Poll: 64 Percent Of Voters Believe Trump Committed Crimes Before Office

Almost two-thirds of registered voters think President Donald Trump committed crimes before becoming president — a truly staggering figure that shows that Trump may have damaged his critics but has done little to improve his own standing. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday, nearly half of voters — 45% — think Trump committed crimes while serving as President. Nevertheless, as previously reported, Trump still holds overwhelming support among Republicans and a 46 percent favorability response.

The polls continue to show a mixed response to Michael Cohen with now roughly half believing him. However, voters seem to have a hardened view of Trump’s own criminality. According to the poll, 44% of registered voters thought Cohen told the truth during his testimony. Some 36% believe that he lied, which corresponds to Trump’s unmoving base.

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  1. Almost two-thirds of registered voters think President Donald Trump committed crimes before becoming president…

    That is truly staggering, as I believe 100% that he and everyone else who has ever walked the face of the earth has committed at least 1 crime at some time or another.

    Now ask those same people if they believe the President has committed a crime while in office.

    1. “In fact, Harvard University professor Harvey Silverglate estimates that daily life in the United States is so over-criminalized, the

      average American professional commits about three felonies a day.”

      – Institute for Policy Studies

  2. “Poll: 64 Percent Of Voters Believe Trump Committed Crimes Before Office”

    – Prof. Turley

    Prof. Turley, those aren’t legitimate voters, those are globalist invaders imposing the principles of communism on once-free Americans.

    Democracies from the Greeks and Romans to the Americans of 1789 entitled voters and never allowed ALL people to vote.

    The American Founders required citizens to be “…free white person(s)…”

    The American Founders entitled or required voters to be: Male, European, 21 with 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

    The American Founders established “original intent” which was designed to stand.

    The original intent of the Ten Commandments has required no “amendment.”

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    – Barry Soetoro, Indonesian Citizen

    “We gave you a republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin, 1789

    “We gave you a republic, if you can take it back.”

    – Ben Franklin, 2019 (paraphrased)

  3. If these same people were asked do you believe that the President and Vice President and the cabinet members and all the members of congress had committed crimes before they were elected or appointed to their current positions, what their reply would be.

  4. Another ‘university poll?’ To bad they haven’t improved their standards since their heavy losses in 2016. Just the word ‘university’ is enough to make the heavily suspect and not worthy notice.

  5. Trump’s Pillar Of Support


    Fox News, which, as the most watched cable news network, generates about $2.7 billion a year for its parent company, 21st Century Fox—acts as a force multiplier for Trump, solidifying his hold over the Republican Party and intensifying his support. “Fox is not just taking the temperature of the base—it’s raising the temperature,” she says. “It’s a radicalization model.” For both Trump and Fox, “fear is a business strategy—it keeps people watching.” As the President has been beset by scandals, congressional hearings, and even talk of impeachment, Fox has been both his shield and his sword. The White House and Fox interact so seamlessly that it can be hard to determine, during a particular news cycle, which one is following the other’s lead. All day long, Trump retweets claims made on the network; his press secretary, Sarah Sanders, has largely stopped holding press conferences, but she has made some thirty appearances on such shows as “Fox & Friends” and “Hannity.” Trump, Hemmer says, has “almost become a programmer.”

    Fox’s defenders view such criticism as unfounded and politically biased. Ken LaCorte, who was in senior management at Fox News for nearly twenty years, until 2016, and recently started his own news service, told me, “The people at Fox said the same thing about the press and Obama.” Fox’s public-relations department offers numerous examples of its reporters and talk-show hosts challenging the Administration. Chris Wallace, a tough-minded and ecumenical interviewer, recently grilled Stephen Miller, a senior Trump adviser, on the need for a border wall, given that virtually all drugs seized at the border are discovered at checkpoints. Trump is not the first President to have a favorite media organization; James Madison and Andrew Jackson were each boosted by partisan newspapers. But many people who have watched and worked with Fox over the years, including some leading conservatives, regard Fox’s deepening Trump orthodoxy with alarm. Bill Kristol, who was a paid contributor to Fox News until 2012 and is a prominent Never Trumper, said of the network, “It’s changed a lot. Before, it was conservative, but it wasn’t crazy. Now it’s just propaganda.” Joe Peyronnin, a professor of journalism at N.Y.U., was an early president of Fox News, in the mid-nineties. “I’ve never seen anything like it before,” he says of Fox. “It’s as if the President had his own press organization. It’s not healthy.”

    Nothing has formalized the partnership between Fox and Trump more than the appointment, in July, 2018, of Bill Shine, the former co-president of Fox News, as director of communications and deputy chief of staff at the White House. Kristol says of Shine, “When I first met him, he was producing Hannity’s show at Fox, and the two were incredibly close.” Both come from white working-class families on Long Island, and they are so close to each other’s children that they are referred to as “Uncle Bill” and “Uncle Sean.” Another former colleague says, “They spend their vacations together.” A third recalls, “I was rarely in Shine’s office when Sean didn’t call. And I was in Shine’s office a lot. They talked all the time—many times a day.”

    Shine led Fox News’ programming division for a dozen years, overseeing the morning and evening opinion shows, which collectively get the biggest ratings and define the network’s conservative brand. Straight news was not within his purview. In July, 2016, Roger Ailes, the co-founder and C.E.O. of Fox, was fired in the face of numerous allegations of chronic sexual harassment, and Shine became co-president. But within a year he, too, had been forced out, amid a second wave of sexual-harassment allegations, some of them against Fox’s biggest star at the time, Bill O’Reilly. Shine wasn’t personally accused of sexual harassment, but several lawsuits named him as complicit in a workplace culture of coverups, payoffs, and victim intimidation.

    Edited from: “The Making Of The Fox News White House” by Jane Mayer

    THE NEW YORKER, 3/11/19

    The above article is a long but illuminating read chronicling the unseemly relationship between Fox News and the Trump White House. On any given day it is hard to tell whether news developments are being led by Fox News or Donald Trump. Article goes on to note that Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch was originally quite dismissive of Trump’s presidential bid. But now Murdoch is a frequent telephone pal to Donald Trump.

      1. No Way in Heil, was CNN, MSNBC or any OTHER Liberal, Leftist outlet objective about Obama/Hillary or ANY of their Ilk, as they are merely “ANOTHER ARM OF THE CORRUPT DEMOCRAT PARTY. Prof. Turley seems to “Jump up against POTUS Trump, but I don’t recall his doing the same thing Against Obama!!!


    When one side is trying to pull out all the stops, has already shown a decades long cultural inclination to break the law, and in spite of it, still shows a growth pattern in their natural bases of support…… don’t be surprised if the other side wakes up one day, smells the coffee, and is suddenly ready to get down and dirty and do what it takes to survive.

    The hand-wringing about racism is a typical example of this. For decades, since LBJ made his big strategic move against white people– he a lifelong racist who campaigned in support of segregation, then turned himself and his own party on a dime to end it— talk about a ruthless, cunning, energetic leader!– since then, the strategy of Democrats has been to push down the white working class, tax it, badger it, shame it, denounce it, etc. Ending segregation was not enough, they had to pile on 50 years of relentless insults, which continue apace today.

    Adding to that, building an openly and frankly anti-white coalition, enlisting many other ethnic groups against the white working class natives, such as hispanics for example, giving them the sop of easy migration, and oh what a clever trick that turned out to be– high fertility, and easy access to hundreds of millions more new potential allies right across the big river!

    Well don’t be surprised if the white working class natives, who are now reduced to record levels of drug addiction and suicide, now turn to a cunning and strong leader as they prepare, implicitly, instinctively, to make their stand.

    DEMOCRATS could have resolved some of this quandry, by encouraging debt relief during the 2008 crisis, but Obama stood behind the banks, let them have their way entirely, or perhaps by pursuing a better industrial policy than the freewheeling NAFTA style offshoring and free trade etc advocated by financial interests and most firmly backed by Clintons, ever the darlings of Wall Street.

    DEMOCRATS could end the relentless stigmatization of the white working class with their ongoing support of racial quotas and anti-white identity political drama and shakedowns. They could squash the beef! Instead now Pelosi is going to STUDY REPARATIONS???? Who is supposed to pay for that? Will the 1% pay for that? Oh I don’t think so !

    AMERICANS elected a president lawfully according to the lonstanding electoral college system, who had a strong INDUSTRIAL POLICY. who had a part of the platform a focus on FAIR TRADE not “free trade.” who campaigned on AVOIDING FOREIGN WARS. All very popular with the working class people of all races! And yet DEMOCRATS keep up the race baiting, keep up the illegal immigration democrat replentishment program, keep up all the rackets that have worked so well, and add to it a slow moving illegal seditious deep state coup!

    And it’s all very cynical because the hollowing out of industrial America has hurt people of color, bad or worse as whites. Aha, part of the clever Democrat strategy of antiwhite propaganda and endless antiwhite blame-game. So, impoverished, drug addicted, despairing, yet maybe the white working class is thinking meaner now, and smarter. Maybe they will get even more reckless before this is all done, and they are completely wiped out. Maybe they will use some of their dwindling group energy to go out with a bang, instead of a whimper.

    Trump may seem very reasonable in ten years time ….

    1. OK, got the white party message loud and clear. Poor us!

      Kurtz, you don’t know wtf you are talking about, but now at least I understand your obedience to Dear Leader.



    According to a recent Gallup poll, Trump’s support among Republicans is 89%. Yet the Quinnpiac poll, cited by Professor Turley, finds that 64% of the voters think Trump committed crimes before entering office.

    The two polls, in comparison, suggest that a certain number of Republicans are totally jaded regarding Donald Trump. They suspect Trump committed crimes, but support him nevertheless.

    The explanation for this dichotomy is possibly explained by, “What about Hillary?”
    This frequent rejoinder, by Trump supporters, implies that Hillary Clinton is so unthinkable as president that Trump was the ‘only’ choice.

    The following passage, from “New York Magazine”, suggests today’s Republican party is deeply cynical when compared to Nixon-era Republicans.

    Trump is a lot more popular among today’s Republicans than Nixon was among yesterday’s. People remember that Richard Nixon was reelected in 1972 by a huge landslide, but was forced to resign less than two years later. But it’s less clearly remembered that in between the two events his popularity steadily dropped — among Republicans as well as Democrats and independents.

    According to Gallup, Nixon’s job approval ratings among Republicans fell from 91 percent in February of 1973 to 54 percent by October of that year. There were multiple reasons for that plunge, including, yes, Watergate publicity (punctuated by the Saturday Night Massacre in which Nixon fired his attorney general, his deputy attorney general, and the Watergate special prosecutor), plus the resignation of his vice-president, Spiro Agnew, after being caught accepting bribes; growing public hostility to delays in ending the Vietnam War; and the beginning of a recession that interrupted a long period of economic growth. By the time Nixon was forced to resign, his approval rating overall was a terrible 24 percent, and just 50 percent among Republicans.

    At present Trump’s approval rating among Republicans (also according to Gallup) is at 89 percent. It’s never been lower than 79 percent during his presidency. As long as he’s this popular among his party’s rank and file, he’s got a decent shot at reelection, and more to the point, few in the ranks of GOP elected officials are going to cross him.

    Edited from: “Five Reasons Why Republicans Won’t Abandon Trump Like They Ditched Nixon”.


    1. Yes, now we understand politics is serious, deadly business. And we need a fighter, not a saint. Someone with Machiavellian cunning and ample energy. Like a seasoned NYC real estate developer. Amazing this guy was willing to take on the job at all.

      Hallelujah! God provides.

      1. Agree with your post…Since Trump was “NOT a Career Politico of D.C. and did NOT NEED the JOB, he agreed to come forward to run for it as he KNEW that America was “In Deep Trouble with the last 8 yrs. of the Fraud we had in office, that was Racist, NOT a Leader for American Citizens for Jobs/etc. NOR, did he do well world wide, with the nations he meddled in, except HIS Muslim ones, he promoted OVER AMERICA, OR THE COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST ONES, LIKE VZ. AND CUBA HE WAS PALS WITH THEIR DICTATORS HE WANTED TO EMULATE.

  8. Like to see the questions asked. You know nothing until you’ve seen those.

  9. Well there was the time I stole a comic book at a convenience store when I was a 7 year old. My mother took me by the arm to the store to return it.
    I also threw some tennis balls at a car when a bunch of us kids were being rowdy in the neighborhood, picked some fruit off of a neighbor’s tree and some of us did grab a lizard and taped it to a tree limb

    such are my childhood crimes. I wont even mention my adolescent ones. Then there are the drugs I did in my 20s before becoming an attorney.


  10. IOW, people’s assessment of the situation breaks down according to their political allegiance.

    I’ve yet to encounter a partisan Democrat who was willing to say that a preponderance of the evidence indicates Christine Blasey’s a fraud. I’ve yet to encounter one who is the least bit bothered that Lois Lerner took the fifth and the IRS played hide the ball with their own inspector general. I really don’t care what they fancy they ‘think’.

    1. They openly campaign to take our stuff. But it would not end there. They would take our scalps if they could. “literally!” as the kids say all the time now.

      Most folks are not that partisan. Many regular people will vote one way or another based on little information, and just want to live their lives peacefully. But last year 1/3 Americans also thought civil war lies ahead in the near future.

      Maybe they are right. And if they are, we better hope our side has an energetic, cunning, resourceful strategist, firmly at the helm.

  11. The biggest threat to his presidency will be from Republicans, not the Democrat attack dogs. What are the Vegas odds on the public rallying behind an endless series of House circus investigations of his “crimes”? As president, Trump has enormous power to stymy and delay the process, and he’ll be helped by the public’s total boredom with Schumer, Cummings and Nadler in the spotlight. How, for instance, will the investigation of the “inflation” of his value to buy a football team play out? We are so far from a “probable cause” level to subpoena him on it that most of the Dems in Congress will retire before anything happens.

    1. oddsmakers appear to put it around even money that he will be impeached.

      that’s a way of saying, oddsmakers are just as willing to bet that he won’t be impeached, as they are that he will be.

      I find it unlikely. there was some loser crying about it today on NPR with mark warner, just begging him, and he replied in a way that made me thing “No way are they going to try.” The Dem leadership considers that a real loser headed into the election.

      I would give 2:1 he will not be impeached. I would give 20:1 if he is, that the articles fail to pass. but then again i am not a bookie.

      1. Odds were tremendously against Nixon being impeached until they weren’t. The Republican Senators that stand between Trump and eviction will look out for themselves first. When the burden of supporting Trump becomes too great, they’ll jettison him.

        1. The House Democrats are starting to remind me of the way it all went down with Tricky Dick. It was NOT all of a sudden. It was . . . cumulative.

          1. It didn’t begin to pick up speed against Nixon until we got to the point we’re at now. Live televised hearings. It’s the power of television that got Trump the Presidency and the same power that will bring him down.

            1. tv’s not powerful anymore. it’s been 24/7 anti trump on cnn since the election and he’s still there

              votes aren’t there and the time isnt either.

              what did that lady used to say on here or was it mark? tick tock

              1. Keep believing that as more and more people that weren’t paying attention, hear about actual crimes, and enrichment schemes, played out on TV. The best reality show of all will be the televised hearings, along with the remaining indictments.
                You do remember during the campaign when Trump promised if Hillary won there would be never ending investigations? Trump’s people are actually starting to go to jail.

                1. not my opinion enigma, it’s a fact


                  and the way relational databases like youtube work, the internet is stovepiped and narrow casted by interests. you know what i am talking about. so people don’t look for news outside their own lane, for the most part.

                  I am different in that way. I like to read a broad spectrum of sources. including ones to the left of you Democrat boosters here, apparently, which I find often have good insights. that you do not seem to share. So perhaps you are narrow casting yourself too. Try and get a diversity of opinion is my suggestion, lest you go through life unawares of people who are different minded than you are. Just a suggestion.

        2. “Odds were tremendously against Nixon being impeached until they weren’t.”

          Nixon wasn’t impeached. He resigned. He thought more of the Presidency and our conuntry. Today’s Democrats don’t give a darn about our country. Their sole goal is to remove the President because they lost. Hopefully the American public will become wise to these miscreants and people like Enigma for this is the finest country that ever existed.

          1. Nixon resigned after three Articles of Impeachment had been passed in the House and he was told by Republicans Barry Goldwater, and Hugh Scott from the Senate that he didn’t have the votes to survive and by Hugh Scott the Republican Minority Leader that full passage was imminent. You might make the case that there aren’t Republicans left that would put Country over Party that would convict Trump in the Senate for his crimes, I’d agree with that.

            1. In other words, he wasn’t impeached. Republicans were honest. Today we see Congressional Democrats dragging innocent American citizens through the mud at great expense to these citizens for no other reason then the 2+ year special prosecutor investigation found nothing. It’s abusive and supported by abusive people.

              Quite the contrary to what Enigma says Republicans have made things difficult for the President and aren’t forced to act in lockstep like Democrats. What a dirty bunch of guys you are.

              1. I said, “Odds were tremendously against Nixon being impeached until they weren’t.”
                You quoted the same statement. The odds were against him being impeached until they weren’t and everyone realized it was going to happen. True statement!

                1. You can play your games Enigma but no matter how you wish to spin it Nixon wasn’t impeached. He tried to spare the nation and the people that you and the left are ardently trying to destroy for no other reason than you lost the election. Read your history about the people that supported such types of coups. Many ended up dead by the same people they were supporting.

                  1. Your inability to read with comprehension is astounding. I never said Nixon was impeached, I said the odds changed (and he would have been). Your making a point nobody disputed. Defending a criminal who was only trying to improve his brand., not win an election. I will watch much of the hearings on Fox News (if they cover them) so i can see what is getting through the filters. I’m going back to ignoring your trolling now. Carry on.

                    1. ” I never said Nixon was impeached, ”

                      I never said you did.

                      ” I never said Nixon was impeached, ”

                      I should hope not. You just aren’t able to understand the English language.

                      ” I’m going back to ignoring your trolling now.”

                      Good, I don’t have to waste time in argument. Look at how this non argument took up so much time. You are such a finicky guy. Go play with Anon and Jan F. They are on your level.

                    2. I aspire to be on enigma’s level, a position Allan can’t even see from the pit he dug himself and from which he throws feces at the shadows above.

                    3. “I aspire to be on enigma’s level”

                      Anon, that is an exciting race to watch. Seeing who can go lower faster.

  12. I am surely one of those 64%, it is hard to conduct any business w/o doing something wrong.
    But the followup question is the one that really matters:
    Do you think Trump’s crimes outside of his presidency disqualify him to be president?
    And to that I have a resounding no. I would go further and say that his shady past might even make him a more effective president, as long as he doesn’t do anything illegal while in office.

    1. A neighbor of mine once told me that he was only arrested once in his life, and it was for throwing a rock at a Russian tank in East Berlin. I considered it a badge of Honor.

      One would have to wonder the context for which the questions were posed and what assumptions were made by those completing the form. If someone asked me if some random, non-disabled person in their 70s committed a crime in their lifetime I would say without hesitation “yes”. Some states list speeding and traffic violations as crimes. And statistically probably everyone passed, albeit unknowingly, a counterfeit federal reserve note and in many jurisdictions the crime for doing so does not require a knowledge element for completing the crime. Someone took a pen from a library. etc etc etc.

    1. “All the poles said Trump was going to loose the election………”

      Did the Bulgarians say the same thing? 🙂

      1. No, it was…Charly´s world, called Nostradamus. I should have to be president of some place, and I do know I have a voter now.

  13. Polls of this nature are near meaningless. They are too non specific and open ended without a comparison or definition of terms.

  14. I’m more concerned about the crime committed by those now in office.

  15. am truly surprised that it isn’t 90%+ what with the constant drum beats of unsubstantiated accusations from both the dems and their media arm the msm.

    1. I watched one hour of tv the past month. walking dead. missed the other two episodes. Oh, I watched some MMA too, in the background, when I was at a card game. Probably watched five- ten times that long youtube if not more.

      Who watches tv? My kids never do. Phones are where it’s at. That’s why they have tried to lock down the internet and ban all the most vigorous conservatives from social media like twitter etc.

      CNN is in a declining market. and they are poorly positioned to hold what little audience they have.

      1. I watch zero TV – for two years now. For entertainment, I read Peter’s posts.

  16. Polls show CNN the Communist News Network is winning its propaganda campaign against the president.

    1. And comments like yours remind us that stupid people don’t care about facts.

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