Revised Subjective Ends Justifies The Means x 320,000,000 US Code” now in effect offers perks, benefits and bonuses to all members of society including, those in Congress and deep state government agencies. For example Congress can use the old Obamacare trick to force the insanity of the unsupportable Green Deal down Americas throat and begin vacuuming up money before the catastrophic consequences begin to manifest and come back to bite them in the ass. Not to say the Green Deal is all bad. There is an up side for millions of Americans, i.e. members of the newly decommissioned Justice system. Since their moral compasses have been been declared null and void and the cause they have pledged their lives to no longer exists, they will now have the option under the Green Deal to give up on life and get free money for life because as people with no legitimate contribution to society, they may not be willing to work at a job that is the antithesis of their soul.
    Of course on the practical side of things, catastrophic events like the roll out of the of the Abdominal Green Deal explanation may occur with the implementation of “TRSEJTMXUSC,”
    and things may not go as smoothly as envisioned, especially when truth rears it’s ugly head.
    Because free will is at the pivitol core of human evolution and since it’s possible that conflicts may come about between people because everyone may not be down with “TRSEJTMXUSC,” a few problems should be expected to arise within the New American Cultural Revolution of do what you please, any way you please to whomever you please without consequence.
    Even proponents of this cultural revolution may not be on the same page, so inevitably, issues like Civil War, death, complete destruction and the collapse of American civilization may pop up. However, these little these problems must be viewed as minor setbacks, small sacrifices and little inconveniences are typical of the journey towards complete collapse of civilization into anarchy, war, disorder and an ocean of chaos. The inconveniences must be compared against the promised benefits.
    Because evolution is the reordering of life from a lesser form of life to a higher one, a chaotic undusustsinable baseline from which to flee is always needed to correct the course of evolution and to motivate the flee-ees to evolve into a higher order. Chaos and death are critical for the evolution of human life, for only from within chaos is human free will forced to reevaluate their choice to excoriate and remove all human values, moral codes codes of conduct and laws that guide free will to step up to the next rung of the evolutionary ladder.
    From the next higher rung Americans can then redirect that divine spark in the human spirit, correct their course, utter the words “let there be light” and view in a new Enlightened Way The Divine Treasures they threw on the trash heap of history in the first place, that begin the words:
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident”
    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union”

  5. Starting her campaign with a false hope. That’s a misfire. Well, she will lose. Thankfully.

  6. And so once again we see the frustrations created by the courthouse gang, eliminating any hope of justice actually being able to be applied to the crooks and traitors who have the big money available to buy the courthouse gang off.
    With no true balance available from the people controlling the legal output, since they suffer no accountability, we see the teeter totter held down on the other end by vigilantes like Jack Ruby with wailing and tears from the gold digging courthouse gang….

  7. Such is the message of multimillionaire Warren and how she intends to run her campaign: lock him up. It is consistent with the DNC platform because they have no other message. Booker, Kamala, Klobuchar (aka Klubherworkers), et al are totally vacuous

    For this Harvard paid Sen 1/1024th 6 figures as a faculty. SMH

    Must be nice to be part of the 1%…..

  8. What is your heritage? Mine is Norwegian and Scottish. How do I know? My parents and grandparents told me. How did they know? Their parents and grandparents told them. There were family stories about who migrated where and when. Perhaps a DNA test would reveal an entirely different story. How would I know if the DNA test was wrong or if the stories were wrong or if the sample was incomplete? Before DNA testing we all said we were this or that based on what our parents and grandparents told us.

    1. Socially, maybe – your family lore could very well be true, though that doesn’t have much if any bearing on whether you are a Norwegian or Scottish citizen. Much like the Cherokees’ determination that Senator Warren is not a member of the tribe.

      Genetically speaking, I think Dr. Rutherford would say that DNA testing shows where people with similar genetic makeup tend to live today. Since people are horny and mobile, this may or may not correlate with where your ancestors lived back in the day.

      I guess this means that your family lore and the DNA testing could both be right. Or both could be wrong. Dr. Rutherford doesn’t have much nice to say about 23 and Me and their ilk.

      But genetically, we can say with certainty that you (like me, Senator Warren and all the rest of us of generally European origin) are both a descendent of Charlemagne and part Neanderthal, and that we almost certainly share genetics with Native American ancestors. Little did Ms. Warren know the swamp she waded into.

      I guess that make us all distant relatives. Never know who will show up at the family reunion, so we better play nice . . .

  9. Also apropos is A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Human Story Retold Through our Genes by the English geneticist Adam Rutherford. The book is an engaging description of human evolution and history as told through genetics, archeology and social history. It was written quite independently of the recent Native American scandals engulfing Senator Warren.

    Among other tidbits is that humans are “horny and mobile,” which means that over the years we have interbred across many different groups. We all share genes from all kind of different groups across both geography and time. We shouldn’t think of human evolution as a tree, but rather as a web or shrub with many different interconnects. Contrary to popular myth, Neanderthals weren’t a different species in the common sense of the word. Through interbreeding, study of the human genome has demonstrated that we all received a substantial part of our genome as a result of our ancestors’ lust for Neanderthals (or was it the other way around? We may never know.).

    So exactly what does this have to do with Senator Warren?

    Dr. Rutherford devotes considerable energy discussing the colonization of the Americas by the original “Native Americans.” Genetic studies demonstrate that they migrated across dry land that is now covered by the Bering Sea. In genetic terms, this happened in the relatively recent past, so that we can’t say much other than the original human inhabitants of the America’s are all closely related to our ancestors who crossed over from Asia. Dr. Rutherford is unequivocal in stating that there is no genetic basis for distinguishing between different Native American groups or tribes. Through the miracles of horny mobility and the genetic web, we as a population share a portion of Native American ancestry, much in the same way that we are all part Neanderthal. The point being that Ms. Warren’s genetics isn’t markedly different than that of the average American.

    Dr. Rutherford also points out that Native American tribes gauge membership through social affiliations, not through genetics (which as Dr. Rutherford points out don’t tell us much at all other than proving paternity). Of course, this is a well thought out position that allows Native Americans to control access to the programs available to the various tribes free from outside influence. With respect to Mrs. Warren, the Cherokee tribe has made their views on this point abundantly clear.

    Then again, as we have learned, the standards used by the equal opportunity apparatus in the Texas Bar, the Ivy League and the progressive community are another thing entirely, at least when applied to one of their own.

    If you’re interested in the genetics and the tribal affiliation claims, read the book. Dr. Rutherford explains it a whole lot better than I do.

  10. “Many of us objected to the display as obnoxious and demeaning to our political system…”

    What demeans our political system is the presence of powerful people still in power who indeed, do need to be locked up. War criminals, financial fruadsters, torturers and coup makers engage in massive domestic and international violations of law. That is offensive.

    Telling the truth about it is not offensive. Of course, Warren isn’t telling the truth, nor is Trump as neither intends to lock anyone up. They are all in the same criminal class. That crowds of people believe otherwise and start hypnotically chanting/drooling on cue is disturbing. But an underlying truth still remains. Nearly the entire political class and all of their masters have engaged in horrific financial crimes and even more horrific crimes of extraordinary violence against people around the world.

    The wrong things offend you JT.

  11. Manafort, Cohen, Papadopolous, Flynn, Gates, Stone etc pleading guilty, facing jail time and/or under serious investigation. As democratic house chair Jeffries said during the Whitaker hearing Friday, where there’s smoke there’s usually fire, and there seems to be an awful lot of smoke emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Democrats should not stoop to trumps level, but he’s spent years mocking Warren as Pocahontas, and saying horrible things beneath the office of he presidency about everyone from the Dems and Women to Republicans like Cruz, Bush & McCain.

    The Right’s outrage at this is hypocrisy at its finest

  12. You don’t have to wonder who the obstructionists are. The Democrats will do anything, say anything and obstruct the government anyway they can to get the presidency back to push their progressive agenda.

  13. “By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be president. In fact, he may not even be a free person.”
    Wonder what she’s smoking in that peace pipe?

  14. Senator Warren’s real sin is exposing the intellectual quicksand that is the foundation for the progressive left’s minority set aside programs.

    Also lost in the shuffle is the harm caused to a true minority who otherwise would have received the slot taken by Ms. Warren. It is not enough for Ms. Warren to apologize, which helps no one or nothing beyond Ms. Warren’s political career.

    The question should be how Ms. Warren intends to compensate the victims harmed by her false minority claims. Perhaps she should personally endow scholarships at University of Houston (where she was a student), University of Texas at Austin (where she taught) or at Harvard for a deserving Native American student. Some quick math says that a endowing a scholarship or two would cost but a small fraction of the millions she amassed as a U.S. Senator.

    There also needs to be serious discussion not just about Ms. Warren’s withdrawal from the 2020 presidential race, but her resignation from the Senate. Until then, Ms. Warren is entirely lacking in credibility to comment on President Trump.

    Of course, in the era of progressive power politics, we shouldn’t hold our breath.

    1. Elite universities are all competing for the same group of minority candidates who have the social and academic backgrounds to handle the rigors of college and graduate in four years. That means those minorities from upper-middle and wealthy backgrounds, private schools and highly educated parents. In other words, they want Obama’s daughter, not someone from the ghetto who will flunk out at the end of her first semester. And to gain those students, universities are willing to wink and nod at “minority” status. If you check the box, they don’t question it. So no, Elizabeth Warren did not take an opportunity from a real Indian from an impoverished reservation. If she beat someone out, it was someone with slightly lower credentials than her own, not someone who didn’t have a chance in Hell of even being considered.

    2. It’s just like she robbed a bank & now that she’s busted she agrees to give a small part of it back.

      We need to get completely rid of all this diversity bullsh*t because all it does is throw all our best booze, wines & beers into a bathtub, mix them together & then these American hatin Commie/Nazis piss in the tub.

      Then it’s all worthless, just like the worthless lying Liz Warren.

  15. Phonyhantus has gone from an American Indian to a Dreamer. She’s dreamin’ if she thinks Trump will not finish his term. Everyone knows there’s no Russian collusion but the Democrats, like shifty Shiff, think if they say it often enough the voters will believe it. That’s their mantra. And if all they’ve got left is the Stormy story, they better go back to the well. I think her campfire is about out. She should throw in the tomahawk and ride off into the sunset.

  16. Turley wrote,”The Special Counsel’s report is now expected in March.”

    Turley also wrote, “It is of course utter nonsense.”

    I agree with Turley. Mueller will not issue a final report in March. The trial date for Roger Stone will be set in July of 2019 at the earliest. And a trial in October of 2019 for Stone is far likelier. Playing the false expectation game with an Easter-Island Monolith carved from a single, massive block of ,who is utterly incapable of “taking a hint,” even if that hint were something other than utter nonsense, is not the preferred pattern of play, let alone a winning strategy. The regulations say that when all investigations and prosecutions are concluded, the special counsel shall report all prosecution and declination decisions to the Attorney General. The false expectation that Mueller ought to decline any future indictments has no effect whatsoever upon the prosecution of those indictments that Mueller has already brought.

    BTW, what will happen in March of this year is that Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn will be sentenced most likely to as many as six months in jail. William Barr can do nothing to prevent it. Trump could, of course, grant Flynn a pardon. And then we might find out more about the charges that were not filed against Flynn. That should prove interesting reading.

      1. Tom Barrack has Roger Stone covered the same way Barrack covered Manafort. Anybody foolish enough to contribute to Roger Stone’s legal defense fund is foolish enough to pick up the check for the foreign policy adventurism of a billionaire oil speculator.

        I’m looking at you, Kurtz.

        1. Stone was the victim of an overly aggressive SWAT raid. Here is a reprisal from a simple article in 14 that discussed the dangers of a state that misemploys aggressive raids on people it seeks to intimidate. You probably don’t remember waco and ruby ridge but many people do


          hear roger discuss raid


  17. Her prediction is about as accurate as her being named Last of the Mohegan’s.

  18. Princess Big Lie SacajaWarren should be the one to go to prison- fraud, filing a false report, obtaining federal benefits under false pretenses.

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