Report: Trump Ordered Kushner Clearance Over Objections Of Intelligence and Legal Staff

There is a deeply troubling story in the New York Times concerning the long fight over President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’ security clearance. After a long refusal to give him a top secret clearance, Kushner was finally cleared and President Trump indicated that he played no role in the decision and that it was made by the intelligence officials. There is now a report that intelligence officials refused to change their position and maintained that Kushner should not be given a clearance. Trump then reportedly overrode the opposition from both his national security and legal staffs in ordering that Kushner be given the clearance. The order was sufficiently alarming that both Trump Chief of Staff, (former Gen. and Homeland Security Secretary) John Kelly, and his White House Counsel Don McGahn, wrote internal memos on their objections as a record. As someone who has worked in the field with a top secret special intelligence clearance since the Reagan Administration, I find this report to be chilling. It is exceptionally rare and the further highlights the problems caused by nepotism in government. Congress has also objected that the White House has not cooperated into its oversight investigation into the matter.

The report indicates that the CIA also objected to Kushner seeing classified information. It does not explain why.

Trump told The New York Times in January in an Oval Office interview that he had no role Kushner receiving the clearance. If this story is true, the President lied. At the time, both Mr. Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe D. Lowell, and his wife, Ivanka Trump, said that at the time the clearance was granted through the standard process.

In a convoluted and impenetrable statement, Peter Mirijanian, a spokesman for Mr. Lowell, said on Thursday: “In 2018, White House and security clearance officials affirmed that Mr. Kushner’s security clearance was handled in the regular process with no pressure from anyone. That was conveyed to the media at the time, and new stories, if accurate, do not change what was affirmed at the time.”

I am not sure what “new stories, if accurate, do not change what was affirmed at the time” means. What is clear is that this is a very serious matter if our intelligence officials were overridden on the clearance of a high ranking adviser and then the public falsely informed about the decision.

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  1. 3 Years from, if not sooner, the Trumpsters posting here will be happy no one will be reading what they said. It will be harder to find people who admit voting for him, let alone defending him, than it has been to find people who admit voting for W.

    1. I’ll admit it till the cows come home. I wouldn’t be too proud of a vote for John Kerry either. 😉

  2. BUT, BUT, BUT…. Obama, really? Maybe you can recall for me, how many Obama’s staff and advisors pled guilty.

  3. Question, what if a Democrat President has disregarded his or her own people that they put in place to give them the best intelligence in the world that a President needs, and don’t use them for anything. What would you say to a Democrat that had half of their own cabinet under investigation? What would you say if they had unqualified relatives with no experience with the highest security clearance there is? Had their own highest advisors and lawyer pleading guilty to lying about a matter that might have decided the Presidency? Paying off people to keep quiet, and above all, about sex. Having meetings with dictators and depots alone, without staff. Said in public that their believe what any dictator or despot said, above all logic and facts. And I could go on and on with every week that goes by, with example after example that something is really wrong. And yet, the same people who would be calling for the death by hanging of said President, say nothing about this national embarrassment of a President. Think about it, what would you say and write about if a Democrat President showed in public how incompetent he and his own staff and advisors really were?

    1. Well….let’s see….yes, something is really wrong….with the press!! And if the press actually did its job during the Obama years, you might know a little more about the previous occupant of the White House…

    2. But but but…something’s really wrong with the Trump administration!!
      okay….now I’m on a roll…here’s my A to your Q, Fishy….

      Valerie Jarrett was essentially the shadow president behind Obama. What kind of security clearance did she have? Ben Rhodes was a fiction writer who was initially denied a security clearance by the FBI, but then ended up as Obama’s right hand man and Deputy National Security Advisor. Obama offered to payoff Reverand Jeremiah Wright to secure his silence so he wouldn’t derail Obama’s election campaign. Then there’s Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, and a host of other questionable characters associated with Obama who have been mired in cronyism, scandal, corruption and fraud.

      Have you read any of the scathing books written by at least three of Obama’s former defense secretaries and military commanders who resigned due to complaints of Obama mismanaging, micromanaging, and refusing to listen to their advice? Did you hear about Fast and Furious and his Attorney General being held in contempt of Congress? Have you seen periods of rioting in the streets and cops being targeted for assassination as they were during Obama/Holder years?

      What do you suppose Obama meant when he said on an open mike “tell Vladimir I wil have more flexibility after my reelection”? First thing Obama did was go fly around the world giving speeches apologizing for America, the country that had just elected him president. He wrote secret letters to the supreme leader of Iran who chants ‘death to America.’ He secretly sent millions in cash ransom money to Iran in the dead of night. He backed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, and helped him gain power in Egypt until he was forced out by his own military. Obama went around the world bowing at the waist to other world leaders. Obama sat at a baseball game in Cuba doing the wave with a communist dictator. Obama did not hide his contempt for Israel’s PM Netanyahu and actively worked to thwart his reelection.

      Obama went after the press, wiretapped and spied on reporters, used the IRS to target conservatives, used the DOJ to funnel fines and other skakedown money to leftist organziations…used his intel agencies to spy on Trump’s campaign…on and on it goes…..but of course Trump is the incompetent bad guy?? Oh but Obama ran the most transparent and scandal-free administration ever…or so he and his media pals keep telling us…b/c Obama knows that if you repeat a lie often enough…and get your pals in Hollywood and the media to echo it…then “the people” might actually start to believe it…as if…it is The Truth…see how that works, Fishy?

      1. So Obama lied about how Rhodes came to receive a security clearance, and even feigned ignorance of his authority to unilaterally grant one to Rhodes overriding the advice and objections of everyone else with input into the matter, although he had already done just that?

    3. Oh and Fishy, how many from the top leadership under Obama’s DOJ and FBI have been fired, reassigned, demoted, referred for criminal prosecution, lied under oath, quit, or retired early? The answer? A lot.

      1. TBOB, come out of your bunker, and get some fresh air. You have been breathing toxic air for to long.

        1. Thanks, Fishy, that’s good advice. But you asked all the ‘what if’ questions…about a Democrat president….not listening to advisors, paying people off to silence them, meeting with despots and dictators…doing questionable things….and I told you I was going on a roll. 😉

          Here was my point…you will survive the Trump era just like we survived the Obama era….Obama had very little experience, he did not listen to his advisors all the time either, he bypassed Congress, had plenty of scandals in his administration, he cozied up to dictators, he told his share of bold lies, and the country became even more polarized under Obama. So now we have Trump. He is a wrecking ball who turned Washington DC into one big reality show and I happily voted for him knowing all this, as did millions of others who wanted someone drastically different. I said I was willing to give him four years when I voted for him, and that’s still how I feel. So calm down, take a breath, get some fresh air. 😉

    4. “what if a Democrat President has disregarded his or her own people that they put in place”

      Fishwings, we already know that your knowledge of history is near non-existent along with a lot of other things but you should think before you speak or perhaps you shoudn’t speak and just listen.

      What did JFK say about trusting the experts after the Bay of Pigs? What did you say after Bush listened to the experts and went into Iraq? Over and over again expert opinion has caused many serious errors. That doesn’t mean that experts are necessarily wrong or right but it does mean no one should listen to you.

      Think about what makes an expert: An expert is one who has made every possible mistake. That is when experts retire.

      1. Haha. Yet more evidence that the gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make realize the jig is nearly up; that’s all you got? Pro tip: don’t even ask about the Millard Fillmore administration. So sorry for your loss and your condition.

        this is to “and I bet Carter didn’t floss” allen / allan

  4. It is troubling. How did these people get Top Secrete & above security clearances?

    Edward Snowden – CIA contractor
    Private Manning – Army Intelligence Analyst
    Robert P. Hanssen – FBI Counterintelligence Supervisor

    1. How did Ben Rhodes eventually get his security clearance in the Obama White House? And hold the position of Deputy National Security Advisor?

      And remember Ben Rhodes was the one who told us that “reporters literally know nothing” and then demonstrated how easily he could manipulate them into becoming the echo chamber for the Obama admin’s preferred media narratives.

    2. Private Manning’s access to highly classified material is especially troubling.
      It’s astounding that a low-ranking enlisted “man” who clearly had some issues was entrusted with those sensitive documents.

  5. In for a penny, in for a pound. Most of the Trump base is so locked into defending his behavior, there’s literally nothing Trump can do they will allow themselves to find fault with. If you hate the color red, and Trump says, “Red is the best color.” They then have to find a way to love red. Time will tell if this mania will pass once he’s out of office?

    1. Enigma — so tell us about the “Russia collusion/Trump is a treasonous traitor” narrative that the media complex has been spouting daily for 2 years now…..what’s the verdict?

      1. TBob,…
        Was THAT supposed to be an objective of the FBI investigation, then the OS Counsel?
        A decision about Trump/ Russia collusion related to the 2016 campaign?
        I’ve forgotten what this was supposed to be about.😉😏

        1. Exactly. And depending on what’s in the Mueller report, the Democrats and the media will be hoping the voters and their viewers will simply forget what all the Russia Russia Russia fuss was about for the past two years.

      2. No need fo me to tell it, Mueller’s got that handled. Out of curiousity, if SDNY gets to him first with charges of bank fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, and more. Do you still want him as your President?

          1. Here’s how I feel about it…if they do not lay out serious credible charges of criminal wrongdoing, by Trump himself, either during the campaign or since he’s been president, then I will continue to support President Trump.

            If the Democrats and the media continue their seek and destroy mission…in lockstep “Resistance” to Trump…with endless Congressional oversight investigations being done in order to *search* for a crime or any possbile criminal wrongdoing by Trump, or any of his associates, or any of his family members *before* he took office? Then likewise, Trump will have my support.

        1. Enigma — My point in asking your opinion about the Russia collusion narrative was this….just as you see Trump’s base as being locked in to defending him no matter what…do you see yourself as being just as “locked in” to believing this ‘Trump treason/Russia collusion’ narrative that the Democrats and the media have been promulagating nonstop since the election?

          1. While I do believe Trump colluded with Russia whether wittingly or not, I’m positive he’s been a criminal his whole career, engaging in money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, bribes, with the evidence publicly available for all to see.
            You say basically, “No Russia collusion, nothing else matters.” I say, he’s a horrible person and clealy a criminal who also happens to be a treasonous self-serving liar.

            1. No, I’m saying I believe this ‘Russia collusion’ narrative was hatched on election day and has been going on for two years now — not to find the truth of what happened during the 2016 election, but as a witch hunt to take Trump out. If they continue their seek and destroy mission by digging through all of his business and personal dealings in search of a crime from before he took office, then he will continue to have my support. Until they can lay out credible evidence of actual corruption or crimes committed by Trump since he’s been in office, then he will continue to have my support. Unlike you, I happen to think he is doing a good job on behalf of the American people.

              1. The Russian collusian investigation began before thye election, many of the complaints against the investigation is that so much involves contacts prior to the election. There is already credible evidence of several crimes, you just choose to ignore it, or call them “process crimes” or suggest those activities shouldn’t be illegal anyway, or that the standards are so vague (money laundering) so that anybody could be charged and people are just picking on Trump. Truth is, if it weren’t for a Justice Department opinion going back to Agnew days, Trump would already be indicted. SDNY has already called him an unindicted co-conspirator.
                I noted your caveat “since he’s been in office.” Cohen literally produced the cancelled check to do that. The hearings are now starting to be televised, every lead is being followed up by Congress, Justice, and the Press. I’d agree with you if you said Trump is being hounded, you just don’t acknowledge he’s also guilty as hell.

                1. enigma……..I will resist the temptation to feed your Rich White Guy Derangement Syndrome and say that other than Key West, my favorite place in Florida is Micanopy. What a gorgeous little paradise, in my opinion. It’s not far from your neck of the woods, either, I believe. There’s a fine bakery.there….and nice people and artists.

                  1. Been to Micanopy, I made it a point to see where they filmed Doc Hollywood with Michael J Fox. I was headed to Gainesville and running early.

                    1. Enigma…….That’s right. I forgot that ‘s where they filmed Doc.

                2. Same old Sh-t. Enigma claiming Trump did something wrong with vague references and absolutely no proof. I prefered it when Enigma claimed Trump was a racist based on a non incident about two decades before Trump was even born.

                3. Enigma — I’d say the number one ‘complaint against the investigation’ is that it is confusing as all get out and still, after more than two years, no one knows what the hell is going on. Do you?

                  1. There is not only “the investigation,” led by Mueller. There are other investigations into multiple areas by various organizations. The Trump Organization is being looked into for bank fraud, money laundering, foreign bribes (which is a felony in thi country), perjury, campaign finance violations, insurance fraud, and of course… conspiracy. Do I know the state of any of these investigations before they are complete? I don’t. is there already enough public information on several of these fronts to believe he’s guilty? Absolutely.

                  1. I see that Jerry Nadler, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has 60 subpoenas going out to various Trump associates this week as the Democrats political fishing expedition continues.

                    Remember how Obama’s people took the 5th? IRS Lois Lerner pled the fifth? Then Hillary’s computer/IT guys who deleted and bleached her emails and electronic records all pled the fifth?

                    I’m gonna suggest that each and every Trump associate subpoenaed by the Democrat fishing expedition do the same. Take the 5th. Say nothing to Congress — just like the “guilty as hell” Hillary and Obama associates did, and they all got away with it.

                  2. My answer to a previous question seems to apply here as well.
                    “There is not only “the investigation,” led by Mueller. There are other investigations into multiple areas by various organizations. The Trump Organization is being looked into for bank fraud, money laundering, foreign bribes (which is a felony in thi country), perjury, campaign finance violations, insurance fraud, and of course… conspiracy. Do I know the state of any of these investigations before they are complete? I don’t. is there already enough public information on several of these fronts to believe he’s guilty? Absolutely.”

            2. Btw, speaking of self-serving liars, what do you suppose they would find if they did a seek and destroy ethics investigation on say, Adam Schiff? Or Maxine Waters? Or Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Or….pick a name….

              What the Democrats are doing now to Trump would be akin to the Republicans calling someone like Tony Rezko to testify before Congress and then proceeding to dig into all of his financial dealings with Obama from before Obama took office. The time for that vetting was during the campaign….but again, the press had little interest in properly vetting Obama…

              As for Trump’s dealings, I’m more interested in crimes and corruption comitted by public officials during their time in office….not before.

              1. If that were the case, can you imagine what Congressional investigations into all the Obama campaign folks and administration officials who worked for say, Mayor Daly in Chicago might reveal? You want to talk Illinois corruption and the Chicago way? That’s where Obama got his start. If you think Trump has dirty dealings, talk to Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, etc… about “corruption.”

                1. TBob……… true Your comments are cogent, intelligent ones.

                  1. Thanks Cindy. I’m not always so sure about that, but I do like to come here and vent some political steam 😉

              2. So let’s imagine (not out of the realm of possibility) that the Trump organization is charged under the RICO act and literally hundreds of crimes are documented. Your response is, “he’s President now so he’s above the law?”

                1. No, I do not believe the president is above the law. But I do not agree with investigating a person in search of a crime.

                  1. Many of the “crimes” being investigated were in the public sphere well before the election. Pulling on any of those strings, especially regarding his finances, couldn’t help but uncover more crimes.

            3. “While I do believe Trump colluded with Russia whether wittingly or not”

              I wonder how one colludes without knowing it.

              One can easily see that Enigma creates a story around any person’s ideology he dislikes using racism and theft as a major theme. If Enigma was a better writer and could keep from tripping over his own statements and personality flaws I would suggest he try writing a novel.

              1. “Wittingly or unwittingly” is the latest ‘spin’ on the Russia collusion narrative….

                1. Tbob, what do you expect from unwits? They will soon be obsolete like this word.

        2. Eventually, Mueller will be required to let us all in on whether he’s “got that handled”.
          There were expectations that he would have gotten around to that by now, but those expectations are counter-balanced by the “Mueller was a Marine” and the “In Mueller I Trust” cult.
          They might not might a couple more years or so of investigative limbo and endless guessing games about where he’s at and where he’s going.

          1. Hopefully… Mueller will be allowed to let us in on everything. What do you think the odds are Trump claims Executive Privilege on most of the report, or Barr in his summary omits great portions. Assuming you do know the meaning of the word obstruction, how much has Trump delayed the release of the report? It took what, a year, for him to answer any questions in writing and refused to submit to an interview. Everyone in the administration has refused to answer questions before Congress without actually claiming Executive Privilege. He and others have lied about meetings and conversations (and business dealings) with Russians. The funniest thing of all is the desparate attempt to portray Cohen as a liar… by Trump. Let the irony sink in.

            1. Enigma,…
              I can’t predict either the odds or the basis for invoking Executive Privilege.
              I’ve kept going back to the reason that Mueller was appointed, the previous FBI investigation the OSC investigation was “piggybacked unto”, and the length of time that has elapse with any resolution of the Trump-Russia collusion allegations.
              Yeah, maybe someone will figure out that it’s time for Mueller “to let us in on it”.

            2. “Assuming you do know the meaning of the word obstruction…”

              Enigma — if you want a good example of what “obstruction” looks like, take a look at what’s going on with Justin Trudeau and his former Attorney General. Obama’s buddy Justin is in big trouble up there in Canada.

        3. well, actually, Trump has probably done no worse than many others in office, only he does it himself (his own version of transparency) rather than have others do it for him. He is not saint, but what’s good for the goose is good for the other geese. Let’s go back and investigate all of Obama’s and both Clinton’s private financial transactions, electronic communications, and secretly taped conversations, and let’s see what you get. Your naivety shows you are no “enigma,” rather a blatant and gullible commenter.

      3. I haven’t seen any of the stalwarts of the media assert that the day glo bozo is a traitor. I suspect that he is–just as most reasonable and patriotic Americans do as well. Truth be told, the Times and the Post have been much too conservative in failing to call a spade a spade. Pro tip: Uncle Putin won’t have any use for you, either. So sorry for your loss and your condition.

        this is to “how do you say t-hottie bobbie in Russian?” t-hott bobbie

        1. John Brennan went on BSNBC and called Trump “nothing short of treasonous.”

          The political press hates Trump, but their profits and ratings are way up because of Trump. CNN earned about a billion (with a B) in profits last year. They hate him, but Trump is making a lot of people a lot of money. They will all mi$$ him when he’s gone, that’s for $ure.

    2. Leave it to the segmented mind of the radical to launch an all out, unrelenting attack on a democratic leader and then criticize his defenders for an unrelenting defense.

      1. If the unrelenting defense didn’t require the willful ignorance of all facts, it might be worth consideing. In the financial documents Cohen brought with him to Congress, It showed Trump valued a property in New York at over 1000% of it’s value in order to help get a loan from Deutsche Bank. That is pure and simple bank fraud. The topic of this post was his giving Kushner a security clearance the CIA didn’t think he deserved. Anybody paying attention knew Kushner was desparate to get bailed out of a bad real estate deal (666 Park Avenue should you wish to refesh yourself). He literally went back and foth between banks (some government contolled) in Russia, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, with the Saudi’s being the ultimate savior. They got their moneys worth as the White house ignores the murder by the Saudi’s of the journalist that said mean things about them.

        1. ” It showed Trump valued a property in New York at over 1000% of it’s value in order to help get a loan from Deutsche Bank. ”

          Deutsche Bank can do its own appraisals to see if the appraisals provided make sense. Since prices can suddenly double or be cut in half who are you to blame Trump. The Bank asks for his opinion. They have to determine for themselves the value. The value can also be determined in how the property is used so Banks want that information as well. You would probably run a property to death so a ten million dollar property might only be worth two million. Someone else might deal with the property and triple its value to 30 million. This is not that hard to understand. That is why valuations depend on a lot more than you understnad but differences in appraisal value is not fraud.

  6. Asked by Abby Huntsman on the View whether she and her husband were given “special treatment” by the president, Ivanka Trump said, “Absolutely not,” adding, “There were anonymous leaks about there being issues, but the president had no involvement pertaining to my clearance or my husband’s clearance, zero.”
    Just another self-serving, lying member of the Trump Family.
    OK, now it must be time for some less than intelligent sarcasm from the local Trump trolls…

  7. Those charged with safeguarding our nation’s most-important sensitive information do not randomly or arbitrarily deny clearance for access to classified information. They do so to keep us, our allies, our spies and our methods and assets safe. According to reports this morning, in the case of Kushner, the reason for denial was because of his close ties to certain Saudis and other foreigners that he needs to borrow money from and/or to do business with, because, like his father-in-law, he’s not a good risk for loaning money. There was serious concern, not based on speculation, that he would sell or give classified information in exchange for loans or other advantages to his business interests. Trump, who is neither patriotic nor altruistic, over-rode career professionals because he thinks no one can tell him what to do. There may be more than that going on, as time will tell. Kushner has no need for the most-sensitive classified information. He knows little to nothing about how government works, just like his father-in-law and his wife. He is just a pretty boy in a suit who keeps impregnating Ivanka. His father is a convicted felon. Think about this: John Brennan, the former head of the CIA, got his security clearance cancelled by Trump because he criticized Trump, but Trump over-rode the decision of career professionals and gave little Jared, who needs loans from foreigners, access to the most-sensitive of classified information. That should scare the dookie out of you.

    This is very serious stuff. If you watched the A & E series, you would learn that Trump has hated the Justice Department ever since it caught him red-handed engaging in race discrimination in renting apartments. Mr. Arrogance proudly announced he was suing the Justice Department for daring to accuse him of race discrimination, and that he would win. He was wrong. He lost. Badly. He was heavily fined, and has been on the warpath against Justice ever since, so the current state of affairs is no surprise at all. He has hated news media for years, too, but only after they stopped calling him things like “boy wonder” and reported on his multiple business failures, cheating contractors, cheating on his wife, and his general arrogance. Thank God that Democrats took control of the House in November.

  8. Only in the United States can there be more outrage over the clearing of someone’s security clearance than the violation of it once they have it.

    1. Did Jared violate his clearance or is this your straw-man? And of course the outrage is not exactly over “someone’s security clearance” but in the way it all came down for little Jared. As you are well aware.

      1. Do you still beat your wife/husband?

        We have like a billion laws on the books. I’m not interested in anyone’s feelings on the the way it all came down. It’s a waste of time and often money doing so. On the other hand, I expect everyone holding public office to not only violate the feelings of some individual or group, I expect them to violate their oath of office.

        So unless some law has been broken, all this is is another thing to whine about.

  9. “There is a deeply troubling story in the New York Times concerning…”

    and this is new?

    “…one of the first Western Holodomor deniers was Walter Duranty, the winner of the 1932 Pulitzer prize in journalism in the category of correspondence, for his dispatches on Soviet Union and the working out of the Five Year Plan.While the famine was raging, he wrote in the pages of The New York Times that “any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda”, and that “there is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation, but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition.”

  10. These comments are some funny, but mostly pathetic drivel from the true believers. Tell me y’all are joking. Please?

  11. I have two problems with this story. First it is reliant upon a story from the NYTimes which can have good stories but is so biased that it leaves out a lot of things not in favor of their bias and can include a few things that don’t exist. The second thing is that our intelligence services have demonstrated severe bias against anything Trump.

    More than that I am hesitant to say for I don’t like nepotism and believe in high security. A lot more information is necessary but one has to remember that Kushner at least to my recollection seemed to be greatly involved in a few things of great importance that had favorable outcomes.

    1. I’m sure Allen can get the lies he is seeking from the NYT’s, WSJ, and WaPo readers at the Daily Caller who will edit and repackage it to be palatable for all the Trump tools. They have a bout 6 reporters who hang out at Congress or the WH, and the rest – uh, they Google it.

      As to “bias” by the Intelligence agencies toward Trump, does he mean their joint testimony to Congress last week, where they politely said Allen’s leader doesn’t know his a.s from a hole in the ground? Yeah, impossible to come to that conclusion without there being a conspiracy!

      1. “I’m sure Allen can get the lies he is seeking from …”

        For one thing dummies do not recognize what the words anonymous sources are and how badly those sources have been used over the past two years. You aren’t a dummy are you?

        “As to “bias” by the Intelligence agencies ”

        I think we are up to 12 high ranking people that are under investigation and some will be under indictment. Most are from the FBI and material is still being released. Brennan and Clapper have both demonstrated their bias and significant lies were told by at least one of them and some of those lies occurred in front of Congress.


    2. President Trump depends upon Kushner for the most obvious reason…..
      There are few,if any,Washington Swamp dwellers that he can trust.
      Kushner can fly around the globe as the President’s messenger to foreign nations while not leaking the message to the Media & the Democrats.

      1. Sid, I don’t disagree. I am just saying I don’t have the information I need. I defer to Trump’s judgement.

  12. In other words, the same intelligence-leaders to swore a supreme loyalty oath – Oath of Office – to defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, including domestic enemies to the U.S. Constitution. The same guys that then violated the U.S. Constitution with torture, Gitmo, warrantless spying, subverting the FISA Court, etc. Why should they have any authority over security clearances if they are disloyal to their own loyalty oath? We need an independent entity, loyal to the U.S. Constitution, to evaluate all security clearances.

  13. It’s public knowledge that Mr Kushner colludes with the Israeli government. Apparently anyone who colludes with a foreign government can get security clearance if he is related to the President.

    1. Samantha, since “It’s public knowledge that Mr Kushner colludes with the Israeli government.” Why don’t you tell us of where and when the collusion occurred and prove it. We don’t need to hear if you have Jewish friends or that you aren’t anti-Semetic and just against Zionism. Forget that stuff and stick to the meat and skip the fluff.

  14. Kushner is suspected of having read the president’s daily briefing on Saudis suspected of being disloyal to Muhammad bin Salman and then informing MbS against those Saudis on the list who were then placed under house arrest at the behest of MbS.

    And then there’s the probable bailout of Kushner’s 666 Fifth Avenue property by “Corporation A” (rumored to be The Qatar Investment Authority), who is claiming before The Supreme Court of the United States that they don’t have to answer a subpoena from Mueller, or any other grand jury, for bank records about Kushner, or any other US citizen suspected of a crime in the United State, because–get this–Trump could impose sanctions on “Corporation A,” instead, and notwithstanding the difficulty of enforcing sanctions without being able to issue subpoenas for bank records for sanctioned banks that would thereby be immune to those subpoenas.

    Are you following that? Don’t blame me for the twisted unreason of the thing.

      1. Just as some people see the name “Tom Nash” and blow right on by.

        1. If you read and tried to understand what I write, you might actually have sonething to say, One of many Anonymouses”.
          But I doubt it, so it might be best in your case to do the scrolling….I don’t think you should get in over your head, and that point would be reached very soon by you if you actually tried debating an issue, lamebrain.

  15. In the Trump administration every standard of law and ethics is considered flexible mirroring Trumps long-standing way of doing business

    1. And how would you conduct business,
      being that you are clean & as pure as freshly driven snow!

  16. I have to disagree here. With all the never trumpers in the WH and ICs the president should have who he wants working for him, and who he trusts. Whose to say those denials were politically motivated or werent? There us a lot more going in here then just a security clearance story. So im going to agree to disagree with you Mr Turley.

    1. @a citizen: ok, but the issue is whether he lied about over ruling the agencies, isn’t it?

    1. It’s just about time for another name change, isn’t it. (TIA x 2 always blames it on the spam filter.)

    2. I retrieved two comments from you that got stuck in the spam filter.

  17. and the further highlights the problems caused by nepotism in government.

    There are no problems caused by generic nepotism. It’s not a systemic feature of public employment at any level. There may be problems with a particular instance of hiring your relatives for one of the few discretionary positions in government.

    Why don’t these ‘intelligence officials’ bloody explain themselves? What is the security risk from Jared Kushner? How much of this is bureaucratic nincompoopery? See Dale Van Atta on the classification of information. Per Van Atta, who looked at many purloined documents during his years with Jack Anderson, only documents classified ‘Top Secret’ typically have hot items in them. For documents classified ‘confidential’, the motor for the classification is commonly to cover-up bureaucratic bungling, and such is not unknown in re the documents classified ‘secret’. Van Atta thought we’d keep our secrets better if we had fewer of them and the determination of what was secret and what wasn’t was more disinterested than it was when he was writing.

    I had a manager once who was a great one for ignoring the pink elephant in the middle of the room and calling attention to a cockroach on the window-sill. The Office of Personnel Management allowed Chinese hackers to steal the personnel files of millions of current and former federal employees a few years back, but they fuss about Jared Kushner. Scroom.

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